Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Well, merrily we roll along toward our individual destinies and there ain't much we can do about that and I don't know that I would change any of it. Besides, the man in charge of that is way smarter than me and I'll just trust him. I acknowledge and accept his divine plan. It seems to be the way to go. There surely is no better road.

I have surfed the Internet this morning and found no word on the URE-thquake out in Los Angeles. But the day is young and you just never know. We do know that every day that has passed is taking us closer to the next big quake. If the New Madrid Fault ever goes ballistic I might feel some tremors from that but then again I may not. The first floor of our building is rock with steel inside of it and it is pretty solid. No great wind has ever made it shake.

We got all the garden seed out last night and still do not have our minds made up as to what to plant. There is SOOOO much stuff to get into the ground. But it will be a month and ten days before frost date and we have plenty of ruminating time in front of us. My Garlic out on the hillside to the South of us is doing well and I will have my first ever garlic harvest, God willing. I have never grown Garlic and since I have found it's wonderful medicinal properties I think it wise to plant this stuff. It is pretty simple. You just go out to your presumed Garlic bed in the Fall and you put the Garlic cloves in the ground with the proper end pointing up. You plant so that the cloves are about one inch from the surface. Then you just forget about them because they will do their thing and they don't need you. But this is how you get a bulb of Garlic from your plant. I just used Garlic my wife got from the Amish and it is coming along very well.

It is supposed to be in the 70's for the next five days of our weather forecast. Fantastic. Five days in the 70's will warm up the ground and get it ready for planting, if you can wait until May 10th. I have lived in this Valley for 39+ years and I have only seen it frost once at a later date. Pretty good marker on the road to food production if you ask me. I think this Summer is going to be a scorcher. Some global warming guy and a journalist froze to death in the Antarctic. Should have been somewhere else, I reckon. Well the global warming guys can go totally crazy with their predictions of earth heating up and cooking all of us. When we had our last Global warming trip about a thousand years ago, England became a grape growing center. I can hardly imagine grapes being a big crop in Britain but the records say it is true. It might be nice to have it that warm again. Extended growing seasons would sure help the food supply. We be getting quite a large crowd on this planet. It will get purged but that ain't up to me. Way above my pay grade.

I just checked the news for any rumblings of an Ure-thquake out in California. Nothing as yet. But do not give up on it as yet because the day isn't half over. George Ure has a marvelous way of expressing things like his prediction of an LA quake. If he hits the thing right, he is a world beater. If he gets it wrong then he is just fatigued by all the emails he gets about the subject. Also, as the Handmaiden pointed out, the vision said Wednesday but not which Wednesday. But if George hits on this one he will be financially taken care of for the rest of his life. Nice gig for a goat herder and professional typist in Eastern Texas. I enjoy his writing and wish him well. Odd ducks like George Ure and Cliff High have always interested me. These are the kind of guys that get strange thoughts from SOMEWHERE and they look at life a little different. They can stumble on to the damnedest things. I pay attention.

As a note to prepper/foragers, our Dandelions are up. We can't get enough of them. I love the blossoms floured and dosed with salt and pepper and fried in hot butter. Just right next to fried mushrooms on the taste scale. We also eat a lot of the greens. They are nutritious as all get out and taste mighty good. The Handmaiden uses the roots for some sort of healing stuff I don't know anything about but she swears by. Pretty valuable plant if you ask me. And it is just a weed. The Handmaiden just got in with a sack of Dandelions, chickweed, wintercress and wild onions. We be eating good now!

Not much on the economic news front that you probably don't already know. Ireland is going to bail out it's banks and save the economy. Man! What a unique idea! That reminds me that there is nothing new under the Sun. It's a case of Same Shit, Different Day.

One more thing to add. We are not pumping any oil out of our Gulf oil rigs and have not pumpered out of them for almost a year. The oil leases of Obama are just another hoax to act like the mental dwarf is trying to do something for us. Stay alive.


Tuesday, March 30, 2010


The winds of change are blowing across the land and we are witnesses to the effect. I am now reading about the Hutaree militia and am witnessing their crucifixion in the mainstream media. They are getting the full treatment. Guilty by virtue of the media! Guilty by virtue of the federal prosecutor's opinions. Guilty by virtue of the sold out militiamen in their own state. Guilty by virtue of Big Sis and her minions. What a bunch of crap! The way I read the law the militiamen get a trial of their peers. They get a defense. They get to question potential jury members before the trial. The way things are set up in our legal system there is a very good chance that the militiamen will get acquitted. They just need some very good and very fearless defense lawyers. That might be the rub in the whole affair. You get the legal defense you can pay for. O.J. Simpson had a legal dreamteam and got acquitted. Will the Hutaree Militiamen get the same deal? Somebody better be ready to cough up a lot of FRN's to get them off. I hate to say that, ya know. Money should not have a damn thing to do with your innocence or guilt, but it does. It is in the hands of God at this point.

I was accused of being a Christian in a comment earlier in the week and nothing could be further from the truth. I serve God and NO CHURCH. I am a member of no denomination. I give no money to any earthly religious organization. And as far as Christians go I like them fried along with my eggs in the morning, except my God does not approve of eating human flesh and thus it is denied me. My background is of the Bible and the truth contained therein, plus additional information received from God. God is not dead and has seen to it that I have gotten the latest part of his plan. At least I think he has. You know how we humans are. We are always positive we have the mind of God on a matter and that ain't always the way it goes. But we do the best we can and at least let it be said we stayed within a multitude of counselors and tried our damnedest to walk in the light we had. Selah.

I read a very interesting report on this morning about something George Ure saw Monday morning, if I got that part of it right. He had been thinking and dreaming about earthquakes and as he stared to wake up he saw a sign that read: Wednesday Los Angeles. Wow. That really does impress me and I shall be doubly impressed if it comes true. The pandemonium in our economics will be out of this world! California is in trouble with it's finances right now and an earthquake of major proportions will just push it over the edge very quickly. It is going to happen any way but the misery of the quake will make things twice as bad, or more. I can make a lot of comments about the people running California's finances these days but I wish the people no harm. They want to live the same as I do.

I think of Pete Smith, living out in California, and the antenna I have just started using today on my new Grundig radio. The antenna works like a charm but I am not getting much shortwave right now. Brother-in-law and I will start playing with the shortwave reception this evening after supper. Evening seems to be the time to hear it. It is Tuesday as I write this post and day after tomorrow will bring the first day of April. Spring is coming on! But I have my new radio working and we will see if we have the antenna set the way it should be. The slinkys are pretty versatile in how you can set them up. I really like it. But what I really want is for all the great preppers out in California to be okay. Guys like Pete Smith and Catman have tried to help a lot of people. They deserve all the help our thoughts can bring to them.

I just called Pale Rider and told him how to get to George Ure's site so he could read the message about the possible earthquake in L.A. I will get his response and we will put it up on the blog.


His response was that his import season is just getting underway and Long Beach is the place where it comes in. Bummer. The stuff going to the coast for shipment can go to Seattle or Tacoma and make it's voyage without too much trouble. But something as powerful as a major earthquake has ramifications all over the country. Even all over the world. What kind of world are we facing? Sounds like a bitch to me!

The days of trouble are coming on us and we must be prepared. While chaos and mayhem exist on the earth let us pray that our little portion of preparedness is blessed and safe. It is what we have prepped for and longed for. We have given our work and sweat and what little money we have to our continuity. I hope it is enough.. There are those who would enslave us and try to make us serfs in their twisted little world view but I do not intend to be in their plan. My God has talked about Liberty and I find myself in agreement with Him. Stay alive.


Monday, March 29, 2010


The weather forecast says it is going to warm up in a big way this week. One day we are supposed to hit 76 degrees. Could be a trick of nature before we get a Spring snow, or it could be a scorcher off a Summer on the way. It's been a while since we had a scorcher but it can still happen!

I talked with Pale Rider this morning and he is maybe getting us some extra help for building a chicken coop. Good show, Pale Rider. He also said his business was picking up and he is taking on more drivers for his freight hauling. But he is telling them to hold on to their money and not act like things are good again because things are NOT good. It is a false start and will not last. He asked his guys to not be deceived but he thinks some of them will be nevertheless. I tend to agree with him 100%. The economy is not there and you had better not act like it is there.

I was wondering what would be said if about 2000 militiamen arrived unannounced at a jail up North where they are holding the Hutaree militia people and announced that the jailers had 3 minutes to release the detained men or the jail would be leveled. Then they blow the utility entrance to the building. It could be a welcome reunion for all involved.

