Friday, April 30, 2010


I'm still hangin' in there. Through some of the most depressing times I have ever seen. The scripture says that oppression maketh a wise man mad. That is mad like "crazy'. We are tortured daily with the mechanism of the elitist pigs taking a bite out of our ass and looking for more. Those ass biters could get a little gas with their meal too. Shows you what I think of them!. They play a game in the media. They throw stuff out there and see how we will react to it. If it looks a little bad then they back off for a while. But the thing I feel is the relentless pressure on my life and well being. For God's sake let me alone. Let me have some peace. I don't go about bothering the government and I wish they would afford me the same courtesy. I have been amazed by the variety of attacks on our personal liberty for many years. Where do they get all the ideas? They get them from scum bag radicals they hire, that's where. How much is the Whitehouse budget every year? Fifty million dollars? A hundred million dollars? Or is it just however much the President wants? And who sets his agenda. His daughter Malia wants to know what her Dad is doing for Tigers/ I want to know what he is doing to promote jobs in this country. People are out of work, losing their homes, and I want to know what Obama is doing about it. I don't want him doing anything else but trying to get people hired in this country. The homies come first. Tigers can go to hell for all I care. Forty million people on food stamps in this country and that is what I want Obama working on. We have a military that is supposed to be watching out for national security and that should leave Obama with plenty of room to look for jobs for the people. This country is hurting like crazy and we need all the push we can get to open up jobs. We need ten million jobs RIGHT NOW. And not fedgov jobs. Those are just a drag on the taxpayers. But we seem to be blessed with these simple minded leftist morons who want to get their agendas through and made into law RIGHT NOW. Form over substance is how I see it. It is like people who want to eat but will not work in the garden. Could be rough in the year ahead, if you catch my drift. I ain't working myself and my wife and brother-in-law for a bunch of slackers who will not turn a hand. Let them eat the dope and TV and movies they watch. See if they can find nourishment in THAT.

I have been scouting around looking for helpers for the garden this year. And it is a thankless and unrewarding task. I actually had a woman tell me this week that she had done nothing as far as prepping was concerned but she thought she would just come to my place and wondered if that would be all right. I said something to the effect of "See ya' later." and left the scene. These people are all concerned with making money. Money, money, money. And then they go out to dine and drive multiple vehicles and have nice drinks at home on the weekend and I haven't seen a damn dime to help get this thing together. I am having thoughts that I may not have a damn thing for them when the shit hits the fan. I have told the whole village that bad times are on the way and that they had better get ready. I feel like the cartoon guy who walks around the streets of the city with the sign that reads "THE END IS COMING". More the butt of jokes than someone who should be listened to. But hunger may come upon the land very soon and very quickly. What are these unheeding people going to do? I read an article about what this country would face if the grid went down and it was not very pretty. Our system would fold so fast it will make your head spin. Nothing would get done and nothing would get hauled and perishables would rot in the stores. And who knows about what is going on at such a time? You can't turn on the TV or your computer and find out. You are in the dark my friend. Got your mind made up as to what you will do? Got your weapons to protect you from the "late preppers"? You must have a plan and you must stick to it. It will be the only known answer to your problems. Everything else will just be spur of the moment bullshit. And I am not saying you shouldn't be prepared to think of your feet because you should, but your basic plan must be in place. If you haven't got a plan then you had better sit down and think it through.

I just quit writing and took a nap. The words were not flowing like they usually do but were difficult and straining. So now I am rested and feel just fine but the words are not there, as has been the case for a couple of days. I don't now what it is. I don't think it is permanent. It has to do with the coming bad days and I know it. But I cannot express it. So read what is here and enjoy it and maybe even get some good out of it. We have many troubles we will have to get through in the coming times. Lots of distractions are on the way. I hope it is an easy transition for all of you.


Thursday, April 29, 2010


Such a boring morning on the blogs. Maybe a half dozen had something to say. And there is a lot of flak being tossed at the slackers. It IS a hassle to go to 40 or 50 sites and maybe find six that have something to say. My browser is getting surfing fatigue. Let's get it together brothers and sisters and start producing. We need to keep the ball rolling. We are the last of the Mohicans in the news and opinion world. We are the final line in the sand to tell people how it is done and how to go about it. We are about the living and the vigorous, not the brain dead types who are going along with all of this shit. If you can't think of anything new to say then rehash some of your old thoughts. Lots of people have not the slightest idea of what you know and how you take care of things. Print it up and let it roll. We need to know that everybody is alive and well.

I got to reading George Ure this morning and he had the good news that the new Treasury Regulations are going to force me to go to electronic money. Man! I don't know about that! I like to lay my money down and get what I want and I don't want an electronic trail of everywhere I have been and what I did there. I'll take the cash if you please. If this spreads to other segments of the economy then we will never know jack shit about our currency and that leads me to think they don't WANT us to now about our currency. They do not want us to have the freedom to roam about the country as we damn well please. STAY IN YOUR CUBICLE AND CONSUME. I don't have much money and that is fine. I can live in my world. But woe be onto those who would fool with it. I do not trust the fedgov and I don't want them stepping into the management area of my money. The fedgov cannot manage it's way out of a wet paper bag so why should I trust their little scheme to take my check away. But I was told I have three years left so maybe we can get that bullshit stopped. Not that I think Social Security will last that long or the fedgov's money to have any value for that long. I just don't like them telling me what to do or how to do it. I am going for a ride with my brother-in-law and will be back to finish this later. If I can see it! HAH!

I was reading about Little Timmy Geithner this week and he had an interview where he said he had not ever had a real job. But you understand that a man who has never had to work for a living is qualified to lead a responsible part of the nation's government in times of great stress. Atileast that is what Obama is telling us. Dear Little Tim. His name is pronounced Guytner. Like guy with a 't' on the end of it and followed by a "ner". Words cannot describe the contempt I have for him. Nope much else to say this morning. Just read the news. It will give you lots of stuff to question. Stay alive.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Helluva morning. I feel fine and all of that but the last half a day has been interesting, to say the least. I got a message last night from a friend who has an ex-CIA buddy. The CIA type said that in June or July we will have a shut down in the power grid most likely from an EMP explosion or a keystroke from a Chinese location. It will occur in a manner to cover up a collapsed economy around the globe but mainly here in the USA. Far out! I'll be buying candles today! My neighbor said he had fishing tackle to last 5 years, fish traps, animal traps, and lots of hunting guns and ammo. And I mean LOTS of guns and ammo. Not much military stuff but enough to put a lot of lead in the air. He asked if I had garden seed for three years and I said yes. He then said we had our asses covered. If nothing else, we eat. Whew. Glad of that. We have kids around here and they need their protein and minerals. Looks like they will be getting them. I am thinking about buying a substantial amount of lead. Lead is good. It is used for sinkers and bullets and both of these items are going to be in short supply. You first have to take care of the home team and then you might be able to barter with some left over.

And taking care of the home team is looking to be mighty important in the soon coming days ahead. There will be people to feed and defend. That in itself will be an amazing accomplishment to behold. There will be THOUSANDS, MAYBE MILLIONS of people out looking for safety and sanctuary. It looks like the fedgov will try to move people out of the towns and cities and get them to God-only-knows where. Maybe FEMA camps. Maybe labor camps. Maybe just get them out of the way of what they have in mind to do. But those folks will be out there and they will be looking to accomplish quickly what you have devoted long hours and hard earned money to do over a much longer period of time. They will want to become instant preparedness people. How cool! They will want good housing and good food, well cooked, lots of free beer, and a band on Saturday night. Lots of luck, you idiots. I ain't forgetting the sly looks or the hurtful remarks as I preached the salvation of the new day to come. And so many did not heed my message. And they can fall by the side of the road and die at this point. The lines are long and the resource is limited. If you have helped, then you may receive help. If you have not helped then get ready for a rough hard life. That is pretty blunt and non-forgiving, I know, but that is the way it is going to be. Life is about to get difficult and that is a fact. Don't delay getting what you need to live and don't forget that when the SHTF what you have is what you got. Be very thoughtful as to what you spend your money for these last few days or weeks. Play no financial games like the stock market or the commodities market. Get real serious and prayerful.

