Friday, October 30, 2009


I am getting tired of reading so called alternative web sites when all they are is regular system guys trying to sell the same old crap and services to people who are alarmed with the present distress. Who gives a shit about what stocks are going to go big and which ones are going to fail? They will ALL fail eventually. But these grasping clawing selves keep trying to part you from your hard earned money and savings. Get with it, folks. This economy is not going to come back. It is going to collapse. We will hit the skids with no momentum to carry us any further. And the mainstream media is absolutely sickening. They keep up the chant of "It's going to get back to what it was!" Who the hell wants it to get back to what it was? Maybe high paid functionaries at big network studios, but that is about all. But to sit around and hope for the old system to emerge restored is a complete waste of my time. America went into hock for everything it had to finance the last big binge. Why go through that crap again? We have it figured out now, right? We get it that homes are not going to inflate in price $15,000 a year or more forever, right? We have read the stories of regular people who had homes in suburbia and are now living at homeless shelters, right? And don't turn your head to the side and think it cannot happen to you because it damn well can. Grain and soybeans are the major export of this country. We feed millions of people around the globe. And the price is being beaten down every day. The guys who are investing their lives in production of these commodities are taking it on the chin. We allow our precious crops to be sold for less and less as days go by. Thank you agribusiness. Can you see why I don't want the old ways to be restored? Why I don't want the old gang to handle things? Some writers are starting to go on about the "bottom line mentality" of corporate America. Because that is where their loyalty is and it means you and I can take a hike. We don't count. Well I have news for them. They don't count with me either. Let globalism wreck itself and go broke. The sooner the better. Let our food stay home and feed us. I am not about to let anyone die of hunger but I must be strong in order to help them.

And speaking of help, if the country looks like it is going down the tubes, where are all those late coming preppers going to get their storage food? There are no warehouses full of canned food in this country. We live on the JUST IN TIME method. Saves money that would normally be used to build an inventory and that money can go to stockholders and executive bonuses. But if the word comes that the SHTF has arrived, then we are not ready for that as a nation. And I am giving us a two or three day grace period. No rioting or burning. No troops and police. But an assured public that knows it is time to prepare. There is not enough food out there for everyone if the crowds are as orderly as a church service. The food is not there! What the hell are people going to do? It's too late to wait. Time has run out and there is no elbow room for humanity. It does not matter a damn bit if you go into a store with a fully automatic assault rifle and the shelves are empty anyhow. These people are going crazy! It's time to stay home and let nature take it's course. But you won't be able to tell them to chill out and think of something else. They will be in panic like you have never seen. Then shortly thereafter there will be rioting and looting and arson. There will be Martial Law and troops and police and all kinds of things out there to put you behind bars and drag you off to a FEMA camp or something worse. Buy now and avoid the rush. It ain't worth a damn to wait. It can only make your life more miserable.
I am going to be away for three days. Getting tired. Stay alive.


Thursday, October 29, 2009


I have been reading a blog written by a Momma Boy. His big trip is to keep being employed. He doesn't want to move to the country and raise his own food. Thinks you might get overrun out on your little homestead. What a useless jerk. He wants no independence from the system. He wants to keep working for the man. His tale leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I will spit it out.

If you read Mayberry you noticed I got a helluva round of applause from him this morning. He mentioned several others too. His side bar at is a wealth of information on how to read lots of survival people. There ain't much jealousy among preppers that I know of. Read whoever floats your boat. Get the job done any way you can. But get it done! That is important.

Still watching Obama and wondering what it is he ain't talking about. Cause what he ain't talking about is what he is really up to. The talk is just something to occupy mine and your time during the day and night. When he makes a plan and decides to move, we will be the last to know and the first to feel the sting of the lash. It is a damn good thing that Obama does not run the universe. He would have it all screwed up. My good friend was riding in his car a very few months ago, thinking about the economy and stuff like that and a voice said to him, "It will go up again and then collapse." Now that came form out of this world and I trust that more than I do Obama any time. This might give you a little background on why I am looking for a collapse. This ain't my first rodeo depending on what that voice said. I feel like Pete Smith the other day when he said there is something evil coming over the hill and we had better get ready. Pete is a transplanted North Carolina man who is presently stuck in Californicate and wants to get out. His is at and I hope you like him as much as I do. He is good people.

There ain't much news concerning the collapse and I don't look for it to pop up on MSNBC real quick like. The bastards in Washington D.C. are not going to warn us or give us time to prep or anything humane. We are on our own and that suits me just fine. The collapse will be a big blow to my enemy. And I ain't gonna help him. He ain't done anything I can call a good move for a long time. Seems like every time he does something that is supposed to help me it ends up giving him a lot more power and authority. Funny how that happens.I suppose you all know about the missiles that China is going to buy from the good old USA.. George Ure dug that one out and Remus over at the Woodpile Report could not resist shoving it out to the public. Remember, it is always what they are NOT talking about that will bring news. And I DID get into the Federal Registry and saw the signed Presidential Decision Statement, just like Ure said it was. STAY ALIVE.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This came to me from the Woodpile Report, who got it off of George Ure at Urban Survival. Kind of a roundabout way to get to you but here it is.
“So is the reason for the dollar turnaround that the Chinese are getting a little quid pro quo not to bankrupt the USDA ...just yet?”

From George Ure at UrbanSurvival at 1:30 PM CT


Missiles to China to Save US Economy?
To be sure the evidence here is circumstantial, but the facts are quickly falling into place:

President Obama has issued the power and authority of his office to Commerce Secretary Gary Locke, an (American of Chinese descent) and two term Washington State governor - who is now in China.

Specifically, the delegation of powers reads:
"Presidential Determination No. 2009–31 of September 29, 2009 Presidential

Determination On the Delegation of Certifications Under Section 1512 of Public Law 105–261 Memorandum for the Secretary of Commerce

By virtue of the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the laws of the United States of America, including section 301 of Title 3, United States Code, I hereby delegate to you the functions of the President under section 1512 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 1999 (NDAA). In the performance of your responsibility under this memorandum, you shall consult, as appropriate, the heads of other executive departments and agencies. You are authorized and directed to publish this determination in the Federal Register.

And what exactly does this Section 1512 authorize?
Sec. 1512. Certification of exports of missile equipment or technology to China.
SEC. 1512.
The President shall certify to the Congress at least 15 days in advance of any export to the People’s Republic of China of missile equipment or technology (as defined in section 74 of the Arms Export Control Act (22 U.S.C. 2797c)) that— (1) such export is not detrimental to the United States space launch industry; and (2) the missile equipment or technology, including any indirect technical benefit that could be derived from such export, will not measurably improve the missile or space launch capabilities of the People’s Republic of China.
So, that's why our Commerce Secretary is in China this week, maybe? I mean besides to give a speech to the students at Jinan University in Guangzhou, of course...

Wait till the MSM wakes up on this. So is the reason for the dollar turnaround that the Chinese are getting a little quid pro quo not to bankrupt the USDA ...just yet? A fine question which someone beside an old goat rancher like me in the East Texas outback oughta be asking!


Just sitting here looking at news sites and wondering if any of the news makes any sense to even read it. I read one place of a 15 year old girl getting raped after a school activity, out in Richmond, California. At least a dozen people saw it and no one did a thing. She came out of the school function and was going to get in touch with her dad and get a ride home when she went off a ways and joined some kids doing a little bit of drinking. Five guys raped her. I do believe if those guys had gotten to MY daughter they would be dead by now. But that is an indication of what people are like in this country. 99% of them just do not give a shit. Something has happened. Something has removed common decency from our midst. And the rape gets reported in the news and people read it or don't and life goes on. What has happened to our sensibilities? What has happened to our moral fiber? Something has gone wrong, terribly wrong. But this blow we have taken to our social structure is not talked about too much. Oh, maybe some obscure editorial writer may get in on the scene and raise a little hell, but nothing is done beyond a normal police investigation and that might not do any justice to the crime.

