Saturday, October 4, 2008


Whew! Things are going crazy. Iceland is almost ready to default on about 6 times what they produce as a nation in a year. Ugly business. The country is talking about having to sell some of it's pristine land's mineral rights to China to pay off it's debt. So much for the eco-friendly Icelandic government. They are having a total run on banks in Greece. Big trouble. But the European Central Bank might be able to bail them out. But then you have the countries of Spain and Italy and there is no way the ECB can bail them out. Italy's biggest bank is in trouble because their CEO has invested 75 billion dollars in Germany and other European countries in the last two years. The Italian media is going about telling everyone that the bank is okay. And we know what that means. It's time for a little stroll down depression lane for the Italians. The bank is Unicredit and until the CEO decided he wanted to go global it was the strongest bank in the country and maybe in all of Europe. They had stayed in Italy and ended to Italy's business. Now all we have to hear is that Spain is getting ready to tank and we can kiss Europe goodbye. They ain't got enough money in the ECB to bail them out. Adios, muthas.

Here is a comment from mfskinner if you are looking for clues for the future.
My wife works for a Kroger here in Michigan and they have been putting stickers on the meat for some time to indicate the country of origin.

Just today they got a bunch in that say Canada-Mexico-USA on them and there is a piece of paper that says there will be more information later.

I personally think they are trying to slip the NAU in real quiet like and have it all in place when they spring it on the people here. Folks in Canada are well aware of it and they are not happy nor am I.

Just a head's up sorry to be off topic.

Well, mfskinner, the topic here on this blog is survival and if we needed to know this to help us understand and survive then so be it. I like what you wrote. We are headed into a huge Depression and it is all the fault of the bankers and the Central Banks. Here in the USA we have the Federal Reserve Note and that is legal tender. You can be forced to pay any debt in that currency. Our Central Bank has screwed us raw. And remember, they are not goernment owned. They are privately owned and the ownership can be traced back to the Rothchilds. Read thee book The Creature From Jekyll Island. That was where you got sold out.

Getting back to mfskinner's comment, you will notice that the Canadians know all about the new stamps to go on the meat. How do they know that? They know it because their media tells them. Our media won't say a word about these preparations until it is sprung on us out of the blue. What a bunch of bastards. And what does it portend? Why, it is an omen of the AMERO becoming our next currency. But only if we need it. There are people out there with nuclear warheads who are holding a lot of dollars and we must not piss them off too much or...well, you get the drift.

Study, investigate, listen to people, learn, and for God's sake stay alive!



thatguyinkentucky said...

I really appreciate all of the great info you give to us. Looks like we'll be in for an entertaining Monday morning, when all of this starts showing up.

Mayberry said...

Wouldn't surprise me at all at this point. The real "October Surprise"! I'm sure Bush & Co. will install themselves as leaders of the Union...... Just during the transition, of course. Seig heil!

Bustednuckles said...

Please excuse my rudeness, I come by it naturally.

Just today they got a bunch in that say Canada-Mexico-USA on them and there is a piece of paper that says there will be more information later."

Like there is no difference between the thirtieth parallels.
Lucky me, I am in the freaking middle of both at the forty fifth.