Sunday, January 27, 2008

Herbs and some minerals

Did you ever think about what would become your pharmacy if the SHTF? The drug companies will go under or get blown up. People will really feel the anguish of not being able to take their medications as they are supposed to take them. What to do? What to do? I'll tell you what to do. You download a ton of information about herbs of your region and you study everything you can about how herbalists have treated every illness. You study that stuff as far back as we have records. You study how the modern herbalists work things also. This is the pharmacy of the future. Buy some of these herb and wild plant books that they have out right now. Great pictures. You want to know what some herb looks like, there is a book that has it's picture. Good books. One of thse days I'll publish a list of a few that I think are good. I don't really hunt for herbs, but my wife does. And she is learning little by little. She is even drying a few. You can also grow herbs that are good for you. You ever take garlic in the Fall and Winter? Works wonders. I had the wife pick up a garlic press at a gourmet cooking utensil store. Solid steel and cost her $20. It has never missed for pressing garlic to a manageable pulp that she dearly loves to bring to me to get down my throat. It's quite spicey, to say the least.

But it is a mild antibiotic when warmed up by your stomach and intestine. Take it BEFORE you get sick. Taking herbs for a cure can be a long drawn out process. Taking herbs when you don't need them is the best time. Take your garlic, and your cayenne, and your horseweed. Take your Sambucol. Sambucol? Yep. It's a tincture of Black Elderberry. It costs money if you buy it but it is cheap if you make it with Elderberries and grain alcohol. Won't cure flu but it sure will shorten it's impact. That can be important in a time of stress when everyone is needed and you are coming down with the flu.

You have a problem pancease? Take a jolt of ground cayenne pepper on your eggs in the morning. It sorta jump starts it. I use it seven days a week.

You want minerals with your herbs? How about some calcium and phosphorous? Simple. Just keep the egg shells from your breakfast eggs and when you get enough to cover a small cookie sheet, pour them out over the cookie sheet and put them in a preheated oven of 300 degees for 20 minutes. Do yourself a favor and keep them in the refridgerator while you are amassing enough to bake. Keeps the germ count down to something the oven can handle. After the eggs have been heated in the oven take them out and put them in a cheap coffee grinder and it will turn the shells into powder. If the power is out just put them on one half of a smooth fabric towel and fold the other half over it and go over the towel with a rolling pin or an old whiskey bottle full of water or what ever you have handy that will crush the damn things. You can hit them with a hammer if you wish. It will get the job done. You now have a supply of high quality calcium and phosphorous. Keep it cool so that you don't grow germs in your mineral stash. That would defeat the purpose. And what is the purpose?

The purpose is to please the doctor and the doctor is your immune system. You actually cure yourself. Or God can do it if He wants to. But unless you are subject to divine intervention I would suggest keeping your immune system in top shape. Study nutrition. Doctors don't so you will have to. What the doctors study about preventative maintenance of the body is pretty well pointless. Over in China you pay your doctor while you are well. If you get sick he doesn't get any more money until you are healed. But not in the good old USA. We have a whole flock of doctors that are highly skilled at treating symptoms. Sorta like you getting a flood in your yard and the doctor treats it for making it feel dry. Stupid? You bet. Your doctor can't cure a damn thing. Your immune system has to do that. Keep that old immune system in top shape and you might just survive a lot of B.S. that others don't.

Stay Alive.

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Patricia said...

On the eggshell thing:

Wash the eggshells after putting the eggs in a pan. Then save all your eggshells in a bag until you have enough.

Bake the eggshells at 350 for 20 min or so to kill any bacteria.

Each eggshell contains approx. 1800-2000 mg calcium and 70-80 mg phosphorus.