Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sure is getting exciting, but only after days of monotonous boredom. But the news is going viral that Obama has instructed his Commanding General of NORTHCOM to raise his troop strength of one million men. One million men to stand around and twiddle their thumbs here in the USA? I don't think so. This is a mean news item and if it is true then we are in a world of shit. I never thought I would be shooting at American troops but if they break Posse Comitatis then I guess we will have to have at it. The supposed deadline for this accumulation of troops is the last day of January, 2010. So the Dark Lord, Obama, is expecting insurrection sometime soon. Funniest damn thing, but so was I. I don't know how many of these guys will fire on American citizens but there will be some who will and don't doubt that for a second. They may get an excuse this January and February when the reported fresh vegetable shortage hits the Northeastern United States like my friend's broker told him would happen just this morning. Gonna be kind of embarrassing for Obama when his monetary policies cause the country to do without fresh vegetables. Stupid! So the troops are going to be on our soil guarding against us and we will be without fresh vegetables. Kinda warms the old heart, if you know what I mean. But this stuff did NOT come from the Main Stream Media and thus it is believable. All those soccer moms who can't give their kiddies fresh veggies this Winter are gonna to be pissed. Hey! Perfect time to have an election!

The EPA has declared that carbon dioxide is a toxic gas and must be regulated. Got it on the front page of Drudge plus from the comment section for yesterday's post. Showed a picture of a cow breathing. Somebody call a carbon cop and ticket that cow! Make the farmer pay a huge fine. We just can't have those cows breathing. And that is sarcasm but the truth is that this government is gonna go broke pretty soon and they know it and they want some new taxes to keep everything going. Just who is going to have the money to pay these goddamn taxes is not being discussed.

You know, and I know, that most everything we are told anymore is a lie. The politicians and the media are the biggest bunch of liars on the planet. And like I was reading on the Woodpile Report this evening http://woodpilereport.com/ the same lies are being told all over the world. Almost word for word. This is your world conspiracy my friends. This is the concerted and coordinated move to enslave us all. We are going to be fed to the rats if this is allowed to continue and be successful. Our children will be crushed under an iron fisted regime that will not vary much from country to country. Marching on Washington may not be a thing of fantasy in the coming days. Just remember that we have a huge arsenal and over NINE BILLION rounds of ammo to put down range, and buying more every day! If someone wants to donate some money to me I will buy more ammo myself! Just think I need some more and am a little financially embarrassed at the moment.

But the lies are becoming so prevalent as to be a constant drone in our ears. I am appalled by the volume of the words of lies. Nothing is correct any more. Telling the truth has left us. And someone must pay for this. And pay dearly. Just be ready. I WILL. And stay alive.




Mayberry said...

I know what's on my Christmas list: 7.62x54r. Some more 3 inch 00 magnums would be nice too...

Pete Smith said...

I'm with you Mayberry, but I want .223, 9mm, 22LR and 3" 00 Magnums. I asked everyone this year for ammo and other survival supplies.

Gen-IL Homesteader said...

After Joe Wilson called out Obammy about his lie to the congresscritters, someone sent me a comic that said, "If someone yells 'You lie' in a room full of politicians, how do we know who he's talking to?".