I get so fed up with the treachery of our government and the governments overseas. They are lying, cheating bastards and they will not tell us the truth so help them. The problems we face could all have been settled and the country going forward, if we had been told the truth and the facts allowed to play out like they were dealt. Yeah, some rich bastards would have been sent up the river but who the hell cares. The only rich person to fall to the fedgov has been Martha Stewart and that was such a travesty that I try to buy her stuff whenever I can. Not that she needs the money but because she is a fellow rebel toward federal prosecution. But the fedgov goes marching on with it's fake prosecution of Goldman-Sachs and it's prosecution of the Hutaree. I ain't forgot about the Hutaree. They might be a little crazy but that ain't a crime. The fedgov is wrong in prosecuting them and we may have to go bail them out. In whatever fashion that works I reckon.

I think this will be all for today. Please prepare and stay alive.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Good morning to you, or good evening , depending on your time of reading. It is a bit chilly outside. Of course, any chill is magnified by moisture in the air. It's that old bugaboo WET COLD again. I hated wet cold as a kid, I hated it as a working man and I hate it as an old man. I just plain don't like the stuff.

A lot of people are making declarations and voicing opinions as to the quantities and qualities of preps and so forth and so on. Good things. People are showing a little gumption, a little resolve. And we will need both is large amounts in a few months.

I thought a lot about the fedgov going after the Hutaree and the barrage of anti-opposition rhetoric emanating from the same source. Too many innocent people are being labeled as possible terrorists. Too many people are being called possible heirs to the legacy of Timothy McVeigh. I mulled this over for a while and it dawned on me that this anti-opposition talk was the beginning of a possible war between Americans and their government. If you want to go to war then you must first prepare your people for the conflict. You must demonize the enemy and make them out to be monsters in the eyes of the beholders. I am not saying, mind you, that the beholders have the slightest clue as to what they are seeing but they do have the message from the creators of the message.

The creators of the message are the smart guys. They are the bearers of the Masters Degrees in marketing. They are the Doctors of Psychiatry in human behavior. They have all the goodies in their little minds to cause you to believe in the evil of the governments latest victim. The politicians point their fingers and the smart guys get to it. And it has worked that way for hundreds of years. The profession of Accounting was first populated by the guys who kept up with the supplies the King could count on when he went to war. If the King wished to go to war then the number guys told him what he had to do it with. They knew how much food he had and how many weapons. They knew how much gold was in the royal treasury. All this data was presented to the king and he said yes or no to going to war.

Now days we have a propaganda machine set up ready to churn out the message as to who and why and when we will go to war. Pretty slick operation. And it is very effective. And it is effective because most people are DEfective in their minds. Not many people have the mental capacity to dig a little deeper than what the boob tube tells them about life. But you can see how it is done. Be thankful .

All of this government mind machinery is aimed at getting YOU prepared for war, for violence. As we look at it we can come to the conclusion that our government is getting ready to make war on US! This is a bit disconcerting, to say the least. I haven't done a damn thing to provoke the government to make war against me and my kind. Therefore I can only surmise that the government is afraid. It has had it's cage rattled. It is ready to lash out and quell any rebellion. And why would this be so? Is it because the government is guilty of something really evil? I think it IS guilty and I think we don't know the half of it. Treachery in high places does not take guilt from any one's mind. It may in fact make it more painful, It can eat on a man to stand up and say "God Bless America" when he knows he is ripping it off and selling it down the river. Even a beast can fear God.

My next conclusion has lead me to the place where I think the only thing that can save us is a bigger issue that a few malcontents who really are not bothering anyone. How about the issue of an atomic war in the Mideast? Could this take away the threat posed by the disgruntled? I think it would. In fact I am sure it would. So let us hope that the Middle East will come to our rescue and bring the attention of the beast to bear elsewhere. I'll get more time to prep that way, I think.

The garden plans have been altered to include more corn this year. We are going to harvest our beans on the basis of time. We will not worry about the moisture this year we will just pick the damn things when it is time and forget about it. Since we already have plenty of beans I will get to plant corn this year with a little more attention to volume. Just gonna do the best we can! Stay alive and prep like crazy.


Monday, April 26, 2010


It's Monday as I type my Tuesday blog post. Pretty much standard procedure. I can see why folks got upset with me not posting for about a week. The survival blogs are dead as hell. Maybe people are getting tired of the trip. Maybe there are a few folks into it that are not supposed to make it. It really does require a lot of dedication on an individuals part to stay with the program. I went to and read Cliff High's stuff this weekend. Man! Is he ever taking a long walk off of a short pier. If we don't have a nuclear war by this late Fall or early Winter Cliff is going to be a failed prophet, because he is surely saying it will happen. Not many people will come out that boldly and say what Cliff is saying. His business would most likely fail if his predictions don't come true, so he is risking quite a lot. George Ure is backing him all the way and I reckon that is what friends are for. But you see the connection, right? Say something like that and if it doesn't come true you are up shit creek without a paddle. I do not have anything on any war at this time and except for Cliff High I don't know anyone that DOES have anything on a coming war. It is all supposition as far as I am concerned. But that does not make him wrong. Not in the least. Time will prove him right or wrong.

I have been thinking about writing a piece on what I would like to have. You know, things that are above my financial grasp but I would still like to have. And leading off the parade is a bolt action 45-70 rifle with a 1000 rounds of ammo. Pretty expensive little toy but it would sure take out an engine block at a modest distance. A big ol' piece of lead running out that barrel! I probably will never see it but it is something I think about. It will hammer anything on the continent, bear, bison, you name it. Just a fantasy of mine. The other dream is a 1-ton Ford Diesel crew cab with a full length 8' bed in it. You know, the tricked out non-electronic Diesel, Four Wheel Drive with heavy duty transmission, manual windows and seats, air-conditoning, heater and defroster. Sure would be a nice thing to have if the SHTF. A big fancy hauler that is EMP proof. I sure would get some admiring glances at the drive-in from the ladies. Especially if they had to walk or ride bicycles to get to the joint. But that is it for my wish list this morning. A monster bolt action rifle and a monster pick-up truck. High class for a guy living back in the hills.

My next topic of discussion is the plane crash in Russia that wiped out the Polish government. I don't hear about that any more. And I can't find anyone who does not think it was a set-up, a murder, if you please. One little crash and the whole Polish government is wiped out from top to bottom. The media showed us some pictures of flowers piled up as a memorial and that was about it. I ain't going for the accident story. I think it was murder. You can think what you want but you know where my vote goes!

I laid in bed last night and tried to pin down who would attack us and it came up RUSSIA. Russia is probably the most heavily armed country in the world outside of the USA. They never stop preparing for war. And every major arming they do is always blamed on something the USA is doing to destroy the balance of power. But they go on 24 by 7 to keep their armaments up to snuff and ready to go. They are arming other people all over the world. Iran, Venezuela, etc. They do not get into big infrastructure projects like other countries seem to do. You will not find any THREE RIVERS GORGE projects going in Russia. Those big dams are stationary targets and not liked by the Russian high command. The Russian military likes things it can move out of harms way. And they have the equipment to fight a major war. They are especially good at missile technology. Those Sunburn missiles that Iran will use to sink our carriers to the bottom of the Persian Gulf are Russian made.

Russia has the oil to make all the energy it wants. They are the worlds leading exporter of oil. No one can touch Russia for oil production. The same goes for natural gas. They basically supply Europe and can cut them off at a moments notice. Europe would freeze to death in the Winter if not for Russian natural gas. So there they are, the biggest producers of energy and the main competition for the USA as the leading arms dealer in the world. And they are stockpiling. They will have plenty of bombs and guns to fire at us when the time comes. They were a big supplier of Saddam when he ruled Iraq. They are very matter of fact in their thinking and they are thinking of blowing us up. The de facto ruler of Russia is a man named Putin. He was head of what we used to call the KGB and then he got into the big time. He is as cold blooded as a snake. If it is time to pull the trigger he will do it and do it promptly. Don't look for mercy from a Russian. It ain't there. You don't get into the top echelons of Russian politics by being merciful.