Our media has made us hardened to this sort of thing. They give our national dialogue so much insane and inane bullshit to discuss that we are immune to much social arousal. And I resent that. Tell me the truth and let ME decide whether or not to panic. Tell me the truth and let ME decide if it is time to lock and load. Tell me the truth and let ME decide if it is time to go on survival rations. I am sick and tired of not being allowed to know what is going on. I spend lots of time every day just trying to find out. And all I really want to know is if the collapse is in full swing or are we still fiddlin' and diddlin' with fedgov playmoney.

So we get back to basics and quit trying to forecast the inevitable. The media and the fedgov and Wall Street are going to lie to us no matter what. The collapse is coming and only God Almighty can stop it and I don't think he wants to stop it. So what is left to us but to prepare! We have done it so far and we can go on with it. Got plenty of protein? How about enough spices to flavor those rice and beans we all have running out our ears? Do you have supplemental Vitamins for those minor minerals and vitamins we may not be getting for a while? Grind the damn things up and take them in powder form. Won't hurt you and will probably make your up-take far more efficient. How about sources of fiber? If you would like to stay regular and avoid hard stools I would suggest canned vegetables with high fiber content. You can buy fiber in a powder form that works well, according to those I now who use it. Do you have fun things to eat for the kids? It will sure make their time of being bunkered in a lot more bearable. Have a little mercy on the kids and get them some treats. Be smart and get some for yourself too!

Ammunition is still tight. Seems like the guns are easier to come by but the ammo is still a drag. I reckon the preppers could use an extra billion rounds of ammo, no problem. It will fit nicely with the ten billion rounds we have now! I don't want anyone with ideas of ruling over us to misinterpret our ability to fill the air with flying lead. They should know without a shadow of a doubt that the lead rain will come and meet them on their errands of hell and disaster. We are not to be trifled with. To move against the preppers is to be thought of as suicide. And really, I don't have any qualms about assisting the scoundrels with their suicide. I'll be glad to help them on their way. STAY ALIVE!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I didn't call the collapse correctly. A couple of the ladies said it would take a week to ten days to let the crap get all the way through the system. Fine with me. I'll be busy until then anyhow. But I did go snoop around a couple towns and check to see how the banks were running. Everything appeared normal to me and that is that. BIL and I got the trash hauled and picked up some lumber and did a little skip jackin' on the way home on the back roads. It was a bright sunny day and the last leaves of the season were giving us a fine show. Best visual treat all season.

That URL I gave out this morning concerning the banks of Europe was good stuff. Ol' Remus at the Woodpile report dug that one out of the blogosphere. He puts out a Woodpile Report every Monday evening and it makes my Monday evening a lot happier to read it. will get you there and you can enjoy your self also.

I wonder what the results of the building tensions of the national linguistics will be? Talk is a killer. That is why you have to look out for the Internet being shut off. The fedgov will not enjoy us discussing it openly and across the country. They have a problem with people knowing what is going on. We might panic, you know. Stay alive.


Monday, October 26, 2009


Read and notice that the fedgov has plans in the works for taking over the Too Big To Fail institutions on Wall Street. Probably so that they can escape the hangman's noose.


I am not having an easy time of accepting the denial of my countrymen. My message is not accepted by many and those who do accept it are pretty quiet about it. But it goes on, at least for right now.

There is arisen a great evil in our land. Men of the baser sort, lusting after the deeds of their flesh. Lusting for wealth and power at any price. And the evil has spread to the very highest levels of our country. Theft and sexual perversions are rampant in our midst. Our children are not taught the ways of God. They are taught to exclude God from their lives. They are taught to be devious and deceitful in their business. They take advantage of retired folks and others who are saving for retirement. Young children are robbed of any experience with higher principles. In sum total, the system has become degenerate.

There must come a time when God will unleash powers upon the earth that are at least equal or even greater than the filth that is in power today. And it will happen, people. It is going to come. Too many people in our country are of no reputation and no wealth, but they are just trying to live a decent life. It is becoming very difficult or impossible for these people to live in an upright manner. But the day is approaching when the pendulum will swing the other way and people will have a chance at decency. Selah.

Got a heads up from Remus this morning. You might like it. . Stay alive.


Sunday, October 25, 2009


It's been a few hours since I dropped my little bomb on my unsuspecting audience and now it is time for further bombing. Sorry if I offend anyone but it has to be done. We are about to enter a time of social breakdown in this country. All forms of social control may just very well disappear. Your constitution and your laws and your church teachings and a whole lot of other social norms may have to hit the road. When people are starving and their babies are hungry then you had better look out, because things are about to get real. If you figure 1% of the country as preppers, then 99% are not preppers. That means in a 500 home sub-division 5 homes are ready for bad times and 495 ain't ready for a damn thing. But they will be ready to take what YOU have in order to prolong their own life. This is called the law of the jungle. I live in an area of heavy woods. There is wildlife all over the place. And that wildlife is constantly killing and eating in order to stay alive. In order for something to live, something must die. And in a social breakdown the majority of those attending the procedure are going to die. Simple as that.

There are many good people across this land who have told me things are going bad real quick, as in next week. This prompts me to tell you that it is time to get ready. What you ain't got done had better get done. And you had better watch out for the other guy because he may be trying to knife you in the back and take your food. Just as soon as things go wrong they will be out looking for victims.

I'll tell you a little story now. It was the late 50's and I was on vacation in Idaho with my mother, my grandmother and my first cousin. We were just South of Mack's Inn, Idaho, on the Buffalo River. There was a dam on the river and it was about half a mile from the highway but it was a beautiful place to swim and relax. Pretty primitive, actually, but something out of a picture book. Gorgeous. Now, you gotta understand that the water was colder than a well diggers ass in the Klondike. I mean to tell you, it was cold. But I had been in western rivers and streams for a few years and I was sorta used to it. So, after we changed into our swimming trunks we got up on the dam and your truly bravely jumped off the little short diving board into the frigid water. Gasp! But I made it and even swam a few strokes. Then my cousin decided to make the plunge. He hit that cold water and it pushed all the air out of him. He came up gasping for breath and crying for help. Like a new-born dumbass I swam to him to save him. Boy, was that ever a shocker. He grabbed hold of me and started using me for a step ladder, holding himself out of the water and breathing what he could. No thought was given to how I WAS BREATHING. I made a decision to break the hold my cousin had on me. I believe it was called a death grip. You have to understand that I was underwater and not in a good place for doing heavy mental deliberation. So I started punching him just as had and as fast as I could, right in his city-boy soft midsection. His grip finally loosened and I broke free. Upon popping to the surface I swam the 8 or 10 feet top the dam and climbed out. Then I turned to him and told him top swim over to the dam himself and get a hold of it. This he did and I got him out of the water. Life was a lot more secure after that.

But you are me and the rest of society is my cousin. I had experience in cold water and I was a good swimmer. My cousin was primarily a dead weight in the whole thing. We are preppers and society is not prepared worth a damn. When the SHTF they will become preppers and you will become the supplier. They will stock up on what you have saved. They will eat while you will starve, if they have their way. DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN ! I have published over 1000 posts, closer to 1100 really, and I can't count too many that have paid attention. But you better pay attention to the masses when the SHTF. Those people are dangerous and possibly desperate. Their priorities are greater than yours, in their opinion. It is the law of the jungle again and only the strong survive. Well, if you were strong enough to prep then you can be strong enough to hold on to your preps. Personally I like my 25 inch barrel 12 gauge shotgun to help me retain my strength. And I am not saying to not help a friend out in time of need, but to help your friend you will have to be strong enough to be of some effect. And if you have lost your food then you are of little effect. Try to stay alive.


Saturday, October 24, 2009


I just want to take the time to say good bye to all of you in case we get separated by the events of life we are about to go into. If my phone or electric bill go up markedly then I will be gone from the Internet. Can't afford any raise in the cost of my living. Sad but true. And I have made some good friends out there, some people I really enjoy. I will miss them greatly. And you all know who you are, as we have cussed and discussed things privately. At least as privately as the monitoring of our Internet will allow. And it may be you that is cut off by the circumstances of life. Got preps? Preps are how you will make it in the days ahead. All that food you have been stocking away will be very precious in the future.

Michael Gaddy has a great piece on Lew Rockwell this morning. It is titled " Gun Control: Schemed by Tyrants, Supported by Fools" You can read it yourself at . You can email Mr. Gaddy and he will post back to you.

