Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Just a little note to keep you informed. While I am not saying to do this, my wife, The Handmaiden, just told me, before she went out the door to pick Blueberries, that an elderly couple here in our village get a flu shot every year and every year they catch the flu . On the other end of the spectrum, she and I never get a flu shot and never catch the flu. Is something trying to get through to me?



Thinking about a platform on which to build your new world lifestyle. Actually I am thinking about the rules and precepts you will use to make your way forward from the wreck of this nation. A fairly important subject for all thinkers.

I think, for the sake of brevity, that you could be led to fashion your code of civic conduct by basing it on the same principles as you used to prepare for the calamity. Preppers have a non-reputation for their philosophy. And that philosophy is based on love. Love of themselves. Love of their families. Love of their friends and fellow Clan members. Outsiders of the survival movement see preppers as people in fear, or people in rejection of society, or social malcontents without many redeeming qualities. And nothing could be further from the truth in most cases. We love our mates and our kids and other relatives. We try to get them to join with us in our quest to survive the calamity. Most don't, but that doesn't mean we didn't try. And generally tried on numerous occasions. More on this later.

I got a heads up from Jim Haddix concerning an article in the Los Angeles Times. Indiana actually got mentioned in the Times. It is because our legislature cannot make up it's mind on the budget. We have money! 1.3 billion dollars in a 'rainy day fund.' But Indianapolis wants us to give them the money to pay for all the sports venues they have gone into debt for. The meter is running right now and the fee is looking like 47 million dollars. Lots of legislators do not want to pay for this bill that Indy has run up.Can't say as I blame them.

The news is mostly just a bunch of hot air these days, since the government does not want to tell us what is going on but would rather feed us propaganda a and lies. You have to read the financial blogs to get an inkling of the truth. Just do not forget that the machine is breaking down. Do not put your faith and your life in the hands of this economy. Get out while you can.

Short post today. Hope you have a good day and stay alive.



Monday, June 29, 2009


Just looking at the trees and the grass and the crops and whatnot from my porch. So much 0of a bounty in this place. Of course only about 13 or 14 percent of it is tillable but that beats the hell out of nothing! There is much to be done with our fields and our creeks but we have not pursued agriculture to any great degree. We have concentrated on MONEY. Ah yes. Good old money. Just take you a handful and stuff it into your mouth and see how good it tastes and how much it does for your body. And you know that last statement was a shuck from the very beginning. You can't eat money. You have to eat what we call FOOD. Food generally consists of vegetables and meat, with a rock thrown in call salt. The salt is ground up very fine so it will easily come out of salt shakers. Salt is also supposed to have Iodine bonded with it. Not is a noticeable amount but just enough to keep you from getting a Goiter. A Goiter is an enlargement of your Thyroid gland. Most Goiters were caused by Iodine deficiency. Now days we get plenty of Iodine in our Salt and goiter is nowhere around, like it used to be. Where I live in southern Indiana used to be called the Goiter Belt. Morton Iodized Salt stopped all of that. There are maybe a couple very minor causes of Goiter that will involve a doctor and more knowledge than I have, but a prepper, a person getting prepared, should stock up on Iodized Salt or Sea Salt. The salt from the ocean has Iodine in it. But anyhow, do not fail to get salt for your retreat. It is essential to life and it has the necessary Iodine to keep your Thyroid healthy. Ain't much sense buying salt with no Iodine except to melt snow or tan hides.

But I am not going to spend the afternoon talking about Salt and Goiters. I want to talk about food. You need Protein and vitamins and minerals. You need fiber. And of course, you need water. My garden efforts are mainly focused on Crops and not salads, but I love salads. My wife cuts up a little meat and cheese with my salad greens and that makes a meal. to my way of thinking. But I am of the school of thought that says you gotta eat protein. I am in no way a vegetarian. I eat all kinds of meat and I think it is good for me. But if I run low on meat I know that I can make it on a mixture of grain and legumes. Grain is Rice or Corn or Wheat. A legume is beans and peas and lentils. Or maybe lentils are beans. I can't remember but I know the wife can. Those people down in Louisiana scarfing down all those meals of Red Beans and Rice are getting their protein. But the food does not have to be southern spiced beans and rice. It can be Great Northern beans mixed with some rice, or served with some cornbread. I enjoy eating Hominy. Love the stuff. If someone has a good method of making Hominy I would really appreciate you sending it to me. A bowl of Hominy and a bowl of beans sitting side by side in front of me at the table would crank me right up! And do not forget about putting a little meat in your bean pot. All those cute little Tweety birds flitting about over the local landscape will cook up just fine in your beans as they cook soft. Red Birds, Black Birds, Blue Birds, Boattailed Grackles, Robins, Sparrows, Wrens, and all kinds of seed eaters will do you up just fine. I would avoid the scavengers and the carrion eaters. Of course, Ducks and Geese are the creme de la creme and you might not want to just cook them in your beans. But those other birds can be cleaned and tossed in the bean pot to cook for a while and studies have shown that it really increases you protein uptake. You ought to use every trick in the book to get your protein allotment. It is necessary for survival.

