Thursday, May 28, 2009


Lotsa noise being made over North Korea testing a missile launch and testing a nuke. We don't now how far their missile will go carrying a nuclear warhead. Like I told the wife, if it looks like it will take out California then Cali will not get a bail-out this Summer. No sense investing in a loser, y'know. Throwing good money into a nuke is a dumb thing. Of course, who said the money was good?

As was pointed out by a missive I received from Greenville Road, the North Koreans are certifiably crazy and will not hesitate to rain missiles and nuclear warheads down on our heads. Remember, the Korean War was never settled or ended. A state of war still exists, with just a cease fire in place for over 50 years. The North Koreans have never stopped saying they will defeat us. You can bet that they mean to do it. A little over 50 years ago General Douglas MacArthur was begging President Truman for a few nuclear bombs to settle things with North Korea and their partner in crime, the Chinese. Dugout Dug would have bombed them completely out of consideration for a couple hundred years. It probably would have made Russia real humble in the meantime. South Korea could have been an island nation. But however things could have worked out, we better get our butts over there and bomb ol' Kim out of existence while we can do it without too much damage to our side. Then we have to go in there and get people to tell us all the nasty shit that Kim and his buddies have and where it is hidden. The job has to get finished this time. No more half assed wars.. Those who resist have to die. Just exactly like they would do to us!

Got me some more preps today. Some cans of Butter Beans. They sure do taste good this year so I bought me a couple flats. 69 cents a can. Not bad.

Stay alive.


Monday, May 25, 2009


I thought I would write a short post to announce I am going on short hours for the rest of the Summer. It is the time of year when peoplle are not reading and commenting very much so I am going to devote my Summer to other things. I will be prepping and getting my situation in a better condition all the time and I hope you will be doing the same. Garden is coming up pretty soon, exccept for the fucking rain outside! Just wanting a little warmth in the soil.

Take care of yourselves and your families and friends. Don't believe anything a politician tells you. Stay alive.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Illuminatti was started in 1776 in Germany. They had high ambitions and lots of political ideas. But they went out of business in the 1840's and became the Communist Party. The Communist Party is still in business. The followers of the actor-politician Ronald Reagan like to act like he destroyed Communism. He did not. And Russia and China are more powerful today than they ever were. Thus the myth of Reagan is destroyed. The same gang of crooks is still running Russia and the nuclear missiles are still there and ready to go. The Chinese have actually expanded their supply of nuclear missiles. The United States does not like to talk about China and Russia and their nuclear capabilities any more. We would rather talk about the sins of little bitty places like Iraq and Afghanistan. The little bitty places are much easier to invade. We can install puppet governments in the little bitty places and have them vow allegiance to us and all kinds of neat shit. But nothing really changes much on the international scene. Our enemies are still out there and fully capable of delivering a hellish blow to us. And sooner or later they will. If I were the government of this country, this particular piece of real estate, I would make me up a big run of missiles for defensive purposes. I would make them up by the thousands. I would have them stored all over the fucking place. And when the invasion of our real estate started I would blow the motherfucking invaders up. This is the primary means of defeating invaders. Attacking other countries is very expensive but defending where you live is pretty cheap compared to other forms of warfare.

It is going to get expensive to fight pretty soon. The cost of things is going to rise. Food seems to be getting more expensive these days. And when food gets expensive we can have problems like you would not believe. One commodity that has been getting cheaper is milk. The market is glutted with milk and the price is going down. There will be lots of belly aching and fiery oratory and what have you but the main thing is going to be a killing of about a third of the national herd. Then milk prices will go up again. The cost of production will decrease and the price will go up. The dairy farmers will make it good after a while.

I am getting very tired of the phony news of economic recovery in this nation. In fact I detest it. Think of all the dumbasses who will go ahead and take on debt and responsibility because they are told that things are better. THINGS ARE NOT BETTER! You got that? It would hardly make good sense for things to get better. There is no economic reason for things to get better. People are losing their jobs like crazy in this country and more are going out every day. The pace is not letting up. Do not believe government propagandists who say it is getting better. They are lying to you. California is almost completely broke. They cannot keep it together out there to save their ass. Just study what California has done and then do not do it yourself.

The wife and I are still watching our money very closely. Cheap beef should be around for a while as the dairy herd gets sold to the meat packers but it won't last forever. You need to get it through your head that no one is making any plans to do you any real good in the future. They want your money, your home and land, your prettiest daughter and your strongest son. You can go to hell for all the world cares. And you must realize that I am telling you the truth. No one gives a shit about YOU except God. The Bible talks about those who have the laws of God written on their hearts and minds. I ain't seen anyone writing lately! Maybe one guy, but no one would listen to him anyhow. But people WILL start to listen. They will listen or they will perish. It keeps coming around to those two teachers again, pain and pleasure. You know what pleasure will teach you. But pain will teach you to accept responsibility and work and respect and honor and all those things we don't get taught anymore. Whoever stopped this instruction should have their ass kicked clear up between their shoulder blades where they have to take their shirt off to shit.

I'll go for now. Get your garden in and make lots of storage food! And stay alive.


Sunday, May 17, 2009


This lttle jewel was shipped to me from Alex Jone's Prison Planet, courtesy of Jim Haddix

Geithner at Bilderberg

May 15th, 2009 Via: Prison Planet:Intrepid Bilderberg investigator and reporter Jim Tucker of the American Free Press confirms that U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will attend this year�s Bilderberg meeting in Athens, Greece.

Geithner�s presence will be in violation of the Logan Act, intended to prohibit American citizens without authority from interfering in relations between the United States and foreign governments. Congress established the Logan Act in 1799. The only Logan Act indictment occurred in 1803. It involved a Kentucky newspaper article that argued for the formation in the western United States of a separate nation allied to France. No prosecution followed.

