Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I got my computer talked in to giving me my create blog page again. How cool. I have a 20 pound sledge nearby and it is what I feel is a just reward to the current behavior of this machine. But we go on, doing the best we can and hoping for the best. Sorta like Obama and his attempt to resurrect the previous economy from the depths of it's persistent failure. It ain't gonna work but we do the best we can with what we have to work with. I can feel for Big John Lipscomb and his tendency to strike out at preppers and some class of people he calls "patriots." I can get close to Patriot by saying I am Patriarchal, but that is about the extent of my involvement with the whole system. Being patriotic to America has gotten this country in one helluva bind. And most of that is caused by the double-speak of our media and our government. Those folks would not know the truth if they met in on their front porch.

If the gods are with us we should be bunkered down for about anything below the level of a nuclear attack within six months. And we will get ready for that soon enough. I was reading about President John Kennedy yesterday and saw a picture of his bomb shelter on Peanut Island, off the coast of Florida. He built it with his own dime and was ready for all hell to break loose. Folks have been getting ready for this catastrophe for quite a while now and every dawn means we are a day closer to the bad news. But we will have plenty of food and a major garden in the ground and we should make it, no matter what Obama plans to do. And Obama plans on doing a lot, but it will turn out to be all wrong. His advisers are all a bunch of perverts and sociopaths and they couldn't get things right on their best day. It is not politically correct to say that perverts cannot make good decisions, but I am not politically correct and I will say what I damn well please.

But I hope Big John is doing okay and I hope he can get here when the SHTF. He has done me a favor or two and I will try to do a favor for him. He is in the money game right now and I wish him well. He ain't never had much money and a big pile of it won't hurt him much. Keep on keeping on, Big John! I talked to Ernie at Indiana Preppers Network and she is doing well and is keeping in touch with a lot of folks. She is a good investigator and probably will not be caught unawares. Her husband, Brad, is pretty solid and will take care of business.

My wife and brother-in-law had a wreck Monday and now I am surrounded by groaning, sore, people. But they are okay. My wife and I lost our last remaining vehicle and we are stay at home folks. Between the car and this computer I am about to become a Luddite. Technology and I are not getting along too well these days. Cars and computers are not doing it for us at all. Gotta go. Take care of yourselves and try to stay alive!


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