Sunday, January 31, 2010


And very cold "Good Morning" to all of you! Haven't checked the temperature but it is damn cold outside. I have spent my morning reading the blogs, both economic and survival. Reading economic blogs is like reading Alice in Wonderland. You get the government story, put out by Obama and his minions, and you get rational thought from people who have been around a few decades and who say the fedgov propaganda is a bunch of bull. I am like a lot of you in that I have no idea when the collapse is actually coming, but it is coming. Reading the accounts of men who have watched collapse happen in other parts of the world leads me to believe that this experience is not going to be pleasant. Apparently it is but a very few hours before the looters and arsonists are out on the streets and doing their thing. The first hand accounts always talk of murder and rape and looting getting off to a big start. There seems to be no conscience on the part of the criminal element. They do what they want and you die. How simple. I can always hope that I can reverse their little chain of events. They die, my friends are safe and we keep our food. Sounds like a plan.

The next big emergency to befall us is expected to be another real estate calamity. A huge amount of Adjusted Rate Mortgages on homes are expected to go up in their cost of payment and a lot of people are to be evicted. Their houses will go on the market for whatever they will bring, I reckon. But we are also scheduled to see a commercial real estate collapse of a huge magnitude. Empty buildings, empty stores, and empty shelves. Oops. Did I say empty shelves? Not a good thing for the unprepared. Those folks don't want to talk about non-preparedness. They want to talk about things getting back to normal. I figure these folks are just ill informed about "normal" being the reason we are in the shape we are in to begin with. I can remember all those radio commercials I listened to before I lost my pick-up truck. The two women are talking and they want to go shopping but one of them is out of money. The other woman tells her that she can go to the mortgage store and get all the money she needs in a mortgage extension. After just a few minutes the one woman gets her loan and they are off to the Mall and glorious shopping! I do believe those days are over for America. The easy money life is over, America, and you now have to tell your kids about it. If you spoiled them you will find them to be hostile to doing without all the goodies they are expecting. If you have raised them with a lick of sense they will come through in fine shape, if anybody comes through in fine shape. From reading the comments that come in I find that some people are training their kids to hunt and grow gardens. They have a chance. Those that can't hunt and garden will just have to take what life dishes out. And life ain't going to be handing out party favors in the coming years.

The wife is wanting a water filter. You know, the kind with the 0.1 micron filter in them. The kind that can take cow piss and make it drinkable. I saw a home made contraption on for a cheap price, less that $150. Could be the way to go for those in need. You only get about 3 days if you don't have water, then you die. If you have a pump and well you are in pretty good shape if you can keep the electricity to the pump. Electricity is going for a premium price in the future. Having something like a grade A water filter can be a big benefit if the power goes out. You must have good drinking water or you are a lost puppy. The puppy that gets tied in a bag and thrown in the river. And some of those diseases you can get from bad water are not a pleasant way to go. Pretty pathetic in my estimation.

Our pal Dan the Man, up in Toledo, Ohio, has wiped his blog and is not around to answer his phone. I am bothered by this. You can check his site out at . Dan is generally around if you want to chat or find out the latest. If anybody contacts him let me know so I will be at peace.

Y'all stay alive and I will try to be here in the morning.


Saturday, January 30, 2010


Not too much going on this morning. The word seems to have gotten around about the secretary of Homeland Security asking the Russians to commit to sending 4 battalions to the USA in case of unrest among the peasants, er, ah, I mean citizens. No word on whether or not the Russians have agreed to such a thing but them being told to expect 75% to 80% casualties has probably dampened any enthusiasm they might have had initially. Party time in the good old hinterland! Yessir! Good ol' Uncle Ivan wants to come help Comrade Uncle Sam but the cost might be a little too high. And we will get Stingers from the black market or through loyalists in the US forces and that will be the end of the Ruskies adventure across the pond. They just ain't got it going with their ground troops. A thousand Marines can kick the ass off of 5000 Russian infantrymen. But this is a good warning to get ready for the big dance. They are not going to give our country back without a fight so we may as well get ready to give them one. Keep your smokepole sighted in and your mind on tactics. "Then we took our squirrel guns and really gave 'em hell." And don't forget ol' John Hancock! The biggest signature on the Declaration of Independence. He was the biggest smuggler on the East coast and probably got us the cannon we needed to fight the British. Crew served weapons, yessir. That little mission that the British were on at Concord and Lexington was an exercise in gun control that went wrong. The Militia shot the pieces out of the British. Shot them to pieces all the way back to Boston. The shot heard around the world. The mighty British got their asses shot off and collected no cannon from the ragged peasants out in the countryside. Hancock's little gift was safe.

I think of Braveheart every now and then. In fact it is about time to watch it to refresh my memory. Two scenes stick in my mind. One is when Braveheart's men "mooned' the whole British army just to piss 'em off. Laughed my ass off! The other scene was when the English King sent the Irish at the Scots to do them great damage and save some English casualties and the forces met in the middle of the battle field and stopped and joined forces against the English. Always try to make friends. You just never can tell when you might need them. But enough about war, though it makes my heart sing.

I have been reading as is my morning custom. Apparently Mr. James does not consider himself an industrial farmer but merely a man who farms 750 acres of beans and corn every year. I beg to differ with this hard working man. All corn and beans go into a multinational market that is world wide. The products from this industry go everywhere including all those products containing the wondrous high fructose corn syrup which is ubiquitous these days. The amount of corn being used to replace fossil fuel at the pump is staggering. We are literally burning our food in our gas tanks. This is a huge industry. The export of our grains is a huge industry. I grant Mr. James the fact that he is not planting multi-thousands of acres of corn and beans, but he is definitely in industrial farming by virtue of the market his crops go into. The thing Mr. James likes about his farming is that he is now off work for many months except for machinery maintenance. Ands he can do that on his time, not the market's time. My thing with Mr. James is I would like to see him get into food production for local people. And he could start small and work his way into it. I'll send him a gallon bag of Cranberry beans, which will plant a God awful amount of beans. He can learn to process them efficiently and profitably and he can help people in the neighborhood when the SHTF. He is a pretty cagey fella and will do well at this commercial food production for the local market. And since Monsanto does not control Cranberry Beans he can take off his seed for next years crop without fear of a lawsuit. Then he needs to start raising chickens and hogs and selling them locally. Bob Evans started that way. And that sausage and eggs in the morning is mighty good.

