Thursday, December 31, 2009


It is the last day of 2009 and I have a few things I would like to say. The first thing is my prediction that the collapse will essentially come within the first 6 or 7 months of the year 2010. Party hearty tonight and stay out of the jails and the hospitals. It may be the last big time celebration we have for a while. But that is the way we roll, you know. We get it while we can.

I want to say a few things to some people. Ornery Bastard, I read you every day. You have a unique way of communicating. Priceless. Jim Rawles up in Idaho. You are a great source of encouragement to a huge amount of people. I can't go for your Christianity but I can appreciate what you do and I read you every day. Erin and Brad, you are a gold coin I carry in my pocket. Very valuable and not to be spent frivolously. I think of your often. MMPAINTS is another one of my daily reads. A lot of good tips from you, lady. Big John out in Kansas is another guy I check out every day. A natural born hardass that I can relate to. Tough cookie and probably gonna be around for a long time. I damn sure hope so. Natog over at TEOTWAWKIAIFF just needs to write more. I check him every day. And how can I begin my day without a dose of Jim Dakin? Just this morning he hit me with corn not being a vegetable but a grain. Damnit Jim! You had to go make me think some more. Hah! And there are people I get comments from like Publius and the manufacturing rep from Ohio. Serious people. And of course there is Mayberry and the Elder Dragon. Two of my pillars in the survival world. I am also a faithful reader of Frank W. James.

And while I have left out a ton of bloggers I read, there is an army of non-blogging people I stay in contact with in order to keep my head straight. Mike Kemp down in Mississippi is my very close friend. I can remember 10 or 15 years ago when we would call each other and start talking about Clinton and get so mad we would be foaming at the mouth and kicking in the doors. You might say that Clinton pissed us off. Then Dubya came along and we had calmed down a lot. Which was good because we then got the dark lord. The dark lord is enough to piss off God so it is good we are calmed down. Then there is the Hermit down in Tennessee. So good for explanations of economic matters. A good post to lean on. There is Charles Bell whose help and advice are priceless and I am very grateful for. Bubba Bruce is another neighbor about 30 miles away whose friendship I cherish. Best damn gardener and brew master and wine maker in the state.

So I wish you all a successful year in surviving the calamity that is about to fall on the populace of this country and the rest of the world. It is gonna be a mess to the max but the survivalists will have the easiest time, as a group. And I am very sincere when I say that I wish you success. God bless you all. And stay alive.


Wednesday, December 30, 2009


I got my computer talked in to giving me my create blog page again. How cool. I have a 20 pound sledge nearby and it is what I feel is a just reward to the current behavior of this machine. But we go on, doing the best we can and hoping for the best. Sorta like Obama and his attempt to resurrect the previous economy from the depths of it's persistent failure. It ain't gonna work but we do the best we can with what we have to work with. I can feel for Big John Lipscomb and his tendency to strike out at preppers and some class of people he calls "patriots." I can get close to Patriot by saying I am Patriarchal, but that is about the extent of my involvement with the whole system. Being patriotic to America has gotten this country in one helluva bind. And most of that is caused by the double-speak of our media and our government. Those folks would not know the truth if they met in on their front porch.

If the gods are with us we should be bunkered down for about anything below the level of a nuclear attack within six months. And we will get ready for that soon enough. I was reading about President John Kennedy yesterday and saw a picture of his bomb shelter on Peanut Island, off the coast of Florida. He built it with his own dime and was ready for all hell to break loose. Folks have been getting ready for this catastrophe for quite a while now and every dawn means we are a day closer to the bad news. But we will have plenty of food and a major garden in the ground and we should make it, no matter what Obama plans to do. And Obama plans on doing a lot, but it will turn out to be all wrong. His advisers are all a bunch of perverts and sociopaths and they couldn't get things right on their best day. It is not politically correct to say that perverts cannot make good decisions, but I am not politically correct and I will say what I damn well please.

But I hope Big John is doing okay and I hope he can get here when the SHTF. He has done me a favor or two and I will try to do a favor for him. He is in the money game right now and I wish him well. He ain't never had much money and a big pile of it won't hurt him much. Keep on keeping on, Big John! I talked to Ernie at Indiana Preppers Network and she is doing well and is keeping in touch with a lot of folks. She is a good investigator and probably will not be caught unawares. Her husband, Brad, is pretty solid and will take care of business.

My wife and brother-in-law had a wreck Monday and now I am surrounded by groaning, sore, people. But they are okay. My wife and I lost our last remaining vehicle and we are stay at home folks. Between the car and this computer I am about to become a Luddite. Technology and I are not getting along too well these days. Cars and computers are not doing it for us at all. Gotta go. Take care of yourselves and try to stay alive!


Thursday, December 24, 2009


Hi folks! I managed to coax this machine into letting me type another blog. How wonderful. I went to a neighbors house and had chili tonight. Pretty fancy for a guy who don't go out much. Probably 20 people there including my son. I even drank a beer. Thoroughly enjoyed myself. I listened to a guy tell a story of a Rabbi he just visited. The Rabbi took him downstairs into his basement and showed him his preps. Tons of food and much firepower. Big time firepower. All kinds of guns that go bang. Ammo out the wazzoo. The Rabbi said, "She's going down!" And I wasn't there but I would have said "Amen!" to him. Sho 'nuff.

I was reading Mish Shedlock over on Dollar Collapse and he had put up a copy of the speech given by the Governor of Arizona telling the citizens of the dry state that they are about to go though some of the toughest times ever seen since Arizona became a state. The previous governor left Arizona to become head of the Gestapo here in America. Not something you picture the Governor of Arizona doing but it has happened. But the Gov knew what he was talking about. No joke. Ahnold of Californacate has gone to Washington and told Obama that he cannot get a budget without a huge bailout from the fedgov. Billions! The left coast is toast.

Gonnna get cold here this weekend and stay that way for a while. Even Kemp, living about 60 miles due North of of Baton Rouge is gonna see 27 degrees come Saturday. Just some more of that Gorebal warming I reckon. And Al Gore knows that blizzards follow him around all Winter and he still tries to pull off his warming song and dance. You would think someone would clue him in.

Someone knocked the Pope on his ass in the big Basilica in Rome as he was walking in a procession to get to the alter. Some woman did it. But it is no big deal for a woman to knock over an 80 some year old man. But that is the second dignitary to get whacked in Italy in the last couple of weeks. People may be getting fed up over something in different parts of the world. And that would not surprise me one damn bit. In case you haven't noticed, things are not running smoothly around the globe. It is about my bed time and I will sign off. Stay sober and don't get any drunk driving arrests on your record. Stay alive.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009


June 10, 2035 We haven't done anything about the springs on the hill. My father is too involved in the affairs of the Eastern Confederacy and their possible war effort. But the men are watching closely and news is being transmitted by mouth as to what is going on. I can't tell what is the truth and what isn't, but father says there is no word as yet of the E.C. crossing their borders. Scouts are out all over the place but nothing has been seen or reported. Father has sent riders to the Ohio Confederacy to find out their mind on the subject but they admit to knowing nothing and maybe even less than nothing. The Southern Confederacy has men in the E.C. on diplomatic missions and they also are reporting nothing. Perhaps it is just a wild rumor. But some of the Western regions of North Carolina have definitely left the E.C. Something will be found out, I am sure. If the E.C. does not react with violence it will be a first. They are what we call Socialists and they take what others have and give it to those who don't have and thus they are hated though out the land. It would be different if they were helping others who had suffered a terrible misfortune but it is an every day occurrence with them. They give away what is not theirs all the time.

But the possible war with the E.C, is not the only thing going on. We have had great growing success with our crops and our animals this year. The calves were all done and nursing by the middle of May. The goats and sheep are in superb condition. Our milk cows are giving milk like crazy. We will have cheese running out of our ears this Winter. The chickens are doing well and we should have eggs in abundance. We have so many eggs now that father is having us make powdered eggs for possible barter or hard times. Father never forgets hard times. His father didn't either. And Daniel built the first concrete block and concrete capped cellar for the village years ago. A line of preppers they are.

Father told me about people who disagreed with the survival philosophy of his clan. He called them the "Paper People." They followed what was written down on paper. And they tried to get you to do the same thing. Everything was to be sensible and reasonable and sharing and caring. But the collapse taught the people that what was written on paper did not matter too much to looters and raiders. And it turned out that a lot of Paper People were the very ones who became the looters. They were the very ones who robbed and killed the people working to survive. The "rules" were a myth established to take people off guard, to weaken their position in life. Most of the Paper People were Socialists. They used every trick in the book to get people to disarm themselves. Religion, politics, whatever. But it always led to them being strong and you being weak. Not a good thing in my father's way of thinking.

