Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Happy wet, drizzly, Wednesday, everybody. It's gonna be like last year and stay wet until June, probably. Don't bother me! I will survive as a human until God calls me and that is that. Lots of problems in the world today. If you ain't got any problems, just get in touch with the world and you can have all you want.

One of the big problems bothering some folks is where they will put the prisoners from Guantanamo when they shut it down. Seems like no one wants the prisoners to be transferred to their neighborhood! I do not know the facts about these guys so I can't tell you how trustworthy they are. And it is one of those things where we citizens inherit the sins of our government and all of a sudden we are left to deal with it. Seems like when these guys were big in the world news, having them in prison was a definite advantage for the Republican National Committee. Highly profitable for Bush and his buddies.

But now days the advantage is gone from the Middle Eastern prisoners. The torture thing has ruined it. Some folks can't see pressing criminal charges for terrorism against guys you have been torturing for years. And that might make some sense. But the profit from Arab prisoners is almost all gone and now the loses are being transferred to the public sector, like always. We inherit the bummers and the politicians get all the good deals. They need 'em for re-election.

There is some sort of fabulous new jail up in Montana that has never been used and the guy who has been hired to run it has made a statement about using it to store prisoners from Guantanamo. He wants to store SOMETHING in the damn place because he is getting paid and he knows that cannot last if there ain't any prisoners in the jail. None of the Montana politicians want to have anything to do with the new jail. Until this is settled, we now have a multibillion dollar white elephant sitting up in Montana with the fedgov holding the tab for it. Too bad.

And what are you going to do when the SHTF and you have big jails or even prisons in your neighborhood? You do realize the guards will turn them all loose if there is a problem with the infrastructure don''t you? They will not let them stay locked in the jail and die of starvation should the system go down. There have been instances of prisoners rioting and taking over a prison and then killing all the bad prisoner and then giving up the riot. It has happened in my lifetime. But if there is not time to take care of those things when the SHTF then we must be prepared to handle it on the outside when the fellas come around looking for a place to stay. Some of them are fine men and are not guilty of any perversions. God might not care if they killed a cop or a tax collector or robbed a bank. And if God ain't bothered by it where can I get off by letting it disturb me? Stay alive.


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HermitJim said...

Living in the city of Houston, I would almost rather have some ex-prisoners in my heighborhood than to have some of the neighbors I have now.