Monday, January 28, 2008

Retreats and History

I have been reading about retreats and how to deal with outsiders wanting to come into the little Ark of Refuge you have created for your own personal continuity. My answer to that is to have your security people question these people and find out if they are toxic or nutrient to your situation. I live in a very large retreat in southern Indiana. We have almost 3000 acres. We used to be communal when we were all working to buy and build our home. We worked like dogs. Six days a week and we didn't work most Sundays because people just need a day off when they work as hard as we did. But we have our little nest and we live in it, albeit in more conventional lifestyles.

If people come to us in a time of economic stress or war stress then we will talk to them. If they seem to be decent folk then we will probably let them in and let them go to work producing for the group survival. If the SHTF then all help witll be needed. Schools will come back to life and dining halls will spring up. Huge gardens of non-hybrid vegetables will be planted. The local deer population will find itself under hunting pressure. We know how to build log cabins and we will get them built and show the new people how to build them also.

We have the biggest hardwood sawmill in the state. It's not running now but it can be fired up pretty fast. We bankrupted it and a bunch of our young men bought it at an IRS auction. They got a million dollar mill for sixty five thousand dollars, the minimum bid, and we got the IRS off our backs. Life goes on. The lumber market has gone to hell and we can't sell Red Oak lumber for any price that makes it feasible to cut. So it sits quiet. We have our land in a land trust that we had drawn up by an attorney who is now an Appeals Court Judge here in this state. It's pretty solid and you can't touch the land. Unless of course we fail to pay the land taxes. But that is being worked on with the idea of having 5 years of taxes ready to go if the SHTF. It will be pretty neat if it happens, and it probably will.

We are a bit cynical about banks and the IRS an so forth. If it comes time to throw the monkey wrench in their gears we do it and there is no remorse. If anyone still has any respect for the banks and the federal government then I suggest that they have not been paying attention. And if you snooze, you lose.

Our founder died in January of 2001. We expect that the SHTF will start in a year or so. Don't ask why but that is just the way we feel about it. There is coming a time of tribulation on this poor old planet and it will be a very trying time for millions of folks. But I and my friends will be doing our best to stay alive. Our plan is to dig under these southern Indiana hills and get a few hundred feet of rock between us and the sky. No one else but the New World Order group up in Canada is getting underground. The biggest bunker buster bomb they make will not penetrate three or four hundred feet of rock. Just a suggestion to those who care to survive.

This thing of predicting the time of the SHTF is impossible to forecast. It is merely human speculation. At this time do not accept any time schedule for the coming destruction. But it is coming. Don't worry about that part. Just get underground and have your survival supplies in order and in abundance. Remember that passage of scripture that talks about the caves and dens of the Earth? Take heed of that scripture. It can help you save your life.

I can, and will, get into survival tools and supplies that you can strive for. But it will be based on group survival and having people live in their "retreat" full time. Having a bug out place to get to if the SHTF is like keeping a concubine in a faraway place. You want to get to where the good times are and not play around with games and email. We have a strong ethic of owning our own businesses and working them hard and fast. Any credit we may have is tied to those businesses and not to our property. We don't mortage the home. My parents and grand parents lived throught the Great Depression and I talked about it with them. Today's modern idea of having a mortgage and maybe even a second mortgage on your home was a curse to them. And it is with us also.

This is enough of my ranting for right now. Take care and prepare.

Stay alive.

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