We have survived. We have worked hard and done without to achieve our survival. And it has paid off over the years. We are a healthy and well nourished people. We eat clean food and drink good water. And in those things we have been blessed. It would be harsh for those who would want to take our food and our livelihoods from us. We would be killing them all day and night. Life teaches you about certain things. Certain things like keeping the clan fed and secure. Things like not paying too much attention to those who obey paper. Paper worshippers are a drag on the economy. My father says that if he was a Paper Person he wouldn't last 60 seconds in his office and that is basically because of his own teachings. There are some smart men and women among us and they would not tolerate a give away guy to lead them. They will help out neighbors who suffer a calamity but the will not take on the task of supporting those who will not work to make it. Like we do and did.

My grandfather was a very big man, both in courage and physical size. I remember very little of him, but I have a picture of me sitting on his knee as a very young child. He looked like he was enjoying the moment. I surely hope so. He trod the road of survivalism when other men would not. He chose survivalism when all over the country people were crying up recovery and prosperity. And in the end he as right. And we pray that our doctrine of being ready and prepared is the answer to the storms and problems of today.

June 17, 2035 The word has gotten to us that the Eastern Confederacy has crossed over into the breakaway parts of North Carolina. My father has sent two, three man patrols out to check on the situation. They are bound to find out and at least one patrol get back to us. Communication is a hit and miss proposition these days. We have no radio or Internet or Television. Reaction time is slow. But we will find out what is going on, sooner or later. The neighboring areas DID get the word out that the peace had been breached in North Carolina. Works every time. Father will check and see what damage, if any. is being done. But wagons of supplies and guns and ammo are being gathered up and it looks like war to me. Horses are being brought in and worked to get them used to pulling again. Men are doing calisthenics and getting into shape. We will try to ride to battle if we can but we will be prepared to march there if necessary. We await the word.

June 21, 2035 We are going to march. Father has gotten the word and the battle is going to be joined. It will be horrendous. There are troops coming from all over the Central Confederacy and the Southern Confederacy to meet the Eastern Confederacy at their border. The Ohio Confederacy is going up against the Virginia border to prohibit any attacks from an unexpected source. We leave in an hour.

June 23, 2035 Pushing hard to get to the battle. We have made it to the Ohio River at the Ohio line. We will be crossing at the first good bridge. We are on fast pace road march and there is not a lot of time devoted to creature comforts. The animals seem to be holding up well and the drivers are being very careful not to wear them out from too much work. So far we are still riding and our horses are getting plenty of grain from the supply wagons. There is a high expectancy in the air. Men are wanting to get to the action and get it on. A suitable bridge has been found and we are getting ready to cross the big river.


Just trying to digest the events of the world as I see 'em. The most troubling is the EPA saying that carbon dioxide is a toxic substance. I guess that means I can be arrested and imprisoned for breathing. Guilty as charged, I reckon. Sure is gonna look mighty strange when I attempt to get the fedgov agents to give up THEIR toxic pollution habits. And I ain't gonna allow them to show me a card that says they are allowed to breathe and I ain't. I just ain't comin' on that. It will be the day we give up on keeping this country and get down to subdividing it. I talked t people in Indiana and the East coast this morning and to a man they were incensed at what the government was doing. They figure that there will people in the streets with guns before this mess gets cleaned up and I cannot say they are wrong. And people are really pissed off about not being able to contact their elected officials. I read where Evan Bayh, one of our Senators from Indiana, has not been answering his phones at his office in Washington D.C. or at any of his offices in the state, for weeks. They don't want to hear from us unwashed masses it would seem. We don't count in the scheme of things. Well that's alright. They can not answer their phones if they so desire. But they had better stay off my property. I don't like them hanging around. They lie and steal and I don't want them around the kids.

That is about all I want to write about today. If I go on any further it will just turn into a political rant and I have better things to do. Getting ready to survive these bastards is number priority these days. I'll leavc it up to your good judgement to see what will help you the most. Stay alive.


Monday, December 21, 2009


The top line of the Drudgereport read: "There will be no place to run from this new world government." Ahh, at last we get down to brass tacks. The world government is coming and we will not have to chase it down . It will be all around us and we an shoot in any direction and hit it. Very good, you stupid bastards. So the lines are being drawn where we can all see them and everybody will be on the same page. If the wife had not been asleep I would have whooped and danced a jig. Come on, you rabid skunks, come get your just deserves. I reckon it will be time to call the militias and activate the leaderless cells and get ready for the party. I hope to have my little bunch tuned up pretty soon. We ain't many but we can damn sure hit what we aim at. And Obama ain't got enough troops to handle us. We so outnumber the forces of the fedgov it is pathetic. It is estimated that we have NINE BILLION rounds of ammo for private use and we are working on TEN BILLION at this time. That would mean that we can put a thousand rounds down range for every member of a million man army. Man! I like those odds. And if it is 00 Buck then every round is multiplied several times by the number of actual projectiles. Holy Schomely, Joelly. We can attend this party well decked out.

Pete Smith has been on some bummer for the last few days and I hope he gets back in step. He is the voice of survival to many and I wish him well. Big John Lipscomb has really been on a tear these last few days. His rebellion and fighting spirit are at almost maximum strength and that is where we need him. He will be giving the NWO hell from South central Kansas in fine style. And there will be many others around the country who will play a part in this coming war. And it will be war because if you try to take my natural rights as a man you will face the wrath of God. And I am feeling his spirit right now. "Because you can't stomp us out and you can't make us run!" "We're from North California and South Alabam and little towns all around this land. And we can skin a buck, we can run a trout line, and a country boy can survive." Like that computer game of years ago, Duke Nukum said, "Come get some." Come down my road you nasty muthas. You will get shown the exit route of this planet. I gotta quit now. Stay alive.


Saturday, December 19, 2009


Greetings to my fellow preppers. I hope you are doing well. I got a few preps in Thursday morning and I am very happy about it. Every little bit helps. My computer has been completely uncooperative these last few days. It it is frustrating for me because I want to blog.

I have been reading a lot these past few days. I read a very interesting article on wood burning stoves. Wood heat stoves are heavily regulated and can get you fined if they are not up to specs. But there are no EPA regulations on cookstoves. You can cook on any damn thing you wish. Your cookstove is called your heath. That is an old English term. The cookstove was the heart of the home. One English King got low on money and decided to tax the hearths in the kingdom. The way it worked out was that the bigger the family the bigger hearth. Makes sense to me. But if you are thinking of installing a wood burner remember about the cookstove being exempt from federal regulations. Of course regulatons can change and do, but for right now your cookstove is exempt. And if you live out in the hardwood forest like I do you can cook fairly cheap. There is some labor involved but you get what you work for in this case.

I wonder about our pets. We keep a couple cats out on the porch. It is really a balcony but they can jump if they wish. The male has done it but the female seems to be satisfied with just the porch. But the male is meowing all the time. And he has water and plenty of food and his litter box is well tended. I can't think of why he would be meowing some damn much. I wonder about the powers of animal detection. When that big Tsunami hit over on southern Asia there were no animals or birds around. They had hit the road and gone inland. They KNEW what was coming. They didn't tell the humans, or at least the humans couldn't understand if they did tell them. But animals have a perception of these kind of events and I watch them and try to see what they are doing and my male cat is meowing all the time. Really makes a nuisance of himself. He gets fed about eight o'clock in the morning and about four o'clock in the afternoon. He likes canned cat food but there is always dry food out for him and the female. They have a den which they use infrequently, at least in his case. He mostly sleeps out on a canvass chair under a blanket my wife uses to cover him. He loves it. So with all the goodies he gets in life I wonder why he is meowing? A mystery. From about one o'clock in the afternoon until about six o'clck at night he meows like crazy.

I just read a novel by Lorenzo Carcaterra called Street Boys. It is about a true story of a couple of hundred kids who lived in Naples, Italy, and fought a German tank division to a stand still. There are a couple of adults written into the story but they are purely the fiction of the author and he says so in his introduction to the novel. Though it is a work of fiction the street kids really did fight those Germans. What a group of guys.

There is something supposed to happen that will be noised abroad in the land that will have the American public asking just what the hell is going on. It is supposed to happen today. So far it has eluded me, but I ain't got TV and I go to bed early. Maybe I will get something on it tomorrow. It would have to be quite shocking to get the general public to notice and take to the phones and the Internet to talk about it. I think Israel attacking Iran is most likely the event but I can't say that with any surety. But Israel wants to do it and they probably will sooner or later.

