Saturday, October 17, 2009


It's not too chilly this morning. A jacket is fine and you don't have to zip it up. But there is a promise in the air that things are going to get a lot colder. Should make for an interesting Winter. Mad Tech, the Great Blue Heron that hangs pout in the lake below our place is in the area every morning, hunting fish. We have a light over the lake and that lets Mad Tech see really well to catch his fish for the night. It is after six thirty in the morning and he will be leaving us pretty soon and heading to his hide out in the slough. What ever his routine is, it is working for him. Mad Tech has been eating fish out of our lake for several years. The ducks and the goose don't bother him. In fact they leave him alone. I think it is because he is a predator and they know it and their sense tells them to say away from any predator, although he does not attack them. The ducks and the goose are pretty busy swimming around at night and sorta just don't go where Mad Tech is fishing. With all the available areas to feed from, Mad Tech keeps coming back to fish our central lake. He has been hitting it pretty hard for the last month and a half. Just about the same length of time the cats out on the porch have been begging food like crazy. In this chilly weather the cats primarily eat and sleep. They put on weight and don't do hardly anything during the day. The Handmaiden says they are active at night but I don't know. I am asleep. But the food begging is really into high gear. And they get all the food they can stuff into their little cat stomachs. About two and a half cans of wet food a day and all the dry food they can eat. I would have to admit that the cats are spoiled. But as the cold weather comes on they keep upping their demand for more food. That is one more reason I think this is going to be a very cold Winter. Mad Tech and the cats KNOW it is going to get cold. We look at the weather report and the Almanacs and what not and we theorize on the weather, but the critters know. God has made a way to tell them and they pay attention to the message. Here in Indiana it is going to be a very cold Winter, I do believe.

Just checked commodity prices to start off the day and corn and beans are down about ten and eleven cents a bushel. And lots of it is headed over seas as we read our news this morning. No mention in the news of the millions of tons of food going away from our shores. I want you all to remember this when things get a little hungry outside this Winter and Spring. The system does NOT love you. Bonuses are not paid to leaders who have their company in fine financial shape. The big money goes to the guys who can rip and tear the biggest chunk of meat possible and feed it to the stockholders. Then it is bonus time. Don't make any difference if the company has no reserve of cash or inventory. That is just the starting point for the next fiscal year. Financial strength for the future does not mean much to the corporate world anymore. The nations supply of grain doesn't make a damn bit of difference either. Remember, we used to keep, by law, two years of food supplies in this country. President Johnson, a good Democrat from Texas, got rid of that annoying little piece of legislation. He needed the money to fight in Viet Nam. It makes you hate the political process in this country. The big business people can hang us all out to dry and there isn't anything we can do about it. We be the peons, you know. But take heart, there is a group of leaders coming on the scene who will change all of this. They will make their people secure. We will release a collective sigh of relief when we know we have plenty of food in our collective pantry. Eating good food is a great thing on a daily basis.

The stock market went down and gold went down and oil is staying about $75 a barrel. The dollar is about 75 cents. Nothing earth shaking that I know of but I can feel the collapse a comin'. Gonna get popcorn tomorrow come hell or high water and God willing. I have been reading preppers today but not much of anything sparks my imagination. I want to see the collapse, dammit. There ain't many people who have seen a superpower bite the dust. This is history. A rare time in the story of man. Things will get better after the collapse. We can start to build our little communities and get organized. We will set up barter and trade again on a local business level as much as possible. A simple lifestyle with people looking out for each other, because they need each other. Part of that is called intelligent self interest. It is just rational to want your people to make it and stay healthy and live. Your young can do the labor and the old can tell them how to do it and not waste their time. All things work together for the good, for those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose. Sleep well tonight and stay alive.


Jacob Gittes said...

Right on.
By the way, I notice that I comment I tried to enter a week or so ago never got published! I hope you weren't censoring me... I don't think you'd do that. I was writing about how certain "friends" get enraged when they find out I'm a prepper. I try to keep it quiet, but I live in the city... not my choice, but I have to take care of my family. My wife and in-laws won't believe it until it happens. I recently bought a book by Ragnar Benson on urban survival. He thinks it's very possible, and he's full of good ideas. I recommend him to anybody trying to make it in the city.

You mention barter - this will be very important to urban and country survival. Once the dust settles, we urbanites (if I haven't left the city by then) will have lots of stuff to barter with from our collapsed industrial economy. We will set up shops and foundries to melt down the old computers and other junk, and make useful items. Wheel weights can make bullets, for example. You get the idea.
So, my main point: we need to stick together. Don't write off the urbanites yet. We're getting prepped and tough. I live on the river, and that will be a source of food and water and transport.

Any advice, though, on dealing with the angry or overly curious city "friends" who pry and ridicule you? My strategy now is to tell them to fu*k off and mind their own business. Hopefully the gov won't set up a hotline for these worms to use to report preppers.

Pete Smith said...

"A simple lifestyle with people looking out for each other, because they need each other". I think this is the best thing I have read in years. Very well put and is to the point. We have to become a people that work as a group to one goal. Our time is short I feel it in my bones, so use your time to get ready.