We are a nation of law. We are raised that way. But Freedom Day, April 19th, is coming up very soon and it has no basis for obeying the law. King George's men were looking to take away the cannon and powder and shot that the men of this country has accumulated in preparation to defending themselves from the Brits. And that act in and of itself was illegal. But John Hancock, noted smuggler, had busted ass getting that stuff to the rebels and they knew it and did not want to waste the effort. So they hid behind trees and rocks and brush ands shot the British to shreds all the way back to Boston. No cannon were discovered and siezed, The arms of the rebels were safe. And the rebels were law breakers. Nasty criminals. However, it is seldom pointed out that the Powers That Be are the ones making the laws. No matter how corrupt and degenerate they might be. And if you are disgusted with the PTB then what are you going to do about their laws, or laws in general? Well, you might start off by breaking their laws. You do not believe in them anyway so what is the difference. You might even copy out your NEW law and nail it up on a post somewhere so that everyone can read it. That is what the PTB do, in a sense. If you are intent on rebeling against them you may as well announce your presence. For we are a nation of people who fight against unjust laws. We just run rough shod over tyrants and idiots. Serves them right. And every now and them we have to have a Concord and Lexington to show the bastards that we mean business. No big deal. It has been done hundreds of times in history. It is going on around the globe right now as a matter of fact. After the initial blowout we will have a war. And that happens every day of the week. War is ugly but necessary to a cleansing of the air. It can remove warts and blemishes from the face of humanity. Just be sure you are on the right side and that you don't give up. When a revolution starts the PTB have an advantage. They have the media and the army. They have most of the control of things. Your job, as a rebel, is to start the cutting back. the prunning if you will, of their power base. A little here and a little there and before you know it you may even get invited to talk about the whole thing by the other side. Don't do it. Keep kicking their ass. Get their banks and their political parties and their religions and SHUT THEM DOWN. Whip their troops. Do all kinds of nasty shit in the name of freedom. They do what they want with impunity now so you may as well do likewise. You get shown no respect so why should you respect them? They make no laws abridging their own power so don't you it either. REMEMBER, THE CONSTITUTION WAS WRITTEN TO CLEARLY DEFINE THE POWER OF THE GOVERNMENT, NOT AS A METHOD OF LIMITING THE COMMON CITIZEN. THE GOVERNMENT HAS LIMITED POWER, NOT YOU!

I was raised by a religeous and political rebel. He was a most brilliant man and he served a wonderful God. And God spoke to the man. Talked to him. Incredible. But what they shared in their talking to each other will be passed on to humanity. Don't doubt it. The scripture says to render unto her DOUBLE. Hell, I 'm ready. Are you? Stay alive.


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Rainy old day today. No sunshine and lots of moisture falling down to the ground. But we will make it. The wife is making some Duck Soup and the aroma is about to drive me mad. It pulls you in like quicksand. She said there was a lot of sales for the weekend, some holiday or whatever, and the duck was cheaper than usual and she bought it. She will get at least three meals from it. Sure is good eating.

The Interweb is full of the hustle and bustle of the FBI getting it on with militia types in SE Michigan, NW Ohio and northern Indiana. I don't think this amounts to much. The story out at this point is that a few people were making and selling pipe bombs. And that is what the report said, "Making and Selling" . Couldn't come up with a better plan to get an all expense paid trip to the federal penitentiary if I tried my damnedest. Making and Selling? For Christ's sake! If the report is true they ought to get off for being retarded. But you don't ever get the details in the first report. That all comes later. All you get at first is THE MILITIA IS BEING ARRESTED BY THE FBI and you are supposed to live your life with that data. I can think of better ways to spend my time. This militia thing is not public as it once was and if you see someone trying to represent a militia for the benefit of the media then shut it off. The real guys are not going to be talking, I don't think. 20 years ago the militia was infiltrated by the FBI to the extent that their dues money was supporting the thing. Lessons were learned and things have changed. The real militia is not talking and will act when it is ready. Period.

Obama is in Afghanistan today on a surprise visit in Air Force One. He is going to tell the leader of the Afghans's to get rid of corruption and bad things and I know the Afghan leader will do it. But that is what the news media is wanting us to hear about and talk about. So look elsewhere for what is really happening. That is a little trick you pick up after years of listening to these wretched muthas. But at least you can figure out where NOT to look.

We might get to steal a march of the frost date this year. It is to get up into the 70's this week. First week of April and we are getting 70 degree temperatures? I predicted a hot Summer on account of the cold Winter but I did not think it would come on THIS STRONG. We shall see.

Still not new info on the militia up North. Things are looking like they are on hold. Now, if some group of really pissed off rebels decided they were not going to jail on those charges and started blowing up FBI cars and offices things would get serious in a hurry. But I don't think it is time for that. Maybe at the beginning of Summer. People do not like to war in cold rainy weather. I was so afraid things would break out in January. I was really up tight about that. I would do it if I had to but if I had my druthers I'd wait until warmer weather. I don't want to seem to be a Sunshine Soldier and a Summer Patriot cause I will fight no matter what the temperature. But my old bones could use a little warmth while laying in wait for the enemy to make an appearance. I reckon I will get spared flies and ticks if the weather is cold however and that makes me feel better. Can't stand those damned ticks. I go to a lot of trouble to kill those little bastards if I catch sight of them. But war is not made to be pleasant in any event.

And speaking of war, I am getting tired of the Tea Party bullshit that goes on in this country. The media acts like the sorely pissed off in this country are in the Tea Party movement. Man, did they ever miss the boat. The sorely pissed off in this country have dirt under their fingernails from grubbing in the garden. They have a lack of cash because they have spent their money on preps. And they have bad attitudes because they have watched this country taken down by a bunch of banksters and crooked politicians. Tea Party my ass. Tar and Feather party is more like it! Necktie party with a good rope will work just fine. We don't need any kiddie party to get what we want from this old earth. We need to get to work and to be left the hell alone by the rats in Washington D.C. All debts need to be forgiven and people allowed to walk with their heads up in the light of day. There are fifteen or twenty million empty houses in this country. Put the poor with kids in them for no money and let us get on with life. The undeserving will soon establish their identity among their neighbors and the problems can be handled locally. The way it should have been all along. Stay alive.


Saturday, March 27, 2010


It's quiet in the house. The next door neighbors are away on a fishing trip and the wife and brother-in-law have gone to Amishland for eggs and what not. I am holding down the fort and writing. Writing is good. It gives a person a purpose and a goal. Both important things. The brother-in-law is going to get me some gadgets that will hold my antenna wire up away from everybody so it does not get torn down. The antenna is fine but the wire I am going to run to the radio antenna is not secured as yet. But all good things in their season and it will probably be finished today. Then it is shortwave city! Jim Haddix has sent me a copy of an article from Jim Rawles' blog post of March 7, 2010 called Radio Communications for Retreat Intelligence Gathering, by R.Y. And it is a huge repository of data for the novice shortwave seeker. I could not believe the stations that it lists. That location is, by the way. But it is a home run at this stage of the game and that is what we will be needing in the future. I am thinking this is gonna be some good preps. Rawles did a good job, again. Jim Rawles and Big John Lipscomb are two of my absolute favorites in the prepping world. They are worlds apart in their approach to life but they are on the same path. I like them both and I feel that you should too. We cannot stand too much division among ourselves in this hour in which we live. There is too much at stake. We have too much to lose if we fight and disagree. Let time and circumstances smooth over our differences as we make our way down this busted up old road called survivalism and prepping. I like Remus's attitude over at the Woodpile Report. He is a friend to those who make him a friend and he writes some damn fine stuff. Mayberry and Dragon kinda round things out for me. And we can all get along. We have to.