Tucker told Alex Jones today that Geithner will attend the secretive meeting to talk about global government. Geithner recently announced while addressing the Council on Foreign Relations that he supported a proposal to replace the dollar as the world�s reserve currency with a composite of currencies that would be managed by the International Monetary Fund.�

Geithner, who has overseen Obama�s bailout agenda since taking over from Hank Paulson, is the perfect stooge to implement the global financial regulatory systems that elitists have called for in the aftermath of the financial downturn,� writes Paul Joseph Watson today. �Geithner�s presence at Bilderberg is noteworthy, not only because Bernanke attended immediately before the economic crisis last year, but also because Bilderberg�s agenda for 2009 is heavily weighted towards the financial crisis.�

Saturday, May 16, 2009


MEXICO CITY — Local media report that an armed gang has raided a prison in central Mexico and freed more than 50 inmates.

El Sol de Zacatecas newspaper says gunmen wearing federal police uniforms arrived in several vehicles at the Cieneguillas prison, then subdued guards and freed 54 prisoners early Saturday.
Government news agency Notimex says soldiers are searching for the fugitives.

A woman who answered the phone at the state prosecutor's office said nobody was available to comment. Phones rang unanswered at the prison and state police headquarters.

The federal Attorney General's Office declined to comment because there was no public confirmation from state authorities.


Hey hey! We had some kind of school attendance problem down in Houston. Over half of a school's enrollment is out this Friday. There may be two cases of Swine Flu so far, but no one seems to know for sure if there are more. But parents are taking no chances and are pulling kids out like popcorn in a hot popper. I would too! This flu thing is crazy. At first it was nothing and then it everything and now it has become something of a mystery. My wife and I have agreed that if it turns out to an outbreak, a viral knock out punch, then we are going to stay home and just let the damn thing run it's course. I have enough plastic to cover any possible points of contagion and I will damn sure cover them. We have hospital grade face masks and plenty of cleaning materials such as Antibacterial soaps and plenty of Clorox. We will stay in our little apartment until the danger is past and then come out and see what the fuck is left of society. That is our right, as we see it, and we intend to exercise that right. Our rights, as we see them, will be fortified by my Wingmaster and many rounds of 00 Buck. I have no idea what this crazy sonovabitch flu bug if going to do, so don't push your luck around ME. What more do I need to say?

There needs to be a stiffening of America's backbone in the coming days. I am pissed off by the fact that the fedgov knows a lot of stuff about our economic condition in this country and ain't saying a goddamn thing about it. They know where the lid is going to blow off the pot due to foreclosures and job losses and they are not telling us. How is that for a government that we pay to find all of this stuff out for themselves but they refuse to tell us, their loyal lackeys. It is disgusting. Obama promised transparency but we live under darkness. There are coming some more surprises in the economic arena but we will not be told about them until there is a plan already to go to congress and all hands are piped on aboard. So much for transparency.

The wife went to town today and did a little scouting. Nothing much happening in the big pharmacies. No apparent amassing of face masks or flu meds or anything like that. Calm as could be. Methinks the local citizenry will not mobilize remedies or preventatives until the very last moment. Still keeping their head in the sand. Pretending it is not there. She did notice several folks in the checkout line buying flats of canned goods, vegetables and meats alike. But they were older folks and not the young and restless. The older folks know better than to trust in the arm of the flesh but the young pups ain't there yet so they will be the last to get their food. But it is nice to know that SOMEBODY is stocking up in proper style. I get private emails every now and then that tell me about preppers that are getting it on...but I let them go and don't talk about them because maybe they don't want their business all over the Internet.

There seems to be some measure of concern over getting turned in to the authorities after Martial Law is instituted in this country. I guess this concern comes from people knowing their neighbors. Right at first this sort of activity will be highly bothersome. But after we are into the mission deep enough, these sort of people will no longer matter. No one likes a rat, not even the people getting the "dirt" on the neighbors. Just wait, and your time will come.


Friday, May 15, 2009


I have little or nothing to write today. I merely do not have a topic. No big deal. I'll muddle through. I am in one of those moods when I am almost living in the grid down world that is just ahead of us. You know the scenario. We will all be talking about the same subject! We will all be working in the same garden and minding the same business. We will move as a single minded entity for at least a while. The steps to be taken to survive will be written down and socially enacted. The old saying "No dog can avoid the collective hunt!" will once again, in some form of words or another, be heard across our fair land. People will be saying "A job for every man and a man for every job." Difficult times call for communism more than anything else. The communism beaks down after a while and goes away. Communism and slavery make a good bed to grow a civilization from. But they seldom stay around very long after the civilization is established.

I am still hearing things about the Swine Flu. This time I get the story about a lot of school closings in New York City. Some verified sickness going around and some not too pretty things being said. But the story is always garbled. You can never get the straight story. An assistant principal at one of the schools is in the hospital and is not doing too well but there are other complications to his story. No one will stand up and say that this man is in critical condition because of Swine Flu. It ain't happening. It always has to be some iffy, will be, maybe, thing that don't really tell you a goddamn thing. We used to be the home of the brave and the land of the free but now days we are the clan of the circumspect maybes No one wants to come out and say a damn thing as fact. So I do not know what to say about the Swine Flu. I am going to print up a notice for the locals to see, that will tell them the best things to do to avoid getting the damn bug.

I was reading Gerald Celente this morning and he was saying we are inflating a new money bubble for our economy and he calls it the bail-out bubble. That is a horrible set of affairs for the good ol' US of A. That is one economy that will not last. Guaranteed! I looked for an unusual bunch of activity in the Gold Market yesterday but it never happened, as far as I know. Looks like the web bot missed one.

Stay alive.


