Saturday, October 4, 2008


If you're reading this thing, some sections listed below and the
analysis that is offered below may be of interest to you.

The analysis is from a rather unconventional source, but if you're
reading, you may look at them to see if tha analysis is on the mark.

Mike Kemp
"Section 101 (a)(1) establishes what is termed the Troubled Asset Relief
Program (TARP) to which substantial portions of what the American people
currently owe to their banks and financial institutions is to be turned
over the US Government for redistribution to foreign banks.

Section 101(c)(3) Designates for the first time in American history
these foreign banks as financial agents of Federal Government with full
law enforcement authority over the citizens in the US.

Section 3 (b) allows the US Secretary of the Treasury to put any kind of
debt, including credit card, home loans, personal loans, automobile
loans, etc., into the TARP programme.

Section 112 allows the US Secretary of the Treasury to astoundingly
extend financing to foreign banks to purchase the debt of the American

Section 112 (1)(a) allows the US Government to hold stocks in companies
for the first time in their history and which completely destroys the
capitalist economy of their Nation.

Section 119 (2)(a) gives the US Secretary of the Treasury dictatorial
powers not reviewable by courts making this position the most powerful
one in America.

Section 122 increases the US public debt to the incredible amount of
$11,315,000,000,000 (Trillion)

Section 204 puts the United States under emergency economic rule and
states, "all provisions of this Act are designated as an emergency
requirement and necessary to meet emergency needs".

But, these reports warn, the two most chilling measures put into this
new law are titled "Section 511 "Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental
Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008" and "TITLE II-SPECIAL

The new mental health provisions contained in these new laws allows the
United States to label dissident citizens as being 'mentally ill', and
the 'Special Projects' section allows for the reimbursement to US cities
and counties for the building of concentration camps for these mentally
ill dissidents.


Mayberry said...

Ah.... Looks like us bloggers will all meet face to face! I suppose the fedgov has a special place reserved for us.... They'll not take me alive!

treesong said...


Please send email me the bailout bill. Address is Please do not publish my address; I'll comment later. Thanks

Mfskinner said...

My wife works for a Kroger here in Michigan and they have been putting stickers on the meat for some time to indicate the country of origin.

Just today they got a bunch in that say Canada-Mexico-USA on them and there is a piece of paper that says there will be more information later.

I personally think they are trying to slip the NAU in real quiet like and have it al in place when they spring it on the people here.

Folks in Canada are well aware of it and they are not happy nor am I.

Just a head's up sorry to be off topic.


gott_cha said...

the broad new powers it gives to the IRS should send chills up folks spine. Michael when ya get a chance...drop me an e-mail old boy!

Security_Officer said...

people in the dallas area are finding little colored stickers stuck inside their mail boxes, placed to where you would not see them unless you duck down and look toward the back. Some people may say that its for the mailman and it helps in the sorting of the mail. To that i say "Hmmmm" why is it the only ones that have found it are ex-military? Yes all over Dallas there are vets of all ages finding little colored dots stuck inside there mailbox.