I am noticing a schism is society. It is more and more becoming a divided camp. There are those who will tell you that things are getting better and stay with the system and Obama and a lot of other things. Then there are those who say the message of hope and change is a phony collection of bullshit and we had better prepare for bad times. I am firmly standing in the latter camp. And I cannot lose. All the prepping I have done over the last two and a half years is usable even if the collapse does not come. I won't lose a cent. But the Change and Hope guys can lose their asses. Literally. I guess they never see that aspect. And the media is not telling them this little clue to what is what. Media should be telling them to plant gardens and store canned goods. Media should be telling them that being armed may save their lives in the collapse. Media should be telling them that they should have plenty of medication stored up in case of a medicine drought. But it is not happening. And a lot of innocent blood will be on their hands when the die off comes. The one camp is non-functional as to being prepared and the other camp is getting ready come hell or high water. It is with great happiness that I read of Main Stream Media having difficulties staying afloat financially. Financial ruin is what they deserve. Our response has been in direct opposition to what they tell us and we are looking better every day. May they rot in the hell they produce. And millions of people will enter hell because they believed in Hope and Change. They are sheep following Judas Goats. When the sheep go to the packing house they have a goat that leads the sheep to the slaughter floor. The goat gets them started and then is let out a side door and goes back outside. The sheep go on in to become meat for the table. This is necessary for control at the packing house but it ain't my idea of a good future for me and mine. Kick that old goat on into the slaughter floor and me and mine will slip on back outside. Yes.

One thing we cannot do is let the perverts of society bring dissension within the midst of those who would live on through the calamity. They are the Judas Goats we need to be aware of in our lives. They would bring dishonor and shame to every prepper in the country, if they could. Their masters expect it of them. With our cries of get out of town and get out of debt we bring people closer to freedom. And freedom is a fight, not a retirement plan. You will fight like hell to retain your freedom, if you get a chance to keep it. And your kids and grandkids will fight also. There is a battle on this planet for our very souls. The money boys want to rule it all and they want you in debt and sold out! Damn right! Their look at the future has you buying a house you will never be able to pay for from a bank that will never let you alone. They aim to make you keep on paying through the nose FOREVER. And the government will back them and keep you working your ass off paying them taxes for their wondrous salaries and retirement plans. You talk about a stacked deck! So get ready to fight with everything you have. Be wise as a serpent and harmless ass a dove but don't let them win, at any cost! This is the most perverse attempt at controlling the world that we have ever witnessed. These people have accomplished more than any other gang of thieves in history. DO NOT LET THEM WIN!

There is a newspaper that we read at our house called The Idaho Observer. It is actually a national paper. It ain't as big and ritzy as USA TODAY but it gets the job done. It comes out once a month and has some very good stuff in it. They have a website at and you can subscribe from them at that point of contact. Very good people with a message of "KEEP OFF OUR BACKS" going out to the fedgov and other clowns. Ingri Cassel heads it up and she has a very fine staff helping her. There is no big "I" and little "u" in their attitude. They try to tell it like it is. If you have any money left after prepping give them a shot. They have been at it for years and I thought they should have some recognition. They just don't give up. Stubborn folks. You will like them.

That's about it for today. Stay healthy and stay alive.


Friday, March 26, 2010


Things are looking okay for us preppers right now. But don't fall asleep because that can change in a heartbeat. But we don't have a new war and we don't have Martial Law and the money is still good at the store. Keep your eyes open and prep on. I got a favorable comment about the Grundig radio and that has bolstered my feelings quite a bit. Nothing succeeds like success. Now comes the idea that we will need a list of stations that have good news. Should not be too hard to handle once the stations are discovered. My brother-in-law brought me part of a spool of 18 gauge speaker wire this morning for getting my radio hooked up to my antenna. It is insulated and has two wires in it which be split in two lengthwise. Then it will be search and discover time. I really think this shortwave thing may have some benefit to us doomers. A friend of mine in Ohio will be up and running this weekend, I believe. I have no other details to report other than that. No one has broken the broadcast barrier that I am aware of. But should it happen and I find out about it the readers of this blog will know the details as soon as I do. It would be very cool to have a broadcast network to pass news along to friends and preppers. Very cool indeed. We will have to have codes and things to say stuff we don't want the fedgov to get but other than that it will be a benefit. Good for us, I say. And those with a spirit gift can share their nuggets with the rest of us. You never know what some one may receive. God is pretty merciful.

I think I should add that anyone wanting to contact me personally should use the email address I provide at the end of most of my posts. I read all comments and seldom comment in return. The comment section usually belongs to the commenter's and not to me. We ALL read the blog.

I read some consternation concerning non-hybrid seed in an email this morning and I thought to address that subject. I beg to differ with the idea that non-hybrid seed are readily available at all local feed and seed stores. I know one place in my area that sells Cranberry Bean seed and another place that sells some Golden Bantam Corn seed that is non-hybrid. Beyond that it is a dry well. I am not saying there are no other seeds available but I am not into driving around looking for them. I went to one other place and struck out. The point I have to make is that what is genetically inclined to grow where you live is what you should plant. I live in a fairly northern climate and things grown in the northern climes should have a tendency to do well here. My Cranberry Beans just really get with it and the crop yield is terrific. The person who emailed me said that seeds from Europe are acclimated to our more northern climate and I am willing to go along with that, as long as they produce the first year. Vegetables that I grow and save the seed are a sure thing. They are already acclimated to this soil and climate. They are producers or they would not be planted a second time anyhow. But heirloom, non-hybrid is no guarantee that you will get a good crop. If your plants are acclimated to the desert you might not have much of a success story to tell the next Fall. Then again you might really get a super yield because desert plants normally take of like rocker ships if they get plenty of water. You experiment and you decide what is good for you and your family. I think along the lines of growing a CROP and not a salad bar. When I have planted Cranberry Beans I have planted LOTS of them. Thirty gallons of dried product are nothing unusual. I have one 35 gallon metal trash can that has so many beans in it you can hardly pick it up. The Handmaiden puts Diatomaceus earth in every package and they are frozen for two or three days before their storing is complete. Works like a charm.

We don't just store Cranberry Beans. We have Pinto Beans and Black Beans and Split Peas and other goodies. We also have plenty of spices to make things interesting. Do not forget to store spices. Eating bland food every day can get old in a hurry. We also have a LOT of rice. I love to eat rice. Our canned butter will make it just to my liking. Naturally I have plenty of salt.

In watching the news I see the MSM talking a lot about Sarah Palin the ex-governor of Alaska. My guess is that she is to be groomed as the heir apparent of the Republican party and get the nomination for president in the 2012 election. What a travesty that would be! This country needs a real strong person who has some love of country in their heart and the Republican PTB want to give us Sarah Palin. She is strictly a party hack and has not had an original idea in her political career. No matter what your party affiliation is, fight like hell to keep party hacks off the ballot. This country needs a lot more than some dumbass servant of the PTB to lead it. We do not want to make peace or friends with the PTB. We want to stomp their asses in the ground. We want to say NO WAY to all of the banksters and all of the debt. You DO realize that if everything collapses, as it is sure to do, the banks will foreclose on every home in the country and we will all be paying rent to the federal reserve. Then you will obey as a good slave or you will face eviction and you know you aren't going to find another bank to sell you a house. Or give you a mortgage. You will be ruined. Head for the overpass out on the Interstate. The next two years are going to see some very heavy duty political decisions being made in this country, if there is still a country to make them. If you have anything to do with the process do NOT let the PTB pick the candidates. Stay alive.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


The things that are in play right now, in this nation and the rest of the world, are not the mind of a man or a group of men. Whoever thinks that men could concoct this scene are very wrong. And we do not need to worry or stew about who is with us or not. Everybody will be in this little game. There is no way out of it. The plan is in motion and everyone is hell bent for entry into the next big thing. Ain't no escaping it. Because the BIG GUY up in heaven is running the show and always has run the show. Something this big and this important is not going to be left up to the fragile feelings of mere mortal men. That ain't the way things happen. Men are craven cowards, liars and thieves, lazy and changeable. No way in hell are they going to be left in charge of this affair. You may not feel the spirit moving in all of this but that is exactly what is going on. There is an Army in the invisible that is moving into place and it is not quick but it is very accurate. And some folks will not like to look at the work underway and consider that the BIG GUY is setting it all up, but he is, so get used to it. We are headed toward a period of the little "i" and the big "HIM". He gets the credit. Nothing will transpire without the approval of the authority of Him who dwells on high. This thing is laid out from front to back and it will go as planned. Don't ever doubt it. Don't ever doubt that when actors are needed on the stage they will be waiting in the wings, eager to burst upon the scene.