The dollar is about to crash. It is becoming too evident on the world market that our economy is as phony as a three dollar bill. Nothing we can do about it now. We just have to ride it out. Even the big boys on Wall Street will be ducking for cover. They have to live with the fear that they went too far this last time. Their latest engorgement has wrecked the boat. We are taking on water folks. I am glad I did not have anything to do with the coming collapse. I can go outside and not have to face a lynch mob. And that is comforting, you know. The tricks and the lies have taken a toll on the worlds economy. The dumb asses across the oceans tried to emulate us these last few years and they are going to pay a horrible price. Because this is not going to be a local thing but rather world wide. The New World Order is merely the criminals working out their collective security. In the transfer of wealth we have witnessed these last few years, the group at the top has gotten smaller and they are looking around and trying to figure out who is with them and who is sucking hind tit. But the crash is all but accomplished. I saw the dollar break through the 75 cent barrier for a few minutes last night. 74.95 cents. First time I had witnessed such a thing. It is back up to 75 cents this morning, but that is only because of politics and legal shenanigans and not anything of any real fact. But the tricks and the subterfuge is not going to work for long. The nations of the world are tired of kissing our ass and bowing and scraping. Worn out from it and ready to go on to something else. Can't say as I blame them. There are a lot of scoundrels out here in the world trying to hurt us and don't ever forget that we taught them every thing they know. It's not like the fedgov is innocent and all of that. They are guilty as sin.

Sunday us the day of reckoning as figured by some folks. That means the Asian markets will lead the way to the collapse. Ain't nothing going on in the American markets on Sunday.

A lot of people are upset by my post of yesterday. I think it is because they might have seen themselves as prey for the first time. For unless you are prepared to do what has to be done to live you will become prey to someone stronger. The whole of human history is about the Hunter and the Victim. Where do you stand? What group will you emulate? How big is your clan? This is not a game folks. This is coming down to the real thing. A world wide economic collapse. I have told everyone to get their life support machine together. I have preached group survival and Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids, along with non-hybrid seed for your food growing. Why do you think that so many people are against preppers? It is because they are dead set against anyone getting a leg up on them in the road of life. And misery loves company. So don't take my words as personal but rather take them as a sign of the future and what it will take to survive. There is nothing I have written that was meant to harm you, but rather to warn you. It is gong to get tough out there.

Another SEVEN banks went out yesterday and it was announced by the FDIC. But everything is okay! Nothing to see here, folks, just business as usual. Now move along and go shopping.

Stay alive.


Friday, October 23, 2009


Good morning to all of you. I am just waiting for Sunday a.m. news. Don't know that it will be headline provoking but it will be interesting. You will probably have to really dig to find out what is going on. But we are ready here and I trust you are ready where ever you are. I think the collapse is coming and I don't fear it much. The Handmaiden will shop today like she normally does and that will just about top off our preps. If the world economy blows up then we will be doing with what we have. I have plenty of seed for next years garden and it should come in handy. If prices go up 10 times what they are now, the garden will be a huge money maker as far as cash in concerned.

If you read ONE SECOND AFTER you will quickly note that the hero and his group were NOT preppers. Talk about a bunch of stumblefucks. And they are supposed to be back in the hills of North Carolina. A North Carolina hilljack would put them to shame. The main feature of the local populace is their distended bellies, caused by starvation. Idiots. But it is a novel and the author can write it the way he sees fit. The fix is in on this book. Newt Gingrich writes the introduction. You know it is going to get lots of play and lots of exposure. And it did. But Jerry D Young can write just as well and he is not raking in about ten millions dollars to make it available to us. Mr. Young, at , is an advocate of Scavenging in the event of a nuclear attack. And he makes no bones about it. You cruise the highways and the little towns and you round up all the food you can get your hands on. You leave no guns and ammo, no medical supplies are turned away. Tough outdoor clothing does not escape notice. His characters are always finding semi's full of canned goods out on the Highways. If society collapses it might behoove us to look for the same. And don't ever pass up any garden seed! Even if it is hybrid, get it. Non-hybrid, organic vegetables is the ideal and should be sought after. But food is food and don't you pass it up. If the enemies are taking the stuff it is LOOTING. If we do it, it is scavenging. See how that works? We have come a long way and it is too close to the finish line to get tied up in words. You do what you have to do. Like Bill Jordan used to say, "NO SECOND PLACE WINNERS". Get the stuff, bring it home, store it. Such a simple idea. Try not to leave eye witnesses. They can cause you a lot of trouble later on. Always commit only HALF of your forces to an operation. That way you always have a second chance in battle. It is also a good way to keep from biting off more than you can chew. Always pick on the easy targets. That is a good way to be successful and give the people lots of confidence.

Do you have the available beef cattle in your area scouted out? Those good souls who grew that good beef should not feel put upon if you pass the offering plate for the benefit of your clan. And if it is a little dark and late at night when you go to get your good will offering, do NOT shoot a big one. Trying to wrestle a 1000 pound steer into a truck is a huge task for a dedicated group of men to do on a good day and you can forget about doing it at night and in the cold. It is an experience that will lead you to understand the meaning "dead weight." It's a big mistake, let me tell you. Cattle are used to being 'driven' and it is best to have them walk to the best place for you to load the truck, then shoot them. We have to use our brains.

If you see a store being looted and you want the goodies for yourself, go in the back door and use a shot gun to announce your presence, a couple times if necessary. This will allow the panic stricken looters to get out the front door and get to their vehicles and escape. Then you and your cohorts may scavenge as you please, making sure you get the choice merchandise. If you have animals or a shortage of medications, don't forget to pay a visit to your local farm store/feed and seed place. You should not run into much opposition there. Most folks will be looting big box stores like K-Mart and Walmart and Target and on and on. Pay a nice relaxing visit to the coop and stock up on your feed grains and animal medicines and other necessities. You should be able to pick and chose because the city boys will not think of it. Don't forget boots and heavy duty clothing while you are in the farm store. They carry the best. And the best is what you are looking for. Don't neglect to look for ammo at your feed and seed store. They might not offer guns but chances are good they will have shotgun shells and 22 cartridges. And some of them DO sell guns, so remember that if the SHTF, go to the place where you will still have a chance of scoring a good weapon. Take your friends with you. It is a nice thing to have someone covering your ass while you shop.

I just got a phone call that said that the Central and South American nations have created their own reserve currency. My informant said you can smell the fear on Wall Street. No matter what the fedgov does or Wall Street does, they cannot stop this kind of action. It is the beginning of the end. Say good night, America. You'll sleep by yourself, though. There is no verification of this new currency in the Mainstream Media, however. Thus, it may be a couple days before you hear about it. Maybe Drudge will give us a clue. But you got the word from a blogger! Stay alive.


Thursday, October 22, 2009


Got a hot pick-up from Urban Survival and the chief spokesman George Ure. Pretty hot stuff. And it is saying LOOK OUT!
From late October till early/mid December, a good-sized market decline, perhaps testing the March '09 market lows around Dow 6,627.

Right after the first of the year, I'd be expecting a whole new chorus of "Good times are just ahead" and the 'gloves to come off' in terms of government control, imposition of group-think, and once the mutated swine flu comes out of the Winter Games, then lots of clamping down of people's freedom of movement.

During this period, I'd be looking for energy to 'shoot the moon' along with the precious metals - oh boy!

And then as the social order collides with the globalist agenda over July-August, I'd look for the markets to be as bad as at any time in 200-years.
This is the kind of stuff I read in my spare time. Is it any wonder I don't think too highly of the future of America? Is it any wonder I have been prepping for over two years? I had a question about the security of banks this morning. I do not think there is any security whatsoever in banks. The day they allowed banks to get into the stock market was the day the banks went to hell. Now Obama is getting ready to bail out small banks. How kind of him. He really keeps those printing presses humming.What are you going to do the morning you get up and your bank is closed? How are you going to live? Your money has been frozen and you haven't a prayer of getting it out until the fedgov says you can. Will you be able to pay your electricity bill? Can you buy groceries? How about the kids lunch money? Do you still have money in the stock market? Bon voyage! How about your medicines? Do you have a supply handy? Do you have the tools to cut up firewood for heating your home and cooking your food? It is getting to be Winter time and heat will be at a premium.