Gotta go cause my computer is telling me that things are not looking too good for publishing this post. Stay alive.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Hey! After giving up on reading George Ure after trying to connect with his site for an hour and twenty minutes, the computer decided to give me my post-create site real quick. This machine is devious as hell. I hope Publius can get me another machine. If nothing else it will save my sanity.

I was talking to my friend Charles Bell this morning and he says he is disturbed about the lack of bad news. Nothing really bad seems to be happening and he was wondering why. I said I felt the answer was fairly simple. Number one is that Ben Bernanke has not been confirmed for a second 4 year term at the federal reserve. That is the reason gold is going down and the dollar is going up. The banksters want to make Bernanke look as good as possible to the viewing eye of congress. That way they get to continue their rip-off game. See how simple that is?

The second reason that Charles cannot find much bad news is that business, you know, the guys who pay for advertising, do not want anything coming along that might cause Mr. and Mrs. Consumer to tighten their purse strings while the Xmas buying orgy is underway. Gotta make that money while it is still possible. So Mr. Media gets told to shove the bad news where the Sun don't shine while the buying rush is on. And you thought that the media was providing news fair and balanced. Mr. Media is providing what will make HIM money and what will make his sponsors money. And that is the way it works. That's how we roll.

What is really on my mind this day is what I am not hearing from the fedgov. I am not hearing about any great revelations from the climate conference in Scandinavia. No news is a sign that someone is drilling us behind our backs. I do not trust those people one inch. They are out for our money, what is left of it, and they will tell any lie or distort any fact to get it. You talk about a criminal conspiracy!

I am also dwelling on Martial Law this morning. At the slightest sign of any domestic trouble Obama is going to sign the papers and we are going to be owned by the fedgov. And I have read all the applicable law and they will control everything you own. And that is when things get tough in these parts. Road blocks will be put into place and vehicles will be confiscated if the fedgov boys think they "need" them. The fuel in your tank can be taken if the fedgov needs it. If your wife is bringing home groceries they can be taken also. The crops in your fields and the live stock you have raised can be appropriated by FEMA or whomever. I'm telling you, this Martial Law thing is going to be a mess when it hits. Maybe Berlusconi getting hit in the face the other day was a sign of the future. But if bodies appear and heads roll there ain't much can be done to stop it. Like me, most people do not go out of their way to harm anyone. But by the same token, you had not better go fooling around with my life or the lives of those I love or hold dear. Of course, if you do anything like that it means you are not trying to become public servant of the year and I can guarantee that I will not be trying to become model citizen of the year. I hope the right people can get this message.

I was trying to explain to a young man the other day about how to get around in the time of Martial Law. The first thing I told him was to have a suitable vehicle to go anywhere you might have to go. Four wheel drive don't hurt a damn bit. Good gripping tires are an asset. Detailed county maps are good to have. Take them to Copy Trolley or Kinkos and have them sealed in plastic. Soggy maps are a drag. Don't go driving around without a bug out bag or a good pack. A couple days of rations will be good to have along with some spare clothes and maybe even a pistola with a few extra rounds. You never know when some crazed animal might attack you. But you know what you need and you can figure it out. Water and guns and ammo are things of great importance.

I'm gonna try to post this and see if it makes it. You all take care and be real secure. And for goodness sakes stay alive.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Good morning, folks! My computer has once again given me permission to type a blog post. Mighty kind of the evil bastard to do that. I am waiting to hear from Publius and find out when the computer is going to arrive here. I am holding the freight money in my hot little hand just hoping I can pass it on to some UPS driver at a moments notice. It will break me but I have been broke for worse reasons!

This seems to be the season of the witch so I think I will unload a few predictions of my own.

1. Economic Collapse

This one has me a little confused but what I feel is that we will go through a slow slide and then "BANG" the bottom falls out and we are in the cesspool of reality SHTF. The dollar has risen to almost 77 cents and gold is falling like a stone. And those things are comical in their implications. We all know that the dollar ain't worth the match to set it on fire. I am surprised that it is still accepted as a means of exchange. But number one on the watch list is Ben Bernanke wanting to keep his job as the boss of the federal reserve. The fedgov and the federal reserve will be moving heaven and earth to keep the dollar up there in value. At least until Bernanke gets another four year appointment. And this next time the financial system hits the skids it will collapse. Write that one down. It will not be a little cough in the system but rather a case of full bore TB.

Food Supplies

I look for food to be at a premium starting in about January 2010, maybe not until February. But the big valley out in California ain't gonna produce like it has in the past and we are going to suffer because of it. And from India to the Philippines there is a very poor supply of rice. India is gonna have the worst crop in years and India is a big producer. This country, which is run by idiots, will sell it's crops on the world market for money and to hell with how the populace is doing. If Obama had one drop of masculinity in his body he would set aside millions of bushels of grain and tons of dairy products to keep this country fed. But he ain't got the genes and we won't have the food. Simple as that.

Guns and Ammo

I look for guns and ammo to go along about like they are now until the fedgov gets a wild hair up it's ass and decides to take them from us. Then there will be pockets of resistance appear and they will quickly becomes "areas" of resistance as the beloved rednecks of the country say their NO with great emphasis. It will be a great pity to have people of one nation killing each other but if it is the plan of destiny then we have no choice. And slavery is a bummer. You don't suppose Obama and his legions of people would relish having white folks in slavery as payment for what happened to the black folks earlier in our history do you? But the word will go out that a rebellion is on and it will come to pass. If the food and money is turned off in the cities then there will be blood in the streets. Remember, Goldman-Sachs is buying guns and it ain't for fun.

Gardens and Livestock

The production of meat and vegetables will be the difference between starving and being well off in this country in the future. The people who can raise their food will be blessed beyond the common man. Big John Lipscomb still sells a very good deal on non-hybrid seed. He swears he makes very little on his seed and I think he is telling the truth. The gist of the matter is that you can save the seed from your garden crop and grow more vegetables the next year without having to buy them. Get some non-hybrid seed and stock it up for next Spring. You can raise meat all kinds of ways. You can raise pigeons is cages and rabbits the same way. You can build the cages out of limbs and branches from the woods if you have to. You can raise chickens for meat and eggs. You can raise cattle and sheep for big time meat. There are people raising fish in barrels of run-off rain water. Hogs have great meat but they can be a bitch to keep penned up. They are a lot easier to keep penned up if they have PLENTY of food. And there are other types of meat that is edible and nourishing, if you know how to get it.


Security is the big rub to about all we think to do. How do you make things secure? What or who do you use? The local law enforcement will most likely be out of business pretty quick in a collapse. You had better be ready to protect what you have on your own. You do have a group or a clan don't you? Another way of looking at it is when there is trouble you con't call a cop, you call YOURSELF! Unless there are people with you to help out, YOU are the dude who goes sees what is making the cows bellow or the horses scream and neigh. YOU are the guy who goes sees what the dogs are barking at down by the garden. Is it a Raccoon out on a feeding raid or is it some lazy sonovabitch just stealing what you worked your ass off to grow. Security starts at YOUR doorknob, not at the phone with the numbers 911 on the dial. The collapse means no more money to pay law enforcement wages. Hell, it means no money to pay law enforcement PENSIONS! It means that in the dark of night YOU are the MAN. And it will be this way across the country. Right now New York and California are broke. That makes it pretty much a coast to coast proposition. Florida and Arizona will be going out before too long. Oregon and Michigan will not be too far behind. And there will be others banging on the door to announce their defaults. Kansas just announced the closing of a third of their National Guard Armories. Your world view of security is about to change.

Medical Care

Medical Care is headed out the back door. It is only for the severely rich in our future. All the talk and bickering in Washington D.C. about health care is a joke. When the national wallet is empty and the national credit card is maxed out, your health care is gone. Two of my neighbors are nurses and my son is a Paramedic. I think I can get by. But what is the rest of the country going to do? You gonna try that 911 number again? Hell, the counties won't be able to pay the dispatchers let alone fuel up ambulances and take people to the hospital. You had better get training or get someone who HAS training or your ass is going to be in a sling.


Our reading, writing , and arithmetic are about to come to a screeching halt. When the kids and parents find out how goddamn lame our educational system really is there will be a rebellion on campus like as never seen before. All the utter nonsense being fed to our kids is going to come home to roost. Readily applied skills for which there is a demand are what we need and not a bunch of Sociology degrees. But schools are going to take a huge hit with the economy so that problem may cure itself. Look for a lot of school closings on all levels.


I look for armed rebellion to become pretty normal in this country. Militias will become fashionable again, financed by lots of undercover FBI guys paying their dues. The hard asses will be the leaderless cells that will spring up across the country. Very tough to control these guys and almost impossible to infiltrate. Although it has left the news now, Goldman-Sachs has bought guns for it's people. They are afraid of something. Something that wants to attack them and kill them.