All of this war talk and arms build up are making me want to prep even more than I have. I want more food and more ammunition. I want more water filters. I want more medications. I want more trigger fingers around to help out. I want huge gardens full of things we can eat all the year round. I want hogs and chickens and cattle. I want, I want, I want. I suppose God gets tired of hearing about my wants. But we are so few and the enemy is so vast and we are tuned in enough to know it and we know we need HELP. Good old fashioned HELP. But we will get what we need and that is a fact. But the old song says "He has answered every problem before we ask or even think," Take care and stay alive.


Sunday, April 25, 2010


The smell of freedom and enslavement are both in the air this morning. The usual suspects who want to be left alone and not bothered are taking their normal stance. The "slavers" are wanting us to jump joyfully into our chains and get into lockstep, with the NWO calling the cadence. And then there is a whiff of another animal, an animal we shall call a prepper. This prepper person is not wanting to join with many people at all. And this is for the simple reason that not many are preppers. Preppers realize the importance of what they do and are not interested in stupid, misplaced interests. "You aren't prepping? See ya around." In checking my list of possible catastrophes I find so many that there is not time discuss much anymore. The time remaining is to be used very carefully and constructively. Your money and your time are big bullets to fire in this engagement. Frivolity is not in the mix anymore. Not saying you can't enjoy life but rather that a move must be thought out and followed through. And preppers follow through.

Remember when we first got started on this mission? We thought a good supply of beans and rice would take us anywhere we wanted to go. So in came the rice and beans. And then we got into storing them. Remember when we learned about vermin? I figured it out that vermin was just added protein but I can't get anyone to go along with cultivating it in our stash. So we learned the three day freezing technique and the Bay Leaf technique and then the diatomaceous earth technique. I remember Charli Gribble telling me about freezing my stuff to kill off the vermin. There have been others along the way who came up with great tips to help our survival thrust. Thank you all!

Then we found out that variety was a big thing in storing up your food. We had to get into variety mode and do it in a hurry. Man! Did we ever get into variety. Variety released us from the bondage of a rice and bean diet. We now had an assortment of things to eat. And that was good. Then we had to learn about nutrition. Some things are just better for you than others. And you want the best nutrition you can afford. Nutrition means health and health means you are staying alive and that is what the whole damn thing is about. About that time we got into "shelf life" and that meant an entire new study was underway. So confusing! And after almost three years I get to the point where I read on Preparedness Pro that the "use by" dates and all of that are strictly a mode of the people who can the food. The fedgov does not give a damn about anything getting too old on the market except baby formula and some baby foods. The rest of the dates and use-bys are just propaganda. Who would have thought?

We got into spices and things to make our food taste better. We bought a lot of canned meat. I had picked up on the fact that minus the water, the remainder of the human body is formed up 70% protein. With the rice and beans and the canned meat products I figure we will be okay for a while. Our spices will go a long way toward making the protein acceptable day in and day out. Our next big swing through the grocery was for canned vegetables. Get the vegetables you like and get ready to eat them when the time comes. A lot of vegetables are loaded with fiber and fiber is what you need to take a bowel movement on some sort of a schedule. Vegetables also have great nutrition, if you remember to serve them in the juice they come in. The canning process puts a lot of the nutrients in the water so be sure and get the water down the old tube.

Nest we got into non-hybrid garden seed. Even I knew that we would need to save seed and that hybrid stuff was not going to get the entire job done. Then I met Big John Lipscomb and a lot of the guess work was removed, You get non-hybrid seed and you buy a book that tells you how to SAVE seed and you are at the top of the game. You get a crop to feed you and to preserve for the Winter and you get some seeds to plant the next year. Is this the way things should be or what? No more Monsanto frankenfood. Just good old heirloom vegetables that will keep you alive the way you are supposed to be kept alive.

Then we got into harder things. We got into a shortwave receiver with an antenna from Pete Smith over at Now we can get the news even if the bastards shut down the Internet, which they will do and don't ever doubt that. The system wants you to be as ignorant as dirt. They do not want their plans and schemes exposed to the light of day. They want them sprung on us with no warning and no recourse. We also got a NOAA weather band radio with it's own solar charger and hand crank. Supposedly this will not only give you the weather but it will broadcast emergency news from the Whitehouse in the event of a national emergency. These radios were preceded in acquisition by the Handmaiden's dehydrator. I'm still eating my nightly fruit snack from that dehydrator. Every now and then we start to run low on the nightly snack and the Handmaiden will get out several baggies of dried fruit and put it in water and our stock of snacks get replenished. Blueberries, apples, cherries, strawberries and I don't know what all. But I know if you put it in a bowl with some good Amish milk that is loaded with cream it sure days taste good. And I ain't been sick this Winter. That is enough for today. Stay healthy and stay alive.


Saturday, April 24, 2010


Just sitting here reading the blogs and taking it all in. I read a post from THE COMING ECONOMIC DEPRESSION and scarfed up on the comments. Excellent! I especially noted one that said Americans were a bunch of spoiled brats who can not work and who think everything should be given to them. How true it is. "Let someone else do the work and the thinking and let me have the cash!" How true it is. And so we have become a nation of pansies. The gun people are talking about 3% of the people willing to stand on their on two feet and protect what they have. I say they have inflated the numbers a little bit. Maybe not but I don't feel too secure outside my own perimeter. People are chasing dollars and rainbows but they are not getting prepared for the test to come. And it will be a severe test folks. More severe than anything this nation has ever been through. And there is not going to be anyone coming in to save us. We are the song of the drunkard these days. We are belittled and mocked. And the scraggly ass few of us that ARE trying to get ready are scoffed and made fun of. Looks like damned if you do and damned if you don't to me! Everything is bass ackwards to what it should be.

I can tell you of a vision another man had several years ago. Off of the East Coast of America there was seen to be fish coming out of the water and turning into missiles and flying on into our country. A missile attack on our very shores. And the fish came on in and did their business. Are you ready for that action, America? The economic collapse is just around the corner and the "hit them when they are weak" formula will take over very rapidly after that.

This is just the ramblings of a concerned man living in the hills of southern Indiana. I like my home and my friends. I like the beautiful trees and the ponds and the fields. I worked like a dog to pay for them. And I will defend them if called upon to do so. You have to take a stand somewhere and this is my place to do it. I just get so tired of the bullshit moves being used to take our liberties from us. And I get double tired of the populace taking it twixt the cheeks and letting the rich roll right on over us. We have had our country stolen from us and we will have to fight to get it back I'm afraid. God did not intend for me to be a slave and I ain't gonna go for it. To hell with the banksters and their loyal minions the politicians. There will be an open season declared on them soon enough. And it is totally justified.

I do not want war. I got into the blog thing because I felt the economy crashing and we were not ready for it. But we have no friends anymore. We have managed to alienate the world. What an accomplishment. And I feel there are those in the world who would love to take us down. I feel they are just looking for the right moment to take the shot. And the time will come, my friends. The time will come when we will wish we had been closer together than we are now. We will wish we had three or four states joined together that we could move around in. You know, we Americans are used to going where we damn well please, if we have the money to pay the freight. Well, we ain't gonna have the money and we will not be able to move around like we once did. I hope you all have somebody around you who is interesting and all of that, otherwise it could get lonely out there. Dying of boredom is a slow death. Dying from a bullet is a much quicker way to go. But I have a little clan already and I will survive. Will you?

I have been reading a lot about the violence down on the US/Mexican border. This is a pool of gasoline waiting for a match. There is so much potential for violence it takes your breath. On the one hand we have the very powerful Mexican drug gangs. They are vicious and they are determined to take control of the market access to the rich American drug users. The way to prosperity is through selling the rich gringos dope. Americans are the most medicated, sedated, and stoned people on earth. For millions it is a way of life. Lots of Americans roll a doobie and get loaded on the way to work in the morning. Just business as usual. Of course, it all does not stop there. After the stoned out worker finds himself out of a job due to the economy, he turns to other means of making a living. Phoenix, Arizona, is the number 1 or number 2 kidnapping capital in the world. Right up there with Mexico City. The average Mexican does not have a damn thing. A couple of hundred rich families own most of Mexico. Sort of like what we have here in the USA. So people get grabbed and held for ransom. Then we have the folks who want our Southwest to become part of Mexico again. I don't know who owned Mexico before the Mexicans took it but I 'll bet they were damned pissed off to lose it. Stay alive.