I talked to Pale Rider this morning and he is amendable to coming to the valley and checking out the local terrain for defense. This guy is damn proficient at this sort of thing and will be good counsel. My new friend in Jefferson County is sending me a couple books Monday on area defense. This could be an interesting week. Prepare as best you can and stay alive.


Friday, January 29, 2010


Things are not as cold as they were supposed to be this morning. The forecast has now eliminated the single digit horror we were supposed to have tomorrow morning. And it will get up to 23 degrees today. A heat wave! The cats ain't stirring out on the porch and the wife is not out of bed as yet. Let 'em sleep I say. Wife just got up so things are starting to get rolling. Still no sign of the lazy cats.

We have plenty of food to make it through a severe collapse. My son will probably try to make it here from a little ways up North if things get real messy. That means we will have fresh meat on the table. The young man is a hunting machine. He can trap too. I may get a chance to try some Beaver tail if things get bad. Folks are writing that it is delicious. I have promised to feed old Fred down the road if things go South in the supply chain. I have promised to feed a lady across the pond from us also. A couple down the road a ways will be here to cook on our wood stove and bring their kids. I am expecting them to have some preps, however. Now what the other 150 villagers eat is another question. My neighbor here in the building is a hunting fanatic. His family eats venison all the time. He gets his limit every year and freezes it. I think he and I will treat each other to meat and vegetables. He and I both sort of have plenty of guns and ammo to get the food gathering accomplished. It may not look too good in cold weather but we will make it. We also have the Handmaiden and her ability to forage. That is such a plus factor in my thinking. Free food. Top quality and no money involved.

When cold weather ends I am going to plant garden and it will be with Big John Lipscomb's survival seeds. I have a huge resource of bean seed from last year to plant. I didn't get them from Big John but they are the right stuff and they work year after year. I'd like to give a gallon bag of bean seed to someone who lives fairly close just in case something went wrong in our garden. I could give them seed now and get some back if needed later on. Keeps things on an even keel if you know what I mean.

Pale Rider called while we were in bed last night and I got the message this morning. He wondered what I thought of the State of the Union address on Wednesday night. Well, the sound is broken on my computer and I can't listen to Obama's words. But I can see his lips moving and that means he is lying. Who the hell cares what Obama says? He can't do us a bit of good anyhow. This collapse is coming no matter what Obama does. Obama kinda took it to the Supreme Court in his speech but I give a shit less. All three branches of government, the Legislative, the Judicial, and the Administrative, are failed and living on borrowed time. I think it not too long before we replace them with other government. So just let them crash and burn. Building chicken coops is where it's at. Think of the importance between a dozen eggs and a politicians promise. I'll take the eggs, thank you.

A guy who lives close to Pale Rider and reads my blog is offering to send me a book or two on fortifying an area. If the mentioned fortifications are something you can do on the cheap then I will be more than happy to have them. Staying alive is what it is all about.


Thursday, January 28, 2010


As per usual I will give you the morning weather report. Last night we had snow in big flakes falling straight down to the density of you could not hardly see. So we end up with little or no accumulation but something to talk about. The night got real cold and is supposed to get colder as the week progresses into the weekend. Single digit temps Saturday night and Sunday night. But there are only 50 some days until Spring and we can make that, I reckon. Right now, at about ten o'clock in the morning, the sun is so bright you can hardly stand it. Sure will shoot that old thermometer up to some glorious number if it keeps up. Maybe even 35 or 40 degrees.

Getting emails concerning area fortification. Trees to drop on the road and that sort of stuff. If you don't want traffic coming through you gotta prevent it. Some talk of hidey holes getting dug and stocked and left like that for future use. Clever folks these preppers. I got good replies about folks teaching their kids to garden and shoot. Love it. If they can eat and defend themselves they are a step ahead of the crowd. I think that southern dwelling people will have an easier time of it when the food thing gets bad. Longer growing season. If they don't get drought they will raise a lot of food. But they still have to put up with that high humidity which I will thankfully do without except for maybe a couple months in the heat of Summer.

May 10 is our frost date here in southern Indiana. After that date we are susceptible to planting food for ourselves. And it is food that always tastes twice as good as what we get at the store. No cardboard in our home grown tomatoes. Just sheer delight. I am thinking of varying my bean crop this year for the sake of Butternut Squash. Those things are good food and they have good nutrition. We have a few downstairs that are still good and firm and tasty. No special method of preservation, just keep them on the floor and out of the heat as best you can. The Handmaiden says she does not let the squash touch each other while waiting for our dining pleasure. That makes sense. They might get soft where they touch. I don't know but I don't take the chance. One or two have gone soft on us but the rest are still fine. Cheap storage, and cheap counts. The Handmaiden is right this moment making us some probiotics for the next few weeks. It's called Kimchee and it is very good for you. We let ours ferment for three or four days after we have soaked it in brine for a day. You have to watch how you ferment it in your house cause it can stink up the joint, but the results are worth the effort. It's good for what might be trying to ail you. Your food is your best medicine and you gotta realize that. These quack doctors out here do not kill viruses. Your body kills the little nasties. Your part in the play is to feed your body the stuff it can use to fight the viruses.

Lots of talk about Obama's State of the Union address last night. From what I can gather it was a lot of empty promises made by someone who cannot write the check to cover his act. Someone must have told him to slow down the printing presses. America is so far in debt it will never get out. We will have to have national debt forgiveness day, which will piss off a lot of bankers who own stock in the federal reserve. Not that you will ever be allowed to know who they are unless something fairly earth shaking transpires. Andy Jackson, one of our stronger Presidents, said his crowning achievement was shutting down the second Central Bank to operate in this country. The one we have now is the third incarnation of the bankers ability to plunder our nation. If ol Andy is watching right now he knows we are going to make a move pretty soon to do our own abolition of the Central Bank. We will try to take our place in the Pantheon of American thinkers who see the ugliness of that system. We can pray that we succeed in this endeavor. I am sure the good God of heaven will bless us in our effort, one way or another.

I can't get the defense of our valley out of my mind this morning. I reckon I will have to have Pale Rider come up and go over the terrain with me. He is aware of the need to do so and has skills in that arena. If I can pry Kemp out of Mississippi and get him up here we will have a marksman of great excellence who also has the ability to sight in a scope and teach others to shoot. Kemp's favorite trick is to assassinate Lincoln. He puts a penny on a target and gets back 100 meters and puts a whole through it with his 30-06 that leaves metal all around the hole so that it can be worn on a necklace. Pretty neat trick. I have seen him do it. The day is coming when we will need these kind of shooters in the worst way.