I write this for anyone who may think that this is going to fail. That the collapse will not come. That the morons of present day governments will somehow come out on top and we will be screwed even worse than we are now. It ain't gonna be like that at all. The stench of man's inhumanity toward his fellow man has reached up to heaven and it is going to get blown away by the winds of change. And we all know, or should know, who is in charge of change on this forlorn old planet. Those who lack faith must trust in waiting for the events to transpire. They will transpire. Those who have faith will sleep easier at night knowing that the plan cannot fail. But which ever group you are a member, be ready for your feet to hit the ground running to the battle. If he is gonna need you, if you have a part to play, get ready to go on stage. The momentum is building and the earth is shaking with the dread of the coming calamity. Don't be afraid. Care not for tomorrow for the evil of today is sufficient thereof. You have done what you needed to get done, so stand your ground and wait. And there is always more to do! Prepping never ends. God knows of our impatience. So busy yourselves in what will benefit you and others in times of need. This thing is not on OUR schedule. It follows the dictates of him with whom we have to do. So be ready.

I have my Pete Smith Slinky Antenna strung up on the porch out of the reach of my cats and sometime today I will become a Shortwave Radio Listener. It will be a minor miracle if it works because I am not a radio person. But from everything I have read the slinky is way up at the top of the list for those of us wanting good reception. And we don't have to be Electrical Engineers to get the job done. You don't have to go to the bookstore and buy Antennas for Dummies. This thing is gonna work. A guy I know took one look at it and said it was great. A great design and a great idea. Pete Smith has done us a favor. You can see and buy a slinky from Pete at his website, . The man puts in a daily effort to help people get prepared and he helped me by inventing this slinky. Can't say enough good things about him. I am doing this thing with the shortwave radio my Handmaiden bought for me because I want to hear what is going on in the world after the SHTF. And I do not trust the corporate media for an instant. They are sold out, controlled, and dictated to by the Powers That Be and only tell us what we are supposed to hear. They are essentially the Voice Of The Enemy. You can shorten that by just saying VOTE. Voting got us into this mess and ain't likely to get us out of it. But I will trust the rebels before I will trust the PTB. Just like I do now with the bloggers. The news from the blogs is so superior to the stuff from the MSM that there is really no comparison. Let me read those preppers any day of the week before I read the MSM. After the fedgov shuts down the Internet we will have to rely on shortwave. They do not want us communicating. They do not want us encouraging each other. They want us silenced. Well, they are not going to silence world wide shortwave very easily. Too many smart guys are out there with mobile set-ups that are very hard to track. It would cost ten million dollars a night to police the national airwaves and even then a lot of stuff will get through. And a few crazy muthas will come up with 50,000 watts of power to broadcast nationally. That should give the PTB stomach cancer of the highest order. God bless the radio guys. Stay alive.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Ive seen a little sunlight already this morning. It won't be so welcome once the Summer MUG is here but it is nice to have around now!

I'm thinking about Coronal Mass Ejection this morning, more commonly referred to as CME. We get lucky most times and don't take a big hit from the Sun. But it has happened. Back around 1860 or so we got hit with a big CME and it shut down the telegraph system in this country. And that was the days of stupid electricity. No chips handling things, no complicated switching gear, just Brute Force Stupid Electricity. And the CME shut her down. Powerful stuff these CME's. If one would hit full force I would estimate we would be living in the 1850's real quick. A hand pump in your well would be a nice thing. A flowing Spring would be pretty cool also. I have no idea if it would reverse the planetary polarity or not. Higher pay grades than me would be having to handle that task if it came about. National defense systems would crash in a heartbeat. Any plane in the air would be instantly converted into a glider, if it could glide. Most modern planes glide like a rock. You can forget about any kind of phone working. It won't happen for while. Your lights will not turn on and your pump won't work, The whole country, cities and countryside, will suddenly go on restricted water usage, enforced by physics beyond our capacity to duplicate or at least control. Most assuredly beyond out capacity to control. Planes will fall from the sky quickly and silently. If the system goes down suddenly, cast your eyes to the heavens and watch for silently falling machines. None of this downcast lowering of the eyes allowed. Your car will not work, more than likely, so you can forget about running any last minute errands. But you are a prepper and should not have any trouble with that.

Should a plane go down in your area, don't go trying to help anyone without a hammer to break windows and stuff. Bolt cutters or Jaws Of Life would be nice but then we would have to develop CMEPR Bags. That is Coronal Mass Ejection Plane Rescue Bag. Too much. Way beyond our expected needs. Of course if you did need such a commodity and you happened to have one you would get a kiss from the Fairy Princess for having rescued her. I ain't placing any bets on this one, however. A small fire extinguisher would make a nice addition to any attempted plane rescue mission.

I have no idea of the effect a CME would have on a person, but I don't think it would be a positive thing. If there is any Gamma radiation involved in the onslaught you would be toast. But I don't think that would happen. At least I have read NO EVIDENCE OF IT HISTORICALLY. But I will stay inside anyhow. I will err on the side of caution.

And all of this discussion is what we can expect from an EMP burst in our area. The potential foes of our people will have very efficient EMP bombs to detonate and shut us down. Nothing is sacred in a war. They will kill who they can kill. Rules of war be damned.

I have some money on the kitchen table for my wife to spend on candles from Big Lots. As long as they are not scented she will buy them. I want a bunch of candles. I do not like scented candles and neither does the Handmaiden. If you can smell them that means they are releasing a gas and I don't like breathing any gas I don't have to. We will also buy another mechanical can opener. Imagine having a ton of canned goods and no can opener. How humiliating!

I just read a Gary North article on the death of Detroit. A city of once 1.8 million people has been reduced to half of that. You can buy a house for under $10,000 very easily. The town is dead. D-E-A-D. But it is not talked about, as Gary North so eloquently notices. You don't hear the mass media crying about the loss of Detroit. It is ignored. It doesn't even exist. How soon before this happens to some other big cities here in America. The country is broke. The fedgov is broke. Everybody except some huge banks and some Wall Street firms are broke. There are some huge multinational corporations headquartered here but the money ain't going to Joe and Julie Sixpack. That just ain't the way the game is played these days. That thing about "Am I my brothers keeper?" is being answered with a resounding NO! But there are some mean ass men in this country that are on our side. Men who can kill and get away to kill again. And they are here in a crowd, not just a bunch of lone wolves. They know how to stop tanks and jet planes and all kinds of good things. They will need food and medical help. Be prepared to give it to them. You might even go out on patrol with them. Stranger things have happened. But what ever you do, stay alive.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Ain't really seen the Sun for a while. Maybe it will break through today. A lot of people get real low emotionally when the Sun does not shine. The light seems to lift their spirits. I can understand that, the lifting part, but I do not give too much credence to becoming of a low mood when it doesn't shine. You just have to accept that and go on. But the whole population is not like me and that is a fact, and we are probably better off that way.

There is a dichotomy in the debate on the Healthcare bill. On the one hand we have constitutional law and on the other hand we have "Am I my brothers keeper?" The constitution is a good document but it does not have all the ingredients of being a brother keeper in it. It is like living with two sets of laws and one of them is of a higher order than the other. But the lower ranking law is in effect and the higher ranking law is mostly a personal feeling. The lower ranking law is of men and the higher ranking law is of God. I personally feel that the higher ranking law is the one to rule your life. But we all do the best we can. And the fedgov will do it's best to screw us with the Healthcare bill. That is an indication of their lineage I reckon. We bear the burden and they keep the rewards. But time is running out for those bastards. The American Revolution II is on the way and those in power had better find some deep holes to hide in. The people have just had enough. The shit is so deep we can no longer breath decent air. And the air is not getting any better! Something must be done or we will suffocate. We will have to break out of these prison walls. has an interesting twist in the action of the day in an article called WHERE ARE YOU. He postulates that a young man of maybe 25 or 30 years old is going to get an idea of how to trigger this thing off and we will all be jealous as hell because we didn't think of it. To hell with jealousy. Let this dude come on with it! I was disappointed by some of the comments though. I would gladly follow one enlightened guy. But to call for 535 of them to send to Washington is just a waste of brain power. But we have a major amount of souls in this country who do not believe in a new world a comin'. And they will be trying to rebuild this poor old beat down system for a hundred years. Hell, let it go and die an honorable death. Let the new guy have room to operate. We know who will be sending him and for that sake let us not saddle him with a committee. But there will be more than one. There will be seven. That is a promise we have been given. Believe it. Degringolade leave the article with the thought that we will have less under the justice the new guy will be forced to administer but that will be better than the nothing we would have otherwise.