Here is a piece of The Daily Reckoning by Bill Bonner:That�s why we have our Crash Alert flag flying over the headquarters of The Daily Reckoning. We put it up two weeks ago. No crash so far. But it can�t be too far in the future.And more thoughts�

*** While champagne and caviar is served out in the speculative economy of bankers and hedge fund managers, its bread and branch water for the poor folks stuck in the real economy.

First, we have some figures from the Center for Responsible Lending. Nearly 3 million houses are expected to be foreclosed in 2009. And there are 8 million still to go!

Yes, we�ve crossed the foothills of sub-prime already. But the Rockies of Alt-A, jumbos, and other salacious mortgage instruments are still ahead.And what happens to people who lose their houses? The New York Times reports that more and more foreclosure sufferers are becoming homeless. The article gives a �typical� story. A woman loses her house. She stays with friends. She sleeps in her car. She tries to find work. Eventually, she runs out of options and checks into a homeless shelter.


I just finished "ONE SECOND AFTER" by William Forstechen. A pretty good read. You can get the same genre at for free and read it online. Jerry D Young does most of the writing and he knows his business. He also knows survivalism.

Get ready to stay alive!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Not much of a blog post today. I spent prime writing time sitting in a courtroom waiting for nothing. But I will win in the end. They can haul me in again but they ain't gonna get a damn thing.

I am not liking the prices of soybeans and corn on the market these days. A whole lot of people are getting very little for their work and effort. And the price goes down a little bit every fucking day. But the Chinese are getting their soybeans at a good price! And American companies are selling them the food. Don't it just warm your little globalist heart?

I just saw Joe Biden call this a DEPRESSION that we are presently in. I'll be damned. The truth coming from a Delaware Democrat. Who would have thought it could happen? The latest take on the collapse is any where from four days and a wake up to 5 or 6 weeks. I tried to get the You Tube URL for Biden's little speech but it had been taken off. But I saw it and no one can take that from me.

I think I will take the rest of the night off. My head is not is a good place and this Valley don't need to see me going ballistic. Stay alive.

Just got a post from Jim Haddix with a URL of Joe Biden calling our economy a DEPRESSION.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So okay, it starts. The collapse is on. What will happen first? Most likely it will be a run on the banks. People will be trying to get their money so that they can buy what we have been buying for a couple of years. They will be met with a resounding NO WAY, JOSE! The banks are not going to let the money get out. They might even be blocked by the fedgov. There will be strenuous pounding on the doors but that will not open those bank vaults. The banks will have heavy police protection, more than likely. That will be in case some of you have those carbon cutting-rods that will cut steel a foot thick. Lead is heavier than carbon. Those not pounding on bank doors and bewailing their fate will more than likely be trying to buy stuff with checks, credit cards, and maybe some cash. Cash may get you somewhere down the road but the other stuff is chicken feed. And even cash may not do it for you. It's a collapse, remember?

And what about the services the cities are so famous for? Garbage pick-up? For-get-it. No money to pay the guys on the trucks and no money to pay the guys at the dump site. No fuel to make the trucks go anyhow. The dollar is in collapse, remember? And the sewer system? Don't make me laugh. They will shut down quicker than anyone. They might just turn the valves to full open and then go home. Then again, they might not. The schools will be closed because the system cannot guarantee the safety of its teachers. And they can't pay them. The banks are shut down. The food storage in the school cafeterias will be looted, first by the kitchen help and then teachers and the rest will be left for looters. And the looters will be looking for handouts, believe it. The electrical system will be iffy at first and them probably shut down. They won't be able to buy parts to fix anything anyhow. And they can't pay the linemen to repair any thing because the banks are shut down. Then a fire breaks out and there ain't going to be anyone to put it out. Water pressure is too low anyhow. And the firetrucks are low on fuel and can't get anymore. Too bad, Baby.

Now we go visit Paul the Prepper out at his farm/retreat. He lives at least 30 miles from all towns except for a couple villages about 10 miles away. His farmhouse is made of cement block with some decorative siding over it. He has a huge septic tank that will not have to be emptied for years. His water supply is a hand pump about 30 feet out side his back door. He has a new wife, an 18 year old recent high school graduate. Her father is several years older than her mom so the arrangement is not strange to her. Paul is 34 and likes the age difference. His college educated idiot first wife left him in 2007 when he got interested in prepping. They sold their house in the suburbs of a big city and split the money after the house was paid off. She got on with her mutual funds and Paul got on to moving to the country. She was in the city right now, trying to deal with the carnage of the collapse. Paul never gave it a thought.

He had taken his new bride down into his full basement and showed her the preps he had stored there. Her eyes just about popped out of her head. She had never seen so much canned and dried food in her life. It was more like a store than a basement. And a lot of it was primo stuff. Fancy food that they could both enjoy. His new bride didn't realize what a good thing she had at first, but it was dawning on her that she was well off and a lot of others were not. Her affection for her new husband was increasing by the day. As she read what was going on in the world she could hardly keep her hands off of him. Didn't bother him in the least.

Paul had a few chickens for eggs and a few calves for feeding out. He had hay and grain for the calves and feed for the chickens. Nothing fancy but damned adequate. Of course he had plenty of water. And plenty of medication for the animals in case some scourge came along. His house was on a step-up on the rise of a slight hill. He had good cover from high winds and a good view of the road approaching his small farm. He had never had a qualm about guns and ammunition and neither did his new bride, as she was a farmers daughter who was used to the hunting crowd. She liked venison and rabbit and squirrel. Paul had plenty of guns in his home arsenal and was teaching his new bride to shoot. She thought learning to shoot was neat. She especially liked the small .357 her new hubby had given her to pack during the day. She mostly shot .38 special in it. But they still walked to the mailbox together to check for mail. That would stop pretty soon though, because the mail was becoming a thing of the past. Paul had a lot of his fields planted in soy beans. His neighbor, Freddy the Fuelguy, could use the beans to make bio-diesel and run Paul's and his vehicles and equipment. Nothing like making friends with your neighbors out here in the country. Freddy was a prepper too, and could match Paul for firepower in the event of an emergency. Three or four other neighbors were preppers also and they would band together for mutual assistance in an emergency. Paul was enjoying the rural preppers life.

These two scenarios are to show you the difference in the preparedness of city people and country people. The country people have privacy and security. They are accustomed to the use of firearms and hunting and all of that stuff. They have alternate methods of getting water. They have big food storage. In short, they have what it takes to live and survive. Do you? Stay alive.


Monday, October 19, 2009


I keep getting questions about how do you get a place to retreat if you don't already have one. The answer is ANY WAY YOU CAN. If it is time to get out of the fan so you don't get covered by the shit, you get out of the way any way you possibly can. Survival Blog had a very timely article about some Jews in the Ukraine that made it in a very unique manner. You can read their story at These people were survivors! A gripping tale from start to finish. But they were determined to live and they did what living required of them. Some of their fellow neighbors helped them quite a lot and some of them tried to kill them. The Germans took over the Ukraine and made life hell for the Jews. Most got killed. Sorta like what may happen here when the word gets out that some small groups are living free and eating well. The failed government can't allow this kind of chatter amongst the populace. Makes them restless, you know. And tyrannical governments cannot tolerate people living free. It is the curse of their ideology. And their ideology is "Obey or Die". It just has to be that way if you are running a dictatorship. So, you get away any way you possibly can. By my reckoning, there ain't too much time left to arrange things and I could be wrong and God bless you if I am. If you get more time, please feel free to use it to your best advantage.

