Tuesday, January 5, 2010


7 degrees this morning. Kinda reminds me of old times. Everyone in the house is talking about how the cold has cut down on their smoking, since we don't smoke in the house. There is some good in most everything. If you want a good read this morning go to Catmans Litter Box at http://catmanslitterbox.blogspot.com/. Probably as good a blog as you will read today. I can get things like Catmans Litter Box because it's web address ends in .blogspot.com. Do not ask me why, but it is so.

The wife was running Lew Rockwell this morning and I got to listen to a bit of Gerald Celente and check out his predictions for 2010. His big move was to say that America is gonna get another attack of the magnitude of 9-11. Shucky durn Gerald, who couldn't figure that one out. We now hear of a THIRD guy at the airport where the crotch bomber got on the plane. This third guy went out an exit door and was not seen again. This was on an entrance level. They think they might have spotted him in a large crowd of people leaving the airport. So much for TSA and their people. I hear they get a real red attitude if you run them down. Well, apparently they are lower than whale shit on the bottom of the sea. Get red about that, punks.

I am prepared to fight whoever wants a little piece of me. And a little is all they are going to get. The taxes are coming on. The phone bill just went up for some bullshit reason. They don't come right out and say they want more money but they make it look like it has to be raised for some obscure fund we ain't never heard of. Bastards. Pretty soon we will be out of a phone and thus no internet. But if it has to be then it has to be. The dumbasses in Washington don't know that we already know about starving the beast. If we have to do without phone service then we will just do without. Then the perverts will not be able to snoop on our email and our phone calls. Poor babies.

One of Celente's predictions for 2010 has to do with the stimulus money running out. He says it is a foregone conclusion that it will run out and then what is America going to do? The federal reserve is loaning money at almost no interest as it is. When the stimulus runs out they have to come up with another scheme of some sort. Another plan that will fail. He says the problem is we produce so very little in this country that we have nothing to back our play if we COULD make a move. He mentioned that there were a billion and a half people in 1900 on this planet. Now there are five billion more people. Food is going to become a precious commodity and probably pretty quickly. I am thinking about starting a cannery where I live. 20 acres of beans and a few hogs will make a great big shipment of pork and beans. I'll bet I could make a lot of friends by providing such a product. Now all I have to do is figure out a cheap disposable container that will hold the stuff. It has to work and it has to be readily available. Can't be an engineering marvel from Silicone Valley. It has to be something a redneck from southern Indiana can come up with.

I'll go now. Take care and stay alive. It's cold outside!



ErinAndBrad said...

It is all just plain and simple theft and bullshit ain't it??

Mayberry said...

I think the whole "panty bomber" thing was a ruse to get the "Patriot Act" more support for renewal. Interesting, the timing of things.... Keep the sheeple in a constant state of alarm, and they'll hand over their Liberty without question.

I'll fight as well, been doing it my whole life without realizing it. 2010 is the year of reckoning. I know where I stand. Stay warm Michael, we ain't seen the beginning of "Gorebal Warming" yet. Dragon was right....

chinasyndrome said...

Hey Michael.Starve the beast,damn bro would sure miss your post,need that fightin spirit,too many wusses who arent willin to put up.Yep outside working all day global warmin my ass,Indy cold mother today.

Guy on his 8th beer said...

They didn't detect the Crotch Bomber because Obama probably had them too busy updating the data-base on us preppers ("domestic enemies"). Good stuff on your blog. I once was an over-the-road trucker and always thought highly of southern Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee and North Dakota. No better people than them that live in those places. Parts of Montana and Texas weren't bad either.