Thursday, April 30, 2009


Wanna kiss a pig? This guy will do it! Don't show this to the World Health Organization or they will go nuts and try to arrest the kid.
Things are not looking so good on the Swine Flu front this morning. Mexico has cancelled out all but 7 of their so called swine flu deaths. You can read George Ure at Urban Survival . com and get an idea where I got the idea that September is going to be the rough flu month.
Today is the last day of April and garden time is right next to us. A lot of of people like to get it in the ground early but I still like to wait until the frost date. Folks that like to avoid the rush and get it in early are just setting themselves up for a hard fall when the tide goes against them. Our frost date is May 10. I have seen frost after the 10th one time in 38 years. Aside from the obvious danger of frost damage, there is also something to be said for waiting until the soil temperature is high enough to get the job done. Things pop up really well if you wait for the soil temperature to rise. Makes those tomatoes and roastin' ears and beans grow something fierce. It will be a good thing for the local folks if we can get about a ton of food to store for the Winter and Spring. Might save a bunch or two from starving.
There is a forecast spreading abroad that says the financial news is going to look better for a while. Just do not be taken in by false signs and poor conclusions. The Summer of Hell is still coming. The economics of the planet are still in the commode and swirling toward their doom. Your detractors will be giving you the raspberries as things get better, and we are not talking fruit here but obnoxious sounds. Use Wisdom and guile to handle your enemies. Encourage them to invest in stocks. Don't talk up investing in gold. Say things like "I never even once imagined that stocks were going back up." With any look you will have the turkeys losing their butts come this Fall. Wonderful. Life in our society has become an exercise in aggression and the infliction of trauma. Set your enemies up for a dose of some real good revenge. Win one for the survivalists.
Hang in there.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I cannot make up my mind about the flu situation in this country and the world. I mean, I can make up my mind because the whole thing seems to be a crock of shit. We had one 22 or 23 month old kid brought over the border at Brownstown, Texas, from Mexico. The child was transferred from Brownstown to Houston for better care but they could not save the child. This is a sad state of affairs but it happens several thousand times a year in this country. I can feel sorrow for the family of the young child and I hope their sadness is short and that they have more children to help them get over this. But it is not earth shaking news for a child to die of influenza. It happens.

The media coverage is a sad thing. There are so many conflicting stories it is angering. I see web pages with stories that say there is very little death from this flu and web pages that say there are many deaths. We have had one death from the flu in this country and it was an import. It is like a crazy world cartoon. The media announces some statistic, whether it be true or false, and then the country goes wild. I got up Monday morning and read all the horror stories and doused myself with homemade Sambucol thinking I had better err on the side of safety rather than on the side of neglect. This morning the wife gave me a drop, one lousy little drop, of Oil of Oregano in about 6 ounces of water. I'm a tough guy and I got it down. I was also an ignorant guy and don't know if I can do that again. That stuff is vile to the max. But at least I can say I have had the experience. The next time it comes around I will kindly point to your ass and holler out your name! I don't want to have too much of a good thing.

But I think I was wasting my time. You can read the news and just about come up with any viewpoint you care to follow. I reckon the idiots have at least given us the drive to have an emergency flu drill and maybe we needed it. We should have an idea as to just where our weak spots are now. My advice is do your handwashing drill many times a day for a few days and keep an eye on the news. Some folks that wash their hands a lot say to rub a dab of Olive Oil on them and you won't get cracked skin on your hands.

I do not know what this is all about. You know the old game of one Pea and three Walnut shells and you have to guess what shell the Pea is under. That is sorta like how life is going in the news of late. So many stories of so many things. Just hammering away at our limited attention spans. So what is going on that we are not noticing? These jerks know to use a catastrophe to mask their shady deals so what is going on that we should be seeing? I reckon a lot of folks are not too trusting of our government these days. I don't know whether or not I told you earlier this week but the citizens of our fair country bought three and a half MILLION weapons during the last 3 months of 2008. And we bought ONE AND A HALF BILLION ROUNDS OF AMMO TO GO WITH IT. Fantastic! I never felt so good about my fellow country men before. Well done, Brethren! Well done indeed! If the fedgov is fixing to do something really nasty to us we can turn it around and throw them a good party, a Ballistic Party.

Stand your ground. Be ready. It's coming.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Whew, what a day. I have combed the hills and dales of the internet looking for more on the new Engineered Flu we are getting from Mexico at this time. Oh, you can also call it Genetically Modified Flu also. It looks like we have been hit with a real humdinger this time. But I have been reading the preppers and that makes me pretty much on top of it. One of the things I have found is that we are experiencing the first wave of this disease. It will most likely not even cause us to lose any sleep, let alone anything else. The second wave should hit in September and that will be the one that fills up the cemeteries. Ugly stuff.

Fight like hell to keep from getting flu. Stay home. Build up your immune system. Battle the damn stuff constantly and consistently. Get out there and buy the germ masks, the N-100 or what ever they call them. Buy your Oil of Oregano and your other herbs that make your immune system kick ass. Load up on Vitamin C and A and D and whatever you like. You can be like the crazy Boone household and start sucking up that good Tincture of Elderberry. You call it Sambucol out in the world. Get every kind of superfood and supernutrient you can find and afford. Get all the over-the-counter helpers you can lay your hands on. Buy unscented bleach and hand sanitizer and all kinds of nasty stuff to clean you door knobs and what not. This is a war, not a drill.

And then you wait. September will come soon enough, I reckon. If the wave theorists are correct you should see dead bodies come September. Be sure and have a lot of paper products for cleaning and blowing your nose and wiping your butt. We can lean on the Boy Scout Motto and be prepared. Stay alive.



Monday, April 27, 2009


The swine flu is with us and it don't seem too bad. We have 20 cases of it nationally. I hope it goes no higher. So far the only deaths from this new brand of flu have been in Mexico. The health officials tell us that our swine flu and Mexico's swine flu are identical. My last check of the news said 5 states have swine flu; Cali, Texas, Kansas, Ohio, and New York. Canada and Spain also have reported a small number of cases. Here at my place we are taking our homemade Sambucol. It is supposed to have a negative effect on your cytokine production, as in "makes too much", but I don't know what else to do. We have hospital grade face masks. They are hot in temperature but they might help in a pinch.

The Cytokine thing is a bit of a mystery to me. As fare as I can tell they are a marker for some activity that your immune system has engaged in.

We will be home the next few days. Why not? We are prepped and settled. You do this prepping for a reason. It is so you can outlast and conquer anything that comes upon you. It would be a shame to have all of the prepping done and still go out and get the swine flu. The stuff is going to be called the Mexican Flu so get used to it.

Other than what I have stated, you may as well continue prepping, unless you don't want to go out. Do whatever you think you need to do. It is your life and your health. My thought is that you treat them with respect.

Stay alive.


