Thursday, December 3, 2009


May 26, 2035 I went to see my father this evening for a little chat. I knew he was upset about the Eastern Confederacy and I wanted to know more of the details of his thinking. I found him at his home playing with his latest baby. My father loved babies and they liked him. I greeted him and sat down and waited for the opportunity to talk about the possible war on the horizon. At last he was done romping with the child and we got down to the subject on my mind. "Father, why are you so mad at these people from the Eastern Confederacy"

"Well son, it's like this. I was a medic before the crash and I must say I was a good one. I studied my protocols and procedures all the time. I was not a man to let a patient die easily. If I could get them stabilized and delivered to the bright lights and stainless steel of a hospital I was happy with the job I was doing. But my thinking was off in one critical area. Nothing was being done to keep people from getting sick. And people were getting sick in amazing numbers. My job was not all car wrecks and shootings. Far from it. A lot of my work was handling obese diabetics of either type 1 or type 2 classification. I handled a lot of people with pneumonia. I handled a lot of people with chronic health problems that really had no cure. At first I was all business and procedure but after a while I began to take notice of the underlying causes of human sickness. People did not get enough exercise. People certainly did not get proper nutrition. People did not get medicine that cured a damn thing but rather relieved symptoms. And a lot of the problem stemmed from the attitude of the government health authorities in Washington, D.C. They were the reason a lot of people were sick and dying. Just a bunch of bastards."

"But father, why didn't the population pick up on the situation and take another route, another method?"

"Because of the propaganda they got through the television 24 hours a day. They were constantly bombarded with ads for fast food and junk food. They were shown the government nutrition pyramid all the time. And that pyramid was a hoax. Then there was the Pharmaceutical companies who were making billions off the medicine prescribed to these poor ignorant people. The deck was stacked so badly that no one could do a damn thing to stop the sickness machine. The deck was stacked to keep people from improving their immune systems. My grandmother, the Handmaiden, saw an article on the internet showing the weekly grocery purchases of different ethnic groups of people around the country. The Asians probably ate the best, followed by rich white people. But after that it was all downhill. The poorer you were the worse your diet. And in the years leading up to the collapse the more poor people we acquired. This country was overrun with poor people. And tax payer money was used to treat them and buy their food. And they bought the same old crap they always ate. No body got any better but the system players got rich off of government funding of the poor and the sick. And that was the way it was when the collapse hit us. And a lot of people died in the collapse because they had not better idea of living than what the government said and provided. And it all started in Washington, D.C. at the behest of lobbyists and lawyers. And that town still has a hand in a lot of things it should not have them in. But if I have anything to do with it they will get cut back a lot, a whole lot."

"What is the matter with these people, father?"

"They want to rule the world, son. They want to run everything. Their idea is that the state is more intelligent than the people living in the state. The state is more efficient. And we all know that is a pile of bullshit. But we will have to get on this subject another time because I have to go to a meeting with the local leaders and talk with them about the possibility of war, distasteful as it might be. But come back when you can and we will get into it a little deeper. But I must go . I'll be seeing you later."


Mayberry said...

This is getting really good. You've got a knack for story telling Michael...

Pete Smith said...

Keep it coming.

HermitJim said...

Another good read, my friend! I really like this story!

Northwoods said...

Unlike listening to the mainstream media...this is fiction you can believe in!

Bullseye said...

Just been playing catch up and I'm loving this man. You leave me wanting more. Keep it coming brother, really enjoy this story.