Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I think the whole world is nuts. The stock market is going up like a rocket ship this morning. Gold is dropping like a lead balloon. The dollar is up. And so is crude oil.

We all know that this economy is in the tank right now. The Wall Street Barons have hoodwinked the entire nation and put us in default bankruptcy. There is not good reason why the Big Boys should be playing with big money right now. For all intents and purposes the country is in the tank financially.

So I am going to stick to my guns and say that while the financial markets are crazy and the commodity markets are acting that way too, I am still in survival mode and the system can go piss up a downspout. The scripture says to not follow a multitude to do evil and I ain't gonna fall for this crap from Wall Street. And if you don't think that Wall Street puts out crap then you ain't been paying attention.

Our lives are manipulatd from morning until night and sometimes through the evening. We are spoon fed horeshit from the media all the day long. Advertising rots our minds. Bankers, Lawyers, Clergymen, Politicians and other disreputablle types, cloud our thinking and our perspective.

So I will stick to survival, even if things appear to be "better". Every nation or empire of history that has had fiat currency has vanished from the daily affairs of men. They all go down the tubes and they do it with alarming regularity. Facts are hard to dispute. A love of ones fellow man, as in mankind, would include a message to this effect.

I will stick to my preps and get ready for the worst and to hell with what the corporate media says is going on. They are thieves and liars. So be it.

Stay alive!



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Dragon said...

Stick by your guns...
That which goes up must fall...Dragon