My thoughts on successful surviving involve a piece of land and a group of people. That situation looks to be a lessening possibility as the days go by. And what really pisses me off is the fact that we are headed into the cold part of the year and it looks like a ball-buster Winter is on the way. I know that cold weather keeps down crime in Chicago but it also can make life hell for preppers caught a bit short in the area of shelter. But where there is a will there is a way. There are old barns all over the place that are not used any more. And surely you can find one that has at least a small part of the roof that does not leak. The same with old cabins and farmhouses out in the hinterland. They may not have windows and a furnace, but they might keep the rain and most of the wind off your ass. Come a rain or a snowfall and your tracks are wiped out, if you have the good sense not to make any more until you are ready to leave and maybe not even then. But you have to use that pile of saturated fat and cholesterol between your ears and you better use it wisely. The Hermit, down in Tennessee, says he will be going toward the sound of gunfire. And I know him and that is exactly what he will do and God help anyone who tries to stop him. And in a sense that is a good thing, or can be anyhow. Because the sound of gunfire is the sound of opposing forces fighting it out and you will probably know immediately which side appeals to you! There will be the God loving, freedom loving folks and then there will be the statists. If you were to help the freedom loving folks to a victory, or at least in the escape of a loss, you will have helped yourself in what you need to continue to live on this planet. You will have showed your colors to some good people who will help you like you helped them. And if you are out, walking about the nation looking for a retreat, these are the folks you will want to meet. At least they will bear a decent hearing. You betcha!

The Old Order Amish are sometimes willing to take on a hand in running the farm. If you move in and share your lot with them, and you are a single guy, you are entitled to court a wife. Marriage and some kids will do wonders with cementing your relationship with these people. A perfect disguise from the Powers That Be. If you still have time to go move freely about the country side you might drive out in the country and look thing over. Talk to people and find out who is friendly and who ain't. Get to know some folks and they might be able to help you acquire a place to live. You want to show yourself hospitable and able. You want to be seen as an asset, not a piece of toxic waste. Help a guy in his garden. Help him around his farm. Don't charge him a cent. Tell him you just love country life. Come back a few days later and do it again. Pretty soon you will be getting a warm welcome whenever you show your face. Could be you could arrange a place to stay if you play your cards right.

And a lot of this is all "maybe" stuff but if maybe is all you have then a maybe is better than nothing. The thing you are looking at is time and money. If you have a million dollars in cash or gold you can live damn near anyplace you want to. If you are short of the mark for buying some land I suggest you try the stealth approach. You know, Jim Dakin over at does not have a bad idea for people with limited funds who want to remain free of the system. I ain't saying it is perfect or anything like that but it sure beats going to jail or a FEMA camp. In fact it might be a very strenuous lifestyle, especially if you don't have drinking water on your junk land. But the idea is you have a toe hold on a piece of freedom and you work from there. You get your cheap trailer and your food preps and a decent gun and some ammo. You try to get some control over your climate inside the trailer. Unheated trailers are a bitch in the Winter. If gunshots are a no-no in your area, then buy traps and kill your meat that way. Traps are silent for the most part. You save your furs for clothing. You will learn to brain tan your hides. You will learn to garden, maybe in a stealthy manner. But you will be alive and relatively free and that will be worth a lot one of these days. Don't forget to bring non-hybrid seed for your garden. And the three sisters would be a big help to someone who wanted to stay alive in a declining society. Remember, you don't want to get noticeably better off or you will attract unwanted attention. Plant your garden where it won't be noticed from the road passing your land. Maybe plant two or three small plots of garden instead of one big one, if you think you need to do it that way. And for Christ's sake get all the free food that God offers from Natures bounty. Hunting, trapping, foraging. They are all potential free food exercises. You team them up with some stealth gardening and you may be able to live quite well, nutritionally.

And you DO understand that this is all brain candy. You may not be able to do a damn bit of it. But it may lead to some thinking on your part that will put you over the top in the battle for survival. It is up to you and God and that pile of saturated fat and cholesterol between you ears. If He inspires you then get with it. I cannot sit here and tell you how to live your life. That is subject to forces beyond my control. But I can give you examples of thinking and examples of observation and that can help you, if you have the initiative to go forward yourself. I look at life as a matter of predestination. I do not believe in free will, at least for God's kids. But predestination is a pasture, a field, and you are placed in the area until you have learned the lessons you are supposed to learn. And if you are supposed to learn the tricks to surviving on the cheap then get with it. Go for the gusto and don't hold back. And try to stay alive.

Sunday, October 18, 2009


So here it comes. The biggest crime wave and panic ever to hit this country. Police are swamped and can't keep up with the looters and arsonists. They decide to cordon off a four block square around City Hall. Fire fighters have refused to fight fires because of snipers. Troops and national guard have been called up but the personnel are just spread too thin. Gangs are starting to get into the suburbs and steal what they wish, food, weapons and ammo, women, etc. Homes are stormed and dwellers killed on the spot. Stores are emptied. Nothing is moving in the cities and towns. What the hell you gonna do? By the time this situation is created it will be too late to bug out. Every bridge out of a city will be a check point for either troops or gangs. If you have to cross a river you are screwed. I wonder if it will cross your mind that I told you to get the hell out BEFORE the shit hit the fan. There are too many people in the cities and towns who will steal from you, rat you out, murder you, etc. in the name of keeping their own miserable asses alive. AVOID THIS SCENARIO AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. And put yourselves in the shoes of those who are doing this crap. They are just dumb bastards who are trying to stay alive! Ignorant assholes who haven't had a clue and probably never will have a clue. Life has gotten too damned confusing for them and they are freaking out. Not that you shouldn't ventilate them at every opportunity, but you can at least try to fathom their mentality.

Have you scouted your way out of town? Do you know every back road and alley that will take you away from the bullshit? Can you avoid gangs and FEMA monsters? Can you break free of the melee and get out where the air is cleaner and the terrain is friendlier? Mighty important things to know. Your freedom and maybe your life depend on it. I still remember reading the stories of people fleeing the wrath of Katrina and having to show weapons to get away from rip-offs. Yessir! Your friends and neighbors can become complete assholes and rob, rape, and maim you. It does not matter if you are just trying to get to safety. Your meager resources mean safety to them! If you decide to stay in town you had better have your act together. Better than the forces opposing you. Chances are you will be out numbered and you had better be prepared to deal with that. A few REAL friends would not be a bad thing to have at this point. And just because you know people and talk to them occasionally does not make them a friend. Talk to people about current conditions and the economy and see how they react. See how they feel about the fedgov and Obama and the collapsing economy. DON'T TELL THEM ABOUT YOUR PREPS! Publius has a couple of horror stories about "friends" who freaked out on him over trivial bullshit. They are good Americans and don't like preppers. And there are a lot of people out there who don't like preppers. And it looks like there are a lot of them who feel that if you have preps and they don't, then you are obligated to share with them. Could be more ventilating work!

Food can become a very valuable commodity in the case of social breakdown. You can get your throat cut for some of it. Not a pretty thought but then again, social breakdown isn't pretty either. If you live at a retreat in the country you have a step up on the populace in the city. All you have to do is be prepared to defend it should you be approached by hostiles. And if you are fairly secluded then you won't have to worry about hostiles for a while. They will be occupied with more pertinent matters, such as avoiding jail and jail camps and getting shot by people like you who did not leave the city. But no matter what befalls you, you still need to eat. And a wife and kids need to eat also. If you are unfortunate to have to try to walk out of town you will be required to take your food with you. That can kick your ass. And the asses of those going with you. You will also need to carry some type of defense weapon. And that will add weight to your burden. It is so difficult to get OUT of a city when it is falling apart. Pray that you be found out of harms way and in the country when it all goes up.

I know, I know, there are plans to rebuild the collapsed cities and start trade back up and all that good stuff. That can take years! I am not saying that you should not be working toward this goal, but do not stay in the city with that in mind. Send a scouting party into the city to investigate their progress and help if you think it is advisable. But that is no excuse to be a "donor" for a system that is essentially broken by ignorance and greed. Enlightened self interest has to come into play here and your best self interest is to be away from those people. Build up your own trade and barter system and let the cities build theirs. When things calm down you can always trade with them, especially if you have food for trade. And don't forget to look for circling buzzards as you approach any settlement. It's a sign of something. Stay alive.