I have been reading one of my favorite blogs, THE COMING ECONOMIC DEPRESSION, and I am seeing the collapse coming along nicely. Housing is totally screwed. Manufacturing is out of here. State budgets are being cut with a blowtorch. After three years of preaching of this impending doom it is finally going to happen. But because I keep them informed on things, my brother-in-law and my wife can sit out on the porch and not freak out when I talk about what is coming up. They can read Cliff High and sleep at night. They have prepared along with me and they are happy they did. I am putting in an order for Ravioli and Lasagna. Good additions to a survival stash. And my son loves Ravioli. Stay alive.


Monday, March 22, 2010


I am tired of reading government propaganda. We make our own propaganda down here in southern Indiana and we don't need to read anyone else. Our homegrown variety does just fine. We get our ideas from the bloggers and go on from there. And if you have been paying attention you will have noticed that the bloggers are where it is at, as far as the truth is concerned. Like anyone else whose IQ is above room temperature I want to know what the hell is going on. And trying to find out the truth of what is going on is getting harder by the minute. Obama and his promises of openness in government is nothing but a lie. This is a most secretive bunch of folks in D.C. This Obamacare is another one of those 2000 page bills that no one has ever read. But like I said, we write our own propaganda around these parts. And like any other form of propaganda, you read at your own risk. But at least it is homegrown and has all natural ingredients. If you have anything wrong with you I would advise getting it fixed before the collapse comes. This only happens once in a couple centuries. Go lightly on the medications and more on the surgery. They train pretty good mechanics at medical schools these days.

It would seem that the European guys are NOT getting it done for Greece. The talk is there but the walk is lacking. So who gives a shit? Greece made it's own bed and now it will get the opportunity to sleep in it. I would care but I have too many things to watch on my own economic front. I know too many people who are not prepared and who will need help, help they will not get from Obama. It will be up to us, the nasty preppers, to feed whom the good God brings our way. We are mocked now but maybe pretty soon we will at least be liked. And that is low compensation for what we have to do. All I can say for those who might be thinking of coming this way is to bring your Beans, Bullets and Bandaids with you in your travel trailer, We ain't got any room here and most likely will not have any room until the country is well into complete collapse. I ain't saying that is wrong but I am saying that is how it looks from my chair. Pale Rider and I will try to get at least one chicken coop built for eggs this Summer. I will try to enlist others as I find them. Pale Rider doesn't seem to be a flashy kind of guy. He seems like the kind of guy who lowers his shoulder and the dirt starts getting moved and not a lot of talk is necessary. Good man.

It is a good day for contemplating the life of a prepper. In fact a lot of preppers seem to be doing just that. A few of them are swearing off of most everything else and going at their preparations full time and with a vengeance. I can back that 100%. The days are getting longer and the time is getting shorter so we may as well make the best of it. This collapse is looking like a huge bomb about to go off in our midst and Obama is not the guy to make it better. Not at all. The latest data I have seen says that there are only ten and a half million people involved in manufacturing in this country. And we have twenty-two million people working for the fedgov. Anyone with half a brain will know that this cannot go on any longer. We have been screwed rude and soon will be tattooed. At least if they can catch us. If you reach out to grab some of these guys you might see your arm vaporize before your very eyes. Sounds like a bad deal for the reacher. But people are getting pissed off and that is a fact. And they are not going to be pushed anymore, at least not the 3% who are aiming to fight. And if my history book is close to being right, that 3% turned into 20% before the war was over. And with 20% we get the whole enchilada. And that is just simple math. The 20% are the people who make the country run anyway so what is the difference? It may get split up into a few smaller countries and whatnot but no one with any brains will try us out or they will get their asses tore off. We will be in no mood to negotiate with any would-be tyrants. Fighting tyranny is what this whole thing is all about. The tyranny of the banks and the fedgov have conspired to enslave us all for generations. Ain't gonna happen. We are gonna write that debt yoke off with the stroke of a buttstroke. Eat teeth, bastards. Ain't anyone with any brains gonna feel guilty about kicking your ass so you can forget about mercy. Mercy belongs to the household of faith, not to a bunch of slobbering dogs. You have done your best to make us all feel guilty and it has failed, you dumbasses. The truth got out and your asses are cooked. And you deserve the blowtorch of humanity on your balls. I am so close to cursing you bastards I can hardly restrain myself. The spirit gets on me and and I can barely keep my seat. Beware ye sons of Hell! Your time approaches.


Sunday, March 21, 2010


It's almost supper time here in Indiana and still no news on Obamacare. I guess I should not be worried one way or the other. My son said I was paranoid and I told him that you are not really paranoid if they really are after you. He may have changed his mind a little bit when I told him that the Obamacare bill would force EVERYONE to buy health insurance. After I let him in on that one I asked him where in the Constitution it is written that the government could force us to buy health insurance. Then I brought up the issue of 17,000 NEW IRS agents to enforce the buying mandate. He sorta quieted down after that and is chewing on the facts. Good for him says I. He is pretty smart and he will pick up on it.

But if this bill passes today then we will all have health insurance. We will be insured against everything. Cancer, carwrecks, bad falls, the diseases we pick up in hospitals and all the other good things to be insured against. My major problem with this is how will it get paid for when the economy collapses? I am afraid that it is a hoax. It ain't gonna last six months. It will get sued out of existence anyhow. Seems like the wrong thing at the wrong time.

Mayberry sent me an email talking about a couple of pretty good sized earthquakes on the island of Cuba and in Guatemala, I think. Things are shakin' pretty good these days. It is supposed to be something to do with the Sun, so we can't do much about it. But these big quakes are tearing things up to no end. And right after the quake we get looters and arsonists and rapists. Fine time to go pick on somebody, you know. Bastards. String 'em up!


It is now almost eight o'clock Monday morning and I am just finishing this post. It appears that the Obamacare bill was passed last night and is headed to Obama for his signature, making it the law of the land. Well, at least SOMEONE did something to try and help this problem we have with too many people not having insurance to pay for medical aid. I don't like the IRS growing by 17,000 agents in order to police the damn thing but no one asked me about that. And this measure will fail as America collapses economically. But at least SOMEONE took a stab at helping the people with their medical problems. I don't like it but it will have to do for right now. We live in a sick world where the AMA and Big Pharma have such a stranglehold on our lives. It has brought us this Obamacare. May God preserve us. And stay alive.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

BEANS AND BULLETS it is...a beautiful Saturday morning. You don't get to read this until Sunday but that doesn't hurt anyone. I have read where Congresswoman Slaughter had a brick thrown through her office window in upstate New York last night. It appears the Sons of Liberty are at it already. Too bad for those people who would put us in tyranny. Just too damn bad. And one thing we have here in southern Indiana, in great, never ending abundance, is rocks to throw. You got the glass, we got the rock. Hell yes. I will pray for the future success of the Sons of Liberty. I don't have the arm I had 50 years ago so I might have to get me a WHAMMO slingshot to take care of any business that might come my way. Would not want to come up short in any endeavor that might aid and abet the Sons of Liberty. Coming up short would not please me at all.

Just waiting for the tiller to do it's thing down in the garden and the 10th of May to come. That is our frost date. The Handmaiden is getting antsy as hell to get to planting. I am persuaded to do a big bean crop again this year. Those Cranberry Beans are something wonderful and we grow a very big crop of them whenever we put them into the ground. They are just great producers. And they taste so good! My brother-in-law did not even like beans and now admits he likes them, especially the Cranberry Beans and the Butter Beans I buy at the store. I might try to grow some Butter Beans this year. Rutabagas are now way up on the priority list for the garden this year. Butternut Squash, Cranberry Beans, and Rutas are the main promises I have made. We will see if I can get Butter Beans in there. They are just so damn good it would be a miscarriage of life to exclude them. I suppose I will end up looking around for Butter Bean seed and all I'll be able to find is Monsanto Specials and I will be pissed off. I do not like ANYTHING from Monsanto. These people are against everything I stand for. But they keep making inroads into our national diet and pretty soon our non-hybrid seed will be the only thing left that is worth a damn. Then we will have to worry about cross pollinating with their crap. Everything in this country is for sale and that includes our political leadership and they are bought and paid for by Monsanto. But the Sons of Liberty are on the move and an ill wind blows toward Washington D.C. And I do not know who the Sons of Liberty are and I don't care to know. I have heard the Militias have been called up and I can't find out a damn thing and that just pleases the hell out of me. Apparently the Militias have advanced in their procedures and are not open to easy examination. Maybe they have not all been infiltrated by the FBI like they were 15 to 20 years ago. Maybe they have lots of guys trained in the Sandbox that know about keeping a secret and staying alive. Sure hope so. 'Cause if Obama gets his hands on them they are a lost cause. And he will try to get them run out of business. If they are not the Black Panthers or the Nation of Islam, they are just there for the grinding.