Thursday, May 14, 2009


I'm thinking about the future and about who might know it. My thoughts don't run to seers or folks like that but more to the actuarial, number crunching kind of people. I mean, for instance, the number of foreclosures in Los Angeles this Summer. That number is known, or pretty much known. Will there be riots and burning? Will there be people going hungry and thirsty? How about up in Chicago? Or New York City? Any predictions on Detroit anyone? Maybe there are some words on Atlanta, Miami, New Orleans, and Houston. Like I said, this stuff is known and we are not getting told about it. Why are we not told what our government knows about our future? Lives could be saved with that knowledge.

I have been reading about EMP tribulations forecast for this country and they are not pretty. Stan Deyo wrote a very good article in 2006 on that very subject. I cannot remember who it was but some blogger wrote about EMP this morning. You can withstand an EMP attack but you better be prepared to do without lights and communications and transportation and specialized medical machines and refrigeration and heat and all those servants you have grown accustomed to. Your coffee machine will not work and most likely your alarm clock will not work either. If your water system depends on electricity you are probably in for a dry spell.

But strike anywhere matches will work and so will candles. Wood and coal and bottled gas will still burn. A hand pump will still draw water from your well. All those canned goods you have been storing away will still feed you if you have a can opener. Better get a few extra can openers. Lackadaisical children and busy neighbors will need a can opener, just you watch. Better have some extras. Cheap ass cooking utensils will not get it done cooking over a fire three times a day. The cheap things are not constructed to take the abuse. Get cast iron for your own personal use. Why do you think cast iron is advertised so heavily and spoken of so frequently? IT IS BECAUSE IT WORKS and it works damn well.

Non-electrical tools would be a blessing. Don't bother getting electrical tools. Everybody will have those. They will be plentiful. They will not work without electricity either. Bow saws. axes, shovels, splitting mauls, hammers and screw drivers will be your best bet for tools that work. Buy 50 pound boxes of nails because your nail gun won't work anymore. Better have cleaning kits for all of those guns you have been hoarding these last many years. They sure are nice and they can do some wonderful things for you but you have to keep them clean and serviceable.

If you are on some kind of needed medication then I suggest that you get a supply of it on hand that will last you a while. Nothing like running out of needed medication. I know a man who is diabetic and he has a two year supply of insulin. Right now he is shooting year old insulin and it is working just fine. But he says that once you prick that membrane on top of the medication with a needle you had better be prepared to use it up in a normal amount of time. If fuel is stopped by an EMP, and most likely it will be, the hospitals will be running out of supplies in a rapid manner. One of the first things to go will be breathable Oxygen. If you need it you better have it on hand.

Transportation is a wonderful thing if the power goes out due to an EMP (That is Electro Magnetic Pulse if you didn't now it.) The only thing that will run with reliability is a diesel with no electrical fuel pump. Get an old diesel pick-up and get it running well. Have all the micro-chip ladened accessories taken out of it. You can find mechanics that can do this sort of work at speed shops and other out of the way places. If they can't do the work they will know someone who can.

Have barter items for getting things done that you cannot do yourself. If you build a new cabin for you and your wife out somewhere you had better have some barter goods to pay for kitchen cabinets and counters. If you find a man who has the skills to do it and the materials to get it built, then pay him what it is worth.

Try to come up with some good tips of your own. They can save lives. Stay alive!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Recession hits Social Security hard

I found this disgusting article and I have to share it with you.

Geithner reveals report on fiscal health of entitlement programs.

Estimate: Social Security trustfund exhausted 4 years sooner than last year's forecast.

By Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer Last Updated: May 12, 2009: 3:31 PM ET

The recession has taken its toll on Social Security. The officials who oversee the program forecast Tuesday that the Social Security trust fund will be exhausted by 2037 -- four years earlier than estimated last year.

I do not know why this paragraph is even in the story. The recession has wounded the social security fund! The lie of the year! When I see this I see red and want to start smashing things. Then we go to the next paragraph.

The trust fund reflects a $2.4 trillion surplus paid into Social Security over 20 years that Uncle Sam has borrowed, spent and promised to pay back. Trust fund exhaustion represents the point at which only 76% of benefits could be paid out.

The federal government borrowed? How much interest did they promise to pay and when was the debt supposed to be paid off. Surely the time of paying off the debt would be in time to rescue the fund and take care of the recipients. To arrange it any other way would be a crime against the people of this country. And I mean those very words. Could you imagine the criminal mind of anyone who robbed the very citizens of this country of their pension money? Talk about a criminal deviant mind! And the whole idea of this precious money being loaned out has me in a rage. WHO LOANED IT?! What is the motherfuckers name and where does he live? Who authorized him to do the transaction? Where is the congressional authority to do such a thing? I did some research and found out that this financial mayhem was instituted by punk-ass RONALD REAGAN. You remember Reagan, I'm sure. He is the guy who outspent the Russians and won the cold war. He is the guy who started taking OUR retirement funds and not paying them back. He got a pension for being president that would astonish most folks. Somewhere between 500 and a 1000 times greater than any pitiful Social Security that we might have earned if they left our money alone.

The main reason for the change in forecast: Demand for benefits has grown while money paid in has fallen because of growing unemployment and new tax breaks in the economic stimulus package passed in February.Since the start of 2008, 5.7 million payroll tax jobs have disappeared. And another 4.3 million jobs are being filled on a part-time basis.In the nearer term, the trustees estimate that Social Security will take in fewer taxes than the benefits that will be paid out by 2016. Last year, they estimated the near-term shortfall would occur in 2017.There are those who describe Social Security's situation as a crisis point of 2016 , because that's when the government has to start paying the system back with interest."When Social Security needs to draw down the 'surplus,' the Treasury will have to borrow money, raise taxes or cut other spending in order to redeem the IOUs," said Charles Konigsberg, a federal budget expert at deficit watchdog group the Concord Coalition.But both camps agree on two things: It will be less onerous to tackle Social Security sooner rather than later. In the meantime, there is no threat to current and soon-to-be retirees' benefits.