Sunday, April 26, 2009


It is 4 o'clock on a Sunday afternoon here in Indiana and I am taking a break from studying about swine flu. My study and my consultations are showing zero danger from this flu at this time. For some reason it will not kill Americans. I see headlines that represent themselves as having stories about WHO, the United Nations World Health Organization, that are supposed to say that WHO has called this a pandemic and all that stuff and it has turned out to be false. It is always an article about Janet Napolitano. I have talked to a Chemist, a Nurse, and an Engineer and they say we are getting bullshit from the media and the fedgov. The only way "I" can see this thing hurting us is if it blows out our immune systems and some Turkey can take us out because our bodies can't fight it off. You can either kiss it off or you can follow the very good advice at Either way I think you will do just fine.


Friday, April 24, 2009


In further writing on the lies we are told by our media and our politicians, I want to draw your attention to Glenn Greenwald's piece on Lew Rockwell today. It's a story about recent Pulitzer Prize winner David Barstow. Barstow got the Pulitzer Prize and no one will even talk about it in the media. It is an investigative article on how the networks, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN and Fox, hired retired generals to "analyze" the news for the viewing public but were really shills for the Pentagon and it's war aspirations. There was also lots of shilling going on for different companies the generals were invested in that made things for the war. And no one in corporate media will even mention Barstow's name! All those fat cat generals were nothing but a bunch of liars working for the "Lie Machine" out of D.C.

Now, as I read the up-beat financial news, I wonder how many of those economists are really paid advertisers? Cause the neat stuff is only happening in the news!



I am thinking this morning about the strange variation between what our business and banking and governmental leaders are saying and what the man in the street reports as happening. There is a wide variation, to be sure.

Obama says we will get out of the torture business. But no one can prove that it is ended. Guantanamo is still open for business. There is a degree of anger in the people of this country about the fedgov people who did the dirty deeds not being punished or at least brought to trial. So we have this conflict between the people who broke the law and the people who are against the breaking of the law. And politicians are lying their asses off at the thought that they might get stuck with having backed the torture. Obama was going to sweep the whole thing under the rug but found out that it was not going to go down with the public. It has been reported that the guy from al Qaeda who was supposedly their main planner was water boarded 180-some times in one month. Of course he has confessed to everything including the assassination of Lincoln but the truthfulness of his confession is doubtful. Considering the torture he has gone though it is possible he should be released for "time served" and the whole thing forgotten about. Torture is a very bad thing. It has been shown that the person being tortures will try and say what his torturers want him to say. What is pissing a lot of people off is the fact that the USA is signatory to treaties that outlaw torture. We have laws on the books that make it illegal. But our leadership is not prosecuting or investigating the events in question. I think it is because any investigation will expose illegal conduct by some very high up people. All the way up to George W. Bush. I have noticed that Rumsfeld is keeping a low profile these days. Lots of people would like to see his ass swing from a rope. Just like he did for Saddam. But I reckon the important thing to remember is that the public, the people who get stuck with the bills and the blame, want one thing and their government is not paying a bit of attention to them. It's like that evening when congress voted on the first bail-out bill and the calls were pouring into the District of Criminals at the rate of 99% or more AGAINST the bail-out. The bastards went right ahead and voted for the bail-out. It was unbelievable.

The state of the nations economy is another paradox in our national dialogue. I talk to people and email with people and what they say is going on is in no way what I read in the media and hear from the fedgov's mouth. The stories are different like night and day. We now have towns and cities getting to go bankrupt. In California the only way the municipalities can escape their outrageous retirement plans is to declare themselves bankrupt and then they can reduce their obligations. I read where one town is obligated to pay guys retiring at 50 a sum of $135,000 per year for the rest of their lives. It would seem like they could reduce that by about $100,000 a year and be more sane, more logical. And they will do it. They have to do it. It is going to happen. Or else people will be getting a balloon in the mail every month full of hot air, and nothing else to live on. What needs to happen will happen. There is not enough money to keep the damn thing afloat otherwise.

But getting back to the discrepancy in the stories being told, The media and the fedgov are now trying to tell us that things look like they might be turning around. And I suppose we will be hearing about the turnaround for the next few years. Most people I know are hurting like hell form this economy. Businesses are closing up shop on a regular basis. Why in hell is this going on? Have we become so fucking weak that we can be told anything the PTB want to say and we will believe it? I say prepare like you have never prepared before. Our government has gone insane and is being led down the road to destruction. No government that is so adamantly and habitually lying can last long anymore. We have taught the world to war on a horrific scale and we shall reap the reward for that. Time may be running short. Look out for a military draft and an increase in taxation. Like I said, time may be running short.


Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've been checking out the blogs this morning and I like a lot of what I see. People are looking to grow a lot of food this Summer. I read an article on SurvivalBlog about food auctions.,8599,1891500,00.html will give you the low-down on the situation. It seems that food is moving well at auction and people are starting to look for it. One woman commented that she had bought $300 worth of groceries for a hundred bucks at auction. A way to have some enjoyable reading is to type GROCERY AUCTIONS into Google and let 'er rip. Lots of great stuff to read. This stuff can't go on forever but while it is around we can have a little fun and stash some food! The main idea, of course, is to acquire storage food at a cheap price. You also acquire everyday eating food at a cheap price. It is a win-win situation.

I want to relate to you now an event that happened to me 15 to 20 years ago up in Indianapolis. I had been thinking about the coming bad times that God was going to put on mankind. I knew so little and what I knew was very troubling. I was riding in a car with a good friend and we were on the extreme West side of town. He parked at a gas station and got out to get directions from the guy who was there. It was very busy and I knew he would be awhile. The way we were parked had us facing West and I was thinking about the war and the destruction to come. Funniest damn thing but I said "Let me see it." Bingo! There is was. It was the same exact place I was parked, at the same time of day, but it was not the same year. It was sometime is the future. And it still is in the future.

I did not see another human being. Though I was at one of the busiest intersections in town I saw no other vehicles. There was a small amount of trash in the streets but nothing spectacular. A couple pieces of clothe and a couple flattened boxes. The sight that grabbed my attention was the air and the cloud cover. The cloud cover was very low and very thick. What light made it through would cause the air to show strange colored wisps of yellow and purple in the air. It didn't look like anything I wanted to breathe. Not at all.

The cloud cover was maybe 400 to 500 feet higher than I was and offered no penetration to my eyes. I was looking to the West but a little to the North was a thick column of smoke, a big column of smoke, that was going up and entering the cloud cover. What ever the area had experienced was polluting to a degree I had never seen or experienced. That air was unbelievably polluted.

I was in the spirit pretty good by this time. My friend came back to the car and we proceeded on our way. I told my friend and he was sorta interested but not really into it. We headed back to southern Indiana a few minutes later. We were on a limited access 4 lane highway. I told him he could go as fast as he wished because there were no cops in front of us. We got home and that was it for the day. But I kept the vision in my heart.

