Friday, December 4, 2009


I haven't written a normal blog much lately so I had better do it if for nothing more than practice if nothing else. Not much really going on. My friend Charles Bell told me at the beginning of the week that we were in a two week period of no news and as this first week is looking he called it pretty close. Lots of song and dance music but no pretty girls. Can't hardly stand it.

This New Years Eve is gonna be a troublesome mutha. It's on a Thursday and everyone will get paid on Wednesday because Friday is a holiday too. And New Years Eve is a full moon. It is our second full moon of the month and thus called a Blue Moon. So every ape in the country will have a pocket full of money and a full moon to prod him into action. Ask an emergency room nurse or a jailer how things are on full moon pay days. It can get pretty hairy. My plan is to stay here and forget about anything away from home. There will be cops and deputies all over the place. They will get over time for working the holiday and the drunks will get the shaft. Watch your act on New Years Eve. Bad medicine.

Things must be getting pretty scant on the fraud trips lately. I am getting record numbers of lies in my emails of late. The normal African stuff with promises of a big check they are dying to send to you if you will just give them certain information. But the Phishing expeditions, wanting my correct email address and my account information are coming in all the time. Things must be getting a little rough in the criminal world. And why not? There is no good reason why the crooks should escape this collapse any more than the rest us. Another thing I get a lot of is email lists for spamming the internet. The way I hate spam you would think that only an idiot would try to sell me the means to do it. Not true. Everyone is trying to make some money these days.

The thermometer is on the down elevator these days. Every evening on my weather page is sub-freezing. I called a very good friend of mine this morning and it was 81 degrees in Florida where he was building farm structures. I wished him continued good fortune in his construction business. He said he as down to not much these days but he has evolved into a prepper and that made me feel good. He has fourteen children, ten boys and four girls, and they have managed to hatch out twenty grandchildren for him. Wonderful! He is of the old school where everybody works at the family business and lives on the same property. They all have separate housing but they are a clan and I mean a clan. They are heavy Christian which I deplore and tell them so in no uncertain terms. But they accept me and I accept them. They have a farm in Georgia with lots of cattle on it. There is even a river that borders it. Plus they have their own private lake at another place and they can grow food practically all year round. Just down home folks that I really think a lot of. Their Elder is a great bear of a man and he and I go back a long time, almost 30 years. I wish them the greatest of success. They will be up here in the Spring, I think. We will sit around for two or three days and catch up on what all they are doing.

Getting back to the thermometer thing for a minute, it is going to be a cold ass Winter. That has been my prediction, the Farmer's Almanac prediction and Dragon's prediction. I ain't heard it from God but these three things are pretty conclusive to me. So take care of your selves and have an alternative heat source in your home. I saw a propane heater today on some web page that ran off of a small propane tank and would not kill you with fumes. Look around. There are lots of things on the market for preppers and campers and whatnot. Preparedness is becoming the new indoor sport in America, at least among those with half a brain. Stay alive.



Andrea said...

Thanks for the tip on the propane heater. That might be just the ticket til we can find a more permanent option.

Publius said...

I've enjoyed your little short story this past week. Keep it up.
I've been thinking about prepping recently, based on my experience and some other blogs.
Here's a good one, for example. Surviving Argentina, by a guy who's learned to take care of himself and his family during Argentina's brutal collapse and looting by its elites.

I think that some of us preppers over-emphasize the physical buying of stuff, and under-emphasize the mental preparations. Also there is too much arguing about the ideal location, the ideal setup, etc. The future, however, tends to surprise everyone. This morning, for example, the jobs report, hokey though it probably is, came in way better than "expected." Does that give us more time to prepare? Probably. Does it mean that hard-times and/or collapse are not coming? No.

The danger may be that the crisis takes too long to come, so that almost everyone is unprepared. The preppers give up, the sheeple go back to their sheeple ways. Maybe this is part of the plan. Maybe it's just the chaos of the real world.

No big point here, other than maybe we should not obsess about it all, just try to enjoy life while continuing to put a certain percentage of our energy and attention into the preps. We should also be reading and learning new skills.

Chief Instructor said...

Yep, we stay inside on New Years - we call it, "Amateur Night". All the rookie drinkers get lit up and take to the roads.

No thanks.

Pete Smith said...

I have the Big Buddy propane heater it has a place for two of the 1lb. propane tanks. It has good run time at 3-12 hrs on two 1 lb tanks, 50-220 hrs on two 20 lb tanks. And I keep all my propane tanks full and I have 4 20lb tanks and 2 100 lb tanks. I also have the Mr. Heater Buddy that holds one 1lb tank and I use this a lot when camping and two years ago my girls used it to sit out all night at Best Buy to buy a computer on Black Friday they said it saved there fingers and toes.

Great post Michael thanks for great info. Pete

Mayberry said...

I've noticed a pretty significant uptick from the spammers and Nigerian fraudsters lately myself... The thermometer is tickling the freeze mark down here too, which means that my garden is toast. Being inland a bit, it is most definitely freezing. Oh well, compost for the spring. At least we got to harvest a little something from it...