Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hi folks! I managed to coax this machine into letting me type another blog. How wonderful. I went to a neighbors house and had chili tonight. Pretty fancy for a guy who don't go out much. Probably 20 people there including my son. I even drank a beer. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. I listened to a guy tell a story of a Rabbi he just visited. The Rabbi took him downstairs into his basement and showed him his preps. Tons of food and much firepower. Big time firepower. All kinds of guns that go bang. Ammo out the wazzoo. The Rabbi said, "She's going down!" And I wasn't there but I would have said "Amen!" to him. Sho 'nuff.

I was reading Mish Shedlock over on Dollar Collapse and he had put up a copy of the speech given by the Governor of Arizona telling the citizens of the dry state that they are about to go though some of the toughest times ever seen since Arizona became a state. The previous governor left Arizona to become head of the Gestapo here in America. Not something you picture the Governor of Arizona doing but it has happened. But the Gov knew what he was talking about. No joke. Ahnold of Californacate has gone to Washington and told Obama that he cannot get a budget without a huge bailout from the fedgov. Billions! The left coast is toast.

Gonnna get cold here this weekend and stay that way for a while. Even Kemp, living about 60 miles due North of of Baton Rouge is gonna see 27 degrees come Saturday. Just some more of that Gorebal warming I reckon. And Al Gore knows that blizzards follow him around all Winter and he still tries to pull off his warming song and dance. You would think someone would clue him in.

Someone knocked the Pope on his ass in the big Basilica in Rome as he was walking in a procession to get to the alter. Some woman did it. But it is no big deal for a woman to knock over an 80 some year old man. But that is the second dignitary to get whacked in Italy in the last couple of weeks. People may be getting fed up over something in different parts of the world. And that would not surprise me one damn bit. In case you haven't noticed, things are not running smoothly around the globe. It is about my bed time and I will sign off. Stay sober and don't get any drunk driving arrests on your record. Stay alive.



lysander said...

Great blog, my friend. Have a Merry-Merry and a Happy New Year!

HermitJim said...

Folks all over the world are getting fed up and certainly more vocal about their concerns!

Might be a real good time for the folks in charge here to start paying some attention!

Stay warm, my friend!

erniesjourney said...

LMAO!! You cut right to the chase LOL! Love it!!! Get that computer going again soon!