I questioned 2 prophets on the matter in the coming weeks. One of them, my mentor, had seen a bad thing right about where we lived. Trees blown down as if by a terrific wind. The other prophet was living on a mountain top in extreme eastern Oklahoma. I took a few days off and went to visit him. Other guys go to movies and such but I like to hang out with men of God. Not church guys or anything of that order but REAL men of God. Men who don't give a shit what churches say but what God says. I sat and talked with this old guy for a couple days. A most interesting conference. He has seen fires raging in Miami, Florida, and Toronto, Canada. He had also seen Chinese soldiers coming across the US/Canadian border WITHOUT NUMBER at Minnesota. If Todd is reading this, I can vouch for the testimony.

I talked to another man who was from Arizona and he, as a very young man, had seen strange missile trucks driving East in southern Arizona, coming from the West. He saw them on Interstate 8. Funny thing but Interstate 8 did not exist when he saw the vision. He saw the dual lane interstate in his vision.

I tell you of these things to assure you that I am not kidding around with survivalism. To me it is a serious matter. By the Grace and Mercy of God I have seen and heard these things and I intend to do what I can to save as many as possible.

Are you getting ready?


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'll start this out by telling you to not let your kids join up with Obama's volunteer group. It is the start of government service for the next few decades and we do not need it. I would also like to drop a few words on you about your children's learning process in the coming years. The thing you must grasp is that when the shit goes down we will start a generation of kids like we have not seen for a long time in this country. The SHTF KIDS will be absolute monsters. Oh, they won't be undisciplined punks who cannot cut the mustard socially, quite the contrary. They will be disciplined because that is how they will survive. They will take pleasure in simple things. They will be happy in a group. They will have an understanding of life beyond what our present children are experiencing. They will not be easy to bullshit. They will understand that 1 plus 1 equals 2 and any deviation from that will require serious study and consultation. Our SHTF KIDS will be the wonder of the country. maybe even of the world. And we will desperately need them. Things will most likely get pretty ugly in this country and some smart strong kids may be just what it takes to keep it all together. Our SHTF KIDS will be tough. You will not bully them or push them around. If you try that shit with them they will mash your face. Just do not let the government get a grip on them. What have you ever seen the government do well? Do you think they could do a good job of raising your children? KEEP YOUR KIDS OUT THE HANDS OF THE GOVERNMENT.

I have news from all over the place about guns and ammo and the word is not good. Shotguns and their ammo seem to be okay for right now but Rifles and Pistols are getting to be scarce. The Big Four of ammo is getting to be non-existent. That is 9mm, 45 acp, .223 and .308. It will take something pretty startling to rectify this situation. Folks with money and no guns should investigate shotguns immediately. The stuff is out there and it works. If you can shoot a scattergun, load up and be prepared to defend what you have. The days of "pick and choose" are just about over in the world of firearms and I haven't a clue as to when they will return, if ever. I sure do hope you have heeded the words of the writers of survivalism and you early on got your guns and ammo laid on. You just never know who or what you may have to shoot just to stay alive. Just be ready to get it done.

I am assuming you have some type of roof over your head and that you can get on to other things. If you don't have a roof to cover your head then you had damn well better get one. I have 38 years spent getting settled where I am now. I do not aim to leave here unless it be God's will. I have plenty to do and will not be bored or hungry. And old car would be better than a cardboard box as far as a place to sleep is concerned. A small cabin or a little dry cave would be at the top of the list for anyone starting out. We built log lodges to house us in the early years. Small little bedrooms on each floor. We just needed a place to sleep as we had a common dining area. The bathrooms were outside. We made it just fine. Just go price the cost of a complete bathroom and then go price an outhouse. No comparison.

I have not heard of a dramatic upheaval in the price of home medicine these days. Nothing really cheap and nothing really expensive. Just make sure you have your basics. You need your bandages and pads and tapes and all of that good stuff. You need your ointments and your disinfectants and all of that jazz to go along with it. Iodine and Mercurochrome and hydrogen peroxide are very nice to have in an emergency. Can you do stitches? I can't. But I would like to be able to do it. You need to stock any type of medication that you take regularly. Especially insulin. Learn how to preserve insulin. You should be able to keep a years supply if you don't use that expensive shit that takes a prescription. For the most part I do not believe anything a doctor tells me about diabetes or insulin. Learn to treat your own infirmity. You will be way ahead in the game.

As of last Friday evening we had as many bank failures for 2009 as we had all of last year. It is gonna get ugly, I am afraid. I sure hope that everyone took the advice of investing in TANGIBLES last year and does not have their money in a bank. Gold and Silver would be better than in a bank. My gardening season starts in about three weeks and I intend to get right to it. The people will need the food and I think they will be amendable to helping with the stuff. Help in the garden is vastly appreciated.

Stay alive!


Monday, April 20, 2009


Seems like a lot of folks are very pissed off about Obama shielding the torturers from Guantanamo and other places. The feeling among them is that a crime has been committed so why are we not prosecuting the individuals responsible for the torture. I think it is quite permissible to prosecute the demons who did the dirty work. I don't think Obama has the constitutional authority to hide these people from prosecution. I think Obama is merely observing the status quo and that is not grounds for a presidential pardon for torture, at least not until they have been convicted. It would surely be a delicate election subject in the future. Obama would like to be re-elected. So let this one roll around a while and we shall see if it gets legs or if it dies of malnutrition. But Obama is doing us a grave injustice in allowing the torturers to escape any punishment. One black mark for Obama. Can he live it down?

There is an article I read this weekend about Wall Street disconnecting from Main Street. Apparently Wall Street has not been going along with all the credit loans and stuff the bail-out is to provide. I just want to say that Wall Street has never, and will never, give a shit about how you are doing beyond taking your money with another stock trade. And Wall Street has many resources for finding out how much money you have available to them. If you don't have enough money to be profitable then you can forget about attention from Wall Street.


Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just a roamin' around the 'net and seeing what folks are up to. I have been thinking about civil defense and it's effect on our lives. I am sure you remember civil defense. It is a governments way of protecting it's people in the event of calamity, generally along the lines of war. Your government used to install a system of loud sirens in the cities and towns across the country for a warning. A possible nuclear attack or a tornado or a hurricane would inspire the civil defense people to sound off their siren. The town I lived in had one they tested every Saturday at noon. And it was a loud Mutha. That sonovabitch would wake the dead. The only thing wrong with our approach to civil defense was that sounding the siren was the extent of our defense. There basically was no civil defense. The big cities had their deep basements and their subways. Our town had some large concrete basements in the buildings down town. That was about it. I know of no public edifice ever constructed for the sake of protecting the citizenry. What little civil defense we had in this country deteriorated to the point that during the Carter Administration our nation's plan was to drive out of town. That was it! The Russians are coming! Get in your car and drive out of town! A decade before that we had enough food stored, by law, to feed the nation for two years. Now that is gone, sold off to buy material for the Vietnam war. Now here it is 45 and 35 years later and we still have no built-up bomb shelters for the citizens and no long tern food storage. What the fuck is going on?

You do know that the government has plenty of provisions for it's own members, don't you? Surely you have not failed to notice the number of underground chambers the government has dug for its members to hide in and be secure from attack. There are a bunch of them strung from coast to coast. Some of them are big enough to hold meetings of both houses of Congress. And they have beds and food and medical supplies all ready for the congresscritters when they are brought in from their present quarters in D.C. They have doctors and nurses and cooks and waiters and laundry personnel. There are additional facilities for high ranking government officials such as cabinet secretaries and assistant secretaries and what not The places of refuge are scattered all about and those in the know are aware of where to go.