Aha! The truth is out. The crisis point we have all been told is 2016, when we start taking in less than what we pay out, is not a procedure of population or of some other sin of the masses but merely the time when the 2.4 trillion dollars the scumbags borrowed is to be paid back, plus interest. The only real problem on the horizon will be the Obama exercise in "fixing" the Social Security problem. Any time these crooked bastards fix anything it will cost us an arm and a leg. They really don't want to fix a goddamn thing. They just want problems to go away and then they want money to buy more votes. We are dealing with a class of people who do not produce anything. They merely spend money and tax people. That is what a politician does. They mostly spend money. Your money.

"Despite projections that Social Security can continue to pay full benefits for nearly 30 years, the sooner action is taken the more options for reform will be available and the fairer reforms will be to our children and grandchildren," said Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, a managing trustee of the program.

There we have the dreaded word "reform". Reform , in D.C. is merely a term of endearment for a process whereby politicians rip off tax payers and use spin doctors to convince you that it is in your best interest to be ripped off.

One of the factors causing the long-term shortfall: Americans are living longer. In response, the American Academy of Actuaries is advocating that lawmakers gradually increase the age at which a person can start collecting full Social Security benefits.But it's likely other measures will also be needed.During the 2005 Social Security reform debate, the notion of progressive indexing gained some political traction. Progressive indexing means that benefits of future high-income retirees would be indexed to inflation rather than to wages, as is currently the case. That would have the effect of reducing benefits from their current promised levels because inflation tends to grow more slowly than wages.Medicare: No easy solutionsThe recession also hit Medicare. The Medicare hospital insurance trust fund is forecast to be tapped out by 2017, or 2 years earlier than the trustees' estimate last year.The trustees characterized the exhaustion date as "an urgent concern. Congressional action will be necessary to ensure uninterrupted provisions of HI services to beneficiariesStarting last year, the fund -- which covers hospital stays and related care -- had already begun taking in less than the system paid out in benefits.

Kathleen Sebelius, Health and Human Services Secretary and a trustee, said financial stability for Medicare is intimately tied to health care reform."We know that success ... depends on our ability to fix what's broken with the rest of the system," she said at a briefing, noting that when an uninsured person goes on Medicare, the costs to care for that person are higher than for someone who has had health insurance throughout his adult life."This is more of a process," said Cori Uccello, the senior health fellow for the American Academy of Actuaries. She noted that the burden will likely need to be shared by taxpayers, those in the health industry and Medicare beneficiaries alike.Part of that burden will be relieved once the growth of health care costs is slowed. But, Uccello said, "[That] is not going to happen overnight. It will take many years to see results."

There is a definite need for reform in our Social Security System. I think it will mean that we grow food to feed everybody. I think it will mean that we learn herbs and procedures for keeping us healthy. We have screwed up somewhere along the way. A hundred years ago we did not have cancer and diabetes like we do now. We must go back in time and find out what we did wrong. There is our salvation. One definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting a different outcome. We keep doing certain things over and over and it keeps killing us and we keep doing them over and over. Drives me nuts!

Stay alive.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I have 8 or 9 bags of preps to unload and stack on my shelves as soon as it becomes convenient. I got a tip off the Web while the wife was in town and I called her and told her to get sugar and coffee. They are supposed to be going up really soon and it looked like time to buy, to me . The wife bought us one of those water bath canners and all the goodies that go with it. I liked the look of it. It has one of the divider things in the bottom of it that keeps your jars apart so you can get it out without breaking it, providing you bought the gizmo that lifts hot jars for you. Needless to say, the gizmo makes it very easy to keep from scalding yourself.

The wife was telling me about the food prices. She said the raises in price were not big or astounding but rather just steady and always going up. Things are starting to get costly out there. And my wife knows how to shop for the best price. Believe it. Funny about rising prices this time of year. The gardens are going in and there will be competition as to whose vegetables get on the table. Will it be the supermarket or the family garden? I can tell you right off just who has the cheaper food. That one ain't even close. And as to storing food? Well, just try to find canning jars at the yard sales this year. Few and far between. The gardens are looking a little bigger this year, too. Some of this food is going to get canned for the Winter's Bounty. Thus I cannot see the advantage of raising food prices this time of year, in this type of economy. Food is just too cheap unless you didn't grow any. And the gougers will be remembered when things get straightened out again. A lot of people are sorta down and out right now and times are a little tough. A poor person ain't got much more than their pride and you go fooling around with their pride and they will not forget it. No way in hell will they forget it. If they lose their pride they have nothing left. Just remember to put in a garden this year and to plant a little extra for saving through the Winter. It's time to "man up" and get ready for hard times, so it is time to start the process right now.

What I am trying to say, and not many will say it to any degree of truthfulness, is that the day may be coming very soon when we will be unable to buy food, for one reason or another. A lot of people cannot even begin to relate to living in conditions like that. They are used to the American way of life and that is the extent of their experience. And the American way was to go to the supermarket and buy any goddamn thing you wanted and take it home and eat it, paying minimal money for the experience. And there are 300 million people out there who have lived this way all their lives and know nothing else. Can you understand why I am telling people to put in gardens and stock up on canning supplies and such? If God has given you the eye to see and the ear to hear you had better get the rest in gear. Some amazing things could be on the way. Don't be a fool and ignore them. Reality will show you where food comes from and how it is grown. As times get tough, any other way of thinking is strictly bonkers. For Christ sake, even Barack and Michelle are growing a garden. This is not tin hat survivalism anymore, this is just rational thinking. When you don't know what is coming or how severe it is, just be smart and get ready for the worst. Anything less will be a pleasant surprise.

