Monday, October 6, 2008


It has been a morning and it looks like it is going to be a day and probably a week. If you haven't looked at the stock market this morning then have a look. It's dropping like a stone. Tomorrow is the big day for Half Past Human and their big prediction. We certainly do live in interesting times. The Wall Street people are getting their just deserts and I feel fine. It is a beautiful Fall morning outside and I have enjoyed it to the fullest. God paints beautiful pictures.

Mayberry went shopping yesterday and brought home a huge pile of canned goods and some ammo. He has some good pictures up and they are nice. He is not up to Treesong as yet but they already have their 'stead' and Mayberry has a stretch to go to get to that. But he will find his place and he will prosper at it. He is getting ready to bug out and I would hate to get in his way if he decides to go.

Prepping seems to be on everyone's mind these days. People who never mention it are asking me innocent little questions as if I won't pick up on the fact that they are getting ready. Today's stock market should send them into a frenzy. I have a few more beans to shell and I will have the garden up and stored. I just remarked to the Handmaiden how the environment in the hose has change these last couple of months. On the kitchen counter is a jar of Elderberry Syrup for people who might have the flu coming on, Wristras of peppers are hanging about drying to perfection, 7 here in the kitchen, 2 out on the porch, and 1 in the living room, plus there is another to get strung still in a plastic bag. She just gave me a tablespoon of Garlic Syrup. It is supposed to keep you from getting sick. Ye Gods, I promise to never get sick! I announce that my immune system is fabulous and I need never take the f-ing syrup again! But it is damn nice to know we have it. Might battle the flu bugs and stuff like that!

There is lots of emails going around the country about the add-ons to the bail-out bill. It seems the wonderful guys and gals in congress put in all of their poison pills. I will send you the complete bill if you wish. Just email me at my address at the bottom of the page. I tried it once and it worked.

So get out your popcorn and a cold beer and sit back and enjoy the show this Monday, Oct. 6, 2008. Should be a real doozy! And don't forget to stock up on canned goods!

Stay alive!


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Grumpyunk said...

Haven't yet looked at the stock market. Been out all day on the motorcycle and oblivious to it all. I guess I should have been out stocking up on more of the things we need, 'eh? Oh well. Come what may we will get by. I did stop by a bulk food place and got a good lead on an Amish seed company up in the Northern part of Indiana. The lady swears by their stuff, so I'll run it down and get you a catalog too.

Things could get real interesting soon.