I was worried about he fighting strength of the preppers and survivalists in this country and said so in a blog post but the emails I have gotten tell me that there are plenty of people getting ready to fight. And that is comforting. At least I will not be by myself. The main body of writers say that there is 3% of the population ready to go on the "defensive." Call it 1% and you still have three million fighters. Figuring a lot of women and kids you can still count on a half million guys out pulling triggers. That sure is a lot of ammo heading down range. And lot of these ol' boys are crack shots and don't miss. One shot, one kill type of shooters. Those deer rifles get made fun of but not if you are in front of them. They will put you in the long sleep in a heart beat. One of my friends came by yesterday and he had been out last week getting re-acquainted with his Moison Nagant and it's 7.62X54R cartridge. He says he can still hit center of mass at 300 yards with iron sights. Not bad for a guy who is getting some age on him and wears glasses. This country might be in pretty good shape for battling these bastards of the NWO. I can still hit something from the prone position pretty damn well. Of course I can hit from a bench rest but it is hard as hell to get enemy troops to march in front of a bench rest. They just don't seem to want to do it. Party poopers is what they are.

But we are looking okay and with the help of God we might survive the coming calamities. Please. All of you. STAY ALIVE.


Friday, March 19, 2010


Wheee! It's the last day of Winter! Hot damn. We can say good bye to the cold hearted bitch. It gives you an idea of what old Mother Nature is really like. But she is gonna put a new green dress on and get all prettied up and try to make us forget what her true nature really is. Her true nature is drowning you while you are in your boat or crushing you when an earthquake shakes your house down or destroying you with a hurricane or burning you with a the lava from one of her beautiful volcanoes. She can also hit you with poison from a thousand sources, disease from a thousand more. She can get you with a savage animal attack. Mother Nature is a bitch, pure and simple. But soon it will be good wine and a kiss or two from the Handmaiden and maybe the Eagles on Hell Freezes Over. A good time will be had by all.

The media is still crying up Obama and his socialist plan for America. The boys and girls in Congress will try to get the Obamacare bill passed without an up or down vote this weekend. You will not know who voted for what when it happens. It's just a way to keep things a secret from you poor miserable bastards we call the electorate. Too many politicians know they will be defeated in the next election if they pass this bill and they do not want to have their name on it. So the main push right now is to not re-elect a damn one of them. Throw all of them OUT. They are a blight on humanity anyhow. It will be good for Pelosi to go home to her faggot constituents in San Francisco and live out her life in her AIDS ridden district. You can see the attitude those people have when you look at Pelosi. I don't care much WHERE Obama goes, as long as he goes.

And they will all go. America hates their guts and they know it and they will hit the trail with all due haste when their time comes. And it will be good to see them go. This country needs another political party and I think they will get it pretty damn soon. This functioning Twiddledee and Twiddledum monstrosity we have now is wrecking our lives and the lives of our kids and grandkids. Oh Lord, get me out of this mess!

Things are looking pretty bad over in Thailand these days. Might even be worse than the riots in Greece. The riots will spread far and wide pretty soon and the fedgov goons will get their share of the whirlwind. It is going to go on all over this globe and the Powers That Be are trying like hell to avoid it. Best of luck guys but I think your greed has overruled your brains and the mess is inevitable. And it will be one hell of a mess. Never doubt it. And I see the political mess taking a decade or two to clean up. Not only will the establishment fight hard to keep a grasp on power but there will be pockets of it all over the place for years. But we will get 'em!

The wife and brother-in-law have gone to the garden to pull last years stakes up in preparation to having the tiller run over the dirt. That 7' Maschio tiller is great for getting the ground ready. It is called a New Frontier and is sold by John Deere but it is a Maschio.

Looked off the porch this morning and saw my first Dandelion of the season. Pretty soon there will be Dandelion greens for supper and fried Dandelion flowers for a treat and the Handmaiden will make Dandelion Wine. She uses the roots for something but I forget what it is. But not much goes to waste from the Dandelion plant. They're a weed you know. Hah!

The FDIC has taken to culling banks on days besides Friday and this week the total is NINE banks out of business. Sure is good to know that we are in a recovering economy. I just wouldn't know what to do otherwise. I am sure the preppers of this country are very comfortable with the money we have in this country. Y'all do have money, right? I mean you must because the economy is recovering, right? Obama said it was recovering and he is the man who knows, right? But just in case someone may have read some bad figures I think I will keep on prepping my ass off. It sure would be embarrassing to bite the dust over someone giving me bad data.

Stay alive.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


It seems that everywhere I look there is a problem, a calamity, or SOMETHING, that is looking to make life difficult. Earthquakes, threats of war, crop failures, civil unrest, phony climate schemes, threats of Martial Law, and on and on. And I am not saying these threats are not real. No way am I denying their existence. But I confess to getting a little weak in the knees sometimes in thinking about how I am supposed to handle all this crap. This morning I got hit with possible war with China. Good Lord! How the hell am I supposed to whip a Chinese invasion? Beats the hell out of me! It takes some sort of organization to stop an invading force like the Chinese Army. You don't go out with your bolt action 30 caliber rifle and send the Chi-Coms home with their tail between their legs. It just don't happen that way. Those guys will be seriously trying to kill you and they will have the means to do it. It is one thing to fight it out with 20 or 30 bad guys, if you have some help. But with 5000 Chinese soldiers coming over the ridge your bowels sorta get a little weak, if you catch my drift. How the hell am I supposed to handle anything like that? I would give it a shot if I had a chance but it doesn't seem to be much of a chance looking at those kind of odds. And I want to go to the beer blast after the victory, you understand. It's important. The kids would talk about it for decades.

But going to, or missing, a beer blast is not what it is all about. Winning and staying alive are what it is all about. I was writing to a fella this morning and I mentioned that China was 30,000,000 women short of having enough to provide a bride for every man. That is enough to make a guy nervous! I mean, those guys in the Red Army haven't been spending their time in prayer and meditation all these years. There are bound to be some real close buddies in there somewhere. And they won't give a shit about making YOU one of their close buddies either. We may have to fight just to preserve our masculine virginity. The toll on the female side of life will not be any different. They will become whores for the Red Army either in a willing mode or an unwilling mode. The result will be the same. Those people not assigned to sex slavery will be working in food production for the visiting Army. They have to eat and their leaders know that growing it here will be a lot cheaper than shipping it from there. And our people will do the work or they will become compost. Life will be reduced to a very simple form. Work or die.

And I look for the Mexican Army to help their Chinese brethren out to a large degree. They will finally get a chance to put it on the gringos. And the Mexicans are well armed. They have the same shoulder fired weapons that we do, to a certain extent. I don't know what they have in the way of tanks but I am sure they have Armored Personnel Carriers and we know they have helicopters. They can make a mess for us for sure. And on the East Coast we have the Russians and the Arabs coming at us with a great fury. There will be no problem talking Cuba into marching up Florida and going across to New Orleans. Things will be a bitch. No doubt about it.

I must go now and do some serious studying. Stay alive.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The news is not comforting or disturbing. The bloggers are kicking ass as usual and seemingly enjoying it. The guy at has a couple of very nice posts up and you will enjoy them. Mayberry is giving the government hell in a most wonderful manner. The Dragon is crusty as ever. Ferfal down in Argentina is grinding on Jim Rawles quite a bit. My money is on Rawles at this point. Ferfal's syntax ain't good enough. But Ferfal is on the money trip and that will tell you where he is heading. Visions of sugar plums dance in his head. He ain't gonna make it because he is a city boy and as far as the serious preppers go, the city ain't the place to be. Ferfal ought to get a couple hundred acres out in the country with some plantable ground and start his survival trip in earnest. He has some good ideas and some personal discipline but he needs to get the hell out of town. We shall see. But getting out of town would subject him to the philosophy of his competition and that might prove to be insurmountable.

Cliff High has a new download for sale. George Ure is talking it up quite a bit. No one has sent me a copy and the $10 fee is a bit much so I have to pass at this point. But I will nab a copy somehow. I always seem to do it. My money has to go for staying alive and preps. There ain't much room for anything else. Cliff has some mighty fine reading in his papers and it is worth the time and trouble, if you can afford a copy. You can order it a if you like. The report is a bit on the left hand but it is amusing and informative. And they might get something big every now and then just to keep things interesting. I think they are going to get it on their prediction of some major earthquakes this year. Sometime between now and Saturday we are supposed to have a big one due to the CME of last Sunday. If it happens we may have a method of predicting earthquakes that we never had before. Fascinating stuff.

