Monday, January 11, 2010


I have been reading this morning about the 2030 report commissioned by Gordon Brown's government over in England. It seems someone in the government over there in Blighty land became concerned about the food supply. They sort of wanted to know what was on hand and what was in the pipeline. (Showing some real progress) You and I would call this an inventory of our preps but the British government has to call it something else you know. They call it their 2030 report. Whatever.

The article was supposed to be about the novel THE ROAD but the 2030 report came out and they decided to run it with THE ROAD. Sorta confusing but their inventory was pretty clear. They do not have enough of anything. They do not have enough meat, vegetables, grains, or dairy products. Well, uh, just keep a stiff upper lip old sods and you'll stagger through. Maybe you can eat the White Cliffs of Dover? The Haitians ate mud their last period of starvation. The article did mention that Italy was producing 110% of it's fruit needs and if I were England I would go make a deal for fruit with Italy. You betcha!

But one thing you can be your ass on is that in a collapse Britain is going to feel it and feel it bad . They don't have the capacity to feed themselves. They will be hung out to dry. With a collapse they will not have the grain to even brew their beer. They will be doing the tighten up. They will be going hungry. And they reach January of 2010 before they publish this data.

This is a fools paradise. They have gone decades and have never taken a look at this. And they see it this year and are now reading about it? Wanna buy some cheap English speaking slaves? There should be plenty of them on the market. All of the guys into Islam should be on the market at a cheap price. And after a collapse there will be no one to protect them in all of England. Actually, they will probably never make it to market because they will be killed. Things get so simplistic when people are starving. But they are going to have to rid themselves of a lot of people in order to make it. There will not be enough food to go around. Too many hungry mouths to feed. Money will not be that big a deal. It is calories that will count.

Maybe Britain and Scotland and Ireland can make it together. They would have a better chance if they could. But we have the best chance of all. We have the most fertile ground with the least people on it. There will be people trying to get on it but they can be molded any way we want them to be. We have plenty of water to go with the land. We have the smarts to deal with it if we have to. Our biggest problem is in Washington, D.C. But most problems are political. Get the politicians out of the way and we are home free. Stay alive.



talnik said...

Britain hasn't been self-sufficient in food production for generations; there hasn't been enough arable land to support its population since the 1800's. In fact during WWII the Germans tried blockading it to starve it into submission.
The authors of the study likely have an ulterior motive for releasing it.

Mayberry said...

The relevance of politicians is fading fast as people like us wake up to the fact that nobody controls our destiny but ourselves. The sovereign individual is making a comeback, and it's about damn time...