Thursday, January 31, 2008

In Support of Ron Paul

I am supporting Ron Paul in this presidential election. I don't imagine that surprises any of you. I am sorely concerned about where this country is headed. That is why I write this survival blog. There are a million or more folks out there who feel the danger the same as I do and there is a reason for that.

This country is getting as close to a dictatorship as I could ever imagine. The Shrub has passed the most illegal bunch of laws imaginable. This is not the country in which I was raised. It is becoming an alien land, void of familiar recognition. Void of comfort. You don't know from day to day what new form of enslavement this government is going to come out with. The conspiracy guys have laid it out that Bush is going to retire at a 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay when he leaves the Whitehouse. I wish he would go now. And take Dick Cheney with him. And while he is at it I wish he would tale that billionaire Mike Bloomberg with him. People with that kind of money are great menaces to our society. The sheeple are prone to believe whatever the television tells them and Bloomberg can buy all the TV tme he wants.

Of all the candidates who entered the presidential race, Ron Paul is the most honest of the bunch. No one has caught him flip-flopping on any issue. He is as consistant as can be. And I go along with his reasoning on most issues. He will piss a lot of liberals off when he gets to be president, but that con't be helped. And who cares if a liberal gets pissed off? Not I, said Michael.

I am a part of humanity and I recognize others, and their needs. We all have to live on this beautiful planet and we really ought to get along a lot better than we do. There is land aplenty and it will produce food for us. But we get these governments that are run by apes and we have to have wars and such. This is abusive to the whole human family. But Ron Paul would deny our presence in these wars. The war you would get out of him would be the war you got for attacking this nation. Not a bad way to live. Certainly better than our pre-emptive strike policy we have in place right now. And this would be a strategy we could live with. The pesent policy of Eternal War is being used to control us and manipulate us and take away our rights as human beings. It will either be used to tax us into poverty or borrow us into poverty. This Eternal War has got to stop. Our goose is cooked if it isn't stopped. The apes have got to be controlled better than they have been. We used to have Mutually Assured Destruction. This just meant that anyone who fired upon us was gong to be incinerated. A helluva lot cheaper than keeping hundreds of thousands of troops stationed all over the globe.

Our tax burden has got to be lifted. We will need all the money we can find to send our kids into schools that really teach skills that we can use to build our industrial base. And we really do need to get rid of the Department of Education in Washington and take back our authority over the school systems on the local level. Keep Big Government and Big Judiciary out of our schools and let our children learn something of value. Millions of kids in America are being home schooled because they can't get a proper education from the public system. Their parents are really doing their best for our country. They are the elite patriots of our time. They are giving us the brains we need to build a better life. And I bet they teach the Constitution. Just like Ron Paul would do.

Our Constitution is not a perfect document but it has the basics for a decent life in it. Despots all over the planet hate our Constitution. Their people hear aboiut freedom and they are much harder to control. The Marxists use the cry of freedom to gain initial power in a country but they soon show their dictatorial nature as they subjegate the populace. Marx, by the way, stole all of his basic ideas from the New Testament and couched them in non-religeous language. What a jerk.

I think that Ron Paul is our last chance to get someone in the office the president who is not going to allow the country to slide into the slime of a dictatorship. If we don't get him elected we may as well follow Claire Wolfe's admonition and declare it to be the time.

I ain't afraid. Go Ron Paul!

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