Friday, April 23, 2010


The times are not a changin'. The dumbasses in Washington are still sticking it to us. I wonder if they can feel the razor blades as yet. Some mangled flesh should come out of this little national rip-off. Very mangled flesh. Shredded flesh if you please. Ahh, sweet revenge. And revenge is the Lord's but that don't mean I can't cheer for it and give thanks. The bill to reform the financial world has passed the Senate and it is just a big smelly piece of shit. Unlimited bail out money for the banksters. How in the name of all that is Holy can they do this to us and say they are making things right? Ain't gonna happen. Can't happen. The greed and theft continue unabated. And Chris Dodd has $6 million dollars in his re-election campaign chest and he is not running for re-election. Inquiring minds want to know what is going to happen to this money? Do you think he will donate it to widows of servicemen killed in the Mideast? Do you think he will use it to promote business in a down-trodden area? Will he make the first years health insurance payment for a large group of poor folks? Or will he pack up with some young tender sweetie and head down to the islands for a long extended vacation? Who knows?

The Handmaiden is making up some survival bags. Three of the muthas. Today we got in three new Firesteel Rangers with strikers and three bundles of 50' lengths of 550 Paracord. We got 'em from Survival Topics dot com. Ron Fontaine runs a classy little operation over there and that is where we buy our Firesteels. We have a bunch but you can't have too many. These bags she is fixing up are not Get Out Of Dodge bags or Get Home Bags or Every Day Carry bags, they are just survival bags. Don't know what she will put in them but it will be interesting to see how she works it.

Garden time is approaching and it will be time to plant. The garden is all tilled and ready to go. I have to get a new hoe and that is about it for me. I be ready. Going for Beans and Squash this year, I think. We have salad garden here at the house that should do us quite well but it can in no way build up our survival stash. That takes a little bit of land. I got word from Georgia that folks are stealing garden produce quite frequently. Seems too be a lot of hungry people out there. Hungry enough to risk a load of buckshot in the dead of night. Could be some surprising headlines this Spring and Summer. I got told that lots of older folks won't even plant because of all the thieving. It's turning into a sick world out there. When your garden is not safe then times are tough. Be advised to be on the lookout.

The numbers I get from the media are very crippled and lame these days. Those folks can't tell the truth if their lives depended on it. Employment numbers are always getting revised. "Last week we stated that 570,000 people applied for unemployment but a revision of the figures says that only 540,000 really did apply. This is a sign that things are getting better!" To me it is a sign that things were not as had as they first seemed but they are still bad enough. One of my friends said there were jobs out there if a person wanted to work. But they are not full time jobs. People do not get hired for 40 hours a week anymore. 40 hours means you get benefits and all that stuff so the companies are only hiring people for 32 or 35 hour a week. I know a woman who has a full time job where she works because she is a supervisor. She had to take over a completely different department plus the one she is responsible for and she got the great some of a 38 cent an hour raise. Double the responsibility for 38 cents an hour. What a great life. But someone is always out to kick your ass wherever you are.

It does not look like there is going to be an armed insurrection in this country. People are scared of their government. Something is dreadful wrong for I feel a deep burning pain in my ass. No matter. I will stand my ground, Lord willing. Stay alive.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


It's Sunday morning and I am typing to tell you that I will not be blogging regularly. For how long I cannot say. But I can tell you that my peace has left me and that is a bad sign. I am not getting anything from God and I called some spiritual people around the country and they are not getting anything either. This must be a time of watching and waiting and prayer and meditation. God will move when he decides it is best. But my peace leaving me is the main thing in my current feelings. I know more than the average ape when it comes to world events and dwelling on the events of today is not doing me any good. I will be gardening and prepping and enjoying life instead of being ate up and angry. I have made some good friends out there in bloggerland and I will continue to email and correspond. But I am tired of not enjoying what I am doing and that is that. I want to live to see some new life on this darkened old planet and I will not make it if I don't get my peace back. All the folks who email and comment are welcome to write to me and can expect a reply. I will be working dirt today.


Friday, April 16, 2010


I am writing this post on Friday night. The last couple of days I have just typed a short post in the morning and that was that. My head is in a strange place tonight. I cannot get used to the idea that we might have WW III this Fall. What a kick in the butt. There is a BUNCH of stuff to do to get ready get ready for a nuclear war. Nuclear war is a SERIOUS MATTER. I just don't know where to begin to prep for such a thing. I suppose I should get me some good picks and some sharp shovels. I want to be very far underground when the nukes arrive. I have read the stuff on the internet about Alpha, Beta, and Gamma rays. Alpha and Beta particles can be blocked with a handkerchief. Gamma particles are the bad muthas. It takes massive amounts of concrete and dirt to stop those little buggers. Five feet in thickness is where you start felling at ease about being safe. You get into a concrete bunker with five feet of solid soil over you and you have a chance. If you are at ground zero when a nuke goes off just give your soul to God because your ass belongs to a thermonuclear explosion. Church has let out for you. You are on your way to glory and are not involved in this melee any longer. But I have not planned on this little event like I wish to hell I had.

The God of heaven told us at a meeting one night twenty some years ago to "Dig In!" And we ain't done it. There is no tunnel under the big sandstone hills for me to enter with my friends and family and reside safely after a nuke attack. And for that reason I think the WW III trip may be a bit inaccurate. Now I ain't saying that some bunch of maniacs won't set a nuke off somewhere. God knows we have some of the craziest people in positions of power around this globe that anyone could imagine. But I believe that God would give another warning to us before he would allow such a thing to happen on a planet wide scale. And maybe give us the funds to accomplish the task of digging in. So I am not going to get too upset about this WW III stuff until I get something from God. There are too many people who have to get a message before he will turn the insane loose up the face of the earth. And that is biblical.

I am going to continue to prep for the economic mayhem that is before us. I believe that will have a severe effect on humanity as it is. Millions of people starving to death is enough of a burden to start the ball rolling. That will bring down governments and such things quite handily. We may get to string up a bunch of banksters yet! And Goldman Sachs has been sued for fraud by the SEC but I will believe the effect of it when I see it. I am skeptical of the SEC's power to bring Goldman Sachs to it's knees and send the big boys to the slammer. They certainly deserve it and I agree with the SEC that they did commit fraud. I just ain't seen any signs of real hope on the issue. Goldman Sachs is going into that courtroom with the best legal representation that money can buy. The SEC is going in with the best they can get for what they can pay. It ain't gonna be pretty. But it ain't over yet so we can always hope. Maybe Goldman will have to present a couple of sacrificial lambs to pacify everyone. We'll see.

That is about it for today. Surprise me and comment! Stay alive.



I was simply amazed at the comments and replies I got in response to yesterdays blog. I would have to say that most preppers seem very cognizant of the dangers headed our way and are prepared or getting there. No one seemed a bit rattled at the thought of a nuclear war headed for our shores. In fact they seem to expect it. Amazing. I was proud to be among you.

My reading of yesterday has led me further down the path toward disaster reckoning. At this time I am convinced that the S is going to HTF. But I am not laying down in a corner, curled up in the fetal position, holding a baby bottle of milk and nursing from it. I am making plans and preparations. There is always something else to get. And it looks like we will have time for a garden as yet. More food.

I got several emails showing how the Obama people are going to postpone the coming national elections. How sweet. Everybody who has ripped us off and and lied to us and stolen our country will be secure in their position. The banksters will be holding secure places in the up- coming New World Order. We, of course, will be offered a choice of a FEMA camp or slavery, not that I see much difference between the two. There is a third alternative but it is not getting too much mention. That is the alternative to say "Hell no!" Then we sorta bunch up as best we can and start shooting back at the bastards. God willing, I intend to be on the firing line with the rest of you crazy muthas. Can't be letting you guys out crazy me!

