Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hey! After giving up on reading George Ure after trying to connect with his site for an hour and twenty minutes, the computer decided to give me my post-create site real quick. This machine is devious as hell. I hope Publius can get me another machine. If nothing else it will save my sanity.

I was talking to my friend Charles Bell this morning and he says he is disturbed about the lack of bad news. Nothing really bad seems to be happening and he was wondering why. I said I felt the answer was fairly simple. Number one is that Ben Bernanke has not been confirmed for a second 4 year term at the federal reserve. That is the reason gold is going down and the dollar is going up. The banksters want to make Bernanke look as good as possible to the viewing eye of congress. That way they get to continue their rip-off game. See how simple that is?

The second reason that Charles cannot find much bad news is that business, you know, the guys who pay for advertising, do not want anything coming along that might cause Mr. and Mrs. Consumer to tighten their purse strings while the Xmas buying orgy is underway. Gotta make that money while it is still possible. So Mr. Media gets told to shove the bad news where the Sun don't shine while the buying rush is on. And you thought that the media was providing news fair and balanced. Mr. Media is providing what will make HIM money and what will make his sponsors money. And that is the way it works. That's how we roll.

What is really on my mind this day is what I am not hearing from the fedgov. I am not hearing about any great revelations from the climate conference in Scandinavia. No news is a sign that someone is drilling us behind our backs. I do not trust those people one inch. They are out for our money, what is left of it, and they will tell any lie or distort any fact to get it. You talk about a criminal conspiracy!

I am also dwelling on Martial Law this morning. At the slightest sign of any domestic trouble Obama is going to sign the papers and we are going to be owned by the fedgov. And I have read all the applicable law and they will control everything you own. And that is when things get tough in these parts. Road blocks will be put into place and vehicles will be confiscated if the fedgov boys think they "need" them. The fuel in your tank can be taken if the fedgov needs it. If your wife is bringing home groceries they can be taken also. The crops in your fields and the live stock you have raised can be appropriated by FEMA or whomever. I'm telling you, this Martial Law thing is going to be a mess when it hits. Maybe Berlusconi getting hit in the face the other day was a sign of the future. But if bodies appear and heads roll there ain't much can be done to stop it. Like me, most people do not go out of their way to harm anyone. But by the same token, you had not better go fooling around with my life or the lives of those I love or hold dear. Of course, if you do anything like that it means you are not trying to become public servant of the year and I can guarantee that I will not be trying to become model citizen of the year. I hope the right people can get this message.

I was trying to explain to a young man the other day about how to get around in the time of Martial Law. The first thing I told him was to have a suitable vehicle to go anywhere you might have to go. Four wheel drive don't hurt a damn bit. Good gripping tires are an asset. Detailed county maps are good to have. Take them to Copy Trolley or Kinkos and have them sealed in plastic. Soggy maps are a drag. Don't go driving around without a bug out bag or a good pack. A couple days of rations will be good to have along with some spare clothes and maybe even a pistola with a few extra rounds. You never know when some crazed animal might attack you. But you know what you need and you can figure it out. Water and guns and ammo are things of great importance.

I'm gonna try to post this and see if it makes it. You all take care and be real secure. And for goodness sakes stay alive.



Northwoods said...

"I was trying to explain to a young man the other day about how to get around in the time of Martial Law".
IMHO should this occur. If someone has not made their preps to hunker down were they are they ain't goin' anywhere but a FEMA camp.
Four wheel drive, pistol or not. To travel is to draw attention to yourself and you ain't gonna beat a 50 cal on top a that Humvee with your pistol.
I say prep NOW or welcome to camp FEMA!
Just my 2 cents...

Western Mass. Man said...

Funny thing this morning.
I was doing my daily reading of your post and the Bernanke part hit me a little bit. Went and looked....
As of 9:35 am EST
Gold - 1116.00 down 21.50
Silver - 17.40 down .29
Dow - down 63
DOLLAR - 77.74 up .75

Nevermind the returns on short term Treasuries.

eeerie, to say the least.

Thanks Michael

chinasyndrome said...

Right on brother!this bull about one millon troops to stop civil unrest,oh yeah,something big.Or really bad coming!

erniesjourney said...

You are so right on Michael! Good points! Waiting patiently.

Mayberry said...

The "other shoe" is fixin' to drop after Christmas. When people wake up with their New Year's Day hangover and realize they got screwed by the fedgov over "The Holidys" (Copyright 2009, all rights reserved). I got more ammo coming, and more seed from Big John, amongst other things. It's "prepper Christmas" in the Mayberry household. Hope your computer woes get resolved quick Michael...