Monday, January 28, 2008


This is my second article on materials and supplies. I am still on the subject of GUNS.

There is a lot of words typed to show favoritism for one gun or another. Bolt actions, semi-automatics, even single shots. I think they are all good. I think what eveer you can afford and what ou can honestly shoot with accuracy is what counts. I am going to talk about Main Battle Weapons.

Some men figure on shooting an M-15, which is the civilian version of the M-16 our armed forces fight with. I've owned one. They are one of the most accurate rifles right out of the box I have ever fired. I have a friend who goers to Camp Perry to shoot at their big tourney and he does quite well with the M-15. It gets knocked becuse it doesn't have a lot of knock down power as opposed to a .308 or a 30-06. That is going to be debated until Hell freezes over. But I will tell you that if you have one of them and you like it and you have some ammo to back it up then keep the thing. They are good weapons. Like I said, a lot of purists don't like defending with a .223 bullet, but that round will kil your enemy and that will save your life.

FAL's are very popular with some people I respect. But I don't want one and I damn sure don't want to feed the thing. .308 ammo is expensive.

But I also shoot a 30 year old Ruger Model 77 in .308. Shoots very well and my son loves it. It I neeed heavy firepower I will take that rifle with me. I know its not a fancy semi-auto but it shoots and it is reliable as the day is long. God help the guy who gets in front of it. It is also very good on large game and will put meat on the table. It has a 4 power scope which is pretty accurate and serviceable for shots around here. I live in the uplands of the state and it's hills and small valleys for the most part. My neck of the woods is not given to bean-field rifles. There just aren't that many long shots to be had.

I am familiar with the Ruger Mini-14 also. Owned one and liked it. Very dependable weapon. For a semi-auto it did not cycle as rapidly as my Colt M-15. Nor was it as accurate. But it was stainless steel and it functioned flawlessly. Magazines were more expensive and harder to find for the Mini. Don't know if that has changed with the passing of time or not.

The Ruger Mini-30 or Ranch rifle is a good gun. The 7.62 X 39 round is not a hair different from the old 30-30 round that has put more deer on americas tables that any other round. The old lever action 30-30 was our first assault rife. You just carry loose rounds in your pockets and as you move toward your objective you keep stuffing more rounds in the tube as it will hold. You can do it while you are running or while you are hiding behind a tree or while you are laying prone on the ground. It's not that big a deal, really. I own a 30-30 Winchester and I don't feel ashamed of it at all. I just don't have a supply of ammo worth talking about. The Handmaiden likes to shoot it and I may talk her into spending some of HER money on a stash of ammo. Then I have to get her to practice when the weather gets nice. She will complain then about the high cost of ammo and know what I face.

I keep a Wingmaster pump beside me against the wall in our bedroom. I was talking to my friend who lives next door to us and he does the same thing. I recently bought a Black and Decker Million Candlepower flashlight that recharges with house current or from a cigarette lighter outlet in a vehicle. Neat machine. If you hear a commotion outside at night you can just go out on the balcony with your shotgun and your light. It's a comforting feeling. I take 00 Buck for that mission.

As far as pistols are concerned I think we have four in the house. A .44 Magnum. A .45 acp. A .22 semi-auto and a .22 wheel gun for the Handmaiden. For strange work I have a full scale broadsword that is sharp as a razor. It will take the head off an adult sheep with one swing.

That's all for a while. I hope to have more soon.

Stay safe and stay alive.

The Handmaiden go this for me from Information Clearing House. It's just another example of how Facism is coming to control the country.

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