What has become known to practically everyone is the fact that the US fedgov has an enormous quantity of long tern storage food. And I mean to tell you that they have it piled high and deep. It is underground, for the most part, and it is stored from coast to coast. Billions of dollars worth of food preserved for long term storage. And it ain't for you, citizen. It's for the elite and the armed forces. You will more than likely get what you can grow in the FEMA gardens, if you don't piss too many people off.

It should be dawning on you at this point that you are not at the top of the government's list of priorities. They, that is THE GOVERNMENT, take your money and set up a long term paradise for themselves and don't invite you to the party. In government circles it is known as continuity of government but in the crowd I run with it is called a rip-off. In either case, just remember that you are not on the invitation list to come to the party. And that is something you need to be greatly aware of in your struggle to survive. Your government is not your friend, in fact your government could very well be your enemy. They will lie, cheat, and steal from you and then kick you in the teeth. Once a government turns the corner and considers the people it's slaves then the death march is on. It's all over. And I want you to remember that when you read the government's next story of how we might be getting a handle on this fucked up economy. It ain't true. In fact it is much worse than they originally thought. California's state government is probably going to have double the amount of debt in it's budget than they first thought. Too damn much unemployment. You may watch and see what they do but if they raise taxes in a depression it is all over. YOU DO NOT DO THAT.

One of the big lessons of this post is that your government is not taking steps to protect you. You are on your own. You will sink or swim by virtue of your own actions. Your government will take better care of the President's dog than it will take care of you. Am I making myself clear? Am I getting this message across? You had better get it together folks, and get it together rapidly. Get the fuck out of town and get a garden in as soon as possible. Buy some guns and ammo if you can find any.

Good luck and don't quit trying.


Saturday, April 18, 2009


The news from around the globe is looking pretty grim these days. The Mainstream Media is trying to act like the situation is getting better but the facts say different. The truth of the matter is that things are getting worse. The federal Bureau of Labor Statistics haws my home state of Indiana listed at 10% unemployed. Figuring the fedgov at 50% lies make it around 20% out of work. Sounds more like it.

I went on a log buying mission yesterday and tried to buy some logs and make a little money. It didn't happen. I tried a guy who I have known for a few years and have dealt with in the past. He and I have gotten along really well and I have bought a lot of logs from him and paid him every time. Our favorite thing is to argue over the grade of a log. But yesterday I could not buy a damn thing. And the sticking points were not grade but pennies per foot on the buying price. 5 cents per foot shot a deal down. And there was no room to make it up. Everyone is cutting to the bone and it is very tight in the market place. It does not matter how much money you have, it is the market you are selling into that calls the score.

Purchase orders are not worth the price of the paper they are written on. Chinese companies are writing orders and by the time the fax machine gets it here the order is cancelled. The Japanese are doing the same thing. The people of India are trying to do better. And they will not do business with the Chinese.

Guns and ammo are becoming a joke. Either the price is out of reason or the ammo is out of stock. Bargains may never be seen again. Bills are being introduced in state legislatures in Californicate and other places that will make buying guns and ammo extremely difficult to obtain. Americans are gearing up for war and the Powers That Be are trying to stop it. If I was a military man I might be persuaded to think that the Powers That Be were getting ready to war against the citizens. Why else would they go so strong in the direction of disarmament?

People I know who are not preppers are noticing the difficulty of buying non-hybrid garden seed. I got fixed up by Big John Lipscomb last year and I am ready to plant and harvest. There are so many people imitating Big John that it is becoming strange. I checked out his blog this morning and he said his closest competitor was a CIA backed operation. I think it best to get my seeds from THE MOOSE and not the GHOSTS.

Not a whole lot of stuff going on concerning prepping. A little bit can be picked up in idle chit chat but people are starting to stay pretty close mouthed. Good for them. But people are planning on more garden than I have noticed in years past. I want to get some egg layers to working! I like those eggs in the morning. It may be time to buy some wheat for flour too. It's getting a little expensive but I can get it from the Amish. At least I will get what I pay for!

I am noticing more and more people getting to know their neighbors and what they grow and produce. Good idea. You want to make what you bring to the table dovetail with your neighbors. There has been no open confiscation of home grown food as yet and there may not be. Gardens in the city and the suburb will get ripped-off but the deep cover country folks will survive, I think. Be ready to protect your food.

Walmart sold 100 round boxes of 12 gauge #8 shot for $14 and did it for years. Last year they went to $24 a box of 100. Kemp went to a Mis'sippy Walmart this week and the price had gone to $44 per box. Not good.

Stay alive.


Thursday, April 16, 2009


Guns and Ammo Availability Overview

April 14, 2009Jacob HermanI have been reading many of the posts that are placed upon online message boards for the past several weeks about the shortages of arms and ammo. Many questions are posed and theories are liberally applied. We all know what the core reason for this rush on arms is, but there are other contributing factors that many don't understand. One of the top questions online or asked in person. Should I buy now or wait for the price to drop? Will the price go down or not? What should I do? Should I try to build or just buy straight out? I also hear many rumors from customers passed on from other gun shops that are completely untrue. I have read many comments and talked to many concerned people who are thinking about buying a firearm but are putting the purchase off for various reasons including those above. I have a great feeling when I help someone choose a weapon that may be used to defend that persons life one day. Personally I feel that our 2nd Amendment will soon be challenged. I am not a hunter or a bench rest shooter. I train with self loading rifles and handguns. I do this because one day I feel I may have to implement what I have learned to protect myself or a loved one very close to me. I have been into prepping for 15 years now and have seen many scares and times we thought were hard. The 94 Crime Bill, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Y2K, Sept. 11. Those of us who follow events are worry about our freedoms and maintaining our current way of living knew that those events were truly terrible, but we have a bigger enemy. We are fighting for our basic rights set down by our founding fathers. The 2nd had nothing to do with hunting or target shooting. It was emplaced so that a free man or woman could protect themselves, others near to them, and the country they bled and died for. With the surge in sales of firearms and related gear, long term food supplies, and general bulk commodities in general you get the feeling you are not the only person worried.

Because I feel that is the basic right of an American to be armed I wanted to put out some thoughts and observations on the current and possible future availability of arms and ammo in which to purchase of the common defense.

I work at a very large gun store in Middle Tennessee and have noticed this arms and ammo shortage first hand. Even though we have an extensive inventory on hand there is no way to keep up with demand.

Here are some things I am seeing across the board. There are exceptions to every rule, but most of this is hitting the proverbial nail on the head. There are still gun shops across the country, especially the one that I am employed at, whose goal is to provide service and a good quality reasonably priced firearm to the people of the surrounding area. Some areas are not experiencing such problems and some shops who have been in business for a time or order large volume are keeping more stock than the smaller 40-50 gun shops. Those shops which did not carry ammo by the case is probably having problems getting any ammo in stock from 22lr to 50BMG. Some states there is very little common caliber ammo in the entire state. The same goes for self loading rifle and handguns and items that go with them. Most firearms manufacturers have notices on the website telling of long delays.