Take care and stay alive. You will be needed in the future.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Another cold, snowy morning. I think I had better get used to this cold ass Winter because it seems to be hanging in there quite well. But the Sun has come out and the water is dripping off the melted frost on the roof so maybe it will get better as the day progresses. One can certainly hope so. I read a post by Mayberry this morning that really got me going. He was talking about the scumbags who will be trying to take what we have and give it away to the creditors of this nation. Mayberry doesn't want to give away a damn thing and I am right there with him on that issue. I can envision a day coming when we will have "debt nullification" as a standard practice in the little Kingdoms that will spring up around the globe. We will just declare America's debts to be null and void and of no value to us the citizens of the new countries. Then we can get on a pay as you go basis and forget about central banks and international banks and all that bogus rip-off stuff. The clean air of freedom will go into our lungs and we will be healthy and free. Forget the jerk at the bank.

I was reading a blog somewhere that said people were in denial of the economic calamity that has us in the throes of financial failure because a lot of them have children and the kids may miss out on the advantages of the good life they have been led to believe is their birthright. My goodness. You mean to tell me that folks want to keep the ideal of little Johnny and Susie becoming social workers or underwater basket weavers or what ever the hell they want to be, alive? What a misshapen ideal. But it will work to our good. When the little darlings find out that Mommy and Daddy have been bullshitting them all along, they will rebel like crazy. I would not be surprised if euthanasia was in force when the kids find out how lame their parents really are. It is all about being a parent and being a parent usually means you end up telling the kids things they do not want to hear. It means telling the kids that the occupations they more than likely have chosen are just plain bullshit, a waste of their time. And that may not make you a popular person, but at least they can say they had a parent and not some stupid asshole that eats everything the fedgov feeds to them. Being a parent does not necessarily force you to qualify as a parrot of the system. It means you are to coach your kids on the basics of life as best you can. It means you try to show them how to think on their feet and not just repeat what some moron in a school has told them. Remember, it is what some moron in a school has taught students who then went on to devise the system we now have and which is going to fall in a bloody mess. At least show them how to garden and shoot a rifle. That way they can grow their own food and defend themselves from the gangs and maybe enemy troops. A word to the wise is sufficient.

I read Frank James this morning, as is my practice, and he went on an anti-organic rant. Frank is a good guy and I enjoy his writing but his Purdue education and his life of industrial farming has sorta warped his mind in the area of food and it's production. He needs to read about six months of Preparedness Pro. That would get his head in a lot better shape. Frank can be found at . He is an industrial farmer and a gun writer and is no dummy. Just a little funny in his thinking about organic food.

That is all for today. Have good good 'un and stay alive.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hello on this fine cold and snowy morning. It's 21 degrees outside and that makes it a bit nippy taking your morning smoke. Hot coffee is truly a wonder though. I got up at about 5 o'clock this morning and the sky was clear. No clouds holding in the heat. The clouds will return this Summer in July when the temperature is about 95 and so is the humidity. Got to have those clouds then, so the poor humans can't escape the torture of the environment. Can't be letting those nasty humans have too much comfort or they may start talking among themselves and getting seditious. I like the line from "The Quiet Man" where the old priest says he is "going to the tavern and talk a little treason." Great line. And who gives a shit what you have to say about this government anymore? They are a bunch of bungling morons who have no power but that of a terribly depleted checkbook. Most of the country is just waiting for them to make a real dumb mistake and start the new Civil War. We have the arms and the ammo to take care of business and we will take care of business.

Pale Rider called this morning and said he was definitely going to help with the chicken coops. A man after my own heart. I like what we get from chickens. It does a body good to have eggs for breakfast. Eggs that are not full of hormones and antibiotics and frankenfood. You can read all about the crap they are feeding us at this morning. Very good article. Another guy who has made my acquaintance is Surviveright. He is practically a neighbor, living on the Northeast side of Indianapolis. You can read his stuff at . He is a thinker and a writer and I enjoy his stuff. Surviveright has massed enough calories to feed 4 people for an entire year. I hope he has a heavy duty pick-up truck and a trailer to haul that stuff out of town when the SHTF. It would be a shame to lose that talent to a looter or an arsonist if things go wrong. And things are going to go wrong. Believe it. Murphy's Law has not been voted down. It is still on the books. And it will be adhered to in a strict fashion. Sometimes I wonder if we have given God the name Murphy.

Those rough times we are facing are best handled by preparing. And I get tired of saying that but it is true and that is that. What if Haiti had placed tons of food in bunkers all outside of town? Food and medicine and water. They would be in a lot better shape than they are now. Yeah, they tool a big hit but they could have been a lot better prepared for a big hit than they were. They live down there in Hurricane Alley. Thus their lack of preparedness is a travesty on themselves. Shame on them. Here in America we have had plenty of warning and advance notice. The recession has lasted over two years and is headed toward depression. All you have to have done is watch and read and you knew what was going on. So no excuses. No cry babies.

I just got a phone call from a friend who wanted to know if I needed a ride to court this afternoon for my every-two-months appearance. I get sued by the same law firm every two months. I company of which I was part owner went out of business owing an insurance company about $20,000 in unpaid premiums. I had nothing to do with it but as a part owner I get sued regularly for the money. They can't get it off of me but apparently they can sue for ever. I sort of enjoy it. They have to pay for all the court filings and I don't pay a cent. They can't touch my Social Security and that is that. I skate every time. I must get ready to go, however, so I will leave you to your imagination as to what will happen. Stay alive.


Monday, January 25, 2010


I have tried my best to get the post about Insulin up on this blog, to no avail. So far it has even stumped Pale Rider. But we go on, doing our best to survive, and we will survive. Life can be boring under these circumstances. When you are a heavy duty prepper you become irrelevant to society until the collapse comes. There ain't a whole lot to do except expand on your preps. Pale Rider opened his yap and confessed that he wanted to get chicken coops. I jumped on that like nobody's business. I can probably get the lumber for free and I already have the ground to put the buildings on. and yes, that is the plural form of building. I want a coop full of egg producers and another coop full of meat producers. Hens in one building and roosters in another. The laying hens will get the biggest chicken yard. I want those little darlings to graze as much as they wish and eat all the bugs they can find. That sure does make for some nutritious eggs. Some eggs you can sit down and eat and enjoy! Eggs as good or better than what we get from the Amish.

