Saturday, October 24, 2009


I just want to take the time to say good bye to all of you in case we get separated by the events of life we are about to go into. If my phone or electric bill go up markedly then I will be gone from the Internet. Can't afford any raise in the cost of my living. Sad but true. And I have made some good friends out there, some people I really enjoy. I will miss them greatly. And you all know who you are, as we have cussed and discussed things privately. At least as privately as the monitoring of our Internet will allow. And it may be you that is cut off by the circumstances of life. Got preps? Preps are how you will make it in the days ahead. All that food you have been stocking away will be very precious in the future.

Michael Gaddy has a great piece on Lew Rockwell this morning. It is titled " Gun Control: Schemed by Tyrants, Supported by Fools" You can read it yourself at . You can email Mr. Gaddy and he will post back to you.

The dollar is about to crash. It is becoming too evident on the world market that our economy is as phony as a three dollar bill. Nothing we can do about it now. We just have to ride it out. Even the big boys on Wall Street will be ducking for cover. They have to live with the fear that they went too far this last time. Their latest engorgement has wrecked the boat. We are taking on water folks. I am glad I did not have anything to do with the coming collapse. I can go outside and not have to face a lynch mob. And that is comforting, you know. The tricks and the lies have taken a toll on the worlds economy. The dumb asses across the oceans tried to emulate us these last few years and they are going to pay a horrible price. Because this is not going to be a local thing but rather world wide. The New World Order is merely the criminals working out their collective security. In the transfer of wealth we have witnessed these last few years, the group at the top has gotten smaller and they are looking around and trying to figure out who is with them and who is sucking hind tit. But the crash is all but accomplished. I saw the dollar break through the 75 cent barrier for a few minutes last night. 74.95 cents. First time I had witnessed such a thing. It is back up to 75 cents this morning, but that is only because of politics and legal shenanigans and not anything of any real fact. But the tricks and the subterfuge is not going to work for long. The nations of the world are tired of kissing our ass and bowing and scraping. Worn out from it and ready to go on to something else. Can't say as I blame them. There are a lot of scoundrels out here in the world trying to hurt us and don't ever forget that we taught them every thing they know. It's not like the fedgov is innocent and all of that. They are guilty as sin.

Sunday us the day of reckoning as figured by some folks. That means the Asian markets will lead the way to the collapse. Ain't nothing going on in the American markets on Sunday.

A lot of people are upset by my post of yesterday. I think it is because they might have seen themselves as prey for the first time. For unless you are prepared to do what has to be done to live you will become prey to someone stronger. The whole of human history is about the Hunter and the Victim. Where do you stand? What group will you emulate? How big is your clan? This is not a game folks. This is coming down to the real thing. A world wide economic collapse. I have told everyone to get their life support machine together. I have preached group survival and Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids, along with non-hybrid seed for your food growing. Why do you think that so many people are against preppers? It is because they are dead set against anyone getting a leg up on them in the road of life. And misery loves company. So don't take my words as personal but rather take them as a sign of the future and what it will take to survive. There is nothing I have written that was meant to harm you, but rather to warn you. It is gong to get tough out there.

Another SEVEN banks went out yesterday and it was announced by the FDIC. But everything is okay! Nothing to see here, folks, just business as usual. Now move along and go shopping.

Stay alive.



ErinAndBrad said...

Oh Michael - the clock is ticking - I can hear it. I, too, am anxiously awaiting the 25th 26th and 27th to see what transpires. God be with us all...

Pete Smith said...

I made a last run to Sam's on Friday to stock up on extras. I plan to make a trip today to Wal-Mart to get some more items. I feel something is coming, I feel it in my bones. It may not be the 25th or the 26th but I feel it is close. The dollar is on it's last leg and I don't think uncle sugar(Obama) can do anything more to pump up the dollar it's about to pop. And the sad thing is the sheeple of this country will think Obama will save them. But I guess going to a FEMA Camp is the way he will save them. Maybe a tent to sleep in and maybe something to eat, but I know you will get a shot or two or three and that is 100% for sure.
I feel a great event of doom is about to hit this great country and 99% of the people are not ready. Thank you Michael for tring to warn the sheeple.

Dragon said...

I ain't worried none right now. Alex Jones is making heap big noises but he's just a chicken leetle in my book.
I did put back a couple of rye loaves to grow mold on just in case. Any bad actors can meet my friend ergot. Nasty stuff that. got me a gallon or so of flying ointment around too. Nastier in spades. All the stuff I can get done is. And if it aint thar, then i run wut I brung. We shall see.

Mayberry said...

Glad the garden is taking off, now only if the weather will hold out, which I think it will....