It is going to be one hell of a fight and I reckon you guys know that. It is not going to be easy. And no one ever said it would be. And we will have radiation to contend with and armed troops trying to tell us what to do and maybe an invasion right here on our own land. Sure does sound exciting. Get your clans together and all the joiners worth having around. Make everyone equal in the sharing of the goods. Get your butts out there and "salvage" what you can after the SHTF. God bless you all and keep up the good work. And STAY ALIVE!


Thursday, April 15, 2010


This will probably be a short blog post. I did not type it in advance. I generally stay about 24 hours ahead of post time. But I was not going to post today. So many are taking days or a week off anymore I figure I can lazy off a bit myself.

My thoughts are on how adroit the politicians are on working the "Don't look over there, look over here!" little trick they use. Things are not looking up in this world economy and that is a fact. But the media is acting like it is all over, merely a note in history. Screw them. They are a bunch of liars. It is in the tank and we are not being told the truth by our politicians nor our media. For this cause should the politicians be voted out of office and the media ignored to the point they go out of business.

It's like all the news about the Hutaree Militia. All that shit being said is merely what the prosecution is saying at bond hearings. It is stuff being cast out there to get the court to deny bail for these poor fish. Little or no proof is required. But they want you to look that direction and they will bend and twist their news headlines to get you to look. And as per usual it is so you will not look at something they do not want you to look at. They do not want you to know that we have almost twenty million empty houses in this country. They do not want you to know how much money they have loaned the banks and what banks they have loaned the money to. They are fighting in the courts to keep that information from you. They do not want you to know! Just another example of the federal reserve bank asserting it's authority over the country. "Shut up peasants. This is secret stuff we do behind closed doors that affects the whole global economy and we don't want you in on the deal." They don't want us to know where the trillions of dollars were sent to bail out the banksters. Well, they sure as hell didn't sent it to my house! Over forty million people in this country on food stamps now and the banks get trillions. What is wrong with this picture? I think I will get on food stamps myself. I sure as hell qualify.

That is all I am going to write today. Stay alive.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It's a beautiful morning. Supposed to get up to 85 degrees today. That is warm as hell for April. The weather people say El Nino is about gone and that means a drier Summer, I can dig having a drier Summer. Last year was a bitch for weeds. The rain would not quit and it was great trouble to get into the wet garden to weed and cultivate. I lost a ton of beans because they were just too damn wet! "Sprouting in the pod" kind of wet. I have plenty of beans though and plenty of seed. We will go back in and get more beans this year. I have not checked rice prices lately but I have heard they are going up. Pain and suffering. We need a grain to go with our beans. But we have quite a bit of rice as it is so we don't worry too much about the supply. We just inspect the bean and rice supply now and them and look for traces of vermin. Vermin seem to stay away from our dried grains and beans. We freeze them for three days and it knocks the hell out of the vermin. The Handmaiden also puts a pinch of diatomaceus in every bag and that kills the ones the freezing misses. Or vice versa. That stuff is also good for humans too. Kills any parasites that might be around in your intestines. You can worm your dog or your cat the same way. But dry weather coming means a bean crop that will make it all the way through the process. I hate doing shell-outs with a wet bean. I am already proclaiming this to be a bean year.

The economic news is not very good. It's hard as hell to get accurate news of the market these says. Makes you think there is some hanky panky going on. And there is. These are the crookedest markets on the planet as far as I know. One little tidbit that came out just the other day was that market volume, that is shares that are bought or sold, is down 25%. Less volume of shares, the easier it is to manipulate. The trading going on is basically being done by computer. Our market is being driven by what computers tell it to do. So who owns the trading computers? Well, Goldman-Sachs owns a big one. Fast and powerful. Makes a trade so fast you cannot even tell it happened until the market ticker brings it to light. And that could be 15 minutes later. This whole stock market thing is completely out of the hands of us common folks. We don't know and we ain't supposed to know. And when the market starts to crash the big boys will have everything sold short and clean up another box car load of money. They figure to get us coming and going. Pretty clever. Just one mistake. If they think they are going to get a freaking DIME off of me they are mistaken. I am starving the beast as much as possible. I have nothing they can get their hands on. The property is paid for and all we have to do is make the taxes, which is a bunch of money these days. But I can live and live fairly decently on little or nothing. We have game and fish and gardens and plenty of wood to heat and cook with. We can make it! Screw Obama and his Marxist plot to take over America. I don't believe in him and I have never believed in him. I didn't vote for him and I didn't vote for McCain. I thought they were both highly suspect and I still do. It is good to not have my vote invested in either one of these guys. And McCain may get his ass beat in the primary out in Arizona. I hear he is in trouble. Sounds good to me.

Short blog today. Stay alive.


Monday, April 12, 2010


Just doing my normal thing for the morning, reading the blogs and thinking about things. The thing I seem to be thinking is that the Left in this country is nuts. And I mean crazy as hell! Deranged. Bonkers. Out of touch. I am amazed at their inability to fathom the human nature. I am amazed at their trust in things written on paper. And their trust leads them into thinking that will get them killed. And countless others killed. including their kids and mates and good friends. But I did say they were crazy, didn't I? They don't have lives of their own. They are devoted to their 'card', which is the group they support politically, or their children, or their job. They are seldom involved in any religious endeavors. They are the most 'led' people on the planet. They do not fight. They do not wish to have lots of children. They do not live outside of town on farms. They are urban to the core. And they are helpless in the face of a politically opposing force. Let someone of a different political persuasion gain power and they are lost. They cannot conceive of anyone failing to comprehend and to agree with their twisted thinking. It makes you an enemy of the people of the earth if you disagree with them. Their main love in life is YOUR money. They will solve all of the ills of humanity with YOUR money. They will relieve all pains with YOUR money. All goodness flows through the government as far as they are concerned. And generally their paycheck comes from the government also. They dislike working out in the marketplace and likely refuse to do so. The state is all and they are the state. How convenient for them. But it is all done with YOUR money. They will throw YOUR money at any and all things they judge to be unfair. They are like little spoiled babies unless they get YOUR money. They are your garden variety sociopath. We must relieve these people of any responsibility within our country's leadership. We cannot afford them.

Yesterday I got on a bit of a refresher course in preparedness. I wrote about guns and food. Today I will finish it up with thoughts on medical preps and garden seed.

Medical preps are standard and yet individualistic. People have different ailments they treat constantly. Heart meds, insulin, blood pressure meds, etc. And there are the general run-of-the-mill first aid stuff. So whatever your individualistic needs are you had better take care of them. You can store insulin. And there is a cry of "Oh no you can't!" from the disbelievers. But you can. As long as the insulin is kept cool. not frozen, and that membrane on top of the vial is not punctured, you can store it up. I know a guy who keeps his insulin stash in a plastic bag he lowers down a well casing on a little rope. He has used one year old insulin with no problem. But the instant you puncture that membrane your insulin is on the clock. It will go bad in about the time they tell you it will go bad. Boniface has the scoop on this and he got it from my friend Mike Kemp. Heart and blood pressure meds should keep for a while. I have used blood presure meds that were almost six months old and they worked just fine. Your best bet is to talk to a lot of people who use these medicines and see what they have to say. But you CAN stock them up.

The standard first aid stuff is all over the place and readily available. Bandages, tape, gauze, anti-biotic creams, Iodine, Merthiolate, and you can go to the farm coop and get all the anti-biotics your little heart desires. You can buy scalpels and stuff to sew you up with and on and on and on. You can buy injectable numbing stuff to make the stitches painless. It's all out there. You CAN take care of yourself. The AMA has not taken over the whole system as yet though they are trying like hell to do it. And there are over the counter meds that are as good as what you can get from your doctor. For upset stomach you can't hardly beat old Pepto-Bismal. Even Bill Sardi, the guy who writes health columns for Lew Rockwell, will tell you to get Pepto-Bismal for your preppers medical kit. And on and on. Get on Lew and look up Bill Sardi's recent articles. He is very good, folks. I am especially anxious about having BIG bandages. Little cuts and whatnot can be taken care of easily but BIG cuts are a whole different ball game. They have stuff now days that will stop bleeding real fast. I have never seem it or used it but other folks, especially troops in battle, swear by it. Get some if you can. You just never know.