Looking off my porch my Handmaiden has seen several of my Garlic plants starting to arise. I am especially proud of them if they make it. I have never planted Garlic before. But as far as growing food and making gardens is concerned, I have read on the blogs that garden seeds are shooting up in price quite a bit. This will not hurt non-hybrid planters. We have seed from last year and we don't have to buy. Thanks to Big John Lipscomb I will not have to buy any seed. I did not get my Cranberry Bean seed from John. Believe it or not I got it from my local feed and seed place. They actually had a non-hybrid bean seed for sale. And it is a real producer. I mean to tell you that they really kick out the production. I think I told you that I am going to try to go big on Butternut Squash this year. They keep well and are delicious. Not much trouble to fix either. I will try to get some Acorn Squash in the mix also. They are just out of this world for flavor. I am thinking of going after corn this year also. That Bloody Butcher corn that I got from Big John should really put me ahead in the ground corn area this next Fall and Winter. We had some homemade Chili and Cornbread last night and it was some good eating. My son was down the road making 6 ounce sinkers for fishing next month and he stopped by for a late supper and really got off on that Chili. The Handmaiden makes some GOOD Chili. Write to her blog and make her give you the recipe. It is worth the effort. Stay alive.


Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Not doing so well on the prep issue this week. But the week ain't over and things can happen. Still looking for a good place to build a couple of chicken coops. With all of this land you would figure I could build a coop most anywhere. And I can. But I want to be able to guard the coops from the vicinity of my home and that narrows it down quite a bit. But the available land is used up for a big pond! Pain and suffering. Must be God's way of punishing me for making fun of the Catholic Clergy.

But I have a couple of options up my sleeve and I will get a spot. I might not get everything I want but I will get some of it and life is a compromise a lot of times. Especially for us poor folks. The main thing is the availability of eggs and chicken meat for the good guys. Pale Rider is always telling me he is ready to do it and I will have to get the show on the road. He is just too damn big to keep putting off. IT is in the low 60's outside this afternoon and is a perfect building day but I need some dozer work before I begin the building. Good chickens have to have room to move around and eat bugs and grass and such. They also need to be accessible from the road for easy feeding and egg gathering. It makes it easier for picking up manure for compost too. I want healthy ground and It takes "feeding" the soil to get it healthy. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out but American farmers seem to be a little slow on the up-take in this area. They are ruining our national soil just as hard and fast as they can go in the same of "successful" farming. Too bad, I say. But farmers are the slowest learners on the planet. They will do like Daddy did for generations if it works. They ran into some trouble with that method a few decades ago. Their 17 cent a gallon farm diesel became a part of history that is probably not coming back. It might though. The cost of running a tractor went though the roof however, and something had to be done.

Something was done. Herbicides and pesticides were invented and formulated for various crops. Since America is basically full of monocropping morons, planting one crop over hundreds or thousands of acres, the poison had to get pretty strong to knock back the weeds and the bugs. Large scale monocropping really brings in the bugs that can hurt the crop. And they did this and the crops came in as promised but no one wants to do any soil testing to see what is screwed up and what ain't. They run their NPK test and buy their chemical fertilizer accordingly. The poisons go in the ground via no-till and things go right on via our industrial farming methods. After all, the balance of payments on our foreign exchange rate is at stake here. Gotta get that crop to Asia and get money coming in. Our scrap metals and our farm products are what we use to stay in the global game. You read the statistics about shipping picking up but it is bullshit. It is our food and our metals going over seas that make us look like we are exporting. But it ain't finished goods, folks. It is for foreign stockpiles. Screwed again. When our soil is depleted and worn out and full of poisons, the money boys in the food trade will move to Africa and South America while we will be left to recover from our folly. Mr. Market is not the answer to all of life's problems. It might be the answer if everyone has money running out of the pockets but that ain't happening these days. As they say, money talks and bullshit walks, and we will have put our money into growing our own gardens to feed ourselves and let this industrial farming do the walk. I ain't going anywhere. Stay alive.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Since I started the work week out by kicking the Catholic Church I may as well continue and kick the fedgov and the medical profession a bit. To be truthful, they need and deserve it.

I want to rant a bit on calories and their supposed effect on your weight. I could start out by saying that calories don't have a damn thing to do with your weight, but that would be a little bit off the mark. I can feed you 5000 calories a day and let you sit on your ass all of your waking hours and watch TV and you will lose weight! And it is simple as pie. You eat meat and eggs and cheese and green leafy vegetables and all the fat you want but you can't eat any carbohydrates. And you will lose weight. I have done it myself and it works. It will cure Type 2 diabetes. It is a great thing to know. You just cannot eat grains and sugars and things of that order. Those are the things we call carbodhydrates. And those are the things that are killing America. Those are the things that have brought us an eipdemic of diabetes in this country.

I know about Dr. Leon Smelo of Alabama. A brilliant man. His namke is pronouced Smee-low. He discovered a technique where by a flashlight is shined on the face of a sleeping diabetic and if the diabetic squints his or her eyes then they are okay but if they do not react to the light they are in reaction and thus are in trouble. Did you know about that? Google the damn thing and learn something. Smelo had a pupil named Mike Kemp, who I happen to know, and he has gone maybe a little further than Smelo in the field of diabetes. Smelo was brought off a death bed down in Alabama with the first shipment of insulin by Eli Lily back in the 1920's. He cut it kinda close. He wasn't too far from dying.

But he lived and he went on to be a Doctor who specialized in treating diabetics. He focused on the ability of his self-medicating patients to stay alive. And back in the days when Smelo started his career it took a week to get the results of a blood sugar test back from a state lab. The good Doctor had to figure out how his patients could wing it by themselves. They were flying kinda blind but they were flying and that was better than being in the local graveyard. But Kemp has kept the study going and modern instruments have given us almost instantaneous blood sugar results. Dr. Robert Atkins released his ground breaking findings he summerized in his diet book. There are other people trying to get it though the thick heads of American eaters that their diet is killing them. Sally Fallon and her friend Mary Eng are two that come to mind.

The main thing I find from reading these people is to stay the hell away from carbohydrates. Carbs cause you to get fat. Carbs cause your blood sugar to soar. And there is not one lick of evidence that there is a necessary carb in the world. There is evidence of necessary proteins and vitamins and minerals and fats, but nothing essential about carbs. And I want to say that fat will not make you fat. FAT WILL NOT MAKE YOU FAT! Did you catch that? I know it flies in the face of modern advertising and modern medicine, but it is true. And if big Medicine and big Food tell you any different then they are LIEING THEIR ASSES OFF. Remember my thought of feeding you 5000 calories a day and you getting no exercise but still losing weight? I did not say that to make words, I said it because it is true. You re being lied to day after day by the food and medical industries. The advertisers pour the propaganda on thick as concrete. You hear it, you watch it, and you read it. You are inundated with it all your waking hours. And they are lying. LIEING THEIR ASSES OFF. Remember the song we heard as kids about the Florida Sunshine Tree? Another big lie. Oranges are full of Vitamin C and SUGAR. The sunshine vitamin is Vitamin D-3. You were lied to ! If you are fat and want to lose it, DON'T EAT CARBS. Cut out your carbs for a couple weeks and watch the weight fall off of you. How much fat you eat does not matter if you are not eating carbs. FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT! But the taste of most things is in FAT. Fat is tasty. But all the diet goodies on the shelves are FAT FREE. Why is that? Fat does not make you fat. Carbs make you fat. But when you look at the ingredients of the no-fat, low-fat stuff on the shelves you will notice it has plenty of sweetner in it. It has to get it's taste from somewhere! It is either going to get it from sugar or from fat.

You remember what I told you a while back about the Handmaiden having to shop around the edges of the supermarket. That is where the meat and dairy and fresh stuff is found. Except for dried stuff like beans the center portion of the displays are full of things containing HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP. And corn syrup is killing us. Stay the hell away from it as much as possible and stay alive.


Sunday, March 14, 2010


This post will probably piss a lot of people off but that is how it goes sometimes. I am reading lot of stories about the officials of the Roman Catholic Church fooling around with little kids, mostly boys, in a sexual manner. I find this to be a disgusting state of affairs. Men who call themselves servants of God are raping our little boys. What the hell is going on?