You ought to really consider growing chickens for both meat and eggs. Keeping a few sows and a boar will keep you in some good sausage and pork chops. Just remember that the bigger the animal the more meat you will have to deal with. Butchering a 600 pound calf makes more meat than a little nuclear family can handle without a lot of preservation. Cattle, meat goats, sheep and hogs carry a significant amount of meat on them and you must be prepared AHEAD OF TIME to deal with it. One of the tell-tale signs of raiders being in your area is discovering dead animals with only the choice parts eaten and the rest left to rot. There are many ways to preserve food and a prepper will know all about them. The wife and I have acquired a pretty big library on how to preserve certain things we eat. The electricity may not be flowing through the wires one of these days and food will require more attention than we are used to giving it. You can't just throw something in the fridge or the freezer if the juice ain't running.

I am a fan of dried vegetables, if they are the kind that dry and store like you need them to be. Beans and Peas and Grains all store very well if you get them dried. And drying IS A METHOD OF PRESERVATION. And while I am on this subject I would like to make a few points for your edification. For the sake of brevity let us say that the garden is done on October the first. I don't know where you live so I am just setting that time as a reckoning point. So on that date your fresh vegetables are history until the next year. So you now have until the middle of next Spring to deal with a vegetable drought unless you have PRESERVED enough to get you through. And I know there are tricks for the learned to do, such as cold weather crops and all of that. But unless you have the means to get the seed to grow cold weather crops you are out of luck. You have either preserved the food to get you through or you will do without. And doing without can be a real drag. A nagging belly and health problems and other folks complaining can make your life miserable. But you can preserve your food! Canning, drying, smoking, even freezing if you have the electricity. Otherwise you go half a year with no vegetables. And that can mess you up. You can preserve your meat on the hoof and claw it gets around on. Basically if you don't kill it, it doesn't rot. You can butcher a chicken and eat it just about any time of the year. If you have the food and water to keep it alive until you are ready for it. What I am really getting at is no matter how well you have prepped, the day is coming when your preps will run out. That is the day you are made or undone. For the initial crash I am all for having canned food to get you through. I am doing it myself. So would anyone with any kind of a brain. But it will run out and you will need to produce and preserve your own food. It is a fact of life. If you want you and yours to continue walking around on this planet then you better be able to feed yourself and your family and your friends. That means you must have livestock and non-hybrid seed. And you have to manage all of it. It is literally a lifestyle. It's a job. It is a career. And it is much easier if you have help. That is why I make such a clamor and din about a Clan. If there is a lot of work to do and not enough hands to accomplish it then something is not going to get done. It's a law of nature. Our ancestors lived in Clans and we will be getting back to that in the near future. Think! Figure it out ahead of time. Don't go into the future with your eyes closed. And stay alive.

Sunday, June 28, 2009


I'm in kind of a strange mood today. My leading is to tell everyone to forsake this guy Obama and get to prepping. But I have already said a lot of that message. And yet, you never know who will read your writings so you write again. Our survival effort was done by the wife today. She dried a couple pounds of Cherries down to what looked to be a baggy about the size of a pound of breakfast sausage that you get at the store. Pretty well shrunk the hell outta them. Now she has the drier loaded with Apples and Blueberries. Socking that stuff away, by God! And every little bit helps. We are not going to have much garden in this year so we are doing all we can on other fronts. More than likely we will have plenty of Walnuts and Persimmons this Fall and we can always buy fruit and vegetables in season from the Amish. But I still have all the seed Big John gave me and it will be on hand for the onset of garden time next year. You can buy stuff and dry stuff and grow and can stuff and freeze stuff and all kinds of things. But the end result is that you have food no matter what happens to the rest of the country. And that will be a good thing in the days ahead. This damn government will not tell us the truth of what is going on and a lot of people will not have enough food to make it. And I know that is a funny damn thing to say about America the bountiful, cause she has always produced whatever was needed. But I do not see her producing like she did for a long, long time, if ever. And for those of you who study economics and the politics of the world, you know exactly what I am talking about. It's going down, folks. About the only thing that will function will be the big war machines. They will get all the fuel they need to the exception of the rest of us. They will fight each other and that will cause such human misery, here as well as other places, as to cause a complete upheaval to what we have known and loved. Gather you a Clan and get ready for the big dance because it is damn well coming!

I hate to be a Prophet of Doom but with the way things are now it is a hopeless task to be anything else. My inclination is to look for life and the living thereof. Keeps me in a much better frame of mind. My problem is that I don't see any thing to do but PREPARE! And that is about it. If you have your head into the hopes of this world you have your head up your ass. And that is crude but it gets the point across. It is going down folks and there ain't anything anybody can do about it. Get used to making on the tough because that is what I see. Get out of town and into the countryside. Get some building built and some fields under cultivation. Get your garden in, in due season. Get your Clan in there and get them to building homes and a big dining hall. You won't want to have all your land cleared because the woods will afford you fuel and fuel is nice, even a primitive time and setting. You can also use certain trees for building log cabins. The old Tulip Poplar comes to mind. But get your ground, your water, and your home in order. Without shelter and water you ain't got much.

