Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hello again out there in cyberland. I'll bet yu're surprised to see me back so quickly. So am I. I got in a group discussion about survival this afternoon. One man wanted to build a warehouse and start stocking up stores for a calamity. Very good idea said I. But I don't think you will get any of our group to go along with it. People don't believe in storing up for bad times. It has been bred put of the national community. We are all slaves to the system.

This morning at the communal Barn meeting one of the brothers thought it good to say that we needed to get more wood heat for our buildings. Not a bad observation since we live in the heart of the hardwood forest. We have hundreds of acres of free fuel. Not free in the sense of no sweat running off our brow, but free in the sense that we can have all we can cut and pay no money for it. Think of the millions of people who can't do this. People who would get arrested and charged with all kinds of violations if they did it. I am for more wood heat. Once this gloabl warming B.S. gets halted by global freezing, that wood heat will be a wondrous thing. Indeed.

I can not help but identify with the survivalists of this world. They make sense to me. I read the Natural Bible and it says that humanity is about to take it where it hurts. I wonder how many will be like the poor folks that waited for help after Katrina. They're still waiting. My sense of coming danger is sending me signals like crazy. The talk is just bubbling away inside of me. My faith is that God will give us a warning that is unmistakeable in it's content. I really think he will do that for us. As dumb as this world is, the message had better be very plain and unmistakeable.

My instinct tells me that group survival is more apt to succeed than a small family survival effort. There is a scripture that says that there is safety in numbers. And if the numbers have a can of hot food in one hand and an AK 47 in the other then you are looking at some people who can make it. At least for a while. And who knows? They may get lucky and really survive and repopulate the earth with decent folk. But don't count on that decent folk part of it. I have members of my own family who are very intelligent but will vote for Hillary Clinton because the right to have an abortion will be safe while she is President. Since I am a male I will not have to give my strength to Hillary because I won't ever need an abortion.

I am tired and I want to rest. I will get back tothis blog later, as long as the computer still works. Maybe I ought to lay hands on it and get it a healing. That would be quite a story.
Stay safe and stay alive.

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