Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Just trying to digest the events of the world as I see 'em. The most troubling is the EPA saying that carbon dioxide is a toxic substance. I guess that means I can be arrested and imprisoned for breathing. Guilty as charged, I reckon. Sure is gonna look mighty strange when I attempt to get the fedgov agents to give up THEIR toxic pollution habits. And I ain't gonna allow them to show me a card that says they are allowed to breathe and I ain't. I just ain't comin' on that. It will be the day we give up on keeping this country and get down to subdividing it. I talked t people in Indiana and the East coast this morning and to a man they were incensed at what the government was doing. They figure that there will people in the streets with guns before this mess gets cleaned up and I cannot say they are wrong. And people are really pissed off about not being able to contact their elected officials. I read where Evan Bayh, one of our Senators from Indiana, has not been answering his phones at his office in Washington D.C. or at any of his offices in the state, for weeks. They don't want to hear from us unwashed masses it would seem. We don't count in the scheme of things. Well that's alright. They can not answer their phones if they so desire. But they had better stay off my property. I don't like them hanging around. They lie and steal and I don't want them around the kids.

That is about all I want to write about today. If I go on any further it will just turn into a political rant and I have better things to do. Getting ready to survive these bastards is number priority these days. I'll leavc it up to your good judgement to see what will help you the most. Stay alive.



Brian said...

My circle of friends here in Indy call him Evan Bi, since he votes one way in Washington and acts another way here.

chinasyndrome said...

Hey michael,Yeah this hoosier boy ain't got no use for any of em.Throw em all out start all over with people not politicians. And if they are gonna bring It than bring it! OB wants a million troops Hell that wont cover Indy!