Sunday, June 21, 2009


Well. we had our combination Summer Solstice and 4th of July fireworks last night. What a show! It lasted at least a solid hour. Big boomers and lots of those kind that come out of a box and shoot multiples. Just amazing. The whole valley populace was there to witness the display. Lots of cheering was heard from those assembled. Great time!

I finished the book "Emergency- This book could save your life". I would not recommend it over Patriots by Jim Rawles, however. Strauss is a neophyte compared to Rawles and it is evident in the story. Strauss is a die hard city boy and he is just smart enough to realize that the system, if not doomed, is in for a very uncomfortable time of long duration. But he is making his bed in the city and that is that. I do not wish to be there with him. He needs to get the hell out of Dodge. He has acquired a number of skill sets in his journey since becoming aware of the fragility of our existence on this planet. Things he never dreamed of doing. But it is evident in the tone of his writing that he changes with every newly acquired skill or discipline. He just needs to get the hell out of Los Angeles, California. Talk about the heart of the Beast! He finally got his citizenship for St. Kitts, a small island nation in the Caribbean Sea. I consider that a waste of good money. For the money he stuck into St. Kitts he could have bought some land in a fairly unpopulated part of the USA, put himself up a fine little house with a huge basement, and started to work to become self sufficient. But he may come around.

Sometimes, in our figuring out of contingencies, we get too complicated. Just think land, water, food growing, firewood and wood stoves, and some densely packed storage space. Focus on simple issues in your ability to live a life. Try not to get complicated. You must never forget that the erasure of your planning list is right around the corner and your plans could turn out to be blank spots in your self ordained pattern of life. So get the simple stuff done before your human nature starts to make things tougher for the long run. Jim Dakin and Mickey Creekmore can give you lots of hints for doing it on the cheap. If I had not already been building the survival machine at my home these last 38 years, I would be paying close attention to these guys. I'm not saying to do everything they say, and they aren't either. But they can damn sure help you out. Use their experience to your benefit. There is no one way to security but there are many ways to use in your thinking. I use lots of survivalists for my ideas and my thinking. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Learn to think like a survivalist. You can't beat it.

The media will not get off of the political unrest in Iran. Day in and day out we keep getting news reports from the corporate media. Knowing as I do that the corporate media is bought and paid for by the fedgov, what is the gig? I think we will find that American money is financing the Iranian elections, at the opposition party. Those "demonstrators" over in Tehran are pros. They know exactly what they are doing.

The other thing the media is embracing with all-encompassing arms is the nut case up in North Korea. If he fires an armed rocket at Hawaii or Alaska, he is dead meat. Firing an armed rocket at Japan or South Korea would be another stupid move. The only thing North Korea can do to us is to get us engaged in another Asian war. And we do not need another war. Period.

So stay alive and treat your existence with a little respect. It deserves it.


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Mayberry said...

Always good to hear from you Michael. Los Angeles?! That place is a living hell in the BEST of times! And could you imagine trying to bug out amongst that sea of humanity? Sheesh... Corpus Christi is too big. Glad I got me someplace to go.....