Friday, October 3, 2008


I have been trying to get to see the bail-out bill on line for a week. At least five straight days. And all I can ever get is a pop-up that says this file has been broken and cannot be repaired. What in the hell is going on? Why can I not get this damn bill to read? I want to read the parts about the Puerto Rican rum money, the race track money, and all the other things that were put in there to buy our congressmen and women.

Can anyone get me a copy of this bail-out bill? In a regular form and not a pdf file? I have had my computer frozen so many times after trying to access this bill that I am getting sick of it.

You would think that after the robbery they would be proud of their rip-off and show it around.

Stay alive.



dccdmom said...

Sorry, I can't access it either!

Grumpyunk said...

Pelosi, Barney Frank and the gang of thieves were grinning like a Possum eating shit today after that vote. I guess they figured that passing that was like having the charges dropped. No responsibility for creating this mess and an election year coup to boot. Bastards should have been perp walked out in cuffs a long time ago.

Oh well. I'll just follow your advice and keep preppin'.

Mayberry said...

Ha! They don't want the sheeple to know the details of their cornholing yet to come.....