Monday, December 14, 2009


Well, the goddamn page where you write a blog came up again. Life is full of surprises these days. I get the page maybe once in 4 or 5 tries, and then only after a half hour or forty five minute wait. This computer is a bitch, plain and simple.

I got a comment from Dan Moore over at Urban Prepper and he had quite a horror story to tell. He was at a corporate meeting and the president of this company said he was looking at a 20-30% increase in business after the first of the year. Dan asked him what this was a predicated upon and the president said CNN. For the love of God I cannot figure how this man could arrive at such a conclusion with such information. It staggers the mind to try and comprehend it. This country has been hurt more than I realized.

I look at the news when I can get on the page and it is sickening. The news sets our national talking agenda and what the citizenry is talking about would not make a pimple on a teenagers face. It's that stupid. I have bulldozed my way around so many stories about Tiger woods that it is amazing. And this is what America is interested in? Is it really any wonder that America is in the shape it's in? My italics function has decided to come on and I cannot make it go away. You will have to bear with it the same as me. But I am pointing this out to show you the degree of stupidity you are dealing with in your plans for the future. You are not going to get much support from your average American.

And I didn't make them this way and neither did you. The schools and the media have created this monster. Legions of mindless robots programed to believe what ever the fedgov tells it to believe. And these legions will be our enemies in the days ahead. Dangerous enemies I might add. Dangerous enough to take your food and shelter from you and use it themselves. And let you go to hell while they survive. But the hook in the pattern is that these are the people we will have to make it with. Those around us, no matter how ignorant of their political surroundings and their economic idiocy, are the people given to us to survive alongside. There will need be strong leadership arise among us to handle the spectrum of human problems we are going to face. You will not get anywhere with a whip and and gun. The skills we will need are out there and we will need to get them headed the right way. But while you are trying to herd them along you also have to be patting them on the back and telling them they are doing a wonderful job and that we will all be doing better shortly.

But in your preaching and cajoling you need to instill the concept of the "emotional policeman" in your little network of survival. This is a little new to the prepping community but we may as well get in to it. It is really pretty simple. You just talk up the various people in your midst that are doing important work for the group. And you talk about how important they are to the group survival. And you do this all the time. You never let up. Your speech is one of a man who praises but the mental seed you leave behind is one of responsibility to the whole. As your words begin to sink in to the collective conscious of the group the group begins to take on the position of an emotional policeman. If someone is laying down on the job and not getting their part performed, other folks will start talking to them, some nicely and some crudely. And this has to be if people are going to take responsibility for themselves. Open the eyes of everyone who cares to see about the collective effort to survive. A lot of people do not like this kind of pressure on them and will go along to get it off of their back. But the emotional policeman is very necessary for the continuity of the group.

And the instilling of the emotional policeman into the group thinking will lead to a true education for a lot of people. Bullshit takes a back seat in your people's thinking. Getting the job done and surviving become the real meat and potatoes of life, as they should. While the mainstream society is our enemy now and does not like our attitude, going hungry ain't to their liking either. You just have to know how to play the game. A group effort to provide a full belly is a powerful stimulus upon a man. The title of "Bellyfeeder" will add stature to a man. It will make his wife proud and obedient to him. A word to the wise is sufficient. Stay alive.


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chinasyndrome said...

Yeah man pretty sick of tiger crap myself.And mainstream media same ol stuff.Pretty sick of seeing the dark lord too. Keep your head down.

Publius said...

Very important message!
Glad your old PC is working once in a while.
I am going to start trying to scrounge you up a PC today - sorry for delay... have to accomplish some things at work today to keep my job, but I will get on it.

Crime is increasing around our area, slowly getting closer to our "good" neighborhood, or actually in it. Even you rural preppers need to keep aware, however. A few years ago, a horrific crime occurred in southern part of our state: a real psychopathic young man broke into a farm house. He found the family's shotgun in the basement. Killed the father and son, and the mother survived the blast by some miracle.
Do you think it wise to leave your self-defense shotgun in the basement while you sleep upstairs?

Unfortunately, there is no death penalty in this state. Once the SHTF, I doubt a sociopath like this will survive long after he is convicted.

SciFiChick said...

Very wise advice.

Jim said...

And with teh feds doing all they can to control us is very alarming to say the least. That's why more important to get skills and skills and more skills to stay alive with.

What was total dehydrate time on the eggs and did you come up with a reconstitute formula for the powder eggs. My wife got a dehydrator today and are looking forward to hear your results on bringing eggs back to life. Can't wait to try the plan on bake goods that call for eggs.