Here at my place we get by on about absolute minimum income. And we can prep on that. And that ought to tell you something. What ever your income is, you should not be pressed for money. ALWAYS LIVE BENEATH YOUR INCOME. If you must let your best pick-up truck go back to the bank, so be it. It ain't fun and it damn sure ain't pleasant but if you do it then you are free of the hassle. And being free of pressure and strain is what we will be looking for. Most of that experience is brought to us courtesy of the business and government world we live with. You must start getting a little selfish in the days ahead. Say you live in a little community of folks back on a country road somewhere. A little town with everyone having a few acres of land and there being some Springs in the area. THAT IS YOUR AREA OF CONCERN! Those people who will be looking out for you will rate the most effort. And in a small town you will know who is most likely to help and who will run out on you. You must learn about reciprocity. Without it you are merely a donor. You can do for lots of folks but it they don't do for you then to hell with them.

I would like to give you another tip that might be of benefit. The English already know it but they are too focused on their show business queers and their give-it-away politicians. The tip is SHEEP have what is called a GOLDEN HOOF. Do not ask me to quantitatively explain this but it just means that a sheep hoof will mix most anything with the topsoil of the land it is walking on. If you load up your garden plot with sheep in the Fall for a very few weeks, then take them out and wait until Spring planting time, your garden topsoil will be greatly increased with nutrients All they have to do is walk on it and everything gets mixed just fine. A cheap and easy way to add nourishing amendments to your soil.

Just get ready, folks. Your health and welfare depend on it. Do not fall victim to the government or the looting hordes of idiot refugees. It is time to play heads up and start being responsible. Stay alive.


Monday, May 11, 2009


I don't have much for today but tomorrow will be jam packed. Stay away from the fedgov goons and we will be alright. Big John starts his two hour shows tonight. Keep an eye on the Mexican Flu thingee.


Sunday, May 10, 2009


I've been looking at what is supposed to pass for news in this country. It hardly deserves consideration as such. Most stories are merely trash and not worth reading. But you might read them anyway, just to see what agenda they currently want to present. It may get a little tense on the blog sites in the near future because they will want to arrest anyone talking against the fedgov. I guess you will have to just shoot the bastards whenever you sense the time is ripe. Since they will do their best to shut off all flow of information, what choice do you have? Our current Janet, Napalitano, is a true Stalinist Democrat. She sands ready to jail anyone for anything if she thinks they are a threat to the administration. And who knows what is a threat to the administration? Let's say the fedgov is planning to have a state of emergency declared and all citizens are to go to various FEMA camps and get their food. But you, not knowing the plans of the fedgov, have been telling people for months to stock up on survival food. Thus, you are an enemy of the state. People will stay out of FEMA camps if they have food and shelter of their own. If the fedgov wants them into the camps and you are doing what will keep them out, there is a clash of wills. You might watch your step.

I want to know the trigger situation that will allow the fedgov to declare Martial Law. What is on the table waiting to be served up as Martial Law? Swine flu? Anger in the streets over economic catastrophe? The total collapse of the dollar? What is it going to be?

I get on this topic because I know, without a shadow of doubt, that the fedgov wants to control everything. They are the all wise, the all knowing fedgov and therefore much superior to us. It slips their mind entirely that we peons built this country and financed the fedgov while we were doing it. The hardest working, smartest people on the planet. The envy of the world. That is the prize. Oh, we have lots of good farmland and timberland and other good resource left, but the workers and the brains are what make it all worth while.

An interesting article in the news today is at It will show you haw the government does not like other players in the world of command and control. Read it. I think you will like it. Stay alive.


Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am questioning the readiness of your ability to withstand an attack by the government and the citizens in these coming weeks and months. If half the nastiness that has been forecast comes about, then we will have a veritable landslide of violence and misery to deal with. A tsunami of bitterness. Obama can't cut the mustard as far as restoring our economics goes, because the days of expansion are over and we have to get adjusted to that. We have a whole shitload of changes coming down the highway of life and damn few of us are even thinking about getting ready for them. It doesn't help to have a country retreat if you can't get out of town to make it there! Right at first there will be a mass exodus out of town and all I can say is Devil Take the Hindmost. After about 12 hours of looting and burning there will be no one of sound mind staying in the cities. There will be no reason to stay. Folks will have gotten all the sugar out of that piece of chewing gum. So the roads leading away from the cities will be clogged and jam packed. I hope I have made myself clear on this issue. THE ROADS WILL BE PACKED WITH PEOPLE GETTING AWAY FROM THE CITIES! They will drive away until they run out of gasoline, which will be non-existent at that point, or until they wreck or get caught in a traffic jam that will not move. The rush to leave the cities will be a mad dash to get over the cliff and die, smashed on the rocks. And for this cause have you been warned to move out of the city while you still can. You have been told over and over to get out, to get a piece of ground out in the wilderness and get your survival machine built and running. You have been told about your Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids until it gets tiresome to talk about it anymore. But if you have not gotten out and you haven't get the means to go, then get ready for the fiery jungle because it is almost upon your butt.

To explain the governments attack upon you I will first direct you to a map of your state or most any other. The city is surrounded by interstate highway and it's appropriate interchanges. It doesn't take very many troops at all to seal off the entire town and keep the inhabitants penned in. Back in the day it was almost impossible to fence a guy in but not anymore. So there is your first attack by the government. If you stay in town you will be beaten, robbed, burned out, looted, raped and just generally messed over by a large group of bipeds we would call human under better conditions. And you will not be able to escape this disorder because the roads leading away from it will be strewn with non-operable vehicles, out of gas or wrecked. After a few days there will be order established, however. Troops will be brought in to seal the city and prevent anyone from escaping. Government attack number two.

