Saturday, May 9, 2009


I am questioning the readiness of your ability to withstand an attack by the government and the citizens in these coming weeks and months. If half the nastiness that has been forecast comes about, then we will have a veritable landslide of violence and misery to deal with. A tsunami of bitterness. Obama can't cut the mustard as far as restoring our economics goes, because the days of expansion are over and we have to get adjusted to that. We have a whole shitload of changes coming down the highway of life and damn few of us are even thinking about getting ready for them. It doesn't help to have a country retreat if you can't get out of town to make it there! Right at first there will be a mass exodus out of town and all I can say is Devil Take the Hindmost. After about 12 hours of looting and burning there will be no one of sound mind staying in the cities. There will be no reason to stay. Folks will have gotten all the sugar out of that piece of chewing gum. So the roads leading away from the cities will be clogged and jam packed. I hope I have made myself clear on this issue. THE ROADS WILL BE PACKED WITH PEOPLE GETTING AWAY FROM THE CITIES! They will drive away until they run out of gasoline, which will be non-existent at that point, or until they wreck or get caught in a traffic jam that will not move. The rush to leave the cities will be a mad dash to get over the cliff and die, smashed on the rocks. And for this cause have you been warned to move out of the city while you still can. You have been told over and over to get out, to get a piece of ground out in the wilderness and get your survival machine built and running. You have been told about your Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids until it gets tiresome to talk about it anymore. But if you have not gotten out and you haven't get the means to go, then get ready for the fiery jungle because it is almost upon your butt.

To explain the governments attack upon you I will first direct you to a map of your state or most any other. The city is surrounded by interstate highway and it's appropriate interchanges. It doesn't take very many troops at all to seal off the entire town and keep the inhabitants penned in. Back in the day it was almost impossible to fence a guy in but not anymore. So there is your first attack by the government. If you stay in town you will be beaten, robbed, burned out, looted, raped and just generally messed over by a large group of bipeds we would call human under better conditions. And you will not be able to escape this disorder because the roads leading away from it will be strewn with non-operable vehicles, out of gas or wrecked. After a few days there will be order established, however. Troops will be brought in to seal the city and prevent anyone from escaping. Government attack number two.

But we know you listened and you got a piece of land somewhere away from the maddening crowd and you are fairly safe from the moronic mob trying to get out of the city. Very good for you! But the mobs from the city are getting further out into the countryside and causing isolated farmers and preppers a lot of trouble. These are the experienced looters and marauders. For the most part they have survived a couple of weeks on the run and they know the rules of the game. They know how to scout you out and watch you from a distance. They know to shoot you in the back and not risk a frontal confrontation. They might be able to tell whether or not you have stored food. They will be checking out your garden. Let them catch you spying on them with your binoculars. That should tell them what they are up against.

A month after the collapse of society should just about do way with most social predators. They should be working away in the FEMA camps or being formed into compost for fooling around where they hadn't ought to. And you are doing fine and so are all of your friends in the area. Life is starting to become pleasant again. But the military starts coming by your place real regular. Don't wave. Don't say "Howdy'". Don't do a damn thing that shows any sign of respect or friendliness. You do not want to let these guys get used to talking to you. You want to be known as Mr. Icecube. Comprende? More on this later. Stay alive.



Ken said...

...i'm not in the city so no worries...but yer comment made me look at the Interstate Hwy map in a whole new far as 'pre-cordoned areas'...damn,never thought about it like that before...easy sniperbait crossing an 8-lane interstate eh ?!

...thanx for the epihany Brother...

Bullseye said...

Feeling pretty ready here. The home could me more secure though. After reading "Patriots" and all they did to secure their retreat I am starting to feel like the little pig that built his house out of straw. Working on that now. Good post and more true than anyone wants to admit.

Code Name "Bullseye"

HermitJim said...

Headed to the desert soon...main reason? Nobody wants to go there!

Desert land without power,water,or neighbors...sounds better all the time!