Wednesday, May 20, 2009


The Illuminatti was started in 1776 in Germany. They had high ambitions and lots of political ideas. But they went out of business in the 1840's and became the Communist Party. The Communist Party is still in business. The followers of the actor-politician Ronald Reagan like to act like he destroyed Communism. He did not. And Russia and China are more powerful today than they ever were. Thus the myth of Reagan is destroyed. The same gang of crooks is still running Russia and the nuclear missiles are still there and ready to go. The Chinese have actually expanded their supply of nuclear missiles. The United States does not like to talk about China and Russia and their nuclear capabilities any more. We would rather talk about the sins of little bitty places like Iraq and Afghanistan. The little bitty places are much easier to invade. We can install puppet governments in the little bitty places and have them vow allegiance to us and all kinds of neat shit. But nothing really changes much on the international scene. Our enemies are still out there and fully capable of delivering a hellish blow to us. And sooner or later they will. If I were the government of this country, this particular piece of real estate, I would make me up a big run of missiles for defensive purposes. I would make them up by the thousands. I would have them stored all over the fucking place. And when the invasion of our real estate started I would blow the motherfucking invaders up. This is the primary means of defeating invaders. Attacking other countries is very expensive but defending where you live is pretty cheap compared to other forms of warfare.

It is going to get expensive to fight pretty soon. The cost of things is going to rise. Food seems to be getting more expensive these days. And when food gets expensive we can have problems like you would not believe. One commodity that has been getting cheaper is milk. The market is glutted with milk and the price is going down. There will be lots of belly aching and fiery oratory and what have you but the main thing is going to be a killing of about a third of the national herd. Then milk prices will go up again. The cost of production will decrease and the price will go up. The dairy farmers will make it good after a while.

I am getting very tired of the phony news of economic recovery in this nation. In fact I detest it. Think of all the dumbasses who will go ahead and take on debt and responsibility because they are told that things are better. THINGS ARE NOT BETTER! You got that? It would hardly make good sense for things to get better. There is no economic reason for things to get better. People are losing their jobs like crazy in this country and more are going out every day. The pace is not letting up. Do not believe government propagandists who say it is getting better. They are lying to you. California is almost completely broke. They cannot keep it together out there to save their ass. Just study what California has done and then do not do it yourself.

The wife and I are still watching our money very closely. Cheap beef should be around for a while as the dairy herd gets sold to the meat packers but it won't last forever. You need to get it through your head that no one is making any plans to do you any real good in the future. They want your money, your home and land, your prettiest daughter and your strongest son. You can go to hell for all the world cares. And you must realize that I am telling you the truth. No one gives a shit about YOU except God. The Bible talks about those who have the laws of God written on their hearts and minds. I ain't seen anyone writing lately! Maybe one guy, but no one would listen to him anyhow. But people WILL start to listen. They will listen or they will perish. It keeps coming around to those two teachers again, pain and pleasure. You know what pleasure will teach you. But pain will teach you to accept responsibility and work and respect and honor and all those things we don't get taught anymore. Whoever stopped this instruction should have their ass kicked clear up between their shoulder blades where they have to take their shirt off to shit.

I'll go for now. Get your garden in and make lots of storage food! And stay alive.



Jacob Gittes said...

As usual, an inspiring post: not inspiring like the New Age self-help book that clogs most bookstores like manure in a barnyard - but inspiring in the sense of, yep, I'd better get prepared for some tough slogging.

I started planting the garden yesterday: my best friend and only fellow prepper is giving me a bunch of his extra tomato seedlings. I'm in the process of creating a big 3-ring binder of survival info and procedures. Storing food. Slow but sure.

I'd better pick up the pace.
Thanks, Michael.

HermitJim said...

Once again, I have to say that this was a very good post!

I'm afraid for the folks that are banking their future on all the hype of the media, but what else can we do?

Thanks, Michael, for the good work.

Mayberry said...

If the damn people would tune out the media, open their eyes and ears, and engage their freakin' brains, they'd immediately realize that "recovery" is bullshit. But that takes effort......

Phil said...

Taking a break are we?

Checking in as usual.

Have a great weekend, I have to get off my dead ass here in a minute and go water the garden before it gets hot.
I have enough weeding to do to keep me busy for quite a while.

Say Hi to the Handmaiden for me.