I'll tell you what is going on. "CONFESSION" is going on. The Catholic Church has a ritual they call confession and in this ritual you confess your sins to a priest and the sins are forgiven you and you are straight with God again. Simple little exercise, but in the plans of a baby raping monster it can have terrible results. The baby raper does his thing and then goes to confession. He gets forgiven and thus is considered white-robed once again. The baby may be having problems with his bowel movements but the guy who did it is now innocent and clean before God. Ain't this a hoot! And the priest who forgave him might be of the same persuasion as the baby raper. They could call themselves the Brotherhood of Baby Rapers. Helluva deal.

Catholics, for the most part, are not Bible scholars. I went to one of their schools for a semester many years ago and the Bible was never mentioned. What is mentioned is Catechism. This is the teaching of the Church and not not Biblical in nature. It is what the Church says and not what the scriptures say. The kids in the Church schools are hammered with the Church rules from day one. And the Church says that Confession is a sacred ritual and must be respected because it is through Confession that you can obtain entry into heaven. And getting to Heaven is what it is all about! And you cannot confess your sins to God. You have to say your sins to some guy on the other side of a screen. He is acting in the place of God. You never know if God is really forgiving you or if it is just the guy on the other side of the screen.

There is a world wide shortage of priests in the Catholic Church. They don't get very good press anymore. They get funny looks on the street sometimes. Their numbers are shrinking. They are starting to get priests from shithole nations where guys will plead belief in just about anything for a guaranteed place at the table. Survival is a strong instinct. And the big thing is THEY CAN'T HAVE A WIFE. The Church curses them with an unnatural existence from the very beginning. And there is NO BIBLICAL ADMONITION TO DO WITHOUT A WIFE. Is it any wonder that a homosexual would look at the Catholic Church as a good place to get his itch scratched? And is it any wonder that a Catholic Priest is not considered to be heterosexual, because his actions by virtue of not having a woman bar him from that distinction. A Catholic Priest is not a heterosexual. He is not one of the guys. His lifestyle is strange. And he is to have the say in how normal people behave? This is outrageous. But not having wives has given the Church a lot of money they would normally have spent on maintaining families. It has allowed them to build churches and monasteries that they might not have afforded otherwise. But it has left them with a crippled clergy.

So when I read of high ranking Church dignitaries being accused of allowing perversions and such to infiltrate the Church life and functions, I am not surprised. All of those guys who do the baby raping bit are clean after stepping out of that confessional booth. That is their law. In our system of law in this country your criminal past is available for others to read forever. Not everyone can read it, but it is there. In the Catholic Church it is NOT THERE. You come out of that booth and you are a clean soul before God and the Church. You are once again innocent of transgression upon your fellow man. And so the baby rapers are protected. They are moved about the countries from post to post. Though they take their propensity to rape little boy butts with them wherever they go, they are forgiven. Their robes are washed white. But they do their baby raping time after time after time. Funny how that works. Makes you doubt the truthfulness of Church's teaching on forgiveness of sin. And it damn sure will make you doubt it's effectiveness. Stay alive.


Saturday, March 13, 2010


I sort of look at the news and wonder what the hell is going on. Obamacare is still hogging the headlines and making all the noise. I am sick of Obamacare. I am starting to get visual weakening if I merely read the word 'health" in an article. We have been in this combat for 14 months and I weary of the battle. Put it to bed, says I. Give it a rest. Start saving money instead of spending it. But I reckon I am climbing the wrong hill if I expect this government to quit spending and start saving. And now I read that some department in Washington wants to put in a national wireless broadband system that will connect 100,000,000 more people to wireless. I figure with so many billions of dollars invested, the fedgov will have a strong case for regulating the Internet. And regulating it will entail taxing it, which is what they wanted to do all along. This country is broke, if you haven't noticed, and they are looking for some revenue streams to make up their shortfall. Cutting back is not in their vocabulary. No way. With more people working for the fedgov than working in manufacturing, you know these people are always going to be on the hunt for more money. And as these fedgov hirelings retire they will have to be paid pensions. And their wages are high as hell. I was reading on THE COMING DEPRESSION and the analyst says the three highest paid counties in the country are in Virginia, right next to D.C. In fact, 6 of the top 10 counties for income per household in the entire United States are right around D.C. The fedgov is turning into big business and that is not good for us peons. California is losing people like crazy as it goes into the tank but the D.C. burbs are doing fine. The shopping centers and the stores are packed out. We will have to remember this as time passes. The fedgov is dependant on us peons to pay our taxes and tax receipts are dropping like a stone. You don't reckon they will have to let a bunch of people go do you? That won't be bad unless they think to come to Indiana and then we will have trouble. Don't need the bastards here and don't want them. They can starve in D.C. as well as here and they don't need to burden our welfare bill any more than it already is. Let them burden the D.C. welfare system.

I am starting to think about Obama taking a bunch of money from Social Security. In the election process he would be committing political suicide but under Martial Law it would be a horse of another color. One of the superior financial writers has offered that with the country in the financial fix it is in tight now we need another BIG war. Maybe a world war. Then the fedgov can do what ever it wants to "save" the country. So the old age pension system, started by a good Democrat, can get robbed by another good Democrat. Sounds like a fitting end to me! Except I don't know how God would look on such a thing. Would he be pleased to see hardship visited upon the aged? The young don't think much of the Social Security pension plan but they have not reached the ugly years as yet. The ugly years are when a sickness can be fatal if not treated. It's when a broken bone can land you in the hospital for 5 or 6 weeks like my friend Fred is doing right now. He got a bone break below one of his knees and he got it operated on and they put the pins in and all of that and declared the operation a success. Wonderful. But the old age thing cropped up and his operation was not draining properly so they had to go back in and install a wound-vac. But then he got MRSA and he has to go on an antibiotic drip for 6 weeks. And the nursing home does not want him because he doesn't have the money for all of this wonderful care. Fred, who is 82 and my wife, who is an unoffical caregiver to him, have both been very upset about this. Sort of a weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth kind of thing. And this commotion has been going on for at least a week. Finally I got tired of listening to the bullshit and dug around a bit for stuff to help Fred. Fred will not be thrown out to the wolves. We have laws against that. He may have to go to a lower-down-the-ladder hospital for awhile but that don't bother him in the slightest. He will get his drip and he will get his wound-vac, which he has been told costs $10,000. He will not have the patient to nurse ratio he has been getting but he will get care. He will be okay as far as I and some of my medical friends can tell. But younger people do not have this experience. They have not reached the point where they can't cut the mustard any more. They don't worry about falling and not being able to get up. They are strong and capable. This is the time they should be serving God so that when the ugly times come upon them they will have a savings account built up with the Father and he might show them mercy. I got in this thing because I was getting the story from the financial people at the hospital and the nursing home. It is against the law for them to tell my wife what is really going on with Fred. So they told her a bunch of half truths. That was the real killer in this soap opera. The not knowing and not getting told the truth. But things are settled now and folks are sleeping better at night and we all hope Fred will be home very soon . But thinking about the old folks losing their Social Security is gonna keep a lot of folks awake at night. I can take it, I think, but a lot of people will not be able to stand it. Prepare and hope for the best.

The wife has gone to the Amish this morning as per usual. It is egg day and the orders are in from the villagers to get their Amish eggs. It is hard to eat a factory egg after eating Amish eggs. And the Handmaiden is sort of providing a luxury service to the villagers. A phone call is placed and the number of dozens is recorded and off she goes to Amishland to make her buy. She comes back and delivers the eggs. Pretty damn good if you ask me. But things are going to get rough for EVERYBODY in the days ahead. Who knows if we will get the fuel to go get the eggs on Saturday. Not I, said the Michael. Nor do I know if people will have the money to pay for any eggs.

I think a lot about the future and what God might bring on this country. It has become decadent and sissified. The boys in the cities don't even know how to make an outhouse. They don't have wells. They have greatly weakened municipal water systems. Just like everything else that government does, they neglected their water service in order to buy other goodies for the voters and now that the tax base has eroded they don't have the money to rebuild the water systems. Ain't any way to sell municipal bonds to put in new water mains and settling plants. The big credit market is history. And no one thought to bring this up while the system was merrily chugging along and doling out debt to anybody and everybody. So now the era of trying to build an infrastructure begins with no credit and no tax base. Good luck fellas.

Stay alive,