At this point your are ready to start stocking your new lifestyle. Stocking it with the things you will need to make a year or so, when the trouble hits. Enough to make it two or three years might be better. Just make damn sure you do the best you can. Buy your canned goods and buy them quick. Monsanto is making deals all over the place to grow Frankenfood for this country. They just made a deal with Dole to start producing seed for Broccoli and Cauliflower and other things. Your food supply is getting fooled with and your gotta figure out how to escape the evil bastards. The best way is to have a field surrounded thick woods. That will keep their sick pollen from coming in and tainting your seed. And that method is not always possible but do the best you can. That is why the bigger your block of land is the more you have going for you to keep out the bad nasties manufactured by the ghouls. Those people are my enemies. I pledge to fight them all of my days. Sugar is also a Monsanto area now. All the sugar beet seed is now from Monsanto. Don't that just warm our heart? I don't know who those people are, those folks from Monsanto, but I think I smell a rat with a name like Rothschild. They are getting ready to take over the produce industry in India and use it to put the European food producers out of business. Then the prices will go up. When you have blocks of billions of people to feed, then anything like a monopoly will be worth more than gold. The point I am trying to get across, in my own confusing way, is for you to be very careful what you buy for storage. If you can can your own stuff from non-hybrid seed then you are doing as well as can be done. And I will say this: If you are in a position where you absolutely have to buy whatever is on the market to live, then you do it. We make no suicide pact on storage food or anything else. While there is still a market and you can still pick and choose what you will buy, then buy the best you can as far as what kind of seed was used. If push comes to shove then buy what you can. Hungry men, women and children are not pleasant to be around. I know I wouldn't be pleasant under those circumstances.

You can read a short novel at http://azarowny.tripod.com/. It ain't bad but it's better than the drivel you will find out in society. Stay alive!



Saturday, June 27, 2009


Just a moment here while I type this garbage onto my computer. I just read and article that says the House of Representatives has voted itself almost $4 billion dollars for expenses. That is 6.9 million dollar$ per Congre$$critter. Man! These guys really know how to live. I am so sick of these guys and their stealing and robbing and chicanery that anger is starting to dwell in my heart. This country is falling apart at the seams, with millions homeless and out of work, and these guys are taking a bigger cut of the pie. Have they no scruples? Have they no sense of decency? Or are they merely hogs swilling at the trough? We make jokes and wisecracks all the time about our congressmen, but this is a serious breach of the public trust. I just got a good taste of the Obama "Cap and Trade" bill that will increase our annual electric bill $700 minimum. I can't afford that kind of electricity. What are these fools doing? Don't they know that a national economic calamity is the absolute WORST time to increase taxes? The people have all they can stand. Our politicians should be doing things to cut our burden not increase it. The expense data can be found at http://careandwashingofthebrain.blogspot.com/2009/06/soooee-sooeee-calling-all-porkers.html. Naturally it is another blogger who spilled the beans. But we need those kind of people. Need 'em all over the place. The only way we will ever get this bullshit stopped is for the people to hear about it while they are in great tribulation. If they are comfortable it will go in one ear and out the other. Our citizens are too domesticated, too accepting of government transgressions, to pay any attention to this unless they are under the gun financially. I heard an old mafia guy give a talk about getting a message across to someone who was troubling them. He said the first thing you do is hurt them, and hurt them hard. After they have experienced pain THEN you deliver your message. They will remember it that way. So the citizens are feeling their pain right now and they can listen and comprehend. Maybe there is a blessing in this catastrophe after all. It sure is going to get a lot of folks attention.

And people need to pay attention these days. There are hard times across the land. And we have a leader who is not a man of the people but rather a man of outlanders who do not have our ways. It may cripple us. He started with a run of 48 months and now he is down to less that 43. The problem here is that the other party is as conniving as he is. My intellect says the best thing we have going for us is the prospect of a third party. Maybe the God of Heaven will give us something we can use to our survival. He can do it, you know. But if the people do not wake up then I am afraid he will let the whole thing go down the drain. And it would be what they deserve. You can read all about the whys and wherefores of this debacle at http://conservativesoapbox.wordpress.com/. Again, it is another blogger. But the stories are out of the mainstream media. Read at least half the page an get your belly full of this contemptible crap. You owe it to yourself and those you love to be in the know about what these bastards are doing. It is the only way you can be prepared. But I think I see a woodstove in my future. Some things are just gonna have to be. If they start trying to freeze out people who cannot afford electric heat any more by not allowing them to burn wood, well, it's revolt time. And it has to be! This Democrat Party has lost touch with reality. They have lost touch with the people. They are some sick bastards if you ask me. They have become the party of the Twisto's. Human freaks who have no concept of life on this planet and how it is sustained.

Therefore I must say that the creation of Clans is the wave of the future. People grouping together for protection and an easier workload. It is going to come to that, my friends. Until some righteous, brilliant, crazy guys come up with a whole new system of power production so that we can tell Cap and Trade to take a hike, we will have to get by on mainstrength and ignorance. I guess that worked for my prehistoric ancestors so I guess it can work for me. It stands to reason that no matter how far you go back in my ancestral line you will meet an unbroken line of males who made it, at least until they had sired a son.