The last thing in this little refresher course is garden seed. There is a lot of hype about garden seed and that is to be expected. There is a lot of fear in the world right now and the fear of going hungry is a major fear. Now being a dumb old country boy I KNEW that being able to save your seed from your garden from year to year was the way to go. You just gotta know how to so it. They make lots of good books that will tell you how it's done. These seeds are called non-hybrid seed or heirloom seed. They are generally from stock that has stood the test of time and helped man survive. Because most of them are from a time when man had to have the seed for nest years crop and he could not go to Walmart to buy them. You did not screw around with your plant seed. I use Big John Lipscombs seed and it does just fine by me. His website will give you the lowdown on gardening with saved seed. John is a fine example of bravado but he generally backs it up 100% on his gardening. Try him out.

I want to take a little time and let you know there is some good reading at They have a post up called the Dorthy Theory. And right within its words is an explanation and analysis of what the hell we are looking at economically. Some of the best writing on the subject I have ever read. Ilargi wrote this piece and it is a good one. Even an old country guy like me can understand it.

I got to reading Grumpy Unk this morning and he was complaining about the Zombies that come into the Emergency room on the weekend where he works. Then I got a comment on yesterday's post from Urban Dan and he talked about a young woman at the donut shop this morning. A petulant little bitch she was. And I got to thinking about trying to help anyone in this time of calamity we live in. There are just MILLIONS of worthless idiots out there and I would be remiss to try and save them. The gene pool needs a good cleaning. But it ain't up to me. So try to stay alive.


Sunday, April 11, 2010


It is showing signs of being a beautiful Sunday morning, as I write my Monday post. The sky is pretty as a picture. The blogs were fine this morning. Everyone is mellowed out and calm. Someone had a post about COSTCO having a years supply of freeze dried food for sale at the cheap price of $800, delivered to your home. That ain't a bad deal at all, considering today's prices. Of course that is just for one person but it is a good start on a stash if you have the funds. And I believe in having a stash of food. I've been working on mine for over two years and I never seem to get quite enough. I was reading a blog this morning, I think it was Jim Rawles, and there was a link to COSTCO and their one year supply of freeze dried food for one person for $800. That is a super price. With a deal like this going on around the country there is no excuse for anyone to not be prepared. We are going into garden season here real soon and I intend to get some of that "inexpensive" storage food. It looks like it will be another year for beans. They grow like gang busters and they taste very good and my wife and BIL like them so it looks like beans in the forecast. If you do like me you had better get to your dollar store and get plenty of spices for your beans. Spices sure do keep them from being so monotonous. But they fill you up and they are nutritious. A little cornbread and you have it made. Just do not forget to have something to flavor them. Jowl bacon is good if you can keep a supply of it. But just do the best you can and get the stuff stored away. You might buy some non-hybrid seed while you are at it. It is nice to be able to go back the next year and plant without buying seed. Hybrid seed is just another trick to make you buy every year. It makes you a slave to the seed companies and you will pay what they ask when the times get tough. And the times are going to get tough and the price of seed will go to the moon. Be alert to this. I am not joking one little bit. This food thing can get really severe in a bad economy and bad weather. Buy and store. Grow and store. Dry and store. I hope I am making myself clear. This is not a game. It is in all seriousness. You might do like I did last year and buy lots of Cayenne Pepper plants. String 'em up when the season is over and hang them where you will. Just don't put them in a damp place. You want these little darlings to dry and make you a good pepper powder come Winter. I want to get the squash thing going this year. The ones the Handmaiden planted stored very well and were tasty as all get out.

We may as well talk about a dehydrator while we are at it. The Handmaiden used one to great success last year and we still have dried food left. The machine was especially good for preserving 'flavors' to season the rest of our food. Onions and Bell Peppers and a host of other things you can grow to flavor your food. We have had night time snacks of reconstituted fruit with high cream content Amish milk all Winter and into this Spring. Sure is a nice way to end the day. You can freeze berries for the same purpose if you want to take the chance of being able to afford electricity after Obama gets our rates raise up to the ceiling. He needs a lot of money to convert us all to nice little Marxist slaves. But while you can use your dehydrator you may as well dry all you can. And speaking of canning, that is another way to store food for long term. You can can just about anything you can eat. We have canned tomatoes and butter and I don't know what else. You get that Blue Book and follow the directions. If you have a friend who has done it then have them over to show you things. The canned goods you buy in the store are 'canned' and they are safe and delicious. So are the things you can at home if you follow the directions. I cannot stress the following of the book's instructions too much. If you do things properly you will have advanced quite a bit in the food storage scheme. And you can't have too much stored food.

While we are on the matter of storing things, it would behoove everyone to get some form of weapons to protect themselves and their friends and families. I prefer guns and knives but your tastes in weapons might very from that. A gun is a very efficient machine for self defense. Shoot what you have and get plenty of extra ammo. The common thread of survival gun writings are a pistol, a shotgun, and a battle rifle. The guns are to be what you can shoot and hit with. I prefer a 30 caliber rifle for my main battle gun. There are those who don't like it so much, and that is fine. It's your ass that's on the line. But I cannot fault someone who is shooting what they can hit with and they can afford. As long as you can get some lead headed down range with some sort of accuracy you are better off than having nothing. Believe it. For close in work I like a 12 gauge shotgun. I am a large person and the recoil does not bother me in the least. I have a Colt 45 acp in a commander set-up. It ain't a huntin' gun. It is for making holes in threatening creatures at short range. But if it only a .22 it is better than nothing. Shot placement counts. Put it where it needs to go and let nature take it's course. Keep shooting until the target goes DOWN. That is very important. When you shoot a deer from a blind you don't go down to check your prey if you shoot and it falls. You sit right where you are, jack another round in the chamber, and wait and see if that devil starts to get up. The same goes for shooting two legged critters. Only you don't stop shooting to see the effect of your first shot, you keep shooting until the hombre is down and stays down. If you have a shot gun, figure on it being used to defend your home site. I can hit with 00 Buck at 60 yards with no problem. Once you light an area up with your shotgun make sure your opponent is down and not getting up. And look for any helpers that might be with him. Burn their asses up too! That will be all for today. But there is more, lots more. Stay alive. And do the best you can.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


It is Saturday as I write my Sunday post. It will be a slow day on the Internet. I think everyone is out stocking up for next week. I hope you are getting preps too! I don't like Saturday much. No one comments or writes an opinion on Saturday. Saturday would be a good day to attack this country because most people are in to other things on this day. And I didn't make it this way. It is just the way things work out. The Handmaiden and my BIL are over in Amishland getting eggs and supplies so they are gone for a few hours. I'm telling you, things are dead on Saturday. But maybe people are tired. You can get tired of waiting. And that is what we do. We wait for the call to arms. We wait for the blinding flash from a nuke. We wait for the news that the dollar is no long accepted in the world marketplace. We just wait for all kinds of stuff and we get short tempered and grouchy to our families and just generally worn out. Maybe we need a Saturday break in the routine. Don't seem like it would hurt to get a little refreshed once in a while. But we go on, doing what we have to do and keeping a watch for the enemy. And that is the way I look at it. I'm full time. I am into survivalism and that is that. Anything else is suicidal as far as I am concerned. And I am a little crazy that way. All I generally need is a good nights sleep though, and I am fit as a fiddle, ready to strike up a few chords for the dance. And the coming dance is what I am about.

There are many things threatening to plague us here on earth. There are natural disasters like hurricanes. We have a bunch of hurricanes predicted to hit our shores this coming season. It appears that El Nino is fading out completely and the conditions for the big winds and high water are very strong. We can brace ourselves for the coming thrills. We don't get hurricanes here in southern Indiana but we get the after effects and we are just south of tornado land. We get a tornado once in a while, every five years or so, but it is generally following a major river to the south of us. But they can still hurt people in a major way and folks need to be cautious when one of those devils is in the area. The major thing is that a tornado does not hang around very long. Maybe some have in the past, I don't know, but they seem to come and go in a hurry. My thoughts on surviving a tornado always come to the point: GET YOUR ASS UNDERGROUND AND COVERED BY CONCRETE. Best way I know to avoid getting beat to death by the spinning monsters. You can't stomp 'em out or shoot 'em down. Avoidance is the way to go with these things. Get away!

