Sunday, December 13, 2009


Once again I am trying to blog. Can't say for sure whether or not you will ever see this but here goes.

Our egg experiment worked just fine. We now have powdered eggs. We checked the price of them on the Internet and found them selling for $17 for two and a quarter pounds. And the powdered eggs we priced on the Internet are not free range organic chicken eggs raised by the Amish. I think we got a pretty good deal making them ourselves.

We cracked the eggs into a bowl and every dozen was whisked to make it ready to scramble. The Handmaiden got the skillets hot and poured the eggs into the skillets. I went on cracking another dozen eggs and then whisking them. She could do about two dozen in two skillets. When I got all caught up I went and helped scramble in the skillets. Long handled wooden spoons work very well at scrambling eggs.

The eggs are scrambled pretty "hard" and not soft and fluffy like you were fixing breakfast eggs. But that makes them easier to dry in the dehydrator. The eggs pieces are smaller and thus you have an easier time keeping airflow between the egg piecees and also the multiple level of trays. The Handmaiden figured most of this out on the run. I was proud to assist her in this endeavor.

My latest testing of the waters indeicates to me that most people are with the recovery. I would say 80 to 85 perecent of the people are thinking the "recession" is over or else they are hoping it is over for the good of their own wallets. And I am sorry about that. I listen to the foremost trends forecaster in the country, Gerald Celente, and he says it is in the tank and headed for the drain. I listen to others who are not being paid by Main Stream Media and they are pretty much in agreement. I get reports from around the country and they are bad and getting worse. It seems to me that we are very close to collapse. I think Great Britain will fall before us. Ireland and Iceland are already toast while Spain and Italy and Greece are but a hairbreadth way from the swirling drain. I ain't backing off of my position. Stay alive.


Do not email me. My email is very precarious these days. I hope you can get this!


Mayberry said...

Glad the eggs worked out good. Sure wish I could do stuff like that with my wife... Celente knows what he's talking about, he's one of thos good old fashioned common sense kinda Yankees, hard to find these days. I'm with ya on Great Britain, they're on the brink. Those Brits are pretty pissed off at their government too.

Ignore the PTB and the mainstream media. They are vested in continuing the Ponzi scheme for as long as possible. Collapse is coming, and the sooner the sheeple realize that, the sooner it will come...

The Urban Prepper said...

Thanks for the update and success! Did you add anything to the eggs to make them "dry"? Sorry to hear about your can we help you with your pc? I agree with your assessment allot of people think this is a recovery…I had a business meeting this week and the President of the company said he was looking at a 20-30% increase…I asked what he based that on…CNN…I just shook my head.


Jim said...

Damn good egg plan, can't wait for confirmation that you are able to store and use those eggs reconstistuted. Looks like I may need to go get a dehydrator and give it a whirl after you get out the sucess story about it. Glad to see you are able to post again if only short spurts.