The Clan has strength. It forms a mind pool of thinking that can be used for many things. A Clan of 150 to 200 people can get a lot of things accomplished. Food production, security from invaders, the building of housing, crafts and trades we all can us such as blacksmithing,.shoe making, horse training, etc. etc. This is what you can accomplish with a Clan. Maybe you will have flocks and herds of animals and you will have to learn to be shepherds. Maybe you will raise horses for trade and you will need someone familiar with the technology of raising them and training them. It all doesn't happen miraculously you know. Maybe you will be among a people who can preserve food for several months or even longer. Pretty nice when the cold weather comes and nothing is growing in the garden. Local Clans will be willing to trade for your food. They will also be rearing the children you will have to have to keep fresh genes among your people. In-breeding can lead to some horrible problems. You might get a cripple, or you might get a genius. Wanna chance it? Or do you want to play it smart and keep fresh genes around for the strength of your people. So keep your strength up and stay alive!



Friday, June 26, 2009


Rained like crazy again last night. Big water. The lake is muddy from mud being wash into it because of rapid runoff. The cats were a little slow on the trigger this morning because they were kept up by the hated thunder and lightning. The power must have gotten knocked out for a while because my modem was screwy this morning. I had to shut it off for a while and go through all that start up bullshit to be able to access the 'net. My broadband router for my wife's wireless hook-up was just fine. It better be! That little rascal cost us $65. But since we already had an external modem for our DSL fast connection it was easy to use a wireless router in our mix of equipment.

Further study of Roubini's writing of the other day shows it to be not as bad as I had thought. He has not given up on the next few years being really tough. I haven't heard from Gerald Cclente this week and I wonder what he has to say. I picked up a video from Some website and it basically was Ron Paul, Lew Rockwell and Judge Napolitano raking the federal government over the coals for for 10 minutes. There was a little whirlwind on account of "Wretha" getting an email or a letter from the feds on account of some 'maybe' misguided tax advice she gave someone or else her whole readership. Bloggers always want more readers and we send our blogs out all the time through good old Google and what have you. They are going to get scanned by the fedgov. Accept it or get off the blogosphere.

The wife took her brother to his car this morning and he is on his way to Michigan to see his daughter and grandson. The wife is now yard sailing about 8 milers from here and will be home soon, I hope. Everyone, including preppers, likes to go to yard sales. Sometimes you find some really needed things at a really low price at a yard sale. And the prices are generally cheaper than estate sails and places like that.

I'm still on the Atkins diet and still losing weight. My son cut out bread a couple months ago and he has lost 15 pounds. Somewhere along the line somebody told us that FAT makes you fat and it is a damned lie. Carbohydrates make you fat. And the American diet is loaded with carbohydrates. Bread, rolls, desserts, snacks, potatoes, rice, sweet drinks, and on and on are loaded with carbs. And they will fatten you like a Holiday Turkey. I have been riding into town with my brother-in-law these past two weeks and where ever we go I see terribly over weight people waddling around. I'm set on losing my weight! I suppose I started out weighing as much as Big John and I am only 6'1" or so. These damned preppers out here keep saying you have to keep your body in as good a shape as you possible can for handling the trouble that is coming down the road. I keep skipping over those parts of the blog posts. I figured I could always get a ride to the front lines! But that is all bullshit and I am going to pay attention to those good people who advise us to stay in shape. They are the people who have the right idea. We learn as we go through life, I reckon.

I have been thinking about losing my Social Security. It's all the money I get. And it ain't much. But if I wasn't living where I am I would be in deep doo doo. At the same time it makes me think of other folks I know who need someone thinking about them. People like EM Joe who needs a better retreat, I think. He is okay now but can he depend on his pension to last? I don't trust any pension these days. I think they are all going into the slop bucket. And you ain't seen anything until you see the dollar devalued on the world market. It will be hell for those not prepared. So get prepared! Don't wait around for this, that, and the other. Git 'er done. Set priorities in your life. Pay what has to be paid, as far as bills are concerned, and let the rest of it slide. I know you have worked years to get your credit rating built up and you did a real good job. But the day is coming when that ain't gonna matter a whole lot. Your ability to feed yourself, protect yourself, and find your own medicine out in the fields and woods are what is gonna matter. I write and plan and keep my eye on the ball as we go though life. My wife is learning herbs, both for medicine and for food. If I can lose some of this damn weight I will be much more advanced in my gardening. I KNOW what to do but doing it is another matter. I have to lose weight and get a lot more agile than I am now. If you are plagued by things like this then get busy and get in shape and in better health. This service economy is going underwater and drown. So what you need to get you and yours taken care of will come from you and your efforts. If you have a clan then you are better off.

Never forget the value of the clan. Think of "Many hands make light work." We'll go over that in a future post. Until then, stay alive!