The other major thing for around here is the coming financial collapse. That is going top be quite a show. The banksters and the politicians are going to burn this country and we are going to be left holding the ashes. It will not be pretty. A collapsed system and hungry people are never easy on the eyes. There will be blood. It is unavoidable. The fedgov knows this and is getting ready as best they can to control us. This will not work, at least for very long. I cannot predict the level of violence in the big cities but I would not want to be anywhere around them. That will be some ugly real estate. You see, the collapse will fall on the middle class as well as us poor folks and those folks are going to feel anger unmatched in this country in a long time. The middle class plays by the rules and when they get their butts ripped open they are going to be stomping the hell out of somebody for changing the rules and not telling the rest of us. Their revenge could be completely remorseless. And I can't say that I blame. They have gotten educated and they have played the game at the office and they are educating their children and the rug is getting pulled out from under them. They are not going to be happy campers. But they will be good troops on the line. They will not flinch and they will not run. They will be pissed off. They are going to have a lifetime of work and investment taken from them and it will be a sad day for whoever takes it. You government lurkers out there may as well get out of the country because your asses aren't worth a plug nickel hanging around here.

The President of Poland, his wife, and almost a 100 people died in a plane crash in Western Russia. They were flying in to Russia to hold an annual memorial service at a small little town in the countryside where the Russian NKVD executed 22,000 Polish military men during the very early 1940's. Most of Poland's mind pool was on the plane. The heads of practically everything they had to run the country was aboard. They were the only country in Europe last year to show any growth. Now it is all in a pile of twisted metal in some Russian scrub woods. There are no accidents. Stay alive.


Friday, April 9, 2010


It's a great day "to go to the tavern and talk a little treason." I got that line from "The Quiet Man" starring John Wayne and a cast of great actors. And I am in love with the concept. Like I was telling Remus this morning, I am not a member of any country who has laws against thought crimes. I think I can talk about any goddamn thing I want to and that is the end of the matter. I can say what I want, write what I want, make a movie of what I want, and act out on stage anything I want. And if the fedgov does not like that they can get close enough so that I might spit in their faces.

Like I was saying yesterday, we must get prepared to get out in the streets this Summer. It is going to be one hell of a show as we battle Obama and the New World Order for the rights and well being of the people of this country. They wish to enslave us and we wish to remain a free people, so there is this rub. Me, I like that freedom stuff and I think I will take that side of the contest. And my God, it is going to be tough. Tough as hell. The enemy is not going to give up without a helluva fight. They will bring troops in from where ever they can get them so be ready to face folks you don't know. There will be US troops but maybe not all that many. But Canada might put some in here and Mexico could do the same. Don't know about England, Europe and Russia and China and some others. But there are a lot of backstabbers in this world and it may be an ideal time to get rid of a bunch of them. They compost, don't ya' know. Hah!

But it is going to take hundreds of thousands of us. We cannot go into this with a handful of guys and expect to come away with the win. It ain't gonna work thataway. And the more guys you can put into the fray at the beginning the shorter the battle will be. Hit 'em big right from the first and don't let up. Take all the weapons and ammo you can carry off the battle field. The enemy has some neat stuff and there is no sense letting it lie around useless. Those Barrett 50 calibers are some hard hitting muthas and are particularly usefull. Any hand held missiles will make a big difference also. Don't be afraid to take command of any drones that come across your path. Those suckers can wreck havoc from the sky. If you don't have anyone who can use them you may as well destroy them so they can't be used against you later. Don't leave them behind, what ever you do.

I am thinking of getting a back pack to carry a few things in case I am engaged against the enemy. An old guy with a bad heart can use a few creature comforts during a lull in the battle. A rope and a couple tarps and a change of clothes and some food would be a nice little stash to have with you. A couple blankets would be good. A fire steel would be nice to have along. Some tinder seems like a good idea. And of course that old favorite, an army mess kit, will be necessary for food and beverages. The Handmaiden just informed me that she is getting us all some larger personal firesteels with a striker on the cord with them. I informed the Handmaiden that SHE is not going with me to do any fighting. She agrees with this but thinks an escape bag would be nice. The bag is going to be a backpack. 'Nuff said.

The point I wish to emphasize most strongly is to get your ass out of the house and get to the party. This time it will not be a matter of waiting to see who goes first. YOU GO FIRST. I'll be coming in from another road to join you. And we have to go! If we don't show a strong resolve we will just get put on trucks and put into camps. When it happens, GO, GO, GO! This is how we will win and be able to face our grandkids. Hundreds of thousands of us must show up for the festivities. We cannot back down. We can not stay at home and expect Ol' Luke and Joe Bob to handle it. You and me have to go and give a hand in this reckoning of our future. It is mandatory if we want to be free, if we want our self respect, if we want to be considered as men.

And this must be take place all over this broad land of ours. We are too damn many for them to whip us if we get on with the fight. We have them out numbered by a terrible margin. If we all show up they are on a suicide mission. They can't whip all of us! No goddamn way! The answer lies in us getting off our butts and going to the battle. When you get the word that it is going to happen near you, get up and go! Bring other folks if need be. Just don't neglect to come yourself. We can't win without you. Coast to coast should show us fielding an army of about three million people, armed and on the field ready to fight. There ain't an army in the fucking world that can match that! We have the victory if we will but get off of our asses and get to the battle. Hope to see you there. And stay alive!


Thursday, April 8, 2010


Good morning out there in the blogosphere. It is kinda soggy from where this is originating. It rained to beat skin hell last night. The big field across the road is flooded to the max. The spillway from the pond is working overtime. It's wet, I tell ya, wet. The temperature is going to stay in the 50's today. Fine by me. I have no crops in the ground. The BIL is downstairs doing some type of woodwork, the wife is down cooking the 82 year old friend his breakfast and I am mostly by myself except for Mia, the Pit Bull. Mia thinks she is a human being and is taking her morning snooze. I think it is in her contract that she gets a morning snooze. She was out on the porch this morning try to make friends with the cats. The cats were having none of it. Mia is just too big a hulking monster for the cats to feel good about. She belongs to my son who has trained her very well. Excellent watchdog and very obedient. We all love her. He is going on a fishing trip and does not want to take her so we are watching her. She likes that just fine. Probably because we spoil her.

I was reading a post today about the Obamacare bill and the guy writing it said that there is provisions in it for putting a chip in a patients drivers license so that the patient can be identified in the future. Or even under their skin. Ain't that sweet! In order to get our medical care, which we will pay for, we will get chipped. I swear I don't want this damn chip business. I have made it 65 years without a chip and I can make it the rest of the way, thank you very much. These political people are so into control it is amazing! You think they are passing a bill to get you medical insurance and then you find out they want to chip you. I come from a time when there was no picture on a drivers license. How did we make it? Well, we made it just fine. We did not need pictures and RFID chips and all of that. But the PTB want us to have those things. And it is for control. You get an RFID chip in your drivers license and they can go by you with a detector and read who you are without you even knowing it. And if you are trying to get away from the police because of some action involving you protesting the actions of your government then you are just out of luck. Unless you subject your license to some microwaves generated in your kitchen. Microwaves will kill the chip. Let's have a big round of applause for microwaves! You can also make a shield for your wallet out of metal and that might not be penetrable by a chip reader. And of course, you can make a metal covering for your license itself and put it in your metal covered wallet. If they put a chip under your skin you will have to either get it cut out or devise some sort of shield to cover it. Screw the nosey bastards.