Saturday, October 17, 2009


It's not too chilly this morning. A jacket is fine and you don't have to zip it up. But there is a promise in the air that things are going to get a lot colder. Should make for an interesting Winter. Mad Tech, the Great Blue Heron that hangs pout in the lake below our place is in the area every morning, hunting fish. We have a light over the lake and that lets Mad Tech see really well to catch his fish for the night. It is after six thirty in the morning and he will be leaving us pretty soon and heading to his hide out in the slough. What ever his routine is, it is working for him. Mad Tech has been eating fish out of our lake for several years. The ducks and the goose don't bother him. In fact they leave him alone. I think it is because he is a predator and they know it and their sense tells them to say away from any predator, although he does not attack them. The ducks and the goose are pretty busy swimming around at night and sorta just don't go where Mad Tech is fishing. With all the available areas to feed from, Mad Tech keeps coming back to fish our central lake. He has been hitting it pretty hard for the last month and a half. Just about the same length of time the cats out on the porch have been begging food like crazy. In this chilly weather the cats primarily eat and sleep. They put on weight and don't do hardly anything during the day. The Handmaiden says they are active at night but I don't know. I am asleep. But the food begging is really into high gear. And they get all the food they can stuff into their little cat stomachs. About two and a half cans of wet food a day and all the dry food they can eat. I would have to admit that the cats are spoiled. But as the cold weather comes on they keep upping their demand for more food. That is one more reason I think this is going to be a very cold Winter. Mad Tech and the cats KNOW it is going to get cold. We look at the weather report and the Almanacs and what not and we theorize on the weather, but the critters know. God has made a way to tell them and they pay attention to the message. Here in Indiana it is going to be a very cold Winter, I do believe.

Just checked commodity prices to start off the day and corn and beans are down about ten and eleven cents a bushel. And lots of it is headed over seas as we read our news this morning. No mention in the news of the millions of tons of food going away from our shores. I want you all to remember this when things get a little hungry outside this Winter and Spring. The system does NOT love you. Bonuses are not paid to leaders who have their company in fine financial shape. The big money goes to the guys who can rip and tear the biggest chunk of meat possible and feed it to the stockholders. Then it is bonus time. Don't make any difference if the company has no reserve of cash or inventory. That is just the starting point for the next fiscal year. Financial strength for the future does not mean much to the corporate world anymore. The nations supply of grain doesn't make a damn bit of difference either. Remember, we used to keep, by law, two years of food supplies in this country. President Johnson, a good Democrat from Texas, got rid of that annoying little piece of legislation. He needed the money to fight in Viet Nam. It makes you hate the political process in this country. The big business people can hang us all out to dry and there isn't anything we can do about it. We be the peons, you know. But take heart, there is a group of leaders coming on the scene who will change all of this. They will make their people secure. We will release a collective sigh of relief when we know we have plenty of food in our collective pantry. Eating good food is a great thing on a daily basis.

The stock market went down and gold went down and oil is staying about $75 a barrel. The dollar is about 75 cents. Nothing earth shaking that I know of but I can feel the collapse a comin'. Gonna get popcorn tomorrow come hell or high water and God willing. I have been reading preppers today but not much of anything sparks my imagination. I want to see the collapse, dammit. There ain't many people who have seen a superpower bite the dust. This is history. A rare time in the story of man. Things will get better after the collapse. We can start to build our little communities and get organized. We will set up barter and trade again on a local business level as much as possible. A simple lifestyle with people looking out for each other, because they need each other. Part of that is called intelligent self interest. It is just rational to want your people to make it and stay healthy and live. Your young can do the labor and the old can tell them how to do it and not waste their time. All things work together for the good, for those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. Sleep well tonight and stay alive.

Friday, October 16, 2009


It's sort of a "yawner" today. Not much going on. Just hanging out and taking a nap and eating Kimchee and taking my Vitamin C and D-3 and Elderberry tincture and the rest of those mundane things. I don't have to pull guard yet nor cook my meals outdoors. That will all come soon enough so I ain't getting into any panic to begin. The wife looked for popcorn today at Wally World and couldn't find any. But some one mentioned they got theirs at the Amish store and we can swing that, probably Saturday. My secondary effort in getting bulk popcorn is to get another one of those big, huge cans it comes in. They are great for storing the Handmaiden's dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Ain't any mice going to get into one of those cans. No way. And that is a real concern of a prepper. You spend too much time and money getting your act together to then turn around and feed it to the mice. Metal is the answer, or glass. The rodents don't like either one. So, safe keeping from rodents is a function of inedible material. And plastic is not safe from these creatures. Do not place your faith in plastic containers for food storage. Too many chances it won't work. We keep a couple cats out on the porch and they seem to keep the gnawing little bastards out. Gotta get something from those furry little catfood eaters. I have threatened to use them for bait on my trout lines if the shit hits the fan. Wife gets a little dark when I say that but the thought is still there. Lots of fish out there and I ain't going to starve while some cat gets away for nothing!

I just read a piece on Bloomberg about how manufacturing is surging in New York State. Really kicking ass. Helping to pull New York out of the slump brought on by the Depression and yada, yada, yada, blah. blah blah. When you read down a bit of the article you then find that manufacturing is 6% of the states economy. What the hell! 6% of their total economy? That won't fill a cavity in the states teeth. But Bloomberg is a big media joint and they want to blow smoke up everyone's butt and preach the gospel according to the fedgov. And I hate this crap. If you don't dig into the article you never find out that what they are talking about is plain old propaganda of the oldest order. You can go to and read the article yourself.

I keep reading about the $250 Obama is going to give all of us "seniors" for a substitute payment to our lack of COLA this year from Social Security. The news media acts like it is a foregone conclusion that we will get the money. My wondering is will there be a bank with the money to cash the damn thing if and when we get it and will a Quarter Pounder with Cheese cost $17? And why ain't it $2500? Now that would really do some good. I would spend a lot on American made goods if i had that kind of money. American made canned food and American made ammunition and maybe some American made firearms. I could get real "Buy American" for such a deal. And it would be only a half a dozen times what they are going to see the handful of people on Wall Street get for their bonuses this year. But $2500 would put most of us in the black as far as prepping is concerned and maybe they don't want to see that. But I want to see that. Oh yes. Just let me get my hands on that much cash at once and I will show you some preparing that will make your head spin. $130 billion ain't that much more that $20 some billion that the rich are going to divide up, compared to the rest of the country. But, there are just some things that don't just seem right anymore. I was taught not to be jealous of other folks and for the most part I am not. But the "Days Of Preps" has overtaken me and I could use some of the fedgov's money. Sho' nuff. And some of my readers could use it too. I know Ernie would have a place for it and so would Treesong. Mayberry would dance a sailor's jig to get that much money in cash. Dragon could do some good things with it. It would make Mike Kemp's life a lot simpler And others I ain't mentioning. Just seems like there are a whole lot of people who cold use this kind of cash. Well, we will just have to go on like we are and paying attention to what pops up in front of us. Stay alive.


Thursday, October 15, 2009


Ahh.. nothing quite like the smell of collapse in the morning. It gets the old appetite going and the juices flowing. Gold is at $1065 an ounce this morning, Wednesday, the 14th of October. The dollar is at about 75 and 1/2 cents this morning. Jim Sinclair says that 71 and a half cents is the line the dollar must cross before it finally collapses. I think that figure is just a point in a determined path downward. Got your Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids? Here at the homestead we are constantly working on that food level of preparedness. You can't enjoy the show if you are starving to death. And I need to get Popcorn. Damn. I always forget to tell the wife to get Popcorn. Can't watch the big show without Popcorn. The stores should be getting in their holiday supply any time. I think I will get two or three gallons of the stuff. She tried to get a non-electric percolator yesterday but she didn't have the money so we wait for that little addition. We will get it. Hermit Jim said to get one and I believe him.

Mayberry has a nice looking Fall garden put in. You can get to his site and see pictures of it. Mighty fine.

Raining and cold here in the Valley. Supposed to freeze this weekend. I believe it. This has got to be a record year for rain here in southern Indiana. If it ain't I don't want to experience the old standard.