Thursday, June 25, 2009


It's a beautiful day here in southern Indiana. Blue skies in all directions. A bit hot but what can you expect. If I get no rain between now and tomorrow morning I plant corn tomorrow. Even if I don't get much in it will serve to increase my supply of seed for next year. Gardening is a simple task. At the beginning of the season you till or plow and disk your ground. Then you make rows and put your seed in the ground at the prescribed depth. AFTER the seed is in you water or pray for rain. This will boost your garden a whole bunch. But if it is like this year, you may have some trouble getting on the dirt because of the rain. Some folks waited a long time before they could plant. Last year a lot of folks got flooded out. It is not a forgone conclusion that you will have a victory with every garden season. Some times you hope for a draw and sometimes you just get your ass kicked. Such is life. You weed when you can and when you feel like it. You will not feel like it very often so you find yourself in "will worship" to the task and you make yourself do it. Making your rows a little wider apart and having a rotary tiller to do your weeding for you is a marvelous advantage. Going out in the Spring with a shovel and breaking your ground with it is a drag. Pray for power tools! But don't forget that you can get by without them. It's hard labor but it will produce food. A shovel and a sturdy rake will get your ground prepared very well. But it will put muscles in your feces!

The economic news today is that Nouriel Roubini has said the economy will now recover due to the kindly ministrations of Timothy Geithner, our illustrious Secretary of the Treasury. This is what is known as horseshit. It is far better used on your garden plot in the Fall then to be allowed to to fertilize your mind. After they have done all they can do and have stolen all they can steal then they produce positive propaganda and you are to fall for it and go meekly back to your old ways. But it ain't gonna happen this time. It is too messed up and too much in debt. Say goodbye to the economy.

Got an email today from a reader in Texas saying there was still an ammo shortage down there but the guns supply was looking good. Same with Indiana. Black guns are back in the racks but you won't get any invitation to stock up on ammo. A word to the wise is sufficient. So go forth and stay alive.



Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I haven't been on my economic blogs yet today so you are spared all of that. I know it gets old but I am always looking for the trigger to the collapse of our infrastructure. I still think it funny that the PTB can get ready and stock up and all of that stuff but when we do it as individuals or small groups we are labeled nut cases and extremists. I wonder why the fedgov would be against prepping. They do it. I'm just following my government and my ancestors. Our family always had big gardens and we put up lots of canned good. As a 12 year old kid I raised hundred chicken lots of roosters for the family freezers. If you came out on the day we butchered chickens you got plenty of free meat. Of course that was back in the day when you bought gas to drive out to our farm at a rate of 10 gallons for less that what we pay for one gallon these days. That was back in the day when gasoline producers and vender's actually advertised on TV in order to get you to buy their brand. But things change and we have to change with them.

The ground down at our garden is still too wet, though it will not be tomorrow, more than likely. Publius has given me an okay heads up on my late planting of corn, Big John's ladies have told me they get good results planting late, and Jim Haddix said to go ahead and do it. So I am getting myself squared away to maybe plant tomorrow. We will see how the weather God's react to my plight. 60 chance of thunder storms tomorrow. That means more yes than no.

Obama's message to the world of peace and love and do it my way is not taking too well with the rest of the world. Some folks are even telling him to butt out of their business. Can you imagine anyone with the audacity to tell that to the great Obama? Obama has a lot of power behind him. Power that he never worked for and created. Sorta like someone dropping $10,000 worth of survival food off at your house and leaving it to your personal disposal. He has never had a real job nor run a business. He is a life long theorist, not a practitioner. He got his economic remedies out of a book and not out of his experience. Us plain and simple folks just do what we know to do. What we learned from our grandparents and parents. What we have seen work before. Most all the things I write about concerning day to day living are from my personal experience. And I read the survival blogs just like you do to pick up anything I might have missed along the way. I know what to do to get prepared. It is just a matter of accomplishing it. Limited budget people must watch their finances and spend their money where it is best used. I have in mind a four figure food buy and a wood cook stove installed downstairs. That could be a real blessing if I can pull it off. One does what one can, however, so I make no promises.

The ammo shortage is pretty real. I get complaints from all across the nation these days. Gun manufacturing is making a comeback and they should be in good supply. Buy what you can afford in as good a quality as your money will provide. Your well being could depend on it. Don't forget your medical preps. I told you that Mike Kemp is shooting year-old insulin these days and it is working for him just fine. He says keep it cool and don't puncture that membrane on the top until you are ready to use that particular vial. Once you pierce that membrane you are on the clock as far as using the medicine. In hot weather and in a power outage he has put his insulin in a bag and lowered it down a well casing to keep it cool. Works just fine, he said. You people who are diabetics might want to experiment and see how you can get along using alternative methods of insulin preservation. Write to me about your findings and I will publish it on the blog.

The WIFE is blanching some peas in preparation to freezing them. Good old Amish grown peas. If I can get me some corn planted tomorrow I will have my grain for the Winter. Rice will come with the next food buy. But I already have quite a bit of rice stored. And I love rice. Plain old rice with a little butter and salt will make me a meal if I let it. Way too much carbs for my fat ass but I like the stuff. I am dieting the Atkins way right now and have been on it a couple of weeks. I am already showing sign of improvement. My type 2 diabetes brother-in-law is doing the Atkins with me and his insulin usage has dropped from 25 units a day to 10, with his sugar staying low to normal. He hopes to be off of the insulin pretty soon. The wife is going to a local orchard store to see what they have in the way of good fruit. Maybe some goodies are headed our way. I watch the fish in the lake jumping and I know we have a good supply on hand. Our lake grows good tasting fish. But they were created to do just that. Clean water and spring fed. The lake grows good sweet tasting Channel Catfish that will hit your bait like a Bass. Healthy, strong fish. Just the kind of meat I like, next to local venison of course. You just can't beat the local venison. I'll go for now and admonish you to stay alive.



Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I'm on economics again today. Follow the money is the old adage to follow.

Today a friend sent me a detailed copy of the sworn testimony of a man named Chris Whelan that was given in the House of Representatives in Washington. And my, oh my, did he ever have a lot to say. And he is very knowledgeable in the area of investing and finance. Very knowledgeable.

This man is not crude and crass like I am but he calls a thief a thief. He got started on derivatives and ran through it like dose of salts. He talked about the OTC market in these financial products. That means Over The Counter. It is an unregulated market. Nobody keeps an eye on it at all. And the enormous banks and stock brokerages lobby like crazy to keep it unregulated. It is the market that is keeping the doors open for most of them. These multi billion dollar financial institutions make their Super Profits in this market. It is about the only area where they can still get huge profits.

Then he got on the CDS and some other financial instruments and lowered the boom on those guys like you would not believe. He just came out and said, before Congress, that there was nothing to these financial papers. They are essentially hot air. But you can make a lot of money off of them if you can play the game. You can read this article and get the data yourself at
http://www.tickerforum.org/cgi-ticker/akcs-www?post=99680. It is a long article but it is full of information. The citizens of this country have been lied to so much by the PTB that maybe it is time to catch everybody up on the scams. And don't think that this will all go away and everything will be fine again because the derivative market will collapse, probably this year, and it will all come out in the wash. This will be the second leg of of the downfall of the American government. And it will all come out to the public. They will get cannibalistic just like the animals that they are and individuals will come forward with the inside story. And Washington, DC will be some smelly stuff in their drawers.

This is all I have to say, so I admonish you to read this man's testimony he gave before Congress. It is worth your time and effort. It's just an exercise in stark reality. Stay alive.



Monday, June 22, 2009


More rain again today. Had it is the morning and now it is headed to 90 degrees. Sauna anyone? But I don't have it as bad as Kemp in Mississippi. He has days of forecast for 99 degrees. But my beans are growing like crazy down in the garden. It looks like anything we have in will do just fine. We just don't have a lot in the ground this year. Our forecast has NO RAIN for the next 4 days. Hard to believe. Especially when they get the long range forecast wrong so regularly. Nothing seems to have much moderation these days. You either have drought or your rivers are over flowing. I reckon our role is to do the best we can with what we get. That is what being a prepper is all about. Doing the best we can with the cards we have been dealt. No one reading this post has anything to do with the fiasco we are now facing. It has just come upon us and we must deal with it. So be it.

Obama has turned the cigarette industry over to the Food and Drug Administration. They will now make pronouncements concerning our smokes. They will probably stop torturing the cigarette makers when the price has gotten to $10 a pack. Waterboarding is torture but $10 a pack cigarettes is just good government. You believe that don't you?

Californicate is sliding down into the ooze of bankruptcy. By my calendar they have a little over a week before they face the music. Obama and the Fedgov have said no more money! You get your stimulus package and no more. Fine by me. California has the tenth largest economy in the world, or did have. Now they are busted. No money. So California will go back to square one and start over again. That means they will probably get out of this mess before the rest of the country does, because they went into the washing machine first. New York State is scheduled to follow after them. If you haven't been paying attention, all bets are off on July 1, 2009. That is the date the vast majority of next years budgets kick in for the states. It is the time when all the hanky panky bookkeeping will show up. What money that has been moved from next year to this year will become evident. A milion here, a million there, it all adds up and eventually someone will be called upon to pay up. No cry babies. I forget how many states will be starting their fiscal year on July 1 but it is far and away the majority of them. I wonder how many will go into bankruptcy? Ain't gonna be anyone to loan them the money! Most of the banks are the same as insolvent these days and are just making it from day to day. That is one of the reasons why there will be a Bank Holiday. One writer said it allowed the banks to get out of business gracefully and with no shame. The only problem with this is that you and I cannot get any of our money out of the bank during this time. Not allowed.

I read something I seriously doubt but I will submit to you readers for conformation or denial. I read where a regular mortgage was excusable and you just give up the house if you couldn't pay. But then the writer went on to say that if your had refinanced your home then you were NOT allowed off the hook like a regular mortgager. I haven't heard of this. If someone knows of it, please tell me the straight truth!

I'll go for now and see you later. I hope you have pleasant days and you stay alive.



Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well. we had our combination Summer Solstice and 4th of July fireworks last night. What a show! It lasted at least a solid hour. Big boomers and lots of those kind that come out of a box and shoot multiples. Just amazing. The whole valley populace was there to witness the display. Lots of cheering was heard from those assembled. Great time!

