Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I watched Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome a few weeks ago and I can't get the idea of BARTERTOWN out of my head. There were some pretty disgusting things in the movie but that was for selling tickets and not trying to teach us anything. But the concept of BARTERTOWN exists and it may be a viable method of commerce after TEOTWAWKI.

Unless you have a huge amount of land and 200 or so people to do everything needed to make you home successful, a place to go to trade for the things you DON"T HAVE would be a nice addition to your circumstances. Your money is whatever you wish it to be and so is the price. Selling whiskey for a round of ammo per shot or a glass of wine for the same is a way to make more valuable trade goods. There is 128 ounces in a gallon. 128 rounds of ammo can be quite valuable and usefull in very hard times.

And it doen't have to be booze. I have had a cold for a few days and I have been taking Echinaecia to kick the nasty devil out of my system. I have also taken Golden Seal and Vitamin C. Seems to be working quite well. It struck me on Sunday, I sufffered on Monday and this day, Tuesday, I am 80% better. I took another course of the herbs and vitamins this morning just to keep the healing going. I look at it that 80% means all the weak germs and viruses have been killed and only the strong ones are left. I ain't aiming to let the vigorous nasties have the field all to themselves. I soldier on.

But this stuff really does work. I eat the foods that keep my immune system in pretty good shape and it doesn't take much to get my healing going. And people are going to know theseosrt of things when the SHTF. The cost of a doctors care has gone through the roof as it is. Right now we get by the best we can, but after TEOTWAWKI the herbs and vitamins will be priceless. And think of the friends you'll make if you save someone near and dear to your barter partner's heart. You'll have an ally forever.

And the list of things you can use for trade bait is endless. We have gone through the litany many times and will again most likely. Barter is the most viable eonomic engine available to people with nothing else. It's natural and it is as old as the hills.

The physical location of this BARTERTOWN is what I am discussing this morning. Get ahead in the game and pick out a place where it can happen. You don't need much. A large shed or a old barn will do. It won't hurt to have a Geiger counter to make sure everything is free of radiation. To show how crazy I am, I don't believe that nuclear bombs will be seet off over most of the countryside. That was not what was seen. What was seen weree these little bomblets that exploded with great effect. One man said that where one of them had gone off out in the woods it looked like the woods had been clear cut but never hauled away. All the trees were just blown over. Easy pickins' for firewood! If it don't glow then it would be a place to quickly sow with grass for livestock to graze. Or deer.

I greatly hesitate to tell anyone to live at their BARTERTOWN. It could be a pretty rough place. Whores and killers and all kinds of strange puppies will be attracted. Not too good an environment for children and wives. Order can be maintained but certain things will go on regardless. Trade items not taken home at the end of the day will be left to the care of guards or to the care of thieves.

Since this is relatively new territory you might think to send me you thoughts on the subject.

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