I, probably like you, have been reading about the unpaid pension funds out in California and now General Motors. I don't know if my spelling is any too good but I seem to be seeing the words "fiduciary malfeasance" coming into my brain. Someone should be doing a little time in a federal slammer for this. For any kind of fund or pension fund, there is a person or group of persons who are to be the watch dogs for the fund. If something is not right they are supposed to scream bloody murder. The way I have seen the courts work, this is the law. If you don't scream the alarm then you are just as guilty as the people who stole the money. And there ain't anybody gonna tell me that there has been no glimmer of the day arriving when three pension funds for California government workers would come up short a half a trillion dollars. That's right. FIVE HUNDRED BILLION DOLLARS. What the hell is going on? Are people so stupid that they can't realize that this money has not been paid as directed? That it has gone elsewhere? I realize that California has gone way up around the bend on their pension promises and all of that but where is the money that should have been in there in the first place? It hasn't been paid. And if it does get paid, even at just a percentage of what is supposed to be paid, who do you think is going to get stuck with the tab? John Q. Citizen, that's who. Folks who were never in on the deal. People who were not involved in any of the shenanigans. But the money has been spent elsewhere and you and I are going to have to make it up, if it ever does get made up. The winning is private but the losing is public. What a gigantic scam.

And I really ought to get off of this rant and just say a few things. Someone wrote a book awhile back called A Nation of Cowards and I am half tempted to believe it. And I am tired of it. We will hit the streets this Summer and get it on, people. We will take back our freedom and our country. We will kick the asses off the PTB. And we have to do this! If we don't we are going to end up as nothing more than field slaves for the boys in Washington. They are passing laws that we have no idea of the content. Who the hell reads a 2000 page exercise in legalese? And why are the bills being written this way unless it is just for the reason that no one will read them. This country is being stolen on a 24 X 7 basis. Every minute of every hour of every day is the witness to the theft of our national strength. It is going to banksters, politicians, lobbyists and so forth. But you have heard all of this and more and I know that you are ready to man the barricades and stop the degradation of we the people. It must be stopped and it will be stopped. There ain't anyone with the right to steal us blind. There ain't anyone with the authority to enslave us. See you out on the streets! And stay alive!


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


A very pleasant morning here at home but I am afraid we have some rain in our future. And that does not bother me because I do not have to work in a garden as yet. And old friend who I have known for many years sent me a message yesterday to tell me that we would have another freeze yet this Spring. I believe him to the maximum. There is no way it is Summer already. And the other three seasons will give you a good frost at any time. Simple explanation of the seasons. At least for around here.

The Obama administration is still trying to make a positive change in this country. I want to wish them a lot of luck. So far I haven't heard a damn thing from them that was going to be beneficial to us poor peons. You know, my mentor told me after the Berlin Wall came down that since the government didn't have a big bad communist enemy to fight any more they would turn on their own citizens and we would all end up being like Mexican peons. That old man sure did know what he was talking about. This country is becoming so degraded as to be unrecognizable. And we have not gotten to the CAP AND TRADE end of things as yet. Now there is huge talk of a VAT tax, commonly known as a Value Added Tax. Sorta like a super sales tax. Here we are, working our butts off and trying to survive, and this moron of a president wants to heap on the taxes. Kinda shows you what he thinks of us.

Over in Kyrgyzstan they have kicked out the government and he has left the capital. A coalition of politicians (yuck) have formed a new government. They have agreed on a new Prime Minister, a new Minister of the Interior, and a new head of security. So the Kyrgyz's get a new ruler. I wonder if he has the good of the people at heart or if he will be another tyrant. Time will tell. But it looks like the Kyrgyz's have an idea of how to handle a tyrant. We might find ourselves kicking someone's ass out of office one day. It's a tough job but someone has to do it. Times are headed in a rough direction right now and unpopular politicians are finding things to be precarious. Like in this country, if we can kick out the pack of coyotes we have in there now we might get a group that will serve us, instead of the banksters and the big corporations and the lobbyists. I think that is what the Tea Party people are all about. I don't know much about the Tea Party folks but I know the democrat party does not like them at all. There are some common, ordinary democrats who like the Tea Party but the big wheels don't think much of them. I think it is because the big wheels will have to roll out of town if the Tea Party gets their way. Too bad for those Big Wheels. We have to turn this country upside down to get it right side up again. I think there is a scripture to that effect in the Book of Acts. You might look at it like the Ark getting turned upside down. The Beasts were then on top, the workers were in the middle and the anointed of God were on the bottom. Not too good a place for the human race.

I am going to have to postpone my wood stove installation for a week and a half. I thought I could use some existing chimney pipes but I can't. It would burn the building down. Terrance Maddox is coming weekend after next to boss this thing for my BIL and I. It is always good to have someone who has really done it successfully on site to make sure things are moving properly. And chimney installation has to be done properly.

We are being buffeted by a solar storm right now. People who know about such things say it has a very small chance of being harmful to us. A picture of it's power is at the top of this blog post. I will tell you true, I do not know if these things have any effect on our planet. And by that I mean earthquakes, huge hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, and all those other invasive things that can happen to Earth. Some people believe is can mess with us. And maybe it can. But we are in this storm right now and who knows where the ride will take us. I'm just a prepper in southern Indiana, trying to keep family and friends united and safe. This other stuff is in the hands of God and he don't ask my permission. Those lights you see in the top picture are over Antarctica. Those are southern lights, not northern lights. Stay alive


Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It's a lovely day outside. It may be too hot except for a very nice breeze on the porch. But it is sunny and pretty and I like it.

I was reading George Ure this morning and found out the El Centro, California is actually 50 feet below sea level. If you live in the Imperial Valley I would get the hell out of there. All those after shocks from the Baja Ure-thquake have produced gurgling sounds under the surface of the soil. Could be the "Fountains of the Earth" are about to open up and get things a bit wet out in sunny California. But it is okay with me. That will protect land in Arizona from being invaded so easily. Things just seem to work out. Ure had a writer tell of a very vivid color dream of a mass evacuation from southern California. Same old stuff: bumper to bumper traffic. Lots of wrecks and burning vehicles. Devastation. Black clouds in the sky. You now what I mean. All the lovely things we have talked and read about for the last few years. And I am starting to believe in them more than ever. I know certain things that others don't. I have the clues to what is meaningful and what may not be meaningful. And some of these reports I hear of dreams scare the hell out of me. Actually they don't scare me at all. I think I will make it through just fine. And I think people like Pete Smith and Mayberry and others will cruise through will little problem. I also have friends like Pale Rider and Terrance Maddox to come on and move in here. Pretty stout hearted men. Make wonderful allies but fearsome enemies.

The new water filter with the Black Berkey filters is being completed this morning. Looking at lots of good clean drinking water in the future. I finally got the dope on the Primer system. It's a piece of cake and is really simple if they will just explain it. The Handmaiden is going to buy 4 more filters a.s.a.p. Tomorrow we are to start the actual installation of our wood cook stove. Just getting too damn close to Cap and Trade for me to let it go any longer. I told my neighbor I had the stove to cook with and he said he had the wood. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me! Terrance Maddox cautioned me to get the wood stove hooked up for emergencies and for outrageous utility cost raises. We should get on that tomorrow while my brother-in-law still can use his battery driven drill to get the stove pipe screwed together. You just never know when this crazy bunch in Washington is going to pull some sort of crap that will ruin things for the rest of us. I went to my BIL and saw the water filter first hand. It's working like a champ. Lots of clean water in our future. and clean water is VERY important. And tomorrow we DO install the new cook stove. That will get Maddox off of my back. And things are coming together. I am missing my friend Charles Bell right now. I believe he is out of the country and I will be glad when he returns. He and I think a lot on the same topics. He is a prepper to the max.

I was reading a post about Rick Santelli this afternoon and he is forecasting $150 a barrel oil this Summer. This is a maximum bummer. But maybe it is what is needed to get America to pull it's head out of it's ass. Some folks must feel the pain before they even know a fight is in progress. We humans are sorta slow on the uptake at times. Someone has to get it though their little pointed heads that we are about to go down the tubes. Ain't no joke, Baby! Times are going to get tough. The economy is going to be hard to deal with. There will not be the volume nor the variety that America has been used to. Got any of Big John's non-hybrid seed? Beats the hell out of going hungry. Stay alive.