Tuesday, January 29, 2008

More on supplies and materials

This post is to get back to supplies and materials for the concerned survivalist. I copied and pasted that last article about Sibel Edmunds because it is a good reminder that you cannot trust ANY government on this planet. They are all as crooked as a dog's hind leg. We are under pressure from these people. They are making the odds of a nuclear war go higher and higher against our favor. Thus we take what measures we can to keep on staying alive and living and trying to bring forth hope for the future.

I ain't gonna let them talk me in to giving up. I am a stubborn S.O. B. and if you knew Mom you would understand. These people have pushed my head around for 40 + years and I am getting tired of it. Thus I say "Bring it on, you miserable bastards." And there are probably a million more just like me. They can't get us all. And they would lose a few of their NWO puppies if they did come to get us. My crazy conspiracy friends say that the police and the war fighters will not be the ones who come to get us. It will be Mercs hired by Blackwater that do the dirty deed. Outsourcing taken to the bitter end. And they will use our tax dollars to pay Blackwater.

Life is tough and then you die, or so they say. I aim to get around that prophecy if at all possible. Let life be tough and the bad guys die. Much more to my liking. The greatest stud outlives his enemies. And God is maybe 15 or 20 or 30 biillion years old and I reckon you know what that makes him. The master of everything, including having immortality. It's pretty neat to be associated with such a man. He's a good guy to know.

I need to get back to materials and supplies for those thinking about avoiding death and destruction from SHTF. It is going to be a horrible ordeal. The pollution will be such as never dreamed about by our environmental friends. The Earth has never seen, once it cooled down from all the volcanos, all the filth that will be on the land and the sea and in the air. So buy filter masks. If nothing else by dust masks from Lowes or somebody like that. They ain't the best but they beat the hell out of nothing. If you get real inspired then you can buy surgical /scientific grade masks and they do a lot better. But they cost more. Gas masks are nice if you can get a good one. The filters on them wear out so buy extra filters. But we are prisoners of the neccessity of air. We have to breath and we have to accept what we are breathing. You are going to breath even if it kills you. At least you will try to breath. If you force yourself to not breath you will only pass out and then you will start breathing again due to the old autonomic nervous system that is hard wired into your neurological make-up.

What we are talking about here is minute particles in the air that can kill us. It just may be that these particles are radioactive and that is a no no for the human existance. So, in order to protect ourselves, we have to plug the body orifices that could take these particles into our bodies. Simple solution but I wonder how many will be ready when it's needed. You will need a nose and mouth filter. You will need to get something, goggles or whatever, that will seal your eyes from the air and still let you see. And you will need to plug your ears or block the air from them. Leave no holes exposed. If you're worried about your anus then stick a piece of corncob in it. It's gonna hurt but if it makes you feel safer then do it. Don't use a piece that was outside when the bombs went off.

The next thing to worry about it water. I have an abundance of water around me and I am not too worried about having it. I'll get it. But others may need suggestions as to how to address this problem. If you live in your shelter, as I have admonished, then you can have plenty of water stored in your food cellar. Just use your good tap water and replace it if things seem to be alive in it. This means you will have to check it occasionally. Do not neglect this duty. It is my humble opinion that you should not use distilled water for drinking. Distilled water will literally leech minerals out of your body and you won't have anything to spare in SHTF. Use your regular drinking water. Keep water in glass containers but use plastic if you must. Plastic may turn out to be a killer but it is a slow one and you can do way with it when times are more fortunate. A hand pump well inside you shelter is perfection. Have it checked and forget about it. No sense in worrying about things you can't change. An electric powered well may not be to your advantage. If the power goes off then you have no water. Any old pond or stream will give you water to flush your toilet or wash your clothers and dishes. Water will not be radiaton emitting. I look for a severe weather pattern after a nuclear attack and it should produce storms that will provide the rain to rinse us off. Hope for the best. There is really nothing else to do unless you want to go through lfe in a radiation hazard suit and I don't think that is in the cards. For lack of anything else, stay in your foodcellar for as long as you can stand it. I can't find it right now but there is a set of plans on the web for a homemade dosimeter that really works. It's cheap and fairly accurate. Try to google Home Made Dosimeter and see what you get.

Your food should already be taken care of. You should have canned an abundance of vegetables for your security. And the food should be stored in a secure place. This is not a classroom recital, folks. This is real straight talk to help you stay alive. You must take care of these things. You will not have access to stores or Sam's Club or whatever if the hukes go off. You will be on your own without the super system to back your play. You will become the system. You wil make the critical decisions. God bless you in the endeavor. We have alrady discussed guns and ammo and they should be ready to go in an emergency. Keep those suckers dry and ready. You might not need them for a few days but then again you might need them at once.

Any medical supplies you can acquire will be simply bonus survival points. I have my Iodine pills in my guncase. A registered nurse lives across the pond from me. We have another girl who is going to change her major to nursing. My son is on the East Coast learning how to be a Paramedic. He was interviewed by the head of emergncy services at a Childrens Hospital is Philly and if he will get his nursing degree after he gets his Paramedic Certification they will pay him an incrdible amount of money to ride in their emergency helicopter. I sure do hope to drag his ass back to Indiana before the SHTF. He is already a fireman in Dover, Delaware. And he works while he goes to school for Safeway Grocery. Busy young man. And he likes being busy. He has always been one of those types who can hardly sit still. I have a picture on my wall in front of me showing my son on the roof of a burning farmhouse out in the Delaware countryside. He is quite a stud. But I thing life will temper him down a bit.

I must go now. There is a Polar Express blowing in and the temperatue is due to drop 45 degrees. You never know when the power will go out and I don't want to lose this.

Stay safe and stay alive.


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Patricia said...

In storing water, be sure and add a few drops of bleach to each container of water. This will help keep the bacteria out.