Looking at the news I think about what they are not talking about. What they are not talking about is the next big crisis. Well, at least the lovers of society will call it a crisis. To a prepper who is tired of the games and rip-offs and shenanigans of the Powers That Be the collapse might turn out to be a welcome diversion from all the lies and theft we have become used to experiencing. And I know there is an element of folks who would think it strange that we would cease to tolerate business as usual, but the bastards take our money as well as what the willing sheeple will contribute. And what they don't steal they use to placate the unemployed to keep them from taking up arms against them. Sickening.

The preppers I talk to are expecting a food shortage to come along this year but I am the one who thinks it is coming soon, not later. Maybe that is what the SILENCE OF THE RATS is about. We are going to be short on our vegetables and they don't want us to know about it. The fed-ag boys are pushing GMO foods and nobody wants them. They can slip them to the sheeple but the more people find out the worse field position Monsanto gets in. The man is Toledo said he took his wife and family out to eat Saturday and the fairly nice restaurant they went to was 80% empty. Maybe this is why Sam's Club is laying off close to 12,000 employees. Damn near 200 people per store. No one is much interested in spending their hard wrought money on dining out these days. The price of meat and vegetables is going up and the incomes of the diners is going down. You do the math. The next wall we hit is the devaluation of the dollar and the foreign market we have depended on will vanish because the money ain't any good. Make friends with your rural preppers. Join with them and lend a hand and get yourself someone in the growing business to be on YOUR side. Learn to shoot fairly well while you are at it. You just never can tell who might want to share your home grown food while you are asleep at night. Charity is a wonderful thing and can make you some friends, but theft is a hated crime, especially to the people who might just be getting by and cannot afford to have their food source raided.

I keep getting reports of short stacking in the food stores. Shelves are made to look full but a close examination shows them to be scant. Since I have not heard of any move afoot to reduce eating as we are of a habit of doing, I can only say this is evidence of shortages and you are not supposed to find out about them. But you know some nasty blogger will find out and tell on the bastards. I volunteer for the mission myself! And there are a lot of fellow preppers who will conspire to get out the news right along with me. Hundreds of them! I am not alone. Now if I can just get one of you readers to tell me how I can "copy and paste" with this home version of XP, I will be most appreciative. This is truly a frustrating affair. I would settle for "cut and paste" if I could get it!

I gotta go now and watch the horizontal snow outside. Looks like we are in for more global warming. Damn you Al Gore. And you preppers out there, stay alive!


Sunday, January 24, 2010


I have a post to follow this with advice from Mike Kemp on using out of date insulin. It is possible and he does it with regularity. I want to tell you that Remus of the world renown Woodpile Report has put out an elist alert that says that Karl Denninger has the goods on Bernanke crashing the stock market. I could not copy and paste it so you have to go to Market Ticker or Zero Hedge to read the article. It is pretty interesting.

I had plenty of interesting comments upon my return to the blogosphere. Some are just good people who are welcoming me back to the land of the paranoid. But there are some real economic horror stories being acted out in the daily lives of our fellow citizens. God has to show us mercy or we are burnt toast.

My new computer will not copy and paste Mike Kemp's article on Insulin. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. I am getting very unsettled with computers these days. I am thinking that they are more hoax than anything else. The treachery of the manufacturers is simply amazing. But we go on, doing the best we can and hoping for a vigorous and truthful outcome.

This is all I have at the moment. It's way past my bedtime and I am getting tired and cross and probably needing to go to bed. Take care and thank you for the great comments you have been sending in to me. Stay alive.



Hi everybody! It's me, the long lost blogger, back once again to talk about the impending collapse of the global economy and what we might do about it. I think my old computer died on the 12th of this month and it is now the 24th so I have been gone a bit. I was given a very nice computer by Pale Rider and it seems to be working well. He even brought it to my door, carried it up the stairs and placed it on my desk. You can't beat that kind of service. No way, no how. And the guy is as big as I am! Helluva man! And he lives here in the Hoosier State. Just about an hour and a half drive away. Can't hardly ask for a better deal than that.

After getting the computer hooked up and running properly we sat down for a nice 6 hour talk. The man demonstrated to me that he is playing with a full stringer of fish, mentally, and is a solid survivor. His preps are up to snuff and he is headed out of town if he can find some dirt to buy at a price he can afford. If God wants him out of town he will make a way and show him a location. Hell, he might even end up right here with me. Never can tell.

I am still waiting for the collapse. Obama is too, near as I can tell. We are getting along pretty well but it looks like the system out in the world is having a bit of trouble. The wife of a local businessman told me this week that her accountant said the recession is half over. And that may be true, to the extent that recession will end as we slide into global depression. I am having trouble getting Pete Smith's blog to come up on my screen. I am wondering if I am typing the address properly. Pete, you better send me your blog address so I can get my Smith fix in the morning.

I have a post for tomorrow already written by Mike Kemp. It is on how to keep and use insulin that may say it is out dated. Mr. Kemp uses such stuff with ease.

Glad to be back with you all! Stay alive.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This is the second time I have to type this post. Got the first one done and the machine dropped it completely. Fun. All that work down the drain.

But I talked with my friend over in northern Ohio who has noticed big box stores with thin supplies on the shelves. Then he told me about Andrea in the southern part of Ohio who has seen the same thing. Is there a message that is trying to get through to us through our thick prepper skulls? Just may be. My friend is I talk with him occasionally and we seem to get along. Andrea blogs too but I can't remember which blog it is and she will be remembered mostly for her comments. She is pretty sharp in the comment area.

George Ure at has said there is word on the street that a major player in the financial end of things is going under. The big boys will first have to decide who gets what off of the skeleton when this dinosaur drops over dead. The big boys are kinda like Vultures in that respect. When one of their own bites the bullet it means Party Time for the remaining gangs. Time to divide up the loot!

The real talk of the day is the deafening silence from our media as to what is about to transpire in this country of ours. What the hell is going on? When will Obama declare Martial Law? Who will tell us the real score in the game?