I will close this off for now and let this be a word of caution to the wise. Stay alive.


Monday, December 14, 2009


Well, the goddamn page where you write a blog came up again. Life is full of surprises these days. I get the page maybe once in 4 or 5 tries, and then only after a half hour or forty five minute wait. This computer is a bitch, plain and simple.

I got a comment from Dan Moore over at Urban Prepper and he had quite a horror story to tell. He was at a corporate meeting and the president of this company said he was looking at a 20-30% increase in business after the first of the year. Dan asked him what this was a predicated upon and the president said CNN. For the love of God I cannot figure how this man could arrive at such a conclusion with such information. It staggers the mind to try and comprehend it. This country has been hurt more than I realized.

I look at the news when I can get on the page and it is sickening. The news sets our national talking agenda and what the citizenry is talking about would not make a pimple on a teenagers face. It's that stupid. I have bulldozed my way around so many stories about Tiger woods that it is amazing. And this is what America is interested in? Is it really any wonder that America is in the shape it's in? My italics function has decided to come on and I cannot make it go away. You will have to bear with it the same as me. But I am pointing this out to show you the degree of stupidity you are dealing with in your plans for the future. You are not going to get much support from your average American.

And I didn't make them this way and neither did you. The schools and the media have created this monster. Legions of mindless robots programed to believe what ever the fedgov tells it to believe. And these legions will be our enemies in the days ahead. Dangerous enemies I might add. Dangerous enough to take your food and shelter from you and use it themselves. And let you go to hell while they survive. But the hook in the pattern is that these are the people we will have to make it with. Those around us, no matter how ignorant of their political surroundings and their economic idiocy, are the people given to us to survive alongside. There will need be strong leadership arise among us to handle the spectrum of human problems we are going to face. You will not get anywhere with a whip and and gun. The skills we will need are out there and we will need to get them headed the right way. But while you are trying to herd them along you also have to be patting them on the back and telling them they are doing a wonderful job and that we will all be doing better shortly.

But in your preaching and cajoling you need to instill the concept of the "emotional policeman" in your little network of survival. This is a little new to the prepping community but we may as well get in to it. It is really pretty simple. You just talk up the various people in your midst that are doing important work for the group. And you talk about how important they are to the group survival. And you do this all the time. You never let up. Your speech is one of a man who praises but the mental seed you leave behind is one of responsibility to the whole. As your words begin to sink in to the collective conscious of the group the group begins to take on the position of an emotional policeman. If someone is laying down on the job and not getting their part performed, other folks will start talking to them, some nicely and some crudely. And this has to be if people are going to take responsibility for themselves. Open the eyes of everyone who cares to see about the collective effort to survive. A lot of people do not like this kind of pressure on them and will go along to get it off of their back. But the emotional policeman is very necessary for the continuity of the group.

And the instilling of the emotional policeman into the group thinking will lead to a true education for a lot of people. Bullshit takes a back seat in your people's thinking. Getting the job done and surviving become the real meat and potatoes of life, as they should. While the mainstream society is our enemy now and does not like our attitude, going hungry ain't to their liking either. You just have to know how to play the game. A group effort to provide a full belly is a powerful stimulus upon a man. The title of "Bellyfeeder" will add stature to a man. It will make his wife proud and obedient to him. A word to the wise is sufficient. Stay alive.


Sorry about email.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Once again I am trying to blog. Can't say for sure whether or not you will ever see this but here goes.

Our egg experiment worked just fine. We now have powdered eggs. We checked the price of them on the Internet and found them selling for $17 for two and a quarter pounds. And the powdered eggs we priced on the Internet are not free range organic chicken eggs raised by the Amish. I think we got a pretty good deal making them ourselves.

We cracked the eggs into a bowl and every dozen was whisked to make it ready to scramble. The Handmaiden got the skillets hot and poured the eggs into the skillets. I went on cracking another dozen eggs and then whisking them. She could do about two dozen in two skillets. When I got all caught up I went and helped scramble in the skillets. Long handled wooden spoons work very well at scrambling eggs.

The eggs are scrambled pretty "hard" and not soft and fluffy like you were fixing breakfast eggs. But that makes them easier to dry in the dehydrator. The eggs pieces are smaller and thus you have an easier time keeping airflow between the egg piecees and also the multiple level of trays. The Handmaiden figured most of this out on the run. I was proud to assist her in this endeavor.

My latest testing of the waters indeicates to me that most people are with the recovery. I would say 80 to 85 perecent of the people are thinking the "recession" is over or else they are hoping it is over for the good of their own wallets. And I am sorry about that. I listen to the foremost trends forecaster in the country, Gerald Celente, and he says it is in the tank and headed for the drain. I listen to others who are not being paid by Main Stream Media and they are pretty much in agreement. I get reports from around the country and they are bad and getting worse. It seems to me that we are very close to collapse. I think Great Britain will fall before us. Ireland and Iceland are already toast while Spain and Italy and Greece are but a hairbreadth way from the swirling drain. I ain't backing off of my position. Stay alive.


Do not email me. My email is very precarious these days. I hope you can get this!

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Greetings out there in cyberspace. I have not much time but I can tell you that the wife and I are going to try to powder 75 eggs tonight. Got 'em fried up and ready for the dehydrator. Wish us luck!


Friday, December 11, 2009


Here I am trying to write a post on this stupid machine. Maybe it will appear and maybe it won't. We shall see. The wife has gone to the store to get groceries. This is part of the American habit of getting out of the house and and going places to prove you have been actively and profitably engaged in the day. I have preps and I do not have to do this. She does not have to do it either but she does anyhow. But her car will break down one of these days and we will get down to brass tacks. We will be preppers for real when we can't go anywhere. And so will you, my friends. When you can't get out and drive around and visit the scumbag stores of America then you will be 100% preppers. God, I hope I get a chicken house built by then! A couple of them if possible. I really have a thing for country eggs in the morning. My brother in law didn't even eat breakfast until he came here but now he is addicted. He has to slam those eggs in the morning. Sho 'nuff. I managed to get on Mayberry this morning and really enjoyed what he had to say. You might check him out.

A lot of people are turning to the Interweb to try and make some money. Good luck, I say. Folks are getting poorer by the day and it might not be a good idea to go to the web to get money for your survival. But do what you can and hope for the best. I was reading about some mega-millionaire who is giving his last nineteen or so million dollar donation to the ACLU this year. He is just not going to be able to swing the money bag any more. Times are getting tough for everyone.

Obama is going to give a bail-out to Main Street. All the mom and pop businesses will be able to get a bail-out pretty soon. Hot damn! If this is public knowledge then the fix is already in. The good political donors will be getting their money first and their congress critter will already be tracking the funds down. Ain't it wonderful to live in an honest society? And you know ACORN is already counting their next load of swag. I would imagine a lot of public organizers will be dipping in to the fedgov funds to hold and keep a hand full up $100 bills. The community organizers don't produce a damn thing. They are parasites who live off of what other people produce. But they are not immune to the need to eat and keep a roof over their hears so they must have ways of making money. Their tried and true method is to get grant money from the fedgov. And good grant writers can make a pretty fancy living themselves. But these are the people who know how to get blood out of the fedgov turnip. You think teams of fedgov employees will be coming to your town to interview you and find out how much money you need? Forget about it. There will be talk of the impending bail-out and then stories will appear about the money miraculously going out to "Main Street". And to the idiots who populate this country it will be due to the all knowing fedgov knowing just who needs money and how much. I figure a lot of it will be used to pay bar tabs. And that ain't bad except for the major breweries being owned by foreigners.

So get out there and get your grant writer lined up and ready to grab your share of the loot! The grant writer will want 10% to 20 % of the amount to pay his salary. They are just like everyone else in that they need food and water and oxygen and all that fancy stuff. So if you need $100,000 to keep your business afloat you had better pad your figures to include paying your grant writer. The cover letter is the most important part. They keep it and throw the rest of the grant application away. Isn't it wonderful to live in an honest and transparent sociey?

Stay alive.


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I don't know if this will get to anyone, but my computer is all but dead. Hope for a fix!

I don't know if this will get to anyone, but my computer is all but dead. Hope for a fix!


Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Sure is getting exciting, but only after days of monotonous boredom. But the news is going viral that Obama has instructed his Commanding General of NORTHCOM to raise his troop strength of one million men. One million men to stand around and twiddle their thumbs here in the USA? I don't think so. This is a mean news item and if it is true then we are in a world of shit. I never thought I would be shooting at American troops but if they break Posse Comitatis then I guess we will have to have at it. The supposed deadline for this accumulation of troops is the last day of January, 2010. So the Dark Lord, Obama, is expecting insurrection sometime soon. Funniest damn thing, but so was I. I don't know how many of these guys will fire on American citizens but there will be some who will and don't doubt that for a second. They may get an excuse this January and February when the reported fresh vegetable shortage hits the Northeastern United States like my friend's broker told him would happen just this morning. Gonna be kind of embarrassing for Obama when his monetary policies cause the country to do without fresh vegetables. Stupid! So the troops are going to be on our soil guarding against us and we will be without fresh vegetables. Kinda warms the old heart, if you know what I mean. But this stuff did NOT come from the Main Stream Media and thus it is believable. All those soccer moms who can't give their kiddies fresh veggies this Winter are gonna to be pissed. Hey! Perfect time to have an election!

The EPA has declared that carbon dioxide is a toxic gas and must be regulated. Got it on the front page of Drudge plus from the comment section for yesterday's post. Showed a picture of a cow breathing. Somebody call a carbon cop and ticket that cow! Make the farmer pay a huge fine. We just can't have those cows breathing. And that is sarcasm but the truth is that this government is gonna go broke pretty soon and they know it and they want some new taxes to keep everything going. Just who is going to have the money to pay these goddamn taxes is not being discussed.

You know, and I know, that most everything we are told anymore is a lie. The politicians and the media are the biggest bunch of liars on the planet. And like I was reading on the Woodpile Report this evening the same lies are being told all over the world. Almost word for word. This is your world conspiracy my friends. This is the concerted and coordinated move to enslave us all. We are going to be fed to the rats if this is allowed to continue and be successful. Our children will be crushed under an iron fisted regime that will not vary much from country to country. Marching on Washington may not be a thing of fantasy in the coming days. Just remember that we have a huge arsenal and over NINE BILLION rounds of ammo to put down range, and buying more every day! If someone wants to donate some money to me I will buy more ammo myself! Just think I need some more and am a little financially embarrassed at the moment.

But the lies are becoming so prevalent as to be a constant drone in our ears. I am appalled by the volume of the words of lies. Nothing is correct any more. Telling the truth has left us. And someone must pay for this. And pay dearly. Just be ready. I WILL. And stay alive.


Monday, December 7, 2009


I called an elderly friend in Georgia this morning. He's just a bit shy of 80 but still going strong. He now has 174 children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great, great grandchildren. Sort of like a ready made clan. He talked to his banker this week and his banker told him the country was going to collapse. No question about it. And this banker knows what is going on and says it is over. But my friend has a 1000 acre farm where he raises cattle and he aims to use that to pay their land taxes. Their businesses are just about down to seeds and stems. No money left to be made. Credit has gone by the wayside and jobs are scarce because of the lack of financing on the buyer's part. In other words it is grinding to a halt. But he says they are doing everything they can and they will trust God for the rest. I have known these folks for almost 30 years and I have seen them go through rough times and good times, but this is the worst economic report I ever got form them. But they will fight and scrap for every dime they need to make it through this coming mess. The banker told my friend that he figured he had gone nuts when he bought that 1000 acre farm and all those cattle but now he sees my friend was really ahead of the curve and ahead of everyone else. And these folks in Georgia can REALLY do some gardening. They will have their garden in by the end of February and the harvest will be soon enough. They grew a lot of sugar cane last year and had their syrup made and they have a world of it. They gotta have that syrup at least one meal a day and sometimes two. Their opinion is that it is better than sugar as far as your health is concerned.

I called my cousin up in Anderson, Indiana, this afternoon and he had gotten laid off/let go from his position as an office manager for a large civil engineering firm. He set the hourly ate and billed all of the customers. He is a registered professional land surveyor and really knows his stuff. He has been in it for his entire adult life. They got rid of him with no warning and no "sorry" or anything. The company got rid of their head draftsman the same week. He is 63 years old and can retire, though he will have to make his mortgage payment. His wife still works and has a school job as a vice principal in a very popular school. They are a ways from getting kicked out on the street but things are looking a little grim around their house. They have played the game according to the rules and done what they were supposed to do and now it is being taken from them. But when I called him two years ago and told him to get ready, he told me that his company was too big to go down. TOO BIG TO FAIL is how you say that. But there to guys they let go, my cousin and the draftsman, are part of the meat of the company, not the fat or the excess. It looks like the jobs they are getting rid of now are the real jobs. The jobs that mean something to the company. Secure people are hereby warned that they are the next to go.

The good jobs seem to be the next ones to go. This ain't french fries and coleslaw, this is steak and potatoes going by the wayside. I cannot imagine how those people will take their dismissals. It is going to be rough as hell. But we have prepped and dug in and we are ready, if anyone is ready. Obama is living in some kind of dream world. He is trying to get these big programs through congress. He wants to go down as a savior to the country. Well, he is going down as an idiot who can't read a computer screen. He is going down as a left wing ideologue who can't accept that the money he wants to spend ain't there. But he entertains the fantasy. The book says "Woe unto the people when their king is a child." Well, Obama is in this childish fantasy and can't get a grip on reality. He's daft. And his staff is daft. What a bunch of morons. Try to stay alive.


Sunday, December 6, 2009


I feel great today. My son is home and he and his old buddy cooked chicken wings for a bunch of us last night. His buddy is actually the chef and my son is his helper. And what a feast it was. Nothing but chicken wings, fried to perfection in pure butter. And done like I like my chicken. I can't stand under done chicken. But these guys get it done right. They season it with Louisiana Hot Sauce and that is all. No sugary barbecue sauce or anything like that. I reckon the breading is enough carbs. But it was the guys night to shine, the ladies just waited to be served like the rest of us. And those young men got it out and served as fast as you can think. A real Patriarchal meal. I didn't even know my son's friend, Jason, had such a talent for cooking. He is going to do Boston Butt next and it has been promised as a great meal. It is primarily a southern dish. Since it is a the front shoulder of the hog it is relatively cheap as opposed to eating higher on the hog, like the tenderloins and the hams. In the revolutionary war and even before that, the butchers of Boston had a way all their own of cutting the front shoulder. The shoulders were then placed in barrels, or butts, for shipment. Hence the term Boston Butt. But the South is where they know how to cook the things. It is a favorite at barbecues and such as that. Leave it to the southerners to come up with a good recipe for a barbecue. After those chicken wings last night I am really looking forward to eating Boston Butt cooked by Jason Baker. Ain't no doubt in my mind that it is going to be good.

The young men are not cooking today but are putting in a new tub and shower at the place my son will be living for the next period of time. They can do carpentry work, especially remodeling. Guess who I will be putting the muscle on to build me a chicken coop next Spring. I can get them the lumber from the mill and they can fling it up. It will be nice to have some layers for eggs and meat when the SHTF. I have eaten Amish eggs for too long and those watery factory eggs just don't get it as far as I am concerned. Y'all that have the means should get you up a chicken coop if you can. You can buy commercial laying mash and all that stuff but they will eat most anything green and you can grow corn and let it go to dent and grind it for Winter food. You try to mix it with some oats and whatever grain you run across and you give them some rocks to eat and store in their craw to grind the stuff down to a fineness they can properly digest. I was doing this over fifty years ago and I know it can be done. Your local feed and seed will probably be able to tell you what to get for rocks for your chickens. And you will love the eggs and the meat. Best damn eggs there are. You give them a little fenced run and they will produce the best eggs in the nation. Just give them a place to scratch for bugs and worms and they will take care of the rest. No really intense labor is required after the system is built and going. You just go out and gather the eggs and give them a little feed every day, water too.

I actually need two chicken houses. One for layers and one for meat chickens. Meat chickens are what I have done historically. I would grown a hundred at a time out at our little 8 acre farm and the whole family would come out from town for butchering day. It was quite a day. Grandma showed us how to kill the chickens and then left us alone. The men and us larger boys did the killing and the draining of the blood. You can wring their heads off or take them off under a bucket or chop them off. It don't hardly make a bit of difference. Then you have a ball of twine handy and you cut off pieces to wrap their feet and tie them to your mother's clothesline. That lets them bleed good. Then chicken you get now days ain't bled off properly and has big clots inside the meat, generally next to the bone. Chickens that have been allowed to bleed out do not have that crap. On butchering day we would have killers and hangers, followed by scalders and pluckers. You gotta scald the chickens to get the feathers to come out easily. But if you scald them too long then the feathers set on you and you will have the devil's own time getting those damn feathers to come out. Just plunge them into your kettle of boiling water and give them a swirl or two and that should do you just fine. If you are going to do a mess of chickens then test and find out the optimum amount of scalding that you need to do. After the chickens all got plucked they went through a line of ladies with small paring knives and the pin feathers were removed. They are feathers almost like hairs and they don't come out too easily. But they will come out and you will learn to appreciate the moms and grannies who do the pin feathers.