Here are some of the reasons the demand has went higher than anything before, shortage of product, and why you should purchase at this time instead of waiting.

New owners are driving the demand. We have people who have never owned a gun or just hunted their entire life. They walk in and want the gun like the army uses. They buy the gun, stacks of mags, ammo and are asking about training classes ect. The high end shotgunners and big game hunters think a $1,500 dollar AR is cheap. It is compared to a competition trap gun. People who have no knowledge of this class of weaponry in general do not find these weapons expensive. A dependable AR-15 can be bought for the price of a nice set of golf clubs, and an AK clone for the price of a Coach handbag. A person who loses 30 dollars worth of Nike golf balls every Saturday does not find the $9.99 box of .223 Remington overpriced. To this group of buyers this is the only price they know. They were not in the market when the prices were lower. Very few of these people haggle on prices . They do not trade anything in, nor do they really seem to care what the price is. Many are looking at how the weapons increase in value, and how much they lose daily on the market. That makes firearms and ammo a better investment. I have sold untold cases of 9mm by telling how 5 years ago I was buying Federal 9mm for 102.00 dollar per thousand shipped to my house. Now the same case is $350-400 if you can find it. That is a great return on my investment if I choose to sell. They take the gun and drop the credit card and out the door they go.

People are also stocking up on multiples. We are having people buy 2,4, or 6 guns at a time. They want one to shoot, one to put up for hard times, and one extra. People are buying weapons for their entire families. I notice many retired couple buying weapons for the grandchildren to have one just in case they are not allowed to buy one. There are also a large number of older veterans of our military who tell me they haven't fired a semi auto since Vietnam or just Nam as they call it. They ask does the weapon break down the same and most of the can take an AR right down. They tell me they are buying the rifles because they do not like the looks of things.

Most of these buyers are financially stable so to speak. They have extra income to make purchases like this. They do not "have" to have a weapon. They just want one because they think someone will tell them they cannot own it. Ammo falls under the same concern. I have people buying a case of Federal .223 a week and going to plink with it. They think it is just fun and have no problem burning through money. These people are not going to need to sell the weapon cheap.

Extremely cheap surplus ammo is pretty much over. Americans have bought everything in the entire world that is not nailed down, and in some cases we pulled up the nails and bought that too. Years of a large disposable income coupled with a generation of baby boomers many of which have been shooting their entire lives have driven the supply of military. Surplus is pretty much over. The Yugo SKS's, Mausers , K-31's. We are dragging the bottom of the barrel at this time with all the European guns. There seems to still be an endless supply of M-91 Mosins but the Quality is much lower than the previous years. This is good news, but the big importers are running extremely low on many other rifles. There was a time in the United States not to long ago that none of these rifles were available unless they were war trophies. The kids that grew up playing with them reached an age that money was not a problem around the same time the government let the importation of the old warhorses. You think there will always be 70's production 7.62x54R light ball? Where did it go? It has been thrown down the barrel of the millions of $50-200 dollar surplus rifles that we have been importing for the past 20 years. It will go the same way that 8mm and 303.We will shoot it all up. I watched guys at Knob Creek make belts of 8mm a dozen feet long because it was .02 cents a round and no one cared. Well we care now because it is all gone or stuffed in a closet. Remember surplus .30 carbine ammo and a few years ago you still saw lots of U.S military 30-06 for sale. The only .30 carbine is new production with most of it coming from overseas ammo makers. If you have a Mosin, K-31 Swiss or any other non US caliber surplus buy enough ammo to wear the weapon completely out. By the time whoever owns the weapon and the ammo is done with it. The firearm should be depreciated out of its useful life. How many would shoot the Mosin Nagant rifle if it was the same price of domestic 30-06 or at worst a tax raising the cost to that of the 7.5 Japanese cartridge of the same era. This includes 150 grain 30-06 for the M1 Garand. There are very few commercial loads in that grain compared to all the other loadings. Current production is expensive in surplus calibers. Go price a new box of 8mm or 303 and be prepared for a sticker shock. With the costs of these rounds commercially 9mm and 5.56 the standard NATO loadings seem to very reasonable. With a sign of the pen on an executive order can stop all ammo imports for civilians. The SCOTUS has never ruled ammo to be part of the 2nd Amendment. We firearms community has suffered blows from policies that never went before the floor of congress. Such as the ban 7.62x39 Chinese, the ban on parts kits with barrels, or Imbel receivers for F.A.L rifles from South America. A simple ruling in essence stopped the production of sub $500 dollar rifles. A policy change , not a law passed in congress by your elected representative ,drove the price of each of the groups of parts or ammo through the roof overnight.

There is not Federal XM193 in the pipeline that I can locate. You find cases or maybe even a pallet for sale, but never the hundreds of thousands of rounds available as in years past. If you have a 50 BMG buy every round you can. Did you know there are only like 7 factories in the world that can make 50 BMG. The rifle and ammo is on the proverbial hit list of every gun control group. Very few countries in the world allow ownership of such rifles and the gun control groups would love to have the confiscated or at the very least have them put on the N.F.A registry and transfer like a fully automatic. The amount of people buying heavy caliber rifles and ammo is unheard of. Just 2 years ago very rarely would you have a customer wanting a 50BMG and even more rare was someone asking for .338 Lapua and .408 Chey-tac rifles and ammo. In the market we are having now any heavy caliber rifle capable of long distance shooting is very hard to obtain.

It takes around a year to fill a large ammo order from a major producer. The ore has to be mined from the earth. Primers made, cases formed, powder mixed and that takes time. The ammo plants are running round the clock. The ammo makers are again understanding how much the American shooting community is willing to pay for ammo. Last time we had a scare of 7.62x39 Russian the case price doubled at least. This is the same factor except across the board. Basic economics teaches us to sell for as much as we can and the consumer will pay. There are many buyers at the current prices. Even if there are no new restrictions set into place in the coming months or year. We as a shooting community have welcomed millions of new shooters into our club. That adds up to many more consumers buying ammo and parts that we came to expect in stock. There will be more 5.56 on the market when we pull out of Iraq, but not enough to lower the price. Stockpiles have to be replenished both at the military and local government level. Through the ever expanding war on drugs and terror we have armed nations around the world with M-16 style rifles. Most countries seeking membership in NATO also are swapping to 5.56 rounds. Not to mention the private security companies that are going to continue in the Middle East to fill the void left by a U.S military withdrawal.