The Urban Prepper has a real good post in his archives about the effects of Marital Law on the populace in this country. How in the hell will you get people NOW to understand that Martial Law will shut down the constitution? How will you get them to realize that every protection we deem sacred and holy will be gone? How do you get people to understand that in Martial Law the law is what you are told it is and not what is written on some piece of paper enshrined in the National Archive Building in Washington, D.C.? Who says you can't be killed for no reason other than some pig thought you needed a damn good killing? Who says your wife or daughter can't be raped with impunity? Who says your vehicle and your fuel can't be taken from you? Who says your food is not going to be confiscated by the government to do as they damn well please with it? I'll tell you who it is. IT IS YOU, PAL. And if you can't back up those feelings then you had better get out of this country and do it pronto. The Socialist scumbags are making a play that is unprecedented in the history of the modern world and using the criminal actions of bankers and brokers and lawyers to justify their every move. If you fall for it then you get what you deserve. If you resist then you had better be prepared to fight like hell! They will be throwing every bullet they can find at us and we will have to give them back in like kind.

There are some blogs out here that are doing their damnedest to show you what is going on. The Woodpile Report is a prime example. Remus Marasylvia is one smart Cookie and don't ever think he ain't. Read his latest Woodpile Report if you want to see what is going on. You can pick up on his act at . Mayberry over at will give you an eyeful any old time. Dragon will get you some good info if you can get him to post! Big John is flexing his muscles these days and starting to make a little music for the preppers to dance to. He is at .

Learn from these people. I did not put them up on this post to waste your time. They can be very beneficial to your survival. Stay alive.


Monday, January 11, 2010


I have been reading this morning about the 2030 report commissioned by Gordon Brown's government over in England. It seems someone in the government over there in Blighty land became concerned about the food supply. They sort of wanted to know what was on hand and what was in the pipeline. (Showing some real progress) You and I would call this an inventory of our preps but the British government has to call it something else you know. They call it their 2030 report. Whatever.

The article was supposed to be about the novel THE ROAD but the 2030 report came out and they decided to run it with THE ROAD. Sorta confusing but their inventory was pretty clear. They do not have enough of anything. They do not have enough meat, vegetables, grains, or dairy products. Well, uh, just keep a stiff upper lip old sods and you'll stagger through. Maybe you can eat the White Cliffs of Dover? The Haitians ate mud their last period of starvation. The article did mention that Italy was producing 110% of it's fruit needs and if I were England I would go make a deal for fruit with Italy. You betcha!

But one thing you can be your ass on is that in a collapse Britain is going to feel it and feel it bad . They don't have the capacity to feed themselves. They will be hung out to dry. With a collapse they will not have the grain to even brew their beer. They will be doing the tighten up. They will be going hungry. And they reach January of 2010 before they publish this data.

This is a fools paradise. They have gone decades and have never taken a look at this. And they see it this year and are now reading about it? Wanna buy some cheap English speaking slaves? There should be plenty of them on the market. All of the guys into Islam should be on the market at a cheap price. And after a collapse there will be no one to protect them in all of England. Actually, they will probably never make it to market because they will be killed. Things get so simplistic when people are starving. But they are going to have to rid themselves of a lot of people in order to make it. There will not be enough food to go around. Too many hungry mouths to feed. Money will not be that big a deal. It is calories that will count.

Maybe Britain and Scotland and Ireland can make it together. They would have a better chance if they could. But we have the best chance of all. We have the most fertile ground with the least people on it. There will be people trying to get on it but they can be molded any way we want them to be. We have plenty of water to go with the land. We have the smarts to deal with it if we have to. Our biggest problem is in Washington, D.C. But most problems are political. Get the politicians out of the way and we are home free. Stay alive.


Sunday, January 10, 2010


Dear readers,

I wrote to you this morning about the seriousness of preparing. Now I ask you to go to and read about the handing over of this country to the Red Chinese. We need another witness to this crime, but things are not looking too good right now. If this story is true we have a major problem on our hands. Lock and load!!!



My thoughts this morning are on the seriousness of preparing. I wonder how many people understand the reality of the whole thing. We don't use the term die-off much these days but it can damn well happen. I don't think people understand that things can go away in a matter of three days or less. We have discussed the matter of trucks not being on the road and what it means to us as dwellers of this fair land. No fuel. No food. No replacement for what we buy today. It can get pretty bad in a hurry. And more than likely it is going to happen. I am alright if it does. Are you? Do you have many months of food stored away? Do you have an inexhaustible supply of water? How about an alternative heat source if the grid goes down? Got things for your kids to do to escape boredom? I don't have any kids but I could have some pretty quick if the SHTF. But what we really need to think about is what will we do if any of these things are not taken care of now while we have a chance to get things in order. AND THIS IS SERIOUS, FOLKS. We have about 700 pounds of canned goods for each of us three adults plus two garbage cans of dried beans and rice and some corn and some oats. I grew most of the beans myself. I just don't have any Butter Beans other than store bought and that is a bitch. I love Butter Beans. The uneducated call them Lima Beans. As long as the system is working you can get them in stores in the late Summer and early Fall. Keep an eye out. The crop was delicious last year, which is one reason I am getting low. I eat the damn things and don't replace them! Ignorant beast that I am! What will a man do with no Butter Beans?

And grumbling about the lack of Butter Beans is all bullshit and I am sure you folks know it. What I am grumbling about is the lack of replacing my preps as I use them. Because the day is coming when these stashes of food can save our lives. I have my food in three different places and I am very glad of that. Do you have your food split into different stashes? Can one calamity wipe your food supply out and leave you helpless? Remember, your life may depend on your cunning to multi-stash your food. And the coming days are sure to bring us calamities. Things we cannot imagine happening will happen. Do your have guns and ammo to protect yourself and your loved ones and friends and your food? There are people out there who plan on eating YOUR food if times get tough. Nasty people, to be sure, but they are here with us and we have to learn to deal with them. They think we are stupid for working and stocking up and being ready because they plan on taking everything they need. But that will not work at my house! If you come to steal from us be good enough to bring your own body bag because we don't furnish them. We will let the Possums and the Coons fight over your flesh if we have to dispatch your ass to the great beyond.

You must face reality and recognize the problems we face. I am not saying that we need to run in circles and scream and shout but we need to have some sort of a grasp of what can befall us if this system fails. And it will fail. It will collapse. And you know, you won't be ready when the day comes. There will be something you have forgotten or didn't take care of and it will be lost for the time being. But do not let it be for your main essentials.

I cannot stress too much the importance of getting your preps in order and fullness of supply. You are going to make it or lose it according to how well you prep. And you have to believe this. We are not playing a game. We are serious as a heart attack. We are betting our lives that we can eat when food ain't available in the marketplace. And that is the crux of the matter. We don't believe there will be food available and there is no big organization getting stocked up so we are doing it ourselves. Do you know about the staggering loss of Asia's Rice crop this year? Do you know about the loss of our vegetables out in Californicate? Do you know that other countries that would normally ship food to us will be holding back to feed their own people?