After the pinfeathers are removed it is time for the actual butchering to begin. You can do it all kinds of ways but I generally started opening the stomach cavity and taking the innards out. This gives you the gizzard, the heart and the liver also. Good eating and good ingredients for other things. You do an asshole-ectomy and pitch the guts away. I suppose you could do something with them but we never did. Then I always cut off the legs to start the actual meat cutting process. That gives you legs and thighs and those are really meaty. You go to work on the main body then and get your back and your breast removed. You cut the neck off and save it for stew meat. Does a helluva good job of flavoring broth also. After that we packed the chicken into empty half gallon milk cartons which are no long on the market. You will have to go to plastic bags in this day and age, unless you can come up with something else. And you might be able to come up with something else. Don't forget your innovation. And don't forget to tell us about it when you come up with a new thing. After the chickens were packed away they were placed in the freezer. When evening was coming on and folks were getting ready to go home we gave them all the chicken they could carry. It left us with plenty of good chicken for ourselves.

I guess the reason I am so wound up today is that I am enthused by some of the younger generation coming on. I see the clan getting together. I see people enjoying each other and being together. I see all ages of people together and not some segregated bullshit like society tells us is proper. If older people get away from the younger folks they will die! Do not be fooled. God did not make us to be isolated in our individual pillboxes. We have always lived in clans. It is in our make up, our DNA. Think back through the hundreds of years this people has lived on this continent. We made it because we stuck together. We made it because we helped each other and cared for each other. Our enemies play divide and conquer. We have to get out of that freaking game! We are sitting ducks living individual lives. It is against nature. Do what ever you can to stop this idiocy of being separate from your clan, from your fellow man. The time of peril is coming, folks. Try to stay alive!


Saturday, December 5, 2009

A LEGACY -pt 4

May 28, 2035 I am going up to the high ground of our property with my father this morning. We will probably be up there most of the day. My father wants to check for an elevated source of water for had times. We will be on horseback and be bringing a pack horse as well. I got up at 5:30 a.m. and at 6:00 o'clock we pulled out. The first part of the excursion was fairly easy, as the land is fairly flat with just a gentle rise. But it shortly got steep and woody and the going was tougher. We had to keep and eye out for rocks just on the surface of the land. The horses could slip and fall on such things and we didn't need to risk that. We got up on the highest part of our property and father stopped and got off of his horse. We sat down on a fallen tree and rested a bit from the ride.

"I have been watching this section of land for quite some time. In the cold weather there are places where smoke comes from the ground. It ain't really smoke. It is moist air that hits cooler air and condenses, looking like steam. That means an opening in the ground. Probably a cave or an access to a cave. Getting into a cave is a very nice thing in time of trouble."

"Where did you stay when the nuclear war started father? It must have been pretty exciting."

"It was exciting to the maximum degree, son. We had tunneled into the hills pretty deep but you never know until you have tried it whether or not it will save your hide. But Daniel had gotten the word to do that in the spirit and we were pretty sure it would work. And it did. That is why we are always interested in caves. It sorta goes along with our survival heritage. It bonded a lot of is together during all that time in the caves. We cut those babies in there with a special stone cutting device and those cave are still available down in the valley. The inner rooms are mainly for warehousing any more but they will become factories and hospitals and what ever in time of need. The main thing is to get areas of dryness where people won't get Arthritis. Dampness is a bad thing, son, for people to have to live in for any length of time."

"Did you have moisture in the caves you carved out of the rock in the hills? Did anyone get all crippled up? I don't remember much about the caves, though I lived in them. I was pretty young then."

"There were sections that were dry and sections that were wet. Naturally we lived in the dry sections. You lived in a dry section. We had food stores and old time survival foods. We ate a lot of jerky and pemmican. We had ground corn and some other dried foods. We also took in canned goods that we could buy at the store, although they wee getting scarce when the shit hit the fan. When the collapse came the economy was destroyed and it was hard to find people who would make canned food for the American public. We were not too popular back in those days. Our popularity was the direct result of our stupid national leadership. And the mass of people in this country were dumbed down and ignorant as hell. I couldn't stand to go to a bar and drink a beer with the idiots. As far as I was concerned they were nothing but cannon fodder. We got by with amazingly few health problems in the nuclear exchange. Our cave was dry, at least the sections we lived in. Now let's move around the face of this hill some more and see if there are any high springs. We ARE up here in a mission son."

So we mounted up and went across the face of the hill. We looked for water seepage and stuff like that. We found some interesting sites but they were not producing springs without a lot of work. But if we needed them we would have all the help we needed. We would have diggers galore and tools and all kinds of stuff necessary to open a small spring. We went back to our original resting log and started to fix lunch.

"Father, what did the world look like after the nuclear war? Was it all burnt to a crisp or what?"

"It all depended on where you were, son. We heard the big coastal cities were death traps. Radiation hot as hell. Sure death if you got too close. But down in the valley we were pretty sheltered and safe. When God told us we could go out we trusted him and never had any problems. We went right to work and planted gardens when we could and sowed fields for grazing to build up some herds and got busy making chicken coops for eggs and meat. In about a year we were doing okay again. The missiles struck in the Fall and we were out and working in the Spring. We have never turned back. We had babies coming on all the time and there was just no giving up and turning to something else. And we have prospered greatly and given thanks unto God. He has been our security and our savior. And he is flawless in his judgements. When he says "Go!" you can believe it"

"What was it like in the 90's? We hear a lot about it but nothing specific."

"The 90's was a time for the electronics industry. Bill Gates was cranking out Windows. Larry Eliason was building all kinds of switches and routers. Steve Jobs was building Apple computers. Down at Round Rock, Texas, they were building Dell computers. lead by Michael Dell. Intel was making processors that went faster and faster all the time. AMD came around to give them some competition. Amazon was started and actually made money after a while. Matt Drudge came in and revolutionized the news industry. Alta Vista was a major search engine but they were far surpassed by Google. Google became so popular their name was synonymous with web search. Then about 2001 we had the DOT COM bubble. Wall street went nuts financing all the stupid web site ideas. Stuff that would never work. The weather patterns were pretty normal as far as our memories were concerned. We had hurricanes in season and we had some cold Winters and some not so cold Winters. Summers in the Valley were the normal hot, muggy things we all remembered. The end of the 90's brought about global cooling but we didn't pay much attention. You could get a job pretty easily and people ate okay. There was change but a lot of it was below the radar to most people. A lot of manufacturing was shipped out of this country to countries on the Pacific Rim and to Mexico. But we seemed able to absorb the loses and go on. It all caught up with us when the collapse hit and we lost work like crazy. But the government was pushing the idea that we would develop a service economy and everything would be okay. But without our manufacturing base things we were NOT okay. We were getting our asses kicked in the 90's and didn't notice it. But it all became clear after 2000. America was in a bad fix, son, and didn't have the means to get out of it."

"It sounds so stupid", I said. "How can you not plant a garden but expect to eat from imported food supplies? You don't have anything to trade for the food!. It was so stupid."

"Right you are son. It was very stupid. But we had three successive stupid presidents. or at least that is the common explanation. Some folks think they were crooks and knew exactly what they were doing. I just put them down as stupid crooks and sorta go along with everyone."

"Well, father, what was the reaction to the collapse? What did the people do? How did they make it?"

"A lot of them didn't make it son. Many people were killed by riots and looters and starvation. We made it by having gardens and by hunting and fishing. We also made it by by being able to guard the gardens and the property. Folks would come right in and steal your food out of your garden back in those days and not give a damn how it hurt you. They were looking out for themselves before anyone else even was thought of. As the unrest spread across the country there was other types of crime to contend with. It got so a lot of homes and small farms were raided and all occupants killed for the food they had or might have. Anyone thought of as a prepper was raided very harshly. They were known to have weapons and thus were hit hard and fast by the gangs. The gangs had built themselves up to armed superiority by sending members to the armed forces to learn combat and what it entailed. Some of those gangs were very mean and hard to deal with. Again, we made it by means of group survival. We could post guards all over the place and have an alarm that would bring more guns very quickly. Our people learned quickly how to make out what was coming upon them. Any time we defeated a group we went to the battle field and picked up the weapons of the attackers. Generally it was just small arms of little importance and nothing special, but every now and them we would pick up a machine gun or something equally impressive. We even found a few Rifle Propelled Grenades. Those RPG's will really stir up the playing field, especially if only one side has them. There was a lot of theft in those days of the National Guard Armories. There were black market dealers of some very illegal weapons. Illegal in the sense that the old law of Washington D.C. said they were illegal. We never paid too much attention to that shit. When there are armed and trained gangs out there trying to kill you and eat your food then what does a little law violation have to do with anything."