But we know you listened and you got a piece of land somewhere away from the maddening crowd and you are fairly safe from the moronic mob trying to get out of the city. Very good for you! But the mobs from the city are getting further out into the countryside and causing isolated farmers and preppers a lot of trouble. These are the experienced looters and marauders. For the most part they have survived a couple of weeks on the run and they know the rules of the game. They know how to scout you out and watch you from a distance. They know to shoot you in the back and not risk a frontal confrontation. They might be able to tell whether or not you have stored food. They will be checking out your garden. Let them catch you spying on them with your binoculars. That should tell them what they are up against.

A month after the collapse of society should just about do way with most social predators. They should be working away in the FEMA camps or being formed into compost for fooling around where they hadn't ought to. And you are doing fine and so are all of your friends in the area. Life is starting to become pleasant again. But the military starts coming by your place real regular. Don't wave. Don't say "Howdy'". Don't do a damn thing that shows any sign of respect or friendliness. You do not want to let these guys get used to talking to you. You want to be known as Mr. Icecube. Comprende? More on this later. Stay alive.


Friday, May 8, 2009


Sure is a lot going on today. Got a phone call that said that one of the houses of the Tennessee legislature has passed a bill almost identical to the recent Montana bill that takes government control of firearms regulation away from the feds and keeps it in the state wherein the firearm was manufactured. This is the law until the purchaser of any such firearm is caught outside of Tennessee. I thought Texas would be the next state to follow Montana. Just shows you what I know.

I guess Texas will be the state that comes up with "Buy and Fly". They make a lot of Machine Guns down in Texas but it don't do any good because no one can buy them. It is against Federal Law. But if they get this law through then you can go to Texas and buy a Machine Gun if you don't take it OUT of Texas. You just fly into some little bitty air patch down in the Lone Star State that would have a small manufacturing plant beside it. The little bitty plant beside the air port would have machine guns for sale that were made in Texas. You could buy a Machine Gun right there and store it right there. You buy the gun and all the ammo you want and store it in a rented room of your choice at the manufacturers place of business. The room is locked and you get in your plane and fly away. The idea here is that should the SHTF you can come back and pick up your machine gun and all of your ammo and go take care of business. Might be a decent option if you have all kinds of money.

I don't know if anyone of you are paying any attention but China keeps raising the issue of buying US debt. They don't want to do any more of it. They have too much of it and they are getting scared. It is a grim possibility that the US could default on all of it's debt in a year or so.

The forecast is still on that we will have a violent Summer here in the USA. The Time Monks have not backed down. So I ain't backing down either. You know, I keep telling people that I listen to some pretty damn good men and they say it is falling apart and I will go along with these men. Roubini, Celente, Sinclair, etc. Pretty damn good men and men with a history of being accurate. And these men do not make money for talking up the fedgov. Bernanke, and Geithner and all the bankers speak for the fedgov. A pox on all their houses. I say it is coming down!

I finished PATRIOTS last night. Pretty damn good book. I enjoyed it and that makes for a good novel. I would assume they have a quantity of books for sale now that will withstand some fairly robust ordering and that will make your wait for the book a lot less than mine. but it was worth the wait. I didn't get robbed or anything like that.

That is all for today and I will see you tomorrow, God willing. Stay alive.


Thursday, May 7, 2009


I finally got my copy of PATRIOTS by Jim Rawles. yesterday afternoon. W screwed up and ordered our copy the day after the book bomb day and so our copy didn't get here until May, 6.

But I am half way through it today and I like it. I am at the point where they are going to a Barter Faire in a neighboring town. Local trading going on and people to meet and all that stuff.

Rawles wrote the first few chapters in sort of a robotic fashion, not much human feeling in them but he is rolling along quite nicely and in a believable fashion.

I'll write more tomorrow.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Happy wet, drizzly, Wednesday, everybody. It's gonna be like last year and stay wet until June, probably. Don't bother me! I will survive as a human until God calls me and that is that. Lots of problems in the world today. If you ain't got any problems, just get in touch with the world and you can have all you want.

One of the big problems bothering some folks is where they will put the prisoners from Guantanamo when they shut it down. Seems like no one wants the prisoners to be transferred to their neighborhood! I do not know the facts about these guys so I can't tell you how trustworthy they are. And it is one of those things where we citizens inherit the sins of our government and all of a sudden we are left to deal with it. Seems like when these guys were big in the world news, having them in prison was a definite advantage for the Republican National Committee. Highly profitable for Bush and his buddies.

But now days the advantage is gone from the Middle Eastern prisoners. The torture thing has ruined it. Some folks can't see pressing criminal charges for terrorism against guys you have been torturing for years. And that might make some sense. But the profit from Arab prisoners is almost all gone and now the loses are being transferred to the public sector, like always. We inherit the bummers and the politicians get all the good deals. They need 'em for re-election.

There is some sort of fabulous new jail up in Montana that has never been used and the guy who has been hired to run it has made a statement about using it to store prisoners from Guantanamo. He wants to store SOMETHING in the damn place because he is getting paid and he knows that cannot last if there ain't any prisoners in the jail. None of the Montana politicians want to have anything to do with the new jail. Until this is settled, we now have a multibillion dollar white elephant sitting up in Montana with the fedgov holding the tab for it. Too bad.