I finished the book "Emergency- This book could save your life". I would not recommend it over Patriots by Jim Rawles, however. Strauss is a neophyte compared to Rawles and it is evident in the story. Strauss is a die hard city boy and he is just smart enough to realize that the system, if not doomed, is in for a very uncomfortable time of long duration. But he is making his bed in the city and that is that. I do not wish to be there with him. He needs to get the hell out of Dodge. He has acquired a number of skill sets in his journey since becoming aware of the fragility of our existence on this planet. Things he never dreamed of doing. But it is evident in the tone of his writing that he changes with every newly acquired skill or discipline. He just needs to get the hell out of Los Angeles, California. Talk about the heart of the Beast! He finally got his citizenship for St. Kitts, a small island nation in the Caribbean Sea. I consider that a waste of good money. For the money he stuck into St. Kitts he could have bought some land in a fairly unpopulated part of the USA, put himself up a fine little house with a huge basement, and started to work to become self sufficient. But he may come around.

Sometimes, in our figuring out of contingencies, we get too complicated. Just think land, water, food growing, firewood and wood stoves, and some densely packed storage space. Focus on simple issues in your ability to live a life. Try not to get complicated. You must never forget that the erasure of your planning list is right around the corner and your plans could turn out to be blank spots in your self ordained pattern of life. So get the simple stuff done before your human nature starts to make things tougher for the long run. Jim Dakin and Mickey Creekmore can give you lots of hints for doing it on the cheap. If I had not already been building the survival machine at my home these last 38 years, I would be paying close attention to these guys. I'm not saying to do everything they say, and they aren't either. But they can damn sure help you out. Use their experience to your benefit. There is no one way to security but there are many ways to use in your thinking. I use lots of survivalists for my ideas and my thinking. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Learn to think like a survivalist. You can't beat it.

The media will not get off of the political unrest in Iran. Day in and day out we keep getting news reports from the corporate media. Knowing as I do that the corporate media is bought and paid for by the fedgov, what is the gig? I think we will find that American money is financing the Iranian elections, at the opposition party. Those "demonstrators" over in Tehran are pros. They know exactly what they are doing.

The other thing the media is embracing with all-encompassing arms is the nut case up in North Korea. If he fires an armed rocket at Hawaii or Alaska, he is dead meat. Firing an armed rocket at Japan or South Korea would be another stupid move. The only thing North Korea can do to us is to get us engaged in another Asian war. And we do not need another war. Period.

So stay alive and treat your existence with a little respect. It deserves it.



Saturday, June 20, 2009


Well it's Saturday morning and I am back to my blog. Reason? It poured down rain again last night. I am getting a little tired of this. But I reckon it is better than a drought. I got a tip from Jim Rawles to go see a Sean Hannity video and it turned out to be the best of the morning. It is about urban survivalists and it is well done. It's here. I hope you enjoy it.

The wife is down at the Amish today getting those good eggs I like every morning. My brother-in-law and I went to a little country cafe and got good breakfasts for half of what we would have paid to the big chain restaurant in town. Our last breakfast run to Bob Evans cost us $9.14 each. This morning we got by for $9.38 for the both of us. Betcha you have our next breakfast outing figured out!

I am going to read a bit today. I am into a book called "Emergency-This book will save your life" It is by Neil Strauss and you can see him in the video I linked to this morning. He is a pretty smart dude. So far I like his writing.

Stopped by the garden and everything is growing, including the weeds. Thank God my brother-in-law got it all tilled this last week or we would just have to bulldoze it over until next year. He went down there the only couple of hours it could have been tilled. Amazing timing. The best blogs this morning were Brother Dakin over at Bison Survival and Brother Creekmore over at Survivalist blog. Dakin got really erudite this morning.

That is all for now. Read the news. Read the financial blogs. Keep abreast of the times. Your future depends on it. And stay alive.



Friday, June 19, 2009


I've seen a couple posts on Big John Lipscombs blog and I have been prompted by Jim Haddix to write some more so I am writing tonight. So much rain keeping us out of the garden that I may as well write. But there is so much to say that I don't know where to begin or end. The volume of data is growing like an avalanche.

We are being led around by the nose with the tender fingernail of our dear government. I am so tired of those people saying that the depression is over and it being a lie that I can hardly read what they have to say. The audacity of these folks is astounding. They are trying to say that the problem has been healed and that now it is just a matter of time. Horse manure! It has only just begun. The banking collapse was the first leg of the stool to hit the ground and become part of the daily grind. It has started the collapse of everything we had going for us. It has so far put every household in America in debt to the tune of over half a million dollars. One minor detail to remember is that we ain't gonna pay it. The country will have to bankrupt itself. Us poor folk just don't have the money. To tell you the truth, I don't want to have the money. I think we are heading for an economy based on food and fuel. Money won't be any good.

While listening to Internet radio this evening I heard Gerald Celente say that he and his people don't see any food problem coming to this country. I am a great fan of Celente. He has lifted me up on many occasions. But I think he missed it on that one. I find too may articles in various news sites pointing toward a very bad year for crops around the globe. I can barely get into the garden these days. The rain is eternal! I have a decent bean planting and some Cayenne Peppers and that is the extent of the 'crop' volume I might produce. At least I will have something to spice up my beans!