I was reading Ferfal this morning and he had put up a post from someone in the states who had a woman knock on his door crying that she had been raped. To make a long story short, the woman was part of a gang who made their living from taking down gullible people who might try to help the "raped" woman. The guy never let her in and when she found out he was on 911 she got the hell out of there. What are we going to do when the ruse is no longer tried but rather things go to strong arm tactics or gunplay immediately. Like I am trying to get through people's heads this morning. survivalism is serious business. So do not be fooled. It is going to be grim and you had better get used to that idea right now. Stay alive.


Saturday, January 9, 2010


It's that time of day again. The time I try getting on my blog writing page. After about a half an hour I have made it. Persistence pays off in that respect. I get on my web-mail page on my wife's computer but I cannot put any comments on my blog without making her machine become MY machine and it is not worth the hassle. Her machine has Vista and it is mental, if you catch my drift. I cannot for the life of me see what anyone has Vista as their operating system. Talk about screwy! But why should Bill Gates care? He has many billions of dollars and doesn't see the end of it in sight. But hey, Bill, I see the end of it and I would advise you to get into Gold and Silver and storage food. I would also get the hell out of the state of Washington and get over to Idaho or Montana. There is a big attitude change when you cross those state lines. Talk to Ted Turner. He can probably sell you a nice chunk of Montana if you like. Ted is also the largest private landholder in the USA. I think the Queen of England might be the biggest landholder on the continent but you would not want to live on most of her land. It's cold and lonely up there.

The news is alarming in what it is not telling us. If you want to know who the short movie stars are it is easy to find but if you want to know what the fedgov is up to it is next to impossible. But you can think along the path of bank holidays and new currencies and selling out to foreign governments and foreign central banks and you will probably be close to where things are happening right about now. Do not ever consider anything but that the fedgov is out to screw us. Every chance they get. Third parties will be the style in the coming election. And why not? Who could vote for a democrat or a republican? They have sold us out and stuck it in us.

The politicians are getting tired of running in elections. They act like they don't see the sense in it. They figure they know everything and there is no reason to replace them. And that is where they're at. But that is dangerous in the extreme. Can you imagine the salaries they would vote themselves? Can you imagine the anti-gun legislation that would be enacted? Can you imagine Obama gleefully dancing a jig at the thought of all the crap he could then pass? Better to have no government than a non-elected pack of scum bags. But when the time comes we will have our own governments and they will serve us well. No more liars and con artists. We'll go straight down the road and get used to being hated by the PTB who still have some power. But the air will be cleaner in that day. Not too many lies polluting the atmosphere.

Stay alive.


Friday, January 8, 2010


Howdy folks and it's just me again wishing you a happy morning and some heat to get you through this nice 7 degree day we have started. It's colder than a well diggers ass in the Klondike out side. It sure is thrillin', or maybe I should more truthfully say chillin', to go outside and smoke a cigarette. But my $8 a carton cigarettes are doing their job of feeding my addiction. We will all quit these damn things in the years ahead, We will either run out of tobacco or we will go on to be with God. In either case we will quit and humanity will be the better for it. In the meantime the wife has started the breakfast and we will eat eggs and sausage pretty soon, if the electricity doesn't shut off. I still don't have my woodstove attached to the chimney downstairs. I raised 17 kinds of hell until I got that stove and I don't have it hooked up. Some prepper! But I have all of the stuff to do it and it can be done pretty soon if the need arises. I'm happy for that much.

I keep getting warnings about the dollar collapsing any day now. I wish to hell it would go ahead and do it. I'm getting tired of waiting. I was reading last night and he said that somehow the fedgov slipped 600 billion dollars into the stock market to get the numbers back up where they are now. It took 600 billion to restore 6 trillion in lost wealth to the market place. I sure hope The Big Fatcats and their cronies are enjoying all of that money we gave to them. Dirty thieving bastards that they are. But all things get straightened out in the end and I reckon this will also. Them ropes don't stay crooked when there is a body hanging from them. They straighten right out. I never thought I would see the day when our government would do such bullshit. It staggers the mind. This up-grade in the worth of the stock market will facilitate the theft of our pension funds in this country. The stocks start going up and the pension funds start buying and the fat cats start selling and there go the pension funds. Simple theft of the citizens money, plain and simple. Say good bye to your pension. See, the stocks are going to crash again but the big boys will be out of the market and the dumbass citizens will take the beating, again. But this could not have happened if our Obama government had not sanctioned it. Just remember this when the time comes. Voting time. Hanging time, What ever time suits your fancy. Just be ready. And then get to it with a vengeance. I personally don't have much to do with voting in the future. Who the hell wants to perpetuate this rotten system? I am looking off into the distance for something a little better.

That is all for today. Take care and stay alive.


Thursday, January 7, 2010


Good morning to you all. It is snowing to be skin hell outside and I am thankful to be in where it is warm. I got a lot of comments on my post of yesterday. If you don't see the comments listed at the bottom of the post it is because I cannot put them up with this broke down computer. Just doing the best I can with what I have. A prepper all the way! I tell you, the concept of prepping makes you ready even if you aren't. The brain ball the rests of your neck is your most important prepper item and that is what will see you through. All trials and tribulations are tests. Pass the damn tests! I got some very interesting data over the phone line yesterday. It seems the fedgov is getting ready for some tests. Evidence has revealed that firehouses and police stations are being strengthened in North Carolina, that we know of. Firehouses are being remodeled or as you and I would say, "fortified", to hold 200 US troops in the event of an uprising of any kind. At least we will know where the troops are in case necessary actions should occur. Nothing like a little intel to make life easier. I asked why North Carolina was receiving such attention and I was told it was because of the vast amount of firearms in the state and the vast amount of disgruntled citizens. Apparently the fedgov does not like the way these numbers add up. Too bad, I say. I know for a fact that Delaware has some big new firehouses. I don't like Delaware very much. Too flat. Joe Biden is from Delaware and I would say he keeps the home state pretty well stocked up. Hey. You can have it, Joe. No offense to you guys in Delaware.

It seems you don't go to a bar any more and find a couple guys in the corner talking about their dislike of the fedgov. Now you find a dozen guys talking about it and they make no effort to hide themselves. Good for us, I say. The more the merrier. We have them out manned and out gunned. Nothing quite like having the odds in your favor.