It may pay you to watch the pension funds. I know, I know, they are reported to be losing money like water in a sieve. But there are still trillions of dollars in them and thus they will be a target for the cons of New York. The old drama had the villain stealing the old widow woman's life savings. That was where you were supposed to hiss at the movie. But now days the cons in the banking world and the stock brokerages are going to steal a horrendous amount of life savings from old widows and just older folks in general. At the first the kids will move back in with Pa and Ma but then Ma and Pa will run out of money they will find themselves between a rock and a hard place. If the homestead is paid for they will have a home for a while. If it isn't paid for then they can share an overpass out on the freeway. And hey, I didn't do it to them. Quite the opposite. I have implored people to get out of town on some kind of land they can afford and start prepping like crazy. All that stuff you needed was still cheap and plentiful. But it ain't gonna be cheap and plentiful for long. Prices are going to go up. The dollar is going down the drain, if you haven't been paying attention. I am not a rich man with tons of gold and hundreds of thousands of acres and I can do nothing for them. They will have to suffer the results of their own fantasies.

The DJIA closed at $10,015 today, the first time in just over a year it has exceeded 10,000. There will be Champagne drinking in Manhattan tonight. Let them drink it. It is almost over for those bastards. A couple more weeks, maybe three. When this crash comes, it is going to shake the world. Not just the USA but the WORLD. Get on You Tube and look up Gerald Celente and listen to a trends analysis for 2009. It is amazing. And this guy is supposed to be the best in the business. Stay alive.


Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The collapse keeps marching on. The mainstream media will not report it but it is happening. The last time I checked gold was up and the dollar was barely in the 76 cent range. As trading goes on around the globe while we sleep, it will go down again. Pretty soon it will not make it back to 76 cents. Then we will be looking for it to hit 74 cents, and it will. This is a historic time in the story of modern history. The worlds last superpower is going down the drain. Russia is in the tank and so is China, though China is still floating on some big bail-out money. But it will happen. This thing is going global and we had better be ready for it. Naturally the USA government is not getting ready.

I phoned a friend up in Minnesota and he said they were loading out barges as fast as they could go and heading them down the Mississippi. Your food for the Winter is being sold on the world market. It will load out of New Orleans and head to ports all over the globe. Big business needs the money, you know. All these vast fields of corn and soybeans are headed overseas. Ain't it wonderful? So much loyalty in this country! It just warms your heart to see it in action. This coming Spring they will tell us we are out of grain again. Wonder why? But I have my beans and a bag of hard corn and I aim to make it. My good old grain grinder will get to working and making us food when necessary. The wife can make some delicious mush out of the stuff and I love mush. I smother it in good home canned butter, add a little salt and I am ready to go. The canned butter is excellent. Smooth and spreadable. Excellent flavor.

I hear tell that there is a thriving black market being set up in Californicate for the distribution of non-traceable ammunition. No names or I.D. required, just the cash. I told my friend next door about the collapse being on the way and he said he would buy some traps for catching animals for protein. I reckon I can supply the vegetables, or most of them. All that stuff and no added taxes for Obama. No VAT tax or Value Added taxes. Just a straight old chow down and forget the government coming to the meal. They can print all the money they need and that should be grounds for leaving the rest of us the hell alone. But the fedgov is running low on money and you know some give away artist like Obama isn't going to put up with that for long. Ms Nancy will do what it takes to get him the money. Pelosi is such a drag. I wish she would get defeated in the next election.

This country has lost it's sense of community. It has a twisted form supplied by NFL Football but that is about it. No one has any loyalty toward the community or country anymore. People have moved like vagabonds for the last 30 or 40 years and the local scene is non-existent for the most part. We can see this in the business scheme to sell all of our crop this year. Get the money and to hell with the people. That pretty much describes our businesses these days. A lot of heads of big banks are retiring and leaving the scene of the crime. I think a lot of them will go abroad to the Caribbean or maybe buy land in South American where no one knows them. Do it all under with rigged names and you got the world by the ass. You buy plenty of gold and other precious materials and you live in a rural scene with the absolute certainty of being able to grow your won food. Maybe even set up a small vineyard and make some good wine. But you don't come back to the USA or they will lynch you at the airport when you land. The sense of community will have returned in full force and the people will stomp the piss out of the crooks should they return. It has happened before and it will happen again. Things have a way of being made right and just.

I just read where CIT is probably going to enter bankruptcy. The largest supplier of credit to small businesses in the country. It is going to leave a hell of a hole in our country when small businesses can't get any money to operate on. Of course that was after our businessmen learned to not save up their company earning for expansion and inventory build up. You used to do your expanding and inventory out of company earnings, back in the day. Now our men have known easy credit and not being disciplined. So the bank will go and the businesses will go and that will be that. The it will be on with the collapse. Next is a blurb I got from What Really Happened.
Ben Bernanke's dollar crisis went into a wider mode yesterday as the greenback was shockingly upstaged by the euro and yen, both of which can lay claim to the world title as the currency favored by central banks as their reserve currency.Over the last three months, banks put 63 percent of their new cash into euros and yen -- not the greenbacks -- a nearly complete reversal of the dollar's onetime dominance for reserves, according to Barclays Capital. The dollar's share of new cash in the central banks was down to 37 percent -- compared with two-thirds a decade ago.Currently, dollars account for about 62 percent of the currency reserve at central banks -- the lowest on record, said the International Monetary Fund.

I did tell you that the collapse is underway, did I not? Stay alive.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I typed this once already but my word processor ate it, so here goes my second attempt.

The governor of Californicate signed a bill into law yesterday that requires you to give your name, address, social security number and drivers licence to get any kind of ammo, even .22 for plinking. What a grand conservative he is.

Gold opened this morning at $1063 an ounce. That is because the dollar isn't worth the paper it is printed on.

The dollar broke through the 76 cent barrier over night and is now lingering at 75 cents. A few short months ago it was at 85 cents. I did tell you the collapse had started, didn't I ?

Various state governments are passing laws that are very severe in their scope of authority. This is because they are scared to death of facing an angry mob of citizens. The sheeple will obey and the preppers will go right on doing what has to be done. Sensible and logical.

I got some email telling me about this great barter site and I refused to put it up. Ain't anyone's business who I barter with. Just do your business and keep your mouth shut. I am.

Prep like there was no tomorrow because there just may not be any tomorrow to prep.



Well, I have stuck my nose out and may get it chopped off, but I have called the economic collapse as underway. I have been on this subject for 40 years. I have watched and waited with some sort of patience. Over the last two years I have prepared as best I can with practically no money. But by hook or by crook I have gotten some things together. And I am saying that the dollar will collapse within the next three to four weeks. America will not understand what is taking place but the preppers will. I have never seen a citizenry so unaware in my life. It is amazing how much the general public does not know. Have you seen the price of gold on the mainstream media? Well, you can get it from CNN but you have to dig for it and they won't tell you a damn thing. Strictly hush hush. Does the general public know that there is a move afoot to replace the dollar on the world market? Not so you could tell. The cheering section for the fedgov, the media, doesn't talk about that nasty shit in front of the consuming public. But it is all about to happen, folks, and you better be ready for it. And I know this is big talk. And I know this is all in the hands of God. But I think I feel it coming. It is the honor of God to hide a thing and privilege of Kings to search it out. I am not taking the honor of King to myself but I am a child of the greatest King.

Big old fat America has her tit in the wringer. The greedy ones, the politicians and the bankers and the stock brokers, have bled us dry. There is still some money to loot in the pension funds but they will go after that real soon. There is no mercy in a savage beast and that is what the leadership of this country has become. We are hated around the world. And while we are in this weakened state from the Vampires of business, the other guys who have had to kiss ass for so many years will take this opportunity to rip us a new ass. And I ain't gonna stop them. We are fighting all over the place and we have no business doing it. These wars have helped bleed us dry. And they have made the military/industrial complex rich as all get out. Time to cut and run, as far as I am concerned. Let's bring home our gallant warriors and let them live in peace. Let them die no more for the idiocy of our foreign policy. Our sons and daughters are dying on foreign shores fighting people who have never attacked our country. Let us forget about nation building. It doesn't work anyhow. Now I have a guest post from Mike Kemp.
I'm going to make some comments ahead of the article.I own a 'match' AR15. It has a PWA receiver and what is evidently built with a military-type very heavy barrel, with a very fast, 1 turn in 7 inch, rifling. This allows it to fire and stabilize the very heavy, thus very long bullets required for long range match shooting.

