Monday, December 21, 2009


The top line of the Drudgereport read: "There will be no place to run from this new world government." Ahh, at last we get down to brass tacks. The world government is coming and we will not have to chase it down . It will be all around us and we an shoot in any direction and hit it. Very good, you stupid bastards. So the lines are being drawn where we can all see them and everybody will be on the same page. If the wife had not been asleep I would have whooped and danced a jig. Come on, you rabid skunks, come get your just deserves. I reckon it will be time to call the militias and activate the leaderless cells and get ready for the party. I hope to have my little bunch tuned up pretty soon. We ain't many but we can damn sure hit what we aim at. And Obama ain't got enough troops to handle us. We so outnumber the forces of the fedgov it is pathetic. It is estimated that we have NINE BILLION rounds of ammo for private use and we are working on TEN BILLION at this time. That would mean that we can put a thousand rounds down range for every member of a million man army. Man! I like those odds. And if it is 00 Buck then every round is multiplied several times by the number of actual projectiles. Holy Schomely, Joelly. We can attend this party well decked out.

Pete Smith has been on some bummer for the last few days and I hope he gets back in step. He is the voice of survival to many and I wish him well. Big John Lipscomb has really been on a tear these last few days. His rebellion and fighting spirit are at almost maximum strength and that is where we need him. He will be giving the NWO hell from South central Kansas in fine style. And there will be many others around the country who will play a part in this coming war. And it will be war because if you try to take my natural rights as a man you will face the wrath of God. And I am feeling his spirit right now. "Because you can't stomp us out and you can't make us run!" "We're from North California and South Alabam and little towns all around this land. And we can skin a buck, we can run a trout line, and a country boy can survive." Like that computer game of years ago, Duke Nukum said, "Come get some." Come down my road you nasty muthas. You will get shown the exit route of this planet. I gotta quit now. Stay alive.



Mayberry said...

Hell yeah...

Dr. Richard said...

You got your math wrong. 9 billion rounds is what has been accumulated / bought this year by American civilians. We're buying little less than a billion rounds per month.

Most of my ammo inventory would not show up in your accounting because it was acquired between 1992 and 2008. Trust me, there are tens of billions of rounds stockpiled beyond what was sold this year. More if you count the run on reloading components.

I don't believe that American gun owners will act like the European, British, and Australian sheep who allowed their governments to take their guns.

While the American culture is changing to the worse (particularly in the "blue" states), the American patriot spirit still lives at least in millions (possibly tens of millions) of well armed American civilians.


Chief Instructor said...

It's a sobering thought - regardless of what you do or where you go, you're under the thumb of a government that does not share your political views in any way, shape or form.

If you own a piece of land, it is nationalized as in the old Soviet Union. If you own a business, it is nationalized as in Venezuela and elsewhere.

If you have precious metals, they are confiscated as in the Roosevelt era.

It's a lot to ponder as we rush into this abyss.

MEB said...

Where did you ever get the idea that we "have natural right?" "Natural Rights" have been fought for and died for since the advant of socialized man and even before that. Read about the Magna Charta of England. Read about The French Revelution. Read the currant news of Iranian students protesting for freedom. You can study the history from any society or civiliztion and determine that "Natural Rights" are hard earned and fought for. They must be nurtured and cared for, but like infants we tend to grow out of our "natural rights" and have to return to infancy...and start over. We have let the NWO poo in our diapers.

chinasyndrome said...

Hell we didnt want to run anyway!

Scott said...

Actually, assuming ten billion rounds versus a million man army, that's TEN thousand rounds per army member.
Good odds indeed.