My leaning is to buy a lot of canned food withing the next week or so. Several hundred dollars worth. My brother in law has moved in and he is quite a wood-crafter and can build us some very nice storage. Then we will fill it up. The peppers will be strung together in ristras and hung from our kitchen ceiling. They do quite well up there. The beans will be shelled and given a three day freeze before being put in sealed plastic bags with a generous dose of Bay Leaves in each bag. Gotta keep the bugs out, you know. But my beans are looking good right now. And nothing has come to eat holes in the leaves as yet so I don't have to make my bug juice. Will wonders never cease. The rain is probably washing all the evil bean borers off the plants on a regular basis. What ever it is, it is working so far!

The fedgov is still trying to call everyone who does not agree with them a possible terrorist. Sure is a mighty big group these days. But the guns and ammo keep going out the doors of the gun stores and getting squirreled away in safe places. It's nice to know that some people still have their heads screwed on properly. Big John said he was staying at home and cleaning his guns. Damn fine idea. If something is worth having then it is worth protecting. The congress is moving a bill through the process that is to clean up a lot of legal problems facing the Bush gang. That sure is a wonderful thing for those rotten bastards. Seems like I remember a clause in the Constitution that says there will be no laws made after the fact. But who pays any attention to the Constitution any more?

The commercial property crash is coming up next on the scene. It is gonna be a whopper! All those buildings put up between 2000 and 2007 will be empty. Ain't any business to move in them and rent them. Another big chunk of meat for the banks to swallow. Then after the commercial property fiasco we will get the death struggle of the derivative market. It will be huge. The countries of the world will turn their back on the dollar and it will be over for the US of A. At least as far as trading with anyone. Oil could go for $800 a barrel. That would put the price of a gallon of gas at about $20 or more. Got any horses out on your retreat property? They may be the coming thing! The wife watched a 10 year old Amish girl plowing a field with a big team of draft horses last week. Her daddy was right behind her with another team. Can your 10 year old daughter plow a field with a team of horses? Quite an advanced little girl if you ask me!

While listening to Gerald Celente this evening I heard him say that there are over two million refugees from the Swat Valley over there in Pakistan. Those are going to be some very bitter people, my friends. Bitter enough to attack anything connected with the American government.

It's getting late and I am going to bed. Y'all take care of yourselves and prep like crazy. I am.

Stay alive.



Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It's wet Wednesday here in southern Indiana. Ain't gonna be any gardening today! Since my brother-in-law has moved in with us we have been down at the garden a lot. He is a worker and that is no joke. Yesterday he tilled up the remainder of our normal garden plot and it is ready to plant. The far end of the garden is not used so that will be utilized by "garden crop" Michael at the soonest opportunity. I am thinking corn and tomatoes for down there. Wife is in town with her brother buying some corn manure compost to see that the corn gets fed. Corn is a big eater. You gotta feed it. If I was a nomad I would be in my Summer quarters now and would be planting in the Three Sisters mode.

I ran up on a new term this morning called re-tribing. It would appear that children are moving home to live with their parents in great numbers. My kids are not intent on moving to their Papa's place right now. School, bar exams, etc. are all the vogue right now. But I am sitting on the main nest just like a settin' hen in case they decide to make the move. You gotta keep the thought that daddy is waiting In Their Head At All Times. I am aware that the outer society is run on 'divide and conquer' but that is for losers as far as I am concerned and I don't like losing. My ancestors lived in tribes for hundreds and hundreds of years, maybe millions of years. We know what happens to the guy found out traveling alone. He gets stripped and branded, all his personal possessions taken from him, and he goes to work making other people's living for them. The idea of a tribe is one of basic survival.

The figures look to me to be about 150 to 250 people as the optimum number of folks in a tribe. That is about the number the chief or head man can reasonably be expected to know. You get too big and it takes the clannish flavor out of the strew. Then all you have is the same thing we have right now, a strung out mess of idiots who have no rational hold on life whatsoever.

I want to get back on the topic of basic survivalism. You know what it entails; Beans, Bullets, and Band-aids and the attendant articles of materialism you feel you need. I am writing this blog post today because it is raining cats and dogs outside and I won't have a thing to do in the garden until Friday at the earliest. But survivalism still goes on. My brother in law is in buying supplies to finish his room and checking on Walmart prices of 870 Wingmasters. The wife is buying Cayenne pepper plants and compost. I already have plenty of bean seed to get my crop in. And the bean seed I grew is good seed. About 10 rows that got put in last week were all out of the ground by Monday of this week. You almost can't beat the sprouting vigor of non-hybrid seed. The damn things just want to get it on ! And I want to let them! By the way, I have Cayenne pepper seed but my wife is a plant nut. She is a transplanter from a long way back. I like doing it from seed. I do not have the window space to start a bunch of seedlings every year. Our porch is South facing but our cats have a mania for trying out new ground to defecate in.

I want to say that Mayberry over at Keep It Simple Survival had a most rewarding post this morning. Excellent. Among other aspects of survival it brought to my mind the great need to get your land in the proper area for what you will have to do. If you will have to grow your own food then I suggest you move someplace that has proper dirt and rainfall. It's that simple.

Stay alive.