And what are you going to do when the SHTF and you have big jails or even prisons in your neighborhood? You do realize the guards will turn them all loose if there is a problem with the infrastructure don''t you? They will not let them stay locked in the jail and die of starvation should the system go down. There have been instances of prisoners rioting and taking over a prison and then killing all the bad prisoner and then giving up the riot. It has happened in my lifetime. But if there is not time to take care of those things when the SHTF then we must be prepared to handle it on the outside when the fellas come around looking for a place to stay. Some of them are fine men and are not guilty of any perversions. God might not care if they killed a cop or a tax collector or robbed a bank. And if God ain't bothered by it where can I get off by letting it disturb me? Stay alive.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I got up and read my email this morning. It said the ammo was in short supply in this country. CNN had the report. Can you imagine such a thing? This ammo shortage is a good six months old and CNN is getting around to reporting it? Heaven help us! The next thing you know they will say it is a shining star in the mud of the economy. We bought one and a half billion rounds of ammo in December of 2008 and CNN never said a damn thing. Since then January, February, March and April have gone by and still not much ammo. I'll tell you a little something, CNN, there are billions of rounds of ammo in this country. Reality is when you stop believing in something, it still does not go away. No matter what the left wing agenda is in this country. We CITIZENS have access to all kinds of ammo. BATHTUBS FULL OF AMMO. And the ammo makers are gearing up to make even more of it. Plants are running 24 X 7. Manufacturing expansion is taking place. We know crime is going to go up. We suspect Martial Law is going into effect. We positively look forward to foreign troops on our soil telling us what to do. You corrupt media bastards don't understand! We are tired of your shit and so now, let's get it on! We know what is coming! Our favorite trend watchers are people like Mr. Roubini and Mr. Celente. Mr. Bonner chimes in with a word of encouragement every now and then. It would appear that we are being attacked by ravenous Fascist Pigs and it is sink or swim time. Methinks the Pigs need to sink and us good folks swim to safety.

The guns supply got a little better recently. In fact, there are guns practically everywhere you look to buy them. The prices are not reported to be going down but the supply is strengthening. And it is good that the gun thing is catching up with itself. We have other things to acquire besides guns and ammo. We also count value in Beans and Band-aids.

The State of Montana has passed and signed into law a statute that says any gun made in Montana and sold with the intention of not leaving Montana does not have to conform to any federal firearms laws. This is a push, because the commerce clause of the constitution says there ain't any regulation of anything that does not cross the state boundaries, at least by federal law with permission of the constitution. About 5 or 6 years ago the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals out of San Francisco ruled in this very manner but it got no publicity. Some guy was making a machine gun out at his house in the dessert of Arizona and the BATFE got wind of it and busted him. The appeal of his conviction was mostly overturned because the fedgov had failed to prove the man was going to engage in Interstate Commerce with the gun and failing that, a lot of the case was thrown out. They got him on some nickel-dime violation and he got a few years but nothing like they were trying for.

But if Montana can manufacture guns with MADE IN MONTANA stamped on the receiver, then a citizen of Montana can buy one of those guns and not fill out any federal paperwork. Happy days will be here again. Texas will probably be next to enact such a thing and Indiana will fall in line soon enough. Man! Just think. I could own a gun that didn't have the federal government breathing down my neck all the time. I wonder if that would apply to beer and wine and hard liquor. Sure would be nice to get the government out of my beer cooler! Tobacco products could use a little relief also. In fact, a lot of things could use a little less attention from the fedgov. Hell, this move by Montana could be the start of things getting back to the way they're supposed to be in this country. I know. Fat chance. But allow me to have my little dash of escapism once in a while. Stay alive.


Monday, May 4, 2009


Still getting some rain about every day. The rain puddles in the road don't ever seem to go away. But I don't care because I can put the garden in come June just as well as in May. Everybody gets in a great emotional hurry come Spring and it is a cumbersome waste of time. You can grow vegetables just fine in June! So to hell with the rain. I will not worry about it. I have already gotten the nuggets on how to plant my tomatoes from seed right directly into the ground and I am ready to rock. Look at the comments on the preceding post for the data.

Starting to get a mixed signal on food production. Jim Haddix just drove from northern Indiana to Florida and right back and said he didn't see much in the way of gardening in the homes he could see from the Interstate. Jim is an old farm guy from Indiana and he knows what a garden is. Said he didn't see much. Could the media be leading us astray once again? We get that warm fuzzy feeling reading about folks who are prepping with us and maybe it ain't true. The media lies more than it tells the truth so why should I believe them now?

The Handmaiden brought home a book from the library titled GARDENING WHEN IT COUNTS. It was written by Steve Solomon and is a Mother Earth News book. I have been gnawing around the edges of it and it ain't bad. Ain't bad at all. It makes a very good point about intensive gardening being intensive everything else. The author makes the point of saying that spacing your plants out and giving them room to grow costs less money and requires less fertilizer and compost and all that good stuff. The author, Steve Solomon, makes a lot of sense.

My friend Charles Bell told me about an interesting web page called Pretty interesting concept those people are working with right there.

But Spring is in the air and we are having Black Bean Burritos tonight. Loaded with good ground venison. It don't get much better than that. You all take care and I will see you tomorrow, God willing. Stay alive.


Sunday, May 3, 2009


Well, Happy Sunday to you all! If you are like me you will take all the happiness you can find. The blogs are especially good today. So many people I read had good things to say today I cannot begin to single them all out for praise. But it seems to me that if you write about growing food and prepping, you will get a lot of favorable responses. More and more people are becoming amendable to the idea of surviving the bullshit we are going into deeper every day. A week from today will bring our frost date and we can get to planting. It certainly looks like we won't have any more frost this Spring but you never can tell. And I would hate to be the guy who got folks to planting early every year and then a late frost takes their crop when they cannot afford to lose it. I was reading about frost dates on Google yesterday and people who knew the score advised not violating them. So, forewarned is forearmed. And don't worry! You will get plenty of work this Summer! About the time I start getting able to touch the ground with my fingertips it will be time to sit down and start shelling beans. I could get weeks of long days shelling those devils this year. I'll take it! Those full gallon bags of Cranberry beans going up to the big cans just warms my heart something fierce.

You know, I used the advice of that crazed southern woman, Charli Gribble of Alabama last year, on preserving my beans. She said to bag them and then freeze them for a few days and they would do just fine. And she was right! I just froze them and let them thaw on the kitchen table and then took them to the big cans. And we thank you Charli Gribble for that very good tip. We also used her advice of putting Bay Leaves in the bag with the beans. Vermin critters don't like Bay Leaves. Makes them take off and go someplace else.