I read online and talked people in the place I work who are waiting till these new gun owners are broke and on hard times. Their plan is to buy these weapons and ammo for pennies on the dollar. I do not believe this will be the case. Either times will get better and these guns will be sold at auction in 20 years after the purchaser passes or the grand children will get them. It's the same scenario with the Belgian Browning Shotguns and Colt pistols that were purchased so cheap in the 1950's and 60's. You can bet an auctioneer will know the value of the weapons before they begin. Estate actions did not list each gun in the advertising until a few years ago. With advertising guns at auction for the most part bring well over the top retail price. Ditto on the crates of ammo that have been stored with these guns. Some of the surplus ammo will be at a premium. Especially those calibers which can be used in popular Class 3 weaponry. This happened in the late 80's when people that ran out and bought HK's, AUGs, and Sigs after the Sporting Weapons Clause. When was the last time you ran into a broke person with one of these guns? It does not happen. They have money because they walked into any gun shop in the country and walked out with several thousand in cash. We as shooters have driven the value of these weapons just as we will guns in the future.

If something does happen to disrupt normal purchasing channels such a disaster or terrorist attack a person wanting a self loading rifle will not get the guns for a discount. Historically during those times weapons of any type were one of the most valuable items a person could possess. People who have new luxury care, and are able to spend $10,000 on rifles and ammo do not get that kind of buying power by making unsound financial choices. Think about it for a moment. There are still a many un-armed people in America that control large amounts of assets. If something becomes needed and is unavailable then the price will sky rocket not go down. The new gun buyers for the most part are educating themselves with the internet. They buy guns like they buy a flat screen or a new car. They are also storing back food and other supplies. That is another group of items that is becoming hard to get. Any long term storage food or materials to store food are becoming scarce. It is the same group of new gun owners prepping for an unforeseeable future. They know a rifle is valuable or they would not be buying it. There will always be someone buying a quality weapon and a good price regardless of the currency used. If your neighbor offers the new gun owner 200 lbs of rice why would you think said person will trade with you for a bowl of beans as I have read many times on the internet. Many of the people are buying for an investment. They want a top quality weapon, and some have even bought extras they say "just in case", never know what it will be worth one day.

I know many of you are going a little crazy over lack of reloading components. We have been through this before. Components drying up happened when there was a primer scare in the early 90's.Except we were not fighting a two front war and have troops at all corners of the globe. The push for micro stamping has driven demand more than anything else. Primers have shot through the roof in price as has brass. They may drop a little in price, though they are a consumable item. As long as reloading is cheaper that domestic production ammo then primers will continue to move at the current price.

While prices have went up most of the makers are not "gouging" the market. Prices were on the rise before any of this started. Commodity prices drive anything with metal from guns to office buildings. If commodities fall then ammo and gun prices will fall with them. Do not bet on this as China is buying raw materials at a tremendous rate to fund their 50 year expansion. Case tractors had four price increases last year along the same time as the firearms companies. It was across the board for manufacturing.

We are seeing a combination of free trade and international trade agreements along with the general unrest of the population driving prices up. There is large amounts ammo in countries overseas that will never be able to be imported here. The same problem stocks of surplus weapons. Most weaponry made in the last 40 years has been fully automatic and therefore it is unable to be imported in the original state. The best we can hope for is parts so the US makers can rebuild the guns. I have talked to people who have seen ware houses full of 8mm and 303 on buying trips overseas that was being destroyed. Many small to medium size countries have signed non-proliferation of small arms agreements with the U.N that are coupled to agricultural, cash, and military aid. Unfortunately for the American shooter these countries are a treasure trove of surplus weapons and ammo. This is especially true the semi stable African countries. Since only certain countries are able to export and few companies are willing to deal with the hassle this limits the amount of ammo available to US shooters. Along with US government restrictions on anything A.P or perceived as armor piercing such as Chinese 7.62x39. Not to mention the paperwork involved for an importer. Even the biggest ammo producers such as Lake City only produce 1.7 billion rounds per year with a vast majority going to military contracts. The ammo production has even become a problem for the United States government. Plants in Korea, Taiwan, Israel, and Spain produce US military ammunition. I shudder to think what would happen if the government began taking all the shipments from those countries. I.M.I and PMC in Korea provide a large percent of the ammo sold on gun store shelves.

I wrote this to urge you not to wait to buy weapons, ammo, gear, and parts. We are preparing for the worst. Plinking is fun, but that is not the intent of most people who are preparing for hard times. These weapons were meant to prep yourself and your family for a disaster of extended period of time. Being prepped means having the weapons and ammo in addition to other supplies you need to survive without assistance from another source. In The Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles when the characters were discussing what they should have bought but did not they used the term "hindsight is 20/20". Yes, we all would have bought 7.62x39 Russian at $55.00 per case or 308 at 12.5 cents per round if we would have known. Even those police trade in Bushmasters or Glock pistols. Those times are over. The American population is so accustomed to being able to have anything they desire within a short period of time. Even if an item is not available a large influx of cash could usually fix the problem. This is different because nothing short of revamping the entire industry or overbidding for commodities is going to bring up production. Considering the low profit margin is for many makers I cannot see a large manufacturing change. At current rates I can see quality 5.56 holding at .40-.60 cents per round unless a ban makes it through the Senate or a new policy is implemented such as micro stamping. Good 308 surplus is already over .70 cents per round in many cases. Match ammo to feed the hundreds of thousands of target rifles is almost $2.00 per round. One of the reasons for the already high price is the utter lack of 308 ammo on the surplus market compared to the millions of semi auto 308 rifles. If a new law is even mentioned concerning ammo you can expect a 100% increase over night with all calibers selling out. Even obscure calibers for hunting and antique weapons. Pistol ammo will continue to rise since the pistol market is on a steady growth. 9mm will always be the cheapest choice because of its usage in so many militaries and police departments around the world. 45 A.C.P is very vulnerable because the United States was one of the only countries to issue the caliber for any length of time. We have not had 45 caliber Colt pistols in normal U.S inventory channels for over 20 years now. Even though special units use the caliber there would not be enough production to offset costs. When buying a weapon for long term usage then keep in mind the ammo cost and the future cost. 7.62x39 Russian has become since the late 80's an extremely popular round. Before the fall of the U.S.S.R you only found those weapons in the hands of collectors and the ammo was not available. Some importers brought in small lots from friendly Easter European countries such as the excellent round from Lapua imported in the early 1980's. The ammo then was over $1.00 a round. Keep in mind that domestic production of this round along with 7.62x54R is limited at best because of the billions of rounds of imported ammo that has been brought in since the mid 1980's. The availability of this ammo could dry up overnight.

