Sunday, May 10, 2009


I've been looking at what is supposed to pass for news in this country. It hardly deserves consideration as such. Most stories are merely trash and not worth reading. But you might read them anyway, just to see what agenda they currently want to present. It may get a little tense on the blog sites in the near future because they will want to arrest anyone talking against the fedgov. I guess you will have to just shoot the bastards whenever you sense the time is ripe. Since they will do their best to shut off all flow of information, what choice do you have? Our current Janet, Napalitano, is a true Stalinist Democrat. She sands ready to jail anyone for anything if she thinks they are a threat to the administration. And who knows what is a threat to the administration? Let's say the fedgov is planning to have a state of emergency declared and all citizens are to go to various FEMA camps and get their food. But you, not knowing the plans of the fedgov, have been telling people for months to stock up on survival food. Thus, you are an enemy of the state. People will stay out of FEMA camps if they have food and shelter of their own. If the fedgov wants them into the camps and you are doing what will keep them out, there is a clash of wills. You might watch your step.

I want to know the trigger situation that will allow the fedgov to declare Martial Law. What is on the table waiting to be served up as Martial Law? Swine flu? Anger in the streets over economic catastrophe? The total collapse of the dollar? What is it going to be?

I get on this topic because I know, without a shadow of doubt, that the fedgov wants to control everything. They are the all wise, the all knowing fedgov and therefore much superior to us. It slips their mind entirely that we peons built this country and financed the fedgov while we were doing it. The hardest working, smartest people on the planet. The envy of the world. That is the prize. Oh, we have lots of good farmland and timberland and other good resource left, but the workers and the brains are what make it all worth while.

An interesting article in the news today is at It will show you haw the government does not like other players in the world of command and control. Read it. I think you will like it. Stay alive.



HermitJim said...

Very good post...and very interesting article at your link.

I can see where this might be tried here under the cover of "help from the government" during or after some big disaster.

However, after seeing first hand how well(?) the past efforts were carried off...I don't think people here expect much except more red tape.

Ken said...

...Michael,thanx fer the linx brother,...yer right ya know,'their' plan didn't have the desired effects,the next 'flubug' will be bigger and badder...
...insert any word seen fit for 'flubug' longer 'if',but 'when'

Nairb said...

And it will all start with Uncle Sugar just being there to help us...