I gotta get tuned in on planting tomatoes by seed instead of transplanting. That transplanting of tomatoes came along about 50 years ago and no one knows how to plant them directly into the ground anymore. Robbed and enslaved again! Damn! You think we would learn. One of the stores in town had a tomato plant that actually had a couple of small fruit on it. The price tag read $15. This is ridiculous. I am going out and put my tomato seeds in the ground and try to grow tomatoes. Same with my cayenne peppers. The seeds are going in the ground and the peppers will be expected to show up as if they were supposed to be there. Anyone who knows how to do these things without buying transplants is surely welcome to tell me how it is done.

Stay alive.


Saturday, May 2, 2009


Looks like things will progress quite nicely for the garden this Spring. I might have a brother-in-law coming to stay early in June and he will be more than happy to work in the garden for two or three hours a day. I have another man in Maryland who is ready to saddle up and come here maybe yet this month. That should give us a great garden crew. There are three of us already here; myself, my wife, and my friend Walter. Five people should boil it all down to about 2 or maybe 3 hours per day. Love it. Everything can get done and folks don't get burnt out.

I am an idiot savant in the garden. I want to do one thing and do a lot of it. I had pretty good success with beans last year and should have success again this year. Now wouldn't it be nice if all I had to do was plant cranberry beans every year? Man! Could I ever be a success in the world! But I am going for beans and corn and tomatoes this year. The wife has informed me that cayenne pepper and some other things will be grown. That is fine with me as long as my main crops get grown. The cayenne will be hung from our kitchen ceiling in ristras for the Winter. Mighty pretty decoration in the gloominess of Winter. We got a catalogue from Johnny's Seeds today and the cover is a color shot of Cayenne and Garlic hanging down in profusion, along with some other things. Almost too much for me to look at. I love that stuff and I love what it does for me. Our kitchen ceiling is loaded with 8" by 8" beams running full width of the room on 2' centers. Acres of storage area for the peppers. I'm already storing the crop from this Summer. Counting chickens before the eggs are hatched. A typical human frailty.

The swine flu thing is still a little nuts but I think it will die down. People are scared. People are ignorant. With all the knowledge at their disposal it is amazing just how ignorant people are. In dealing with the flu just remember the words isolate and quarantine. Stay away from it and you will most likely be just fine. Things are looking good right now. Stay out of the stock market unless you are rich and have an extraordinary amount of knowledge as to how it is going to work. Invest in some out of the way land with limited access and easily defended positions. Keep the stores sold out of guns and ammo. It is sending a solid comment to the gun grabbers in Washington. Grow and buy food. Store it like a miser. Keep medical supplies up to high standards. There are all kinds of data bases to tell you what you will need for whatever degree of medical attention you wish to afford.

Stay alive.


Friday, May 1, 2009


Hey! Big news on the political front. The two AIPAC guys indicted for passing defense secrets to Israel are going to get their charges dropped and their case thrown out of court. Now the guy who gave them the secrets got over 12 years in his prison sentence but they get nothing for passing them on. People are getting tired of AIPAC and their ability to get this government to do anything they wish. I be getting a little tired of it myself. If I were King I might be tempted to tell Israel to cut the shit out or I let Iran stomp their ass! And Israel deserves it. I know there are a lot of pro-Israeli people in this country but that cannot help the fact that these people living over in the mideast are corrupt. And they will pay the price and I got that from God and it will happen and that is the end of the matter.

Getting ready to beef up the preps in the next few days. Gonna get a shitload of food. Staples, what we consider to be necessities. are going up all the time. Just the stuff you don't have to buy is still cheap. The stuff you use every day is going up in price. Bet on it. I can't tell you how much money I have made on paper with my food purchases of a year ago. Not that it matters except for bragging rights, which are as useless as tits on a boar. I intend to eat the food no matter what, so that is the profit for me. The wife said this morning that we have probably have 6 months worth of food counting our rice and beans. We should have a monstrous addition to that amount planted in the ground in a few weeks and that will boost us into the FEMA level. Not really, but they are the goal we all shoot for. God only knows how many millions of tons of food our government has stored for its future use.

According to the old story, our ancestor Joseph saved all that grain in Egypt for the benefit of Pharaoh. When the famine hit Egypt the people could buy food from Pharaoh, until they ran out of money, of course. Then they had to sell themselves and their families in order to eat. You became the personal property of Pharaoh or you starved to death. It will be done a little differently this time as our modern day Pharaoh has microchip technology he can put into place. You go get your implant and you are on the way to doing Pharaoh's bidding for the rest of your natural life. I would suggest that you garner some strong friends who will fight to the end if necessary and who will grow food not owned by Pharaoh. I have already told you about the three and a half MILLION guns sold in America during last October, November, and December. There was a BILLION AND A HALF ROUNDS OF AMMO sold but I neglected to tell you that that total is for the month of December alone. A BILLION AND A HALF ROUNDS in one month! Wish ol' Pharaoh luck in any micro chipping he may do because he will surely need it. He may just get his ass shot off. And the buying and storing is still going on. The steam roller is getting fueled up folks and it is not going to be denied. Look out Pharaoh! The train is coming through. And you can't do a damn thing about it.

For those of understanding, you might consider that the two witnesses are standing on their feet once again. And great fear will befall them who behold the witnesses. For those unencumbered with knowledge you mighty know that the two witnesses are the Father and Son. We are starting to depart from the days of love and tenderness and forgiveness and get back to the old time of rule by God. The time of the Lamb has happened and I am glad it did. But now it is time to return to Daddy. Daddy is a little more stern than the Son.

Stay alive.