Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Good morning, folks! My computer has once again given me permission to type a blog post. Mighty kind of the evil bastard to do that. I am waiting to hear from Publius and find out when the computer is going to arrive here. I am holding the freight money in my hot little hand just hoping I can pass it on to some UPS driver at a moments notice. It will break me but I have been broke for worse reasons!

This seems to be the season of the witch so I think I will unload a few predictions of my own.

1. Economic Collapse

This one has me a little confused but what I feel is that we will go through a slow slide and then "BANG" the bottom falls out and we are in the cesspool of reality SHTF. The dollar has risen to almost 77 cents and gold is falling like a stone. And those things are comical in their implications. We all know that the dollar ain't worth the match to set it on fire. I am surprised that it is still accepted as a means of exchange. But number one on the watch list is Ben Bernanke wanting to keep his job as the boss of the federal reserve. The fedgov and the federal reserve will be moving heaven and earth to keep the dollar up there in value. At least until Bernanke gets another four year appointment. And this next time the financial system hits the skids it will collapse. Write that one down. It will not be a little cough in the system but rather a case of full bore TB.

Food Supplies

I look for food to be at a premium starting in about January 2010, maybe not until February. But the big valley out in California ain't gonna produce like it has in the past and we are going to suffer because of it. And from India to the Philippines there is a very poor supply of rice. India is gonna have the worst crop in years and India is a big producer. This country, which is run by idiots, will sell it's crops on the world market for money and to hell with how the populace is doing. If Obama had one drop of masculinity in his body he would set aside millions of bushels of grain and tons of dairy products to keep this country fed. But he ain't got the genes and we won't have the food. Simple as that.

Guns and Ammo

I look for guns and ammo to go along about like they are now until the fedgov gets a wild hair up it's ass and decides to take them from us. Then there will be pockets of resistance appear and they will quickly becomes "areas" of resistance as the beloved rednecks of the country say their NO with great emphasis. It will be a great pity to have people of one nation killing each other but if it is the plan of destiny then we have no choice. And slavery is a bummer. You don't suppose Obama and his legions of people would relish having white folks in slavery as payment for what happened to the black folks earlier in our history do you? But the word will go out that a rebellion is on and it will come to pass. If the food and money is turned off in the cities then there will be blood in the streets. Remember, Goldman-Sachs is buying guns and it ain't for fun.

Gardens and Livestock

The production of meat and vegetables will be the difference between starving and being well off in this country in the future. The people who can raise their food will be blessed beyond the common man. Big John Lipscomb still sells a very good deal on non-hybrid seed. He swears he makes very little on his seed and I think he is telling the truth. The gist of the matter is that you can save the seed from your garden crop and grow more vegetables the next year without having to buy them. Get some non-hybrid seed and stock it up for next Spring. You can raise meat all kinds of ways. You can raise pigeons is cages and rabbits the same way. You can build the cages out of limbs and branches from the woods if you have to. You can raise chickens for meat and eggs. You can raise cattle and sheep for big time meat. There are people raising fish in barrels of run-off rain water. Hogs have great meat but they can be a bitch to keep penned up. They are a lot easier to keep penned up if they have PLENTY of food. And there are other types of meat that is edible and nourishing, if you know how to get it.


Security is the big rub to about all we think to do. How do you make things secure? What or who do you use? The local law enforcement will most likely be out of business pretty quick in a collapse. You had better be ready to protect what you have on your own. You do have a group or a clan don't you? Another way of looking at it is when there is trouble you con't call a cop, you call YOURSELF! Unless there are people with you to help out, YOU are the dude who goes sees what is making the cows bellow or the horses scream and neigh. YOU are the guy who goes sees what the dogs are barking at down by the garden. Is it a Raccoon out on a feeding raid or is it some lazy sonovabitch just stealing what you worked your ass off to grow. Security starts at YOUR doorknob, not at the phone with the numbers 911 on the dial. The collapse means no more money to pay law enforcement wages. Hell, it means no money to pay law enforcement PENSIONS! It means that in the dark of night YOU are the MAN. And it will be this way across the country. Right now New York and California are broke. That makes it pretty much a coast to coast proposition. Florida and Arizona will be going out before too long. Oregon and Michigan will not be too far behind. And there will be others banging on the door to announce their defaults. Kansas just announced the closing of a third of their National Guard Armories. Your world view of security is about to change.

Medical Care

Medical Care is headed out the back door. It is only for the severely rich in our future. All the talk and bickering in Washington D.C. about health care is a joke. When the national wallet is empty and the national credit card is maxed out, your health care is gone. Two of my neighbors are nurses and my son is a Paramedic. I think I can get by. But what is the rest of the country going to do? You gonna try that 911 number again? Hell, the counties won't be able to pay the dispatchers let alone fuel up ambulances and take people to the hospital. You had better get training or get someone who HAS training or your ass is going to be in a sling.


Our reading, writing , and arithmetic are about to come to a screeching halt. When the kids and parents find out how goddamn lame our educational system really is there will be a rebellion on campus like as never seen before. All the utter nonsense being fed to our kids is going to come home to roost. Readily applied skills for which there is a demand are what we need and not a bunch of Sociology degrees. But schools are going to take a huge hit with the economy so that problem may cure itself. Look for a lot of school closings on all levels.


I look for armed rebellion to become pretty normal in this country. Militias will become fashionable again, financed by lots of undercover FBI guys paying their dues. The hard asses will be the leaderless cells that will spring up across the country. Very tough to control these guys and almost impossible to infiltrate. Although it has left the news now, Goldman-Sachs has bought guns for it's people. They are afraid of something. Something that wants to attack them and kill them.

I will close this off for now and let this be a word of caution to the wise. Stay alive.



kevin said...

in your blog you wrote about food shortages, in asia, according to some, we may see it here. a site named market skeptics,has alot of info, you may find it useful you all may want to check it out!

Mayberry said...

Well I got a windfall from my "sale" boat, so there will be more 7.62x54r, an order of seed from Big John, some clothing, and lots of canned food. I am torn on building the boat. Maybe holding off 'till January is the best course of action there....

chinasyndrome said...

Sure as hell not willing to bet against your predictions. food prices up in nov.Idiots trying to ruin our country,and they are succeding!

Dragon said...

Stay well, We got a ways to go before spring.

Bitmap said...

"We all know that the dollar ain't worth the match to set it on fire. I am surprised that it is still accepted as a means of exchange."

Everyone is pretending in order to avoid collapse. Kind of like if you loaned money to your neighbor or brother-in-law and they keep making excuses why they can't pay you back. You will accept all kinds of crazy excuses to avoid the reality that you will never get your money back. Around the world the governments of most nations are pretending that everything is fine in hopes that a miracle occurs before the sheeple realize the truth.