Thursday, August 6, 2009


The Democraps are blaming the Republicraps for the demonstrations at the various town hall meetings. What a crock of shit! Blame the resolve of people under the financial gun on politics! The Dems will not believe that their socialist agenda is not popular with the people. I guess the only way out of it is to dismiss all the bastards in the next election, if there is a next election. But here we sit, broke on our asses, and the Dems are wanting to put a big tax bill on us. If these people are that out of touch then they are nuts and uncomprehending. But I think they really do know the score. It's all a big game of politics. Smoke and mirrors. The House just appropriated itself two hundred million dollars for Gulfstream jets to fly them around the country. Remember when they bitched when the auto execs flew into Washington on private planes? Three new Gulfstreams. Pretty high class. They hold 19 people. A little over three million bucks a seat.

The economic blogs are predicting a major catastrophe toward the end of Summer. I am too! And I ain't even an economic blogger. I'm a back-in-the-hills survivalist with a wife and a brother-in-law and two cats. But the heavy hitters in finance and economics are predicting all sorts of hell to come upon us. Not too many reasonable folks are arguing with them. Obama might, but he is a little daffy you know.

Jim Haddix sent me an article on bomb shelters. Here is a snippet.If you actually do want to invite your extended family to stay with you for an extended period of time in your bomb shelter, there are plenty of options. Hardened Structures offers missile silos the government surplused in the 1990s. Meanwhile the CAT25 from Radius Engineering can hold 25 people for up to five months, and the company also offers the single-family Earthcom Dome, which Popular Mechanics calls the Four Seasons of bomb shelters. If a blast-hardened steel shelter is more your style, Utah Shelter Systems offers sizes ranging from 8 by 32 feet to 10 by 50 feet, starting at $40,000. Invite the neighbors, or don't; it's your choice since they're built to your standards.

You may think it's foolish for people to be dropping hundreds of thousands of dollars for something they may never use. But keep in mind this quote from Radius Engineering's Walton McCarthy about his CAT25: "The government is buying up all the shelters. We can't make enough." The government is buying all of them!

Stay alive.



shiloh1862 said...

buying them up with our money. f'g pigs!


YeOldFurt said...

Now why would they be doing that? It's all sweetness & light, right?

Staying Alive said...

It don't matter if it was our money. They are the fedgov and they can do any fucking thing they want to do. And if you don't believe me, just ask them. Fucking bastards. Ticks on a dogs back.


Mayberry said...

One more reason why I want to stop "contributing"... I wish everyone would stop "contributing"! But the fedgov has made all out tax revolt virtually impossible because the bastards suck their pound of flesh right out of our paychecks. I knew I wanted to be self employed for a reason.....

Staying Alive said...

I just read a bill that fucks withour ability to grow and store our own food. It passed the house and it is infuriating. I guess they will criminalize me one way or another. Bastards.


Mayberry said...

All I got to say on that is "civil disobedience" Michael. Keep on keepin' on, and when the bastards come to slash and burn, pump 'em full of lead.... You need to get you a rifle, so you can pick 'em off, sniper like. Safer than confronting 'em up close with a shotty.... Maybe set up a few concealed positions 'round the garden, a hundred yards or so out. Ones you can move amongst unseen. Or better yet, ones to be manned by multiple snipers. Make full use of the "home field" advantage... Fuck those bastards up good. Then be ready to haul ass, 'cuz they'll be back with armored vehicles, SWAT teams, and whirlybirds, ala Ruby Ridge and Waco.

erniesjourney said...

Would love a bomb shelter!! Wouldn't that just be great?!

Marge said...

"I just read a bill that fucks with our ability to grow and store our own food. It passed the house and it is infuriating."

What bill? Where can I find it?