I have loaded and fired everything from 40 grain to 69 grain bullets for it, as well as probably 1000 rounds of military 55grain full metal jacket ammo.

I have never had a stoppage. It has always fed, always fired, always cycled and ejected.But I have never had to really put it to the test, in a firefight and pouring out more rounds in 5 minutes than it has ever had fired through it, total, lifetime.

I have also a 'shortie', a CAR version of the AR15. I misremember the brand of receiver, but it is also an 'assembled from parts' rifle, as is the one described above. Someone with an FFL just bought parts and assembled them and sold it as an AR, back in the early 90s.I have fired probably 2000 rounds through it. Always fed, always fired, always ejected. Same as the above, I have never put it to the test.

These are precision rifles. The receivers are 'close-packed' with a lot of precision parts, the integral 'trigger group assembly'. They don't tolerate dirt very well. And when you are firing a lot of rounds, 'dirt' in the form of soot from burning powder accumulates,particularly since the burning gunpowder is vented through a tiny tube directly back into the receiver to operated the bolt/bolt carrier, and thus cycle the rifle's action.

I also own SKS and AK-style rifles. The SKS, with the standard 10round factory 'captive' mag is an extremely rugged and reliable piece.It is not particularly accurate, an 'average' could well be 4 to 6inch accuracy at 100 yards, though there are obviously some rifle and ammo pairings that could produce one or two inch accuracy. The stripper clip loading system can be a pain, not typically as easy and simple as swapping magazines, as on ARs and AKs. And M1A1 (M14) as well as FN/FAL and other styles. It also, sometimes, has a disturbing habit of just 'going off' when the bolt is cocked and released. And it has been known to fire on full auto until it empties the magazine.This is not good. It opens whole new vistas in 'always point the muzzle in a safe direction'.

Let me take this opportunity to mention that I own no full auto weapons. Mine are all semi.

The AKs are simply magnificent. They always feed, they always fire,they always eject. They are tough rifles, obviously built from the outset to operate in dirty, zero maintenance conditions. It is likely that you won't get much better accuracy than with the SKS, though it is certainly possible. It is designed from the outset to produce a high rate of fire, with 30 round replaceable magazines. And the burning gunpowder gases directly impinge only on a fairly long rod, in a very loose housing away from other moving parts, and that rod serves to cycle the rifle's action. The burning gunpowder residue does not accumulate in the critical moving parts.

The round typically fired by the AK is a 30 caliber, instead of the AR style rifle's 22 caliber. It weighs more. Therefore, more difficult to carry as many rounds. The magazines for the AK are curved, and are 'lumpy' and thus take up more space. The AR magazines are smooth and straight. They store very well on the soldier's body, allowing him to more easily carry more loaded mags. But the heavy, clunky design of the AK magazine makes them more durable in the field against damage to the 'feed lips' where it fits into the rifle's action.

Accuracy is almost moot-- if the fight is taking place inside 100yards, the 4to 6 inch accuracy of the AK is sufficient. The typical AR style American design may be able to reach out and touch a bit further, but that would matter only if the shooter is in a position to take the slower and more careful shot at two to three hundred yards. In a close range firefight, 4 to 6 inches at 100 yards is good enough.

Given my druthers, I'd rather have the luxury of a bolt action scoped 'deer rifle'. I am then assured of lethal accuracy with every shot I fire out beyond a quarter of a mile. Slow rate of fire means nothing when you're operating at that range, accuracy is everything.

A bolt action is the most reliable there is. And they can fire rounds of devastating power.

But you have to have the luxury of using it to advantage. That is not possible in a short range fire fight of great intensity. From a very protected firing position, it would be possible for a very few riflemen to effectively use bolt action rifles, but they would need to be supported by other soldiers with automatic weapons. In fact, it would seem to me, that in the situation described below, what they needed were a few 50 caliber machine guns instead of the 'M249',firing the lightweight 22 caliber round used by the M4s (very similar to the CAR which I own).

The 50 cal speaks with authority. It will pulverize 'cover' used by the assaulting force. The gun and tripod are heavy, the ammo is heavy.But sometimes, you just need to send the very best. And that is the50. To not have even a 308 caliber machine gun amongst that large a contingent is to my mind borderline criminally negligent. You can't always depend on air support for 'heavy weapons'. It would be nice to have something akin to RPGs (rocket propelled grenades) or some other seriously powerful weapons to defend outposts. As well as a 50. You can't always depend on air support for heavy weapons. I am repeating myself for a reason. I want the point to be made and emphasized.

And my last points-- as accuracy is everything at long range,reliability and durability are everything at close range.

And if there are to be firefights such as the one described below, the military damned certain better make sure that the rifles issued to the troops are up to the task of high sustained rates of fire. And it would help if whoever sited that outpost where it could be snuck up on learned his lesson. Pick your terrain better. And I would think that having to take your ass to the field and live.... or die.... with the troops would wonderfully focus your attention.

Mike Kemp

See for more info.

Monday, October 12, 2009




I had a strange dream this morning before getting out of bed. I had been chosen by somebody to start the rebellion and I was out shooting at what I thought needed to be shot. Bummer. I didn't like it. But the thoughts stayed with me for a while and it is a bit interesting. The interesting part is deciding who to shoot. And there are a lot of targets. Will I be joined by fellow rebels? Who can say? I didn't like the thoughts that flooded through my brain. My personal feelings are to stay where I ma and live my life as best I can, along with my neighbors and friends. What could be more logical? What could be more sane? Grow food and hunt game and live in peace. Not real big on the global scene, I know, but very promising as to staying alive. One thing it has done to make me aware of life in these United States is the lack of a good indicator as to when the shit is finally hitting the fans. This is a problem we face when dealing with the fedgov's program of attrition. You store up for the hard times but when the hard times go on forever you run out of stores. You are weakened by the eating of the fat of the land. Your resource gets lower and smaller. Very troubling concept. The longer we hold out the weaker we get. It's almost like being under siege. Maybe the cities will come to our rescue and tell us when the SHTF. They have to be good for SOMETHING!

I am still entertaining barter in my mind. I like the concept. Honest to God free trade. Can't tell the fedgov about it but who gives a damn about that? Taxes are going to become quite an issue in this country. Try reading Uncle Vlad sent this to me and I found it to be quite enlightening. A global tax for the UN. They will probably use the money to pay for foreign troops to come onto our shores and "keep the peace." But if the cities have revolted in time it will probably be of no use. Too damn many of us and too many guns and too much ammo. And we know the terrain. Just an introduction to invasion 101. In a light form anyhow. This country is just so vast and so spread out that the logistics of peacekeeping will be staggering. And they will be trying to pay for it with fiat money, so that will be another thing for the UN to overcome. One way of getting China to come in here is for the UN to tell the Chinese troops that there are women here. China is approaching THIRTY MILLION unmarried men as of right now and they are going to be hornier that a three peckered billygoat. And with millions of empty homes in the cities, the Chinese will have an opportunity to start a new life here on our shores. Don't it warm your heart? And that is what I think about when I read about Obama going for a global tax. He ain't got the money to run this country, let alone pay a global tax. What has eaten up his mind? Where does he get off advocating this kind of stupid shit? I reckon we will just have to be prepared to show him and his cronies the error of their ways.

The wife went to the CVS drugstore in Mitchell, Indiana, and they had Sambucol selling for $12.99 for a 4 ounce bottle. That is what we call Elderberry Extract here at our house. We probably have 2 or 3 gallons of it in the other room. We give it away to whoever wants it. And the Handmaiden does not fool around when concocting her extract. She loads the quart jar with Elderberries and then adds the Vodka to seep down though them. Strong, potent stuff. Why bother with anything else? I am also eating Kimchee as I type the post. Got keep stoked up on Pro-biotics. You do that to keep from taking Anti-biotics. Andrea wrote about her learning the leather crafting thing. She is at . She has the right attitude for a prepper. She is into learning what she CAN and what she has a supply of resource to DO. These things are what we must get used to doing. That leather work will be a nice skill to help support her family should tough times come, as they are sure to do. I do think she ought to branch out into boots and shoes. Terribly important to folks and cause to make you very popular..

Stay alive.