"We stayed in our own area for over a half of a year after the collapse. But when we got the game figured out we went on the hunt. The first thing we did was go attack the gangs at their base camps. Not much of that was being done. They were very unprepared and vulnerable. The first one we hit was a total slaughter. Killed every damn one of them and took everything of value. There were 65 people in that camp. We let the coons and the possums and the buzzards clean the mess up for the world. A very organic approach to life. Hah! But we left our mark and told everyone that we were not to be messed with and the word got around and people started being afraid of us. It only took a couple more gang erasures to clean the area out. Things settled down and we went looking for food and animals and equipment. And those 'Search and Seize' missions were quite successful. It was sort of like when the Hebrews left Egypt. They were told to spoil the Egyptians. So the Hebrew women borrowed all the gold jewelry the possible could from the Egyptian women and left he country with it Yes they took it from their employers whom they had befriended, but God told them to do it. I guess that shows how much God thought of the people not in his clan. And we did the same thing. If we needed something we went and got it. We would offer to trade and if that was refused we came back and took it. And we never looked back, son."

"Father, how long did you say it took the people to get back on their feet after after the nuclear attack?"

"Well, we stayed in the caves until about six months had passed. It was Spring and we were all in a meeting and God spoke and said we could go out now and go to work. Let me tell you, we were out the next morning. Whooping and hollering and praising God. It was a wonderful feeling to get out into the fresh air and sunshine. We went to work a couple days after that and started putting in our gardens. Of course we had the seed all stored up proper and ready to go. The animals we had in sections of the cave were happy to get out in the sunlight also. We had more when we came out than when we went in. We had to build a couple new chicken houses immediately. We got in a Spring planting of grasses in our pastures and it was no time at all until the beasts were out eating forage instead of hay and ground grain. But we had a foot hold on meat production and eggs and milk. We had to shear the sheep quickly because they had become pretty wooly in the cave. But it made fine clothes and blankets and trade goods. We were happy as could be."


Friday, December 4, 2009


I haven't written a normal blog much lately so I had better do it if for nothing more than practice if nothing else. Not much really going on. My friend Charles Bell told me at the beginning of the week that we were in a two week period of no news and as this first week is looking he called it pretty close. Lots of song and dance music but no pretty girls. Can't hardly stand it.

This New Years Eve is gonna be a troublesome mutha. It's on a Thursday and everyone will get paid on Wednesday because Friday is a holiday too. And New Years Eve is a full moon. It is our second full moon of the month and thus called a Blue Moon. So every ape in the country will have a pocket full of money and a full moon to prod him into action. Ask an emergency room nurse or a jailer how things are on full moon pay days. It can get pretty hairy. My plan is to stay here and forget about anything away from home. There will be cops and deputies all over the place. They will get over time for working the holiday and the drunks will get the shaft. Watch your act on New Years Eve. Bad medicine.

Things must be getting pretty scant on the fraud trips lately. I am getting record numbers of lies in my emails of late. The normal African stuff with promises of a big check they are dying to send to you if you will just give them certain information. But the Phishing expeditions, wanting my correct email address and my account information are coming in all the time. Things must be getting a little rough in the criminal world. And why not? There is no good reason why the crooks should escape this collapse any more than the rest us. Another thing I get a lot of is email lists for spamming the internet. The way I hate spam you would think that only an idiot would try to sell me the means to do it. Not true. Everyone is trying to make some money these days.

The thermometer is on the down elevator these days. Every evening on my weather page is sub-freezing. I called a very good friend of mine this morning and it was 81 degrees in Florida where he was building farm structures. I wished him continued good fortune in his construction business. He said he as down to not much these days but he has evolved into a prepper and that made me feel good. He has fourteen children, ten boys and four girls, and they have managed to hatch out twenty grandchildren for him. Wonderful! He is of the old school where everybody works at the family business and lives on the same property. They all have separate housing but they are a clan and I mean a clan. They are heavy Christian which I deplore and tell them so in no uncertain terms. But they accept me and I accept them. They have a farm in Georgia with lots of cattle on it. There is even a river that borders it. Plus they have their own private lake at another place and they can grow food practically all year round. Just down home folks that I really think a lot of. Their Elder is a great bear of a man and he and I go back a long time, almost 30 years. I wish them the greatest of success. They will be up here in the Spring, I think. We will sit around for two or three days and catch up on what all they are doing.

Getting back to the thermometer thing for a minute, it is going to be a cold ass Winter. That has been my prediction, the Farmer's Almanac prediction and Dragon's prediction. I ain't heard it from God but these three things are pretty conclusive to me. So take care of your selves and have an alternative heat source in your home. I saw a propane heater today on some web page that ran off of a small propane tank and would not kill you with fumes. Look around. There are lots of things on the market for preppers and campers and whatnot. Preparedness is becoming the new indoor sport in America, at least among those with half a brain. Stay alive.


Thursday, December 3, 2009


May 26, 2035 I went to see my father this evening for a little chat. I knew he was upset about the Eastern Confederacy and I wanted to know more of the details of his thinking. I found him at his home playing with his latest baby. My father loved babies and they liked him. I greeted him and sat down and waited for the opportunity to talk about the possible war on the horizon. At last he was done romping with the child and we got down to the subject on my mind. "Father, why are you so mad at these people from the Eastern Confederacy"

"Well son, it's like this. I was a medic before the crash and I must say I was a good one. I studied my protocols and procedures all the time. I was not a man to let a patient die easily. If I could get them stabilized and delivered to the bright lights and stainless steel of a hospital I was happy with the job I was doing. But my thinking was off in one critical area. Nothing was being done to keep people from getting sick. And people were getting sick in amazing numbers. My job was not all car wrecks and shootings. Far from it. A lot of my work was handling obese diabetics of either type 1 or type 2 classification. I handled a lot of people with pneumonia. I handled a lot of people with chronic health problems that really had no cure. At first I was all business and procedure but after a while I began to take notice of the underlying causes of human sickness. People did not get enough exercise. People certainly did not get proper nutrition. People did not get medicine that cured a damn thing but rather relieved symptoms. And a lot of the problem stemmed from the attitude of the government health authorities in Washington, D.C. They were the reason a lot of people were sick and dying. Just a bunch of bastards."

"But father, why didn't the population pick up on the situation and take another route, another method?"

"Because of the propaganda they got through the television 24 hours a day. They were constantly bombarded with ads for fast food and junk food. They were shown the government nutrition pyramid all the time. And that pyramid was a hoax. Then there was the Pharmaceutical companies who were making billions off the medicine prescribed to these poor ignorant people. The deck was stacked so badly that no one could do a damn thing to stop the sickness machine. The deck was stacked to keep people from improving their immune systems. My grandmother, the Handmaiden, saw an article on the internet showing the weekly grocery purchases of different ethnic groups of people around the country. The Asians probably ate the best, followed by rich white people. But after that it was all downhill. The poorer you were the worse your diet. And in the years leading up to the collapse the more poor people we acquired. This country was overrun with poor people. And tax payer money was used to treat them and buy their food. And they bought the same old crap they always ate. No body got any better but the system players got rich off of government funding of the poor and the sick. And that was the way it was when the collapse hit us. And a lot of people died in the collapse because they had not better idea of living than what the government said and provided. And it all started in Washington, D.C. at the behest of lobbyists and lawyers. And that town still has a hand in a lot of things it should not have them in. But if I have anything to do with it they will get cut back a lot, a whole lot."

"What is the matter with these people, father?"

"They want to rule the world, son. They want to run everything. Their idea is that the state is more intelligent than the people living in the state. The state is more efficient. And we all know that is a pile of bullshit. But we will have to get on this subject another time because I have to go to a meeting with the local leaders and talk with them about the possibility of war, distasteful as it might be. But come back when you can and we will get into it a little deeper. But I must go . I'll be seeing you later."

