Monday, January 28, 2008


I said I would get around to typing out some lists of suggestions for things you might need if the SHTF and here is where I start.


Guns are one of my favorite topics. Love 'em. In the survival priority of things you need air and water and then you need a gun. A gun can protect you and feed you. Both very important if things get a little ragged along the lines of a collapse of society.My favorite gun is my 870 Remington Express Magnum. It is a jewel. I can kill a Beaver at 50 yards with 00 Buck and have done it more than once. If we have to defend our home I will probably have this gun in my hands. I won't be much good at long range but I can sure bring hell up close. We have a lot of trees around here and things can get close without being seen and that is where my 870 comes in handy. It also pays to know that a lot of deer have been harvested at 20 feet in these parts. And that 20 feet was mostly straight down.

I have a good sized photo right in front of me that has my son showing off his 10 point Buck that he killed with one of my shotguns. I paid to have a shoulder mount done on that guy. Sure did.

I bought my 00 Buck at They are down until September 1, of this year for restocking. I also bought some down at the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot and Gun Show. I wouldn't want to watch a Knob Creek Machinegunfest every day, but it sure is impressive occasionally.

You can go to Walmart and buy #8 shot for about $15 a hundred rounds. There are a lot of things to kill and eat that don't take 00 Buck. Blackbirds and Boattailed Grackles and Robins and others are delicious. Wild Pigeon is almost without comparison. Meat so rich that it's purple. They like to hang out in old deserted houses and barns. They feed on local crops and such. Delicious. Squirrels and rabbits are also good eating. Around these parts you don't kill and eat Rabbit until after a good hard frost. Rabbits can get Worbles or what ever you call them in your area. It makes them sick and weakens them to the point they don't survive a hard frost.

As far as inside the home defense, I would suggest that you use a very light shot to keep from penetrating walls and hitting someone who is not involved. I don't know that for sure so you might check around.

That should do it for my pump shotgun. The only thing that is a trouble is that the Handmaiden can't shoot one of the damn things. Following my personal philosophy of never getting with a woman who can bet me two out of three falls, my wife is a small woman. She just can't handle that 12 gauge. She loves the effect of it but she can't deal with all that recoil. So, she is going to be handling a

Ruger 10/22 rifle.

I got her about 10,000 rounds to shoot. If she finally does go practice I will gladly buy her some more ammo.

The 22 LR cartridge will put down most animals in these parts, including deer. You have to be right on the mark and hit where you need to but it wll kill your supper for you. A lot of men have killed full grown cows and steers with a 22 LR round. It is also a self defense weapon. You just point the damn thing at the enemy and turn on the sewing machine and stitch 'em up. You just keep a good sight picture, cause there ain't any recoil to fool with, and you keep pulling the trigger until the bad guy goes down. And I realize that this is not your standard protocol at shooting schools, but it will damn sure work. And if the bullets don't penetrate and kill the bad guy they wil sure let him know he is being shot at and he'll duck foir cover.

As mentioned earlier, the 22 LR wil kill most small game with ease and keepyou in meat. Mighty handy things to have around, especially the Ruger 10-22. You can get them in stainless steel and that is a good deal for the gun owner. Ammo is still cheap by other standards. Some people are selling 10,000 round cases for a decent price if you are interested in a large buy. If we can get the Chinese to quit buying all our scrap brass we might be able to afford ammo again. But they won't do that until they are shooting it at us so that probably ain't gonna happen.

I'll write more on weapons shortly.

Be wise and stay alive.

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