Yes it is going to cost you more than it would have yesterday to put back arms and ammo, but the cost will be less than it will be 12 or even 6 months from now. I hope that I am wrong, but someday we may be buying a box of 9mm for a dollar a round and having to show special licensing and talk about how we remember when you could buy the ammo for .25 cents a round and no questions were asked at a small gun store. Many firearms manufacturers are 12 months back ordered at the very least, and the buying has not even slowed down. If you need a rifle then go find a store that is not gouging prices and buy the whole rifle. Do not try to wait and build your only rifle. I have a dozen people call and come by the shop every day looking for parts and uppers. For years every time there was talk of a ban people would wipe out the stock of stripped and complete lowers for AR-15's and pre-bent AK style receivers. As with most things we imagined just get the part they may ban and we can buy the rest later. Well later is now and you have people with 10, 15, and even more lowers ready for uppers and lower parts kits. The top AK builders in the country are backed up 12 months and some are not even taking orders. This effect is being felt throughout the entire industry. Not only are center fire rifles and duty size handguns not available the fear the current administration will limit concealed carry has prompted thousands every week to obtain a permit to carry in hopes that if a new law is passed they will be grandfathered in. Now imagine a dozen going by every gun shop in the country every day. You can get a glimpse of how bad things could get by trying to locate 380 automatic ammunition. It is produced on the same line as 9mm NATO. With the civilian and military demand so high 380 production for civilian sales went idle for a time. At this time there is none available from ammunition distributors, and private sales are getting up to $60 dollars per box for a round that many people do not even consider suitable to carry. Some large online discount retailers have asked $75.00 or more and have sold out. This is several dollars for a round that was purchased under .50 cents each. When people are afraid they will pay any amount asked. If any of the smaller ammo makers are forced out of business due to legislation then the amount of available ammo will be hurt.

Parts have gone up in price so much that with most retailers and private sellers you are no longer saving any money. Also do not sit and wait on a SCAR or SIG 556 or Armalite AR-10 that may never appear. Just because a dealer has the weapon "on order" does not mean it will arrive. Last month Century was back ordered several million AK-47 clones. These rifles may never be even allowed to enter the country by the time the firearms are made overseas. If you have a chance to look on a distributor website you will see how backed up things are. For the most part you will not be able to locate one semi auto handgun or semi rifle of any caliber or configuration. I am guilty of the waiting for a certain weapon. I placed an FS2000 on order twenty months before it actually arrived. Looking back I should have known better to have held the money for so long because I passed up on more usable items such as a shooter grade FN-FAL. Little did I know that the rifle would not live up to the early advertising and hype that it generated. I chose not to purchase that rifle when it finally arrived, but I lost out on other options that today would have been a better choice. Waiting on a gun you may not like or will never arrive could cost you the opportunity of buying a reliable weapon today for the future. If the cost benefit of waiting does not add up then buy now. I cannot urge you enough to buy a self loading center fire rifle and handgun along with magazines and ammo at the present time. I had a customer tell me he had bought an AR-15 Bushmaster rifle then completely took it apart to sell the parts online. Made a profit, kept receiver and bought another new rifle which he planned to keep. He had a parts kit on order for four months. Go ahead buy the rifle and order the parts. You will be able to save the money by the time the parts or another gun arrives in 6-18 months. Remember to buy spare parts, cleaning kits, extra mags, ect. This is one of the biggest mistakes I see in people purchasing firearms. They put off the needed items for a later time. By the time you get around to taking the time to go back to the store or get online and look for everything either the price has changed or the item is no longer available. PMAGS and folding stocks are a great example. PMAGs were available for a time and people kept putting off ordering. A couple of months ago they could still be had for under $15 dollars. The same type of people buying Ak's wanted to add a Russian style side folder or one of the cheaper Romanian stocks. All of these items are either out of stock or in some cases doubled in price. I tried to talk customers into buying all the ammo they could take with them. They would buy a case and then say they would be back. By the time they took the time to come back the ammo was no longer available from any store or online source. If you see something you need or even high on your wish list then purchase it.

I do not see a massive price drop in the future. If you are wanting a weapon you need to be making plans to purchase one in the near future. Ammo is the same way. Buy all the ammo you can get ahold of. I have no idea when the supplies will be back up to what they were 12 months ago.

If you only have a 1500 dollars do not buy a 308 and a high end scope. Then not be able to buy magazines, ammo, and sites. An SKS and several cases of ammo along with training will beat and untrained man with a high dollar rifle every time. The FN-SCAR which is being sold at thousands of dollars over retail will do no good If you do not have ammo, mags, or a sling to carry the weapon. People buying the tools to prepare for civil unrest or a disaster either man-made or natural have a different priority than the weekend plinker who does not train nor plan to use a weapon for defense. That type person picks up his ammo on the way to the range every week and just like a golfer enjoys the sport of shooting for just that, a sport. The rest of American shooters, those shooters concerned about legislation of certain firearms or preparing for long periods of time that the weapon may be used to defend home and family need to be buying on a different time-frame. Even if buying now costs more up front one must value add the price of not having the firearm if you need it. If you keep the rifle locked in the safe and it is just a range toy then you can afford to wait for a good deal or a lower price. If one ever needs a self loading rifle or pistol to defend the life of a loved one then the value is much higher than that upon the tag.


Just to give a little of my background for those of you that do not know. I was raised in the gun and ammo business. I literally so my first box of ammo at 2 weeks old. I have worked for a custom steel fabricator, an FFL and SOT's and now work at a very large Mid-Tennessee gun store that moves a tremendous amount of ammo. I am pursuing a degree in Agriculture Business at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro ,Tn. My degree requires an understanding of international trade and economics which fits well with the current arms shortage. I have taken several upper division economics and economic policy and trade classes were we discuss commodities, international agreements (such as the one that caused the S.A 308 to be dumped in the North Atlantic). After graduation I plan on attending Law School. I train at Tactical Response in Camden, TN and recommend it to anyone seeking to learn not only how to use their weapon, but the mindset to fight and survive. I have been involved in preparedness for over 15 years.


It's Tax day in the USA and the news is of TEA PARTIES. It is a little light hearted frolic we can indulge in before the shit hits the fan. It ain't going to change a damn thing. 99.9% of all Americans want nothing to do with government, including being in it. They merely want to work at a job and live a life. It is the same reason the Catholic Church and the Hindu Church are so popular. All the work is already done. All you have to do is how up for a few minutes once in a whole and everything is all taken care of. And in this manner humanity is lightened of it's burden of responsibility. But I want to have a break through right here. I want to get into something you won't find on the pages of your browser. I want to make the point of saying that most of what we read is nothing more than what the PTB want us to read. They want to set the agenda of our conversation. Oh, they will give you a few crumbs of interest like a new commentator, but the real issues will not be presented to you. This Tea Party business is a waste of time. It will go no where. It is a toothless apparition. It will not get the radicals out into the streets. It will not cause martial law to be declared. In short, it will not cause the pain needed to start the music of change throughout the land. Animals, humans included, need pain to get them to do things once in a while. It is an old axiom of warfare that you get your infantry trapped and then you let them fight their way out or die. You let them experience pain and suffering in order to get them to fight. Life is just that way, you know. Maybe 5% of your men will fight for the principles involved but the rest will fight for other reasons, including saving their own ass. And we are not the only people who know this. The enemy knows it also.

So I hope the enjoyment was worth the effort. I suppose it is worth the trouble of going through the motions just for the pleasure of the company you run across at one of these functions. Just do not make the mistake of thinking you have met the people who will support you when the shit hits the fan .

Got preps? Got guns? Got a revolution?