Quite a lot of talk these days about medical proficiency and having it in our midst. A lady named Balleen, I think, has written about it on her page, Preparedness Pro. And this lady is giving top drawer advice. I really enjoy reading her posts. She is quite enlightening. And she has been hot on the trail of reminding people about medical preparedness. Couldn't pick a better time to bring the subject up if I was trying. If you don't have a medical person in your midst then you had better get one. Wounds and cuts and scrapes can become raging infections if not handled properly. Knowing one sickness from another will save a few lives, as in knowing the difference between a bad cold and some kind of flu. So let us try to get our medical needs covered as best we can. There is some good reading out there in the blogs. Catman is cranking out some exceptional posts these days. His blog on piracy today is a good one. He will tell you how to look for certain things. And he will tell you why.

So keep your heads up and your nose into the wind. We need to know what is coming and how to deal with it. Collapse in on the way and we may as well survive it. Stay alive.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I quite readily stole this from Selous Scout this morning. I have seen it before but it never had the validity it does now. Or maybe I never had the brains to see what it all was about. Here it is.
Something to Think About
About the time our original thirteen states adopted their new constitution in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years earlier:

"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government."A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury."

From that moment on, the majority always vote for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.

"The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, those nations always progressed through the following sequence:

1. From bondage to spiritual faith;

2. From spiritual faith to great courage;

3. From courage to liberty;

4. From liberty to abundance;

5. From abundance to complacency;

6. From complacency to apathy;

7. From apathy to dependence;

8. From dependence back into bondage.

Looks like we're somewhere between #6 and #8.


I feel very much that this is an accurate analysis of our position these days. Never doubt that the system boys are banking on this to be true. And never doubt for an instant that they don't know about it, cause they damn sure do. I remember when Bill Clinton was having difficulties in the legal area and it looked like his ass was in the quicksand. I read some of the things his lawyer was filing and they looked like they had been filed by any Patriot you might meet on the street. The bastards in Washington know exactly what is going on and where it all stands according to the constitution. They are just boiling the frog and they know all about that too. There are no surprises. What will surprise them will be the reaction of we the people when the SHTF. And the shit is going to hit the fan. Never doubt that. The natural way of things will render the treachery of the powers that be to dust. Printing money out of thin air and loaning it to banks for no interest cannot go on forever. The chickens DO come home to roost.

For there to be any kind of a recovery we have to have jobs. We have to make things for the market place that are necessary. This country does not do that any more. China makes stuff but how necessary it is can be debated. If you can't understand this kind of talk just take my word for the fact that the whole shootin' match is going up in smoke. If you have food it will be because you produced it or you got on the government tit and they let you have enough to stay alive. Eating well will be the privilege of the producers. To say this in simple terms, grow it or grovel. Grow or starve. And a lot of Americans will be on their knees before this all gets ironed out. Either become a producer or sew some extra padding on the knees of your trousers.

Then, of course, we must learn to deal with those who would put us on our knees involuntarily. This is not a big problem to solve. You shoot the bastards. A man has no business on his knees unless he is praying to God. Or digging roots for foods or cures. But we have the perverted folks in Washington who would greatly love to put you on your knees. This must be resisted at all costs. DO NOT EVER LET THE BASTARDS GET YOU DOWN ON YOUR KNEES. And that includes those who would steal you into poverty. If they can steal your food supply they can force you to your knees through hunger. I am married to a forager and that is a good thing. Food grows wild and we can eat it if we but know what to eat. Most of the time we have food stored away. If it gets taken we go looking. But we stay off of our knees. You do the same.

Wild game is a tasty and healthy way to eat. Good organic meat. Anything from a songbird to a Whitetail deer. It may be messy and troublesome to exist off of wild game but it sure beats the hell out of going hungry or getting on your knees.

When this system snaps it is going to be ugly. And I mean uglier that you have ever seen. Things will be happening that you never dreamed you would see in America. Stone buildings will be the style of the future. With gun ports at strategic locations. Built over a small spring if you can arrange it. Nothing like having a water source that the scabrous bastards can't get to and poison.

I'll close for now and wish you all a good day. Our day is full of snow. It has been predicted that we will get six inches of the white fluffy stuff today and tomorrow. The kids will like it.

Stay alive.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010


7 degrees this morning. Kinda reminds me of old times. Everyone in the house is talking about how the cold has cut down on their smoking, since we don't smoke in the house. There is some good in most everything. If you want a good read this morning go to Catmans Litter Box at Probably as good a blog as you will read today. I can get things like Catmans Litter Box because it's web address ends in Do not ask me why, but it is so.

The wife was running Lew Rockwell this morning and I got to listen to a bit of Gerald Celente and check out his predictions for 2010. His big move was to say that America is gonna get another attack of the magnitude of 9-11. Shucky durn Gerald, who couldn't figure that one out. We now hear of a THIRD guy at the airport where the crotch bomber got on the plane. This third guy went out an exit door and was not seen again. This was on an entrance level. They think they might have spotted him in a large crowd of people leaving the airport. So much for TSA and their people. I hear they get a real red attitude if you run them down. Well, apparently they are lower than whale shit on the bottom of the sea. Get red about that, punks.

I am prepared to fight whoever wants a little piece of me. And a little is all they are going to get. The taxes are coming on. The phone bill just went up for some bullshit reason. They don't come right out and say they want more money but they make it look like it has to be raised for some obscure fund we ain't never heard of. Bastards. Pretty soon we will be out of a phone and thus no internet. But if it has to be then it has to be. The dumbasses in Washington don't know that we already know about starving the beast. If we have to do without phone service then we will just do without. Then the perverts will not be able to snoop on our email and our phone calls. Poor babies.

One of Celente's predictions for 2010 has to do with the stimulus money running out. He says it is a foregone conclusion that it will run out and then what is America going to do? The federal reserve is loaning money at almost no interest as it is. When the stimulus runs out they have to come up with another scheme of some sort. Another plan that will fail. He says the problem is we produce so very little in this country that we have nothing to back our play if we COULD make a move. He mentioned that there were a billion and a half people in 1900 on this planet. Now there are five billion more people. Food is going to become a precious commodity and probably pretty quickly. I am thinking about starting a cannery where I live. 20 acres of beans and a few hogs will make a great big shipment of pork and beans. I'll bet I could make a lot of friends by providing such a product. Now all I have to do is figure out a cheap disposable container that will hold the stuff. It has to work and it has to be readily available. Can't be an engineering marvel from Silicone Valley. It has to be something a redneck from southern Indiana can come up with.

