Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Monster Never Sleeps

From: BlaineDate: Jan 29, 2008 7:57 PM( [LSA BillInfo]
House Bill 12602008 Regular SessionLatest Information

DIGEST OF INTRODUCED BILLEncoded ammunition. Requires ammunition manufacturers to encode all ammunition:
(1) provided for retail sale in Indiana; and
(2) used in handguns and assault weapons; by July 1, 2009. Prohibits a person from selling ammunition at retail after June 30, 2009, unless the ammunition has been encoded by a manufacturer.
Requires the superintendent of the state police department to establish and maintain an encoded ammunition data base before July 1, 2009.
Requires ammunition manufacturers and persons who sell ammunition at retail to provide certain information concerning encoded ammunition sales and persons who purchase encoded ammunition to the superintendent for inclusion in the data base.
Imposes a fee of $0.05 per round on the sale of encoded ammunition that is sold at retail.
Requires the fees to be deposited in the encoded ammunition data base fund to operate the data base. Requires a person who owns ammunition for a handgun or assault weapon that is not encoded ammunition to dispose of the ammunition before July 1, 2011. Makes an appropriation.
Current Status:
First reading: referred to Committee on Public PolicyTO VOICE YOUR OPINION ABOUT HB 1260 INDIANA CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1-800-382-9842
Bill Crawford is the POS responsible for house bill 1260
( _Join American Citizens for Truth !_ (

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Comment from a friend:

(pause for breath)
(wheezing and picking myself up from the floor)

Do I hear the fat lady warming up?

Does this indicate where the Soopreems are gonna land on 'reasonable regulations' to 'shall not be
(snicker) scuze me. I'm overcome.

I love being proven right, even when it threatens to kill me.

This is an idea whose time seems to have come. This is in place, maybe
different mechanism, but in place in Kali, starting... some time soon.
I misremember when.

They want the gun itself to 'stamp' the case.
It was actually whispered about in the Miss-sippy legislature, and
while I can't pick up any radio but NPR, I understand the more 'urban'
(snicker) portions of Miss-sippy literally exploded on talk radio,
foaming at the mouth and otherwise calm and thoughtful folk openly
threatening necktie parties for the legislature should any such
actually come to consideration, much less actuation.

This from a genetically and culturally polite population which doesn't raise their
voice and doesn't speak harshly in public.

Kali and NY today, flyover country in 5 years.

And the Soopreems are going to affirm 'shall not be infringed'?

Forgive me while I suppress another laughing fit.

It no longer matters what the people think, Michael. They may vote for
some scalawag who makes the appropriate noises, but it doesn't matter.
Government uber alles, and they will NOT relent in suppressing the
people in any way they can imagine.

At least the Indiana bill envisions a method which is not
technologically all but impossible, and surely outrageously expensive.

The Kali bill seems designed to remove ALL sales of new firearms.

And your little closet neocon buddy of Bush has already taken a giant
step towards the NWO by giving that highway to the Australians, or
wherever they're from.

If you want to get your asshole really slammed shut, go to youtube and
search for Alex Jones End Game.

Michael, I've preached and pontificated and pleaded and reasoned until
I'm blue in the face and exhausted. My efforts, best I can tell, have
only gotten me nearly killed and actually thrown in jail for a while.
What can I say? What can I do? The juggernaut is rolling, and not
abating, but picking up speed. Georgie Dubya 'Da Shrub' Bush and the
Reprobates are the friends of the 2nd Amendment? May God have mercy on
His faithful.

Once upon a time, our ancestors, unlike Belshazzar, understood the
writing on the wall and beat feet away from the inevitable and growing
tyranny. Now, and for over 35 years, I have searched for haven. I find

My options are to bend the knee and beg for mercy, or screw my
navel to soft, wet, sandy ground and prepare to be overrun and swept
away. Rights!?! WHAT rights? The right to suck my masters' *****?

Should I wail and rend my hair and gnash my teeth? Or glory in having
seen the inevitable when others were excoriating Dims and arguing
about how Reprobates and Reprehensibles were going to be our
salvation? Laughing at the 'Republican Revolution'? Reaming Bob Barr
in public? When, in truth, if anything, Reprobates and Reprehensibles
are worse than the Dimocrats? Shouting till I was hoarse that
government had been hijacked, and had become the principal enemy,
empowering all the rest?

The time is rapidly coming upon us, and we will reap the whirlwind.

Lord have mercy. I just heard that the new attorney general stated
that waterboarding is legal or illegal, depending on the value of the
information it yields. Is there any better description of
'expediency'? End justifying the means? RULES!?!?!? WHAT 'rules'?
Have I made my point?
Mike (William Michael Kemp)

1 comment:

novosonic said...

well i don't know about indiana and this silly retarded useless and unenforcable bill.

i can just imagine some headline in the SYDNEY herald in 2020.


don't know what sewerage is getting into their drinking water, but that's BIG PHARMA HQ.

slam BAM wang dang ! send me a mason jar of that gooooooood new times drinking water....

goodness by then laura bush will be the second women president of america.