Wednesday, December 2, 2009


May 15, 2035 We have spent the last four days putting garden seed in the ground. The garden was all ready by the frost date and we have been planting up a storm. It's quite a thing to see 200 people go to a piece of ground and start sowing a garden. It's like a huge army just moving along planting and covering. But the garden is acres upon acres and we will use everything that grows. But it is all planted now and we will settle in to our routines of weeding and killing bugs for a while. Then we start to eat! Lettuce and radishes and salad greens will be first and we will gorge on fresh vegetables. We store a lot of vegetables over the Winter but they are nothing like the fresh new stuff that is coming soon. My father has gotten a message that there might be a shooting war coming up with the Eastern Confederacy. The Eastern Confederacy is close to the old ways of government. They have lot of people who don't do much and they have crime and drugs and a lot of old fashioned socialism. There are always a small segment breaking off and joining with new confederacies that have the Kingdom idea and plenty to eat. The Eastern government keeps trying to force the break away Kinglets back into the fold but they never can get the job done. We always kick their ass and send them back to Washington, D.C. We use the people from the probable point of invasion as our scouts and they give the warning. Father always thought that was a good idea because the people who live there know the land the best. If they come again we will defeat them again.

Now that planting is done we will have weddings all over the place. I have a wife and my father has three so I don't think we will be involved this year. The neighboring Kinglets are on about the same schedule as we are and we will be attending their weddings and they will attend ours. Lot of fun and parties and merriment. The houses for the newly weds are almost built and they will have a place to stay when the ceremonies are over. Can't be having newlyweds with no home to move in to. Just would not be right. Half of the clan is at home tending to the gardens and the other half will be making merry. Come harvest time everybody reverses their roles of the Spring and the people who stayed behind for the watching and weeding of the crops will get to take off and hunt or what ever they wish to do, with no condemnation to anyone. A lot of women will sew and get thing ready to trade at the next TRADING FAIR. It will be at the end of October or the first part of November. Our Kinglet has it's own fair and we will all be there and get to participate.

May 25, 2035 We have had crops already coming up in the garden and a few wedding announcements. But things are not alright with my father. He is starting to get disturbed about the growling in the air about the Eastern Confederacy wanting to start a conflict. It is all over a conflict with a breakaway section of North Carolina. These people in eastern North Carolina do not want a thing to do with the Eastern Confederacy and the whole country knows it. My father has a bone to pick with the leadership of the E.C. over why they would even object to the region of North Carolina leaving the E.C. The land itself is not very valuable and the people are mountain bred and not given to too much government to begin with. My father seems to feel that the E.C. would be better off, and save some lives, if they just forgot about it. But the word is coming around that the insult will not be forgiven and that there will be war. My father wants to send the E.C. a message that for every death the Central Confederacy suffers, there will be a price of 10 lives taken from the E.C. Father has that proposal submitted to the different leaders of the Kinglets for their input. He would not take it on himself to make such a boast unless the other leaders felt it was proper. We shall see! And stay alive.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


May 10, 2035. I just finished reading my grandfather's blog posts from the late aughts, basically from 2007 to 2009. It must have been a real hectic time back then. He speaks of crooked bankers and crooked central banks and crooked politicians and globalism and nuclear threats and so many things that were dangerous and hazardous. Today we have a much simpler life. We just raise what we need and keep our seed and live our lives as we see fit. There is not money to speak of. We pretty much barter for what we want extra from our crops. My grandfather writes of living off of social security and people not believing the havoc that was about to embrace them. But grandfather believed in it. He became what was known as a prepper back in those days. He stashed back lots of food and non-hybrid seed and medicine and guns and ammo and some other things, like tools, that he could afford. They, that is the preppers, had a thing they watched for called SHTF. It was a descriptive phrase to describe very bad things happening to the people of the land. Even some of my grandfather's children were left out of survival because of their ignorance. He just shut his mouth and went on about helping those he could. He always said it was a waste of time to help someone who did not want to be helped. Grandfather always talked about the United States of America and some poor leaders they had. He called them Clinton, Dubya, and Obama. I don't remember much about the old USA. Our Kinglet is part of the Central Confederacy. We are autonomous but we have the Confederacy in case of a major attack by anyone. We make our living off of gardening and farming. Grandfather started a food business back in 2010 and developed quite a customer base. Then we had the collapse and then nuclear war and then the rebuild. The rebuild was tough because there were so many people trying to rip us off. I was born in 2005 and cannot remember the political conditions back there but I can pretty much trust what my grandfather wrote to be accurate. I can remember the rebuild. I was young then but not so young that I can't remember the men and women working so hard to get us back into production.

Grandfather was a follower of a man named Daniel Wright. My grandfather would have fought to the death for that man. Any time! And he adhered to Daniel's philosophy all his life. I was raised up under some of that philosophy. My father was grandfather's only son and thus he was kind of spoiled. And my father was always loyal to grandfather. They really admired each other. Grandfather was tall but my father was even taller. I am tall also. And I have the same high forehead as they do. Grandfather died in 2014, at the age of 70 years old. He said he was ready and I believe him. But his idea of raising food stayed behind and we support ourselves from it. We use much the same techniques as his wife, the Handmaiden, to preserve our food. We sell in much the same quantities as she did. Packaging is almost non-existent anymore but we still get our products out to market in a form that people can buy and carry home. My father is ruler here at our Kinglet. There are about 250 people here and everyone, including my father, works in the business. Ruling our Kinglet is not a big deal. Everyone knows the rules and pretty much follows them. There is no place for old fashioned royal behavior in our world. Leadership is a job, not a privilege. And people vote with their feet in this day and age. You come down too hard and folks will leave you so fast you won't know what happened.

My father got us a thousand acres of pretty good farm land for our agricultural business. Not too far from the land of our birth but a lot better for farming. The owners of the property had been killed off in the war and there was no one to use the land so father sort of got it by default. He just started paying the little bit of land taxes that was owed and it was declared belonging to us. And then we went to work. Father had tons of non-hybrid seed he had gotten from my grandfather and we got it in the ground that first Spring. Father traded vegetables for beef and pigs and goats and chickens and sheep that Fall and we were on our way to making a living. We learned to make wool for clothing. We learned to tan hides. We sold eggs and meat and vegetables to other folks in the area until we could get our own store built and stocked. We have a primitive sawmill for our own construction needs. Most of our buildings are made of stone. Father admires fireproof buildings. Our lives are pretty good and we don't have many troubles. We seek the leading of God and let him take care of the path we are to follow. I am sure my grandfather would approve of our life. He was a prepper and a man of God and he always said Stay Alive. It was a priority to him.


Monday, November 30, 2009


Well, it's time to settle in and make up the popcorn and watch the main attraction. This movie is called COLLAPSE and we all get bit parts in the flick. Mayberry had a comment that the death of the dollar opens the door to the elite starting another ponzi scheme to make something new to hustle the folks. Don't bet against Mayberry on this one. It's just too logical. But a lot of Doomers are betting the limit that this is the big one, the collapse of the dollar. Got preps? I sure as hell do! Just seems logical to me. And it really does not matter if you believe in the present criminal conspiracy or not. You just get what you need to stay alive no matter what life throws at you. You buy insurance for your car and house and boat and whatever so why would you not insure yourself to be able to keep eating no matter what happens to the economy and world trade and all of that stuff. America has no food warehouses anymore. The storage is in the trucks out on the highways. God help people if the trucks don't roll. I have talked until I am blue in the face about having storage food and garden availability and I will probably talk about it again. But it is so important. And you read it all the time and you become hardened to it and start to not pay attention but you had better pay attention this time. You cannot keep your family alive and strong without food.

The collapse will be a very basic situation. Things will be on the level of "eat or go hungry". Have water ready or be prepared to get real thirsty. Have your first aid and medications on hand or be prepared to suffer. Nothing complicated. Just real simple stuff. And the collapse will prove our preparedness. Either you will have what it takes to make it or you won't. Them that don't have what it takes had better be ready to drop trou and bend over. And that is simplistic but it may shock you to find out how accurate it is. If you short yourself on this you may regret it for the rest of your short life. Like I said, this is a very basic situation. And those of you who are not ready had better get these words to penetrate your thick skulls and make a lasting impression on your minds. And do not think for one moment that the US government will not play with your head, because they damn sure will. Although the story is 7 years old, you can get on CNN and find out that our armed forces did not get bin Laden in 2002 because the dogs were called off. The PTB did not WANT to get bin Laden. That would have shut down their money making little war and that is taboo in this day and age. But we are assaulted with the name of Al Qaeda every day. But do not be disturbed, the taxpayers will pick up the tab for this.

It is getting colder and colder here. You would think Winter was coming the way the weather is acting. The news is full of the story of the guy who walked into a coffee shop and executed four police officers Somewhere out in the state of Washington. Whoever did it was seriously pissed off at the police. Didn't even look at any of the other customers at the coffee shop. Are things starting to get interesting? Are we going to have more and more people losing it and going postal in our society? Keep your eyes open, folks. It could happen to you. And stay alive.