I'll go now. Take care and stay alive. It's cold outside!


Monday, January 4, 2010


Hey! My create blog page finally came up. I am so fortunate. What I am really fortunate about is having a wife who put an extra quilt over me and now I can sleep the sleep of the innocent and not freeze my ass off at night. In case you live off-planet, things have been a bit cold of late here on old Terra Firma in the northern hemisphere. But I fed cattle in the 90's and it seemed that the first two or three weeks of January were always a bitch. I bought ground corn for the extra energy it gave the beasties. They liked it. Had the mill put sorghum in it for good flavoring. Worked like a champ and the cows loved me. Not that it is a major thing to be loved by a cow but we all have to start somewhere. But the media is making a big thing of the cold weather. Perhaps the little darlings want to pay half of my heating bill for this month? You think so? Obama just got back from Hawaii. Must be nice to have vacations on island paradises. How come the president takes so many wonderful vacations? He always comes back to Washington and gets involved in a new series of problems. I think he will shut up about cap and trade for a few months. But he will have other things on the agenda to screw us with. It appears he will be opening a line of employment opportunities for our neglected sexual deviates. They will be running the full scale, full body scanners at the airports. In the interest of national security the observer of the scanner will be in a darkened room with one way glass so that no one can observe the observer. Life is getting better for perverts in this country.

The food thing may get to be serious next month. The weather people say that Florida could take a hit on it's orange crop come Wednesday. Let's see now...vegetables are going to slump in production because of some goddamn little fish that the environmentalists are in love with. See, I told you it was getting good for the perverts in this country. The South side of Asia did not have a good Monsoon season this year and the rice crop looks kinda bad. But I know that down in Stutgart, Arkansas, there will be plenty for this country, right? Stutgart is the home of our rice production in this country. And though Obama plays hell dealing with the hated capitalists of this country, he will agree to large rice purchases by China come hell or high water. And China will pay for the rice with Treasury bills of the highest magnitude. See how that works? Our dollar ain't worth a damn but it will buy food right out of our mouths. So our Oranges may flop, our vegetables may not get grown and our rice may get sold out from under us. What a plan. What leadership. Don't it make you feel like a warm glass of spit? otta go now. The machine is about to toss this out. Stay alive.


Friday, January 1, 2010


It is sort of a lonely day. Not many people up and about, so far. I have not heard of any rapes or murders so folks must have behaved themselves last night. So nothing to talk about in the way of juicy gossip.

Spent the better part of the afternoon watching Mel Gibson in 'The Patriot". I have noticed that in movies of this type that the guys fighting the battles are always looking for food and ammo. They are always looking to get re-supplied. Kinda makes me glad I am planning on NOT running out of ammo. The buzz words in the battles were aim small , miss small. That means have your rifle sighted in and make the shot with as much precision as you can muster. Like Patton said in the movie, you let that other sonovabitch die for HIS country. And I say never quit. Any time you get the chance to kill one of them, do it. Only if you are restrained because of operational security do you pass up the chance to kill one of the enemy. Tomahawks and Bowie knives have a place in your battle dress. You might have a modern up-to-date rifle or shotgun but to take out an opponent with low or no sound is a good thing sometimes. And at very close quarters it might save your life if you can get it done quickly. It is hard to teach tactics to people who will be fighting guerrilla warfare. The standard "L" formation is your most utilized ambush tactic. You start the ambush with the short leg of the L perpendicular to the direction your enemy is moving. The long leg of the L runs down the side of your enemies directional path. Generally the short leg guys set off the trap and the long leg guys pour it on and wipe the enemy out.

Guerrilla tactics call for treachery and subterfuge. You are allowed to lie and cheat as much as you wish in warfare. Do not pass up an opportunity to do either. If you are good enough to blow a guy's leg or arm off where his buddies can see it up close and personal, have at it. Nothing demoralizes enemy troops like seeing one of their own maimed for the rest of his life. It works on their mind something fierce. And that works to your advantage. You get them mentally screwed up and they will make mistakes and mistakes on your enemy's part means you are that much closer to victory. About 6 or 7 miles from here is a lot of Karst land. Karst is a geographic condition where Limestone is under the surface of the dirt and it dissolves and caves in under the surface and leaves a mostly round indentation in the earth, sometimes a hundred yards in diameter, but mostly less. If you can catch your enemy in a piece of Karst, or what the locals call a sinkhole, you just gather around the rim and pour it on. Ain't time to be using an L shaped ambush at that point.

Learn Boobie trapping. A Boobie trap will produce a casualty and you don't even have to be there. And producing casualties is what it is all about. If your enemy is from someplace a few thousand miles away, he can't take too many loses before he finds himself fighting attrition as well as other troops. Play dirty! Go burn their supply dumps. Turn their food into ashes and their fuel into bonfires. Make life as much of a living hell as you possibly can for them and don't take a bullet yourself. You will reap great benefits from these kind of tactics. Somebody once said that an army marches on it's stomach. If it don't get fed it loses strength rapidly. Shoot holes in all the water tankers you can't steal. Mess their routine up to the max. "No where to run, Baby, no where to hide" Let your enemy face this every day of his hopefully short existence. And don't fight at your homesite! Keep your fighting away from the women and kids. Keep it away from your roof tops where a stray bullet will cause a leak. Got patching material in case this happens? A leaking roof is a goddamn bummer and don't forget that. It can start the rapid deterioration of your home if it is not handled properly. Keep a few gallons of patching material on hand. You might not get to use it right away but it will be nice to have when the time for fixing comes.

As to your own casualties, get them to your sanctuary and patched up as quickly as possible. Make it a sworn duty to never leave a man in the field, even a dead man. Get the body to your private burial ground and get it buried and some words said about the everlasting soul of a man. This gives your people "closure" on a very difficult matter. As frequently as you can do it, get your men home and bunking up with their families as much as possible. You might not be able to accomplish this every night but it will be a blessing when it happens. But no matter what, do not let up on guard duty. Getting shot in your sleep is such disgraceful way to die.

I'll leave you now with a couple of thoughts from my youth. "Back at the ranch, Tonto, not recognizing the Lone Ranger disguised as a pool table, racked his balls." And "Tonto, not recognizing the Lone Ranger disguised as a burning cigarette, stomped his butt."

Stay alive.