Friday, October 30, 2009


I am getting tired of reading so called alternative web sites when all they are is regular system guys trying to sell the same old crap and services to people who are alarmed with the present distress. Who gives a shit about what stocks are going to go big and which ones are going to fail? They will ALL fail eventually. But these grasping clawing selves keep trying to part you from your hard earned money and savings. Get with it, folks. This economy is not going to come back. It is going to collapse. We will hit the skids with no momentum to carry us any further. And the mainstream media is absolutely sickening. They keep up the chant of "It's going to get back to what it was!" Who the hell wants it to get back to what it was? Maybe high paid functionaries at big network studios, but that is about all. But to sit around and hope for the old system to emerge restored is a complete waste of my time. America went into hock for everything it had to finance the last big binge. Why go through that crap again? We have it figured out now, right? We get it that homes are not going to inflate in price $15,000 a year or more forever, right? We have read the stories of regular people who had homes in suburbia and are now living at homeless shelters, right? And don't turn your head to the side and think it cannot happen to you because it damn well can. Grain and soybeans are the major export of this country. We feed millions of people around the globe. And the price is being beaten down every day. The guys who are investing their lives in production of these commodities are taking it on the chin. We allow our precious crops to be sold for less and less as days go by. Thank you agribusiness. Can you see why I don't want the old ways to be restored? Why I don't want the old gang to handle things? Some writers are starting to go on about the "bottom line mentality" of corporate America. Because that is where their loyalty is and it means you and I can take a hike. We don't count. Well I have news for them. They don't count with me either. Let globalism wreck itself and go broke. The sooner the better. Let our food stay home and feed us. I am not about to let anyone die of hunger but I must be strong in order to help them.

And speaking of help, if the country looks like it is going down the tubes, where are all those late coming preppers going to get their storage food? There are no warehouses full of canned food in this country. We live on the JUST IN TIME method. Saves money that would normally be used to build an inventory and that money can go to stockholders and executive bonuses. But if the word comes that the SHTF has arrived, then we are not ready for that as a nation. And I am giving us a two or three day grace period. No rioting or burning. No troops and police. But an assured public that knows it is time to prepare. There is not enough food out there for everyone if the crowds are as orderly as a church service. The food is not there! What the hell are people going to do? It's too late to wait. Time has run out and there is no elbow room for humanity. It does not matter a damn bit if you go into a store with a fully automatic assault rifle and the shelves are empty anyhow. These people are going crazy! It's time to stay home and let nature take it's course. But you won't be able to tell them to chill out and think of something else. They will be in panic like you have never seen. Then shortly thereafter there will be rioting and looting and arson. There will be Martial Law and troops and police and all kinds of things out there to put you behind bars and drag you off to a FEMA camp or something worse. Buy now and avoid the rush. It ain't worth a damn to wait. It can only make your life more miserable.
I am going to be away for three days. Getting tired. Stay alive.



Dr. Richard said...

Just-in-time inventory systems was one of the dumbest things ever implemented for critical supply items such as food, medical supplies, etc. Big gas stations have 3-8 hours worth of inventory and need to be resupplied several times each day. Grocery stores keep 2-3 days worth of inventory based on average demand but can be cleared out in a couple of hours if the public panics (e.g. watch store shelves before hurricanes and blizzards).

If there is anything that causes a panic, the stores will be stripped in a few hours and it is probable that their will be bad behavior including theft, rioting, looting, vandalism, etc while the stores are being stripped. It would be better to not be there and to have already completed your shopping. If the trucks don't resume bringing supplies in a few days, you will start to see massive looting and unrest. If it continues for 3-4 weeks, you will see the begining of a die off during the next 2-3 months as the sheep use up what little they have in their pantries, freezers, and refrigerators. If power is lost, much of the refrigerated and frozen food will be lost and the timeframe for die off will be accelerated.

Jacob Gittes said...

Man, you are like the energizer bunny of prepping bloggers... you just keep on going.
And that's good, because we all need reminders to avoid complacency. Just because something "big" didn't happen this week doesn't mean things are all OK. They are not. And big things ARE happening... the Middle East, markets, etc. The rot is continuing, it just hasn't appeared on the surface as much as some thought it would.

You ought to give us a link to whoever "momma's boy" is. I'm surprised that he's afraid of going to the country, and thinks the city will be safer. In a crisis, there will be no certain safe places, and no safety without cooperation with the neighbors. But I would much rather have relocated to our country homestead by now. I'm still where I am because if I left, my child would be staying in the city. If I tried to take him with me, I'd probably find out really fast that we don't live in a traditional patriarchal society anymore. And although I disagree with my wife about the urgency of our national situation, I would never throw her to the wolves, or let her face the music on her own. Big John convinced me that I had to stay with my family no matter what. So the best I can do is plan, prepare, learn, and prep some more. Luckily I discovered Ragnar Benson, a real-life prepper and survivor with experience around the world. He claims you can make it wherever you are, if (and only if) you prepare and are psychologically ready.

Strange days indeed. When I tell people, like my pa-in-law, that money is just an illusion that represents a certain amount of actual wealth, such as food, shelter, clothing, or gold and silver, I still get nothing but confused looks. My pa-in-law now kind of understands, but then says, "Most people don't think about money that way. To them, a dollar is a dollar, and is real. If you want to communicate to the masses, you have to put it the normal way."

Well, I have given up on converting "the masses." Unfortunately, most people have always been herd animals. Which makes them easy prey for the wolves among us.
I would hate to be the wolf that tries to prey on Michael, or Dr. Richard, or anybody that frequents this blog.

Keep on giving us ideas, motivation, and words of encouragement, Michael. Your words are important, and it is obvious you care about humanity, despite your hard-earned cynicism.

HermitJim said...

Take all the rest you need to, my friend. We all need it once in a while!

Thanks for the continued good insights!

Pete Smith said...

I think when the rioting and looting starts the sheeple will be in a panic like you have never seen. I have been thinking about this point in time. The first few hours of the system crash, this is when the sheeple are at home and see the it on the news, "it's over the world is coming to an end"! So they all jump into there cars and make the store run for food they needed to have already. If I'm out and about at this point I may buy as much stuff as I can and run home, but if I'm at home I am not going out into this mess and when the sheeple are running around like fools I will be at home getting my home locked down and getting ready to bug-in or bug-out. I have a plan and will stick to it.
My friends get yourself ready stop and take the time to make a plan and stock up on food, water, and medical supplies. We have very little time left.

Mayberry said...

Rest up Michael, the slow slide ain't goin' anywhere....