Tuesday, December 22, 2009


June 10, 2035 We haven't done anything about the springs on the hill. My father is too involved in the affairs of the Eastern Confederacy and their possible war effort. But the men are watching closely and news is being transmitted by mouth as to what is going on. I can't tell what is the truth and what isn't, but father says there is no word as yet of the E.C. crossing their borders. Scouts are out all over the place but nothing has been seen or reported. Father has sent riders to the Ohio Confederacy to find out their mind on the subject but they admit to knowing nothing and maybe even less than nothing. The Southern Confederacy has men in the E.C. on diplomatic missions and they also are reporting nothing. Perhaps it is just a wild rumor. But some of the Western regions of North Carolina have definitely left the E.C. Something will be found out, I am sure. If the E.C. does not react with violence it will be a first. They are what we call Socialists and they take what others have and give it to those who don't have and thus they are hated though out the land. It would be different if they were helping others who had suffered a terrible misfortune but it is an every day occurrence with them. They give away what is not theirs all the time.

But the possible war with the E.C, is not the only thing going on. We have had great growing success with our crops and our animals this year. The calves were all done and nursing by the middle of May. The goats and sheep are in superb condition. Our milk cows are giving milk like crazy. We will have cheese running out of our ears this Winter. The chickens are doing well and we should have eggs in abundance. We have so many eggs now that father is having us make powdered eggs for possible barter or hard times. Father never forgets hard times. His father didn't either. And Daniel built the first concrete block and concrete capped cellar for the village years ago. A line of preppers they are.

Father told me about people who disagreed with the survival philosophy of his clan. He called them the "Paper People." They followed what was written down on paper. And they tried to get you to do the same thing. Everything was to be sensible and reasonable and sharing and caring. But the collapse taught the people that what was written on paper did not matter too much to looters and raiders. And it turned out that a lot of Paper People were the very ones who became the looters. They were the very ones who robbed and killed the people working to survive. The "rules" were a myth established to take people off guard, to weaken their position in life. Most of the Paper People were Socialists. They used every trick in the book to get people to disarm themselves. Religion, politics, whatever. But it always led to them being strong and you being weak. Not a good thing in my father's way of thinking.

We have survived. We have worked hard and done without to achieve our survival. And it has paid off over the years. We are a healthy and well nourished people. We eat clean food and drink good water. And in those things we have been blessed. It would be harsh for those who would want to take our food and our livelihoods from us. We would be killing them all day and night. Life teaches you about certain things. Certain things like keeping the clan fed and secure. Things like not paying too much attention to those who obey paper. Paper worshippers are a drag on the economy. My father says that if he was a Paper Person he wouldn't last 60 seconds in his office and that is basically because of his own teachings. There are some smart men and women among us and they would not tolerate a give away guy to lead them. They will help out neighbors who suffer a calamity but the will not take on the task of supporting those who will not work to make it. Like we do and did.

My grandfather was a very big man, both in courage and physical size. I remember very little of him, but I have a picture of me sitting on his knee as a very young child. He looked like he was enjoying the moment. I surely hope so. He trod the road of survivalism when other men would not. He chose survivalism when all over the country people were crying up recovery and prosperity. And in the end he as right. And we pray that our doctrine of being ready and prepared is the answer to the storms and problems of today.

June 17, 2035 The word has gotten to us that the Eastern Confederacy has crossed over into the breakaway parts of North Carolina. My father has sent two, three man patrols out to check on the situation. They are bound to find out and at least one patrol get back to us. Communication is a hit and miss proposition these days. We have no radio or Internet or Television. Reaction time is slow. But we will find out what is going on, sooner or later. The neighboring areas DID get the word out that the peace had been breached in North Carolina. Works every time. Father will check and see what damage, if any. is being done. But wagons of supplies and guns and ammo are being gathered up and it looks like war to me. Horses are being brought in and worked to get them used to pulling again. Men are doing calisthenics and getting into shape. We will try to ride to battle if we can but we will be prepared to march there if necessary. We await the word.

June 21, 2035 We are going to march. Father has gotten the word and the battle is going to be joined. It will be horrendous. There are troops coming from all over the Central Confederacy and the Southern Confederacy to meet the Eastern Confederacy at their border. The Ohio Confederacy is going up against the Virginia border to prohibit any attacks from an unexpected source. We leave in an hour.

June 23, 2035 Pushing hard to get to the battle. We have made it to the Ohio River at the Ohio line. We will be crossing at the first good bridge. We are on fast pace road march and there is not a lot of time devoted to creature comforts. The animals seem to be holding up well and the drivers are being very careful not to wear them out from too much work. So far we are still riding and our horses are getting plenty of grain from the supply wagons. There is a high expectancy in the air. Men are wanting to get to the action and get it on. A suitable bridge has been found and we are getting ready to cross the big river.


chinasyndrome said...

Damn, that gave me a cold chill. Stupid paper people.

cj428 said...

Glad to see you writing. Enjoy the story so far, can't wait for next installment!

Shy Wolf said...

Good. Keep it up.

The Urban Prepper said...

This is getting good...the confederacy conflicts.

Viva Le Resistance!