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I went to the Drudge Report this afternoon as is my custom and the headlines were all about Texas and the Texas attitude that they don't like the federal government messing in all of their affairs. I personally cannot think of any reason to exalt the state of Texas but I know of some good people there so I will side with them. And I damn sure will stick up for Texas over the fedgov. Any old time. I'll sing the "Yellow Rose of Texas" before I'll sing the Obama Overture any day of the week. In reading Drudge I got shifted to World Net Daily and read their story. Here is an excerpt from it. Warning: THIS COULD PISS YOU OFF.

*The report from DHS' Office of Intelligence and Analysis defines right-wing extremism in the U.S. as "divided into those groups, movements and adherents that are primarily hate-oriented (based on hatred of particular religious, racial or ethnic groups) and those that are mainly anti-government, rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority, or rejecting government authority entirely. It may include groups and individuals that are dedicated to a single issue, such as opposition to abortion or immigration."

None of these subjects are illegal. Not at all. They are just unpopular with our Nanny State government. You can hate anyone you wish to hate in this country but you have to keep your hands to yourself.

"[T]he consequences of a prolonged economic downturn � including real estate foreclosures, unemployment and an inability to obtain credit � could create a fertile recruiting environment for right-wing extremists and even result in confrontations between such groups and government authorities similar to those in the past," the report says.

It would seem to me that the DHS is saying that the crooked bankers and their asshole political buddies are mainly responsible for the economic catastrophe in the country. And who can quarrel with that? The bastards have wrecked our economy for the next 15 years so we may as well take a bite out of their ass once in a while. I think it is pretty swell of DHS to bring this out for the public to see. Of course, it is difficult to see just how confrontations with government groups is harmful to the populace so I reckon we can disregard such thoughts if we care to do so.

It adds that "growth in these groups subsided in reaction to increased government scrutiny as a result of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing and disrupted plots, improvements in the economy and the continued U.S. standing as the pre-eminent world power."

Growth in these groups subsided when it became apparent that there were so many fucking fedgov agents out trying to hang an arrest on a private citizen that there was no longer any humor in the populace. But of late our sense of hilarity seems to have returned and we are once again ready to dance with the soulless bastards. Le Danse Macabre. Like Duke Nookem used to say, "Come get some!" We never quit but the fedgov did! And my God but it is good to know that this time we will stomp their ass. They have it coming and they will get what they deserve. It is pretty bad when your government has a greater force than your food producers. The world is upside down.

"Proposed imposition of firearms restrictions and weapons bans likely would attract new members into the ranks of right-wing extremist groups as well as potentially spur some of them to begin planning and training for violence against the government," the report continues. "The high volume of purchases and stockpiling of weapons and ammunition by right-wing extremists in anticipation of restrictions and bans in some parts of the country continue to be a primary concern to law enforcement."

I personally think the law enforcement community is pretty well divided on the subject weapons and ammo stockpiling. The LEO's are not real popular with the folks who do not like getting tasered. The LEO's who shoot unarmed civilians and claim they thought the deceased had a gun is getting to be too damn big a number. You are always going to have people who do the wrong thing, who make the wrong choice. It is just that the mistake makers seem to have all joined the police forces around the country. And that is an exaggeration and you all know that. But the pendulum needs to swing back in favor of the common man. I am getting tired of uncontrolled law enforcement. I am also getting tired of doing the same thing the fedgov is doing and getting called a fucking political radical of some sort. People all over the planet are getting ready for the lid to blow off the pot and when we start gettting ready we are called radical? They are prepping and I am prepping. Too damn bad.


Saturday, April 11, 2009


I was listening to Big John go through his litany of events he has forecast for the coming year and it was pretty grim. Nothing I could not handle emotionally. It was not going to freak me out. The freak-out came later as I was watching Les Miserables off of a video. It was very well done and I enjoyed Liam Neeson and Geoffrey Rush very much. But the background scenery was pretty gross. Unless a paved street could be afforded and maintained the streets were basically slop. I, of course, projected into the future and saw the streets of America after a sociological breakdown. And what a sickening mess I saw. Foul, disease-ridden swamp, created in our cities. You can turn off the electricity. You can turn off the gas. But you cannot shut down the bladders and buttholes of America. They are going to continue to produce at the rate of 24 X 7. Nuclear bombs, a freakish EMP, a vicious pandemic, a horrible revolution, all these things can occur and they will not stop the sewage. You might shut down a section of a sewer line but it will come out somewhere down the line, never fear. Can you imagine the filth and disease that will accumulate in a very short period of time? 99% of all Americans have no idea as to what to do about sewage. I could handle maybe 500 people with what I know to do but for a city of 100,000 souls? Forget it. I'm a septic tank and outhouse kind of guy with maybe a little gray water running out to a cornfield. Forget all those flush and forget types we now have in the cities. You may as well forget them because they will be dying of Dysentery and Typhus and various plagues and what not, very quickly. Hepatitis won't be a strange exotic malady any more but rather it will be your first cousin. Ever go down to Costa Rica to Port Limon and explore south of Limon on the black sand beaches that make up the coastline down there. For those of you who do not know it, the black sand is a sign of Platinum. Germany came into Costa Rica and hauled a boat load of black sand off during WWII. If you go exploring down thataway you might get to know the natives and talk with them a bit. And you might notice the peculiar yellow color in their eyes. They are walking case of Hepatitis. The water table is very shallow down there and so is the depth of their outhouse holes. They have learned to live with Hepatitis. It has taken many generations to develop that ability. I have no idea what keeps them alive, but alive they are. The point I make is the reward that awaits us if we don't handle our sewage properly.

Our sewage treatment plants are very nice things as long as the technology and the infrastructure are in place and functioning properly. But you let that infrastructure break down or the technology get wiped out and this country and it's people are in a world of trouble. If something breaks down it is entirely possible that we will have no way of getting a replacement part for it. And I have merely been pointing out a weakness in our sewage system. I'm not even going to mention the electrical problems we have facing us. I got a map put this morning and looked at the cities in America that are on a coastal plain. It is astounding. Start around New York and New Jersey and go South and West, all the way to the Tex-Mex border. It is a bit unsettling to come up on Houston from the East side and see a big ocean liner parked right down town. Sorta like a ship out in the desert. But I am not here to brag about Houston's ability to carve themselves a ditch linking their city with the Bay of Galveston. I am here to talk about disease and handling sewage. Until the law of gravity is repealed, water will flow down hill. And if there ain't no hill then it don't flow. How's that for simplicity? So I see every ditch, every drainage, turning into a breeding ground for disease. And what are you and I going to do about it? The answer is "Not a damn thing!" If you live in Denver at 5000 feet elevation, then you should be able to get the sewage to run downhill sooner or later. Miami will take a little extra work Am I getting it through to you that you need to get your place up on some hills? You need to get someplace where you can get your sewage to get away from you and go somewhere else.

We save up our food and bullets and band-aids but we don't say much about getting rid of our sewage. We need to have plans for building outhouses. We nee to remember to purify our water in the future. I can take you to graves where the dead people had their well below their outhouse. You better get hip to this kind of stuff or you are wasting your time prepping.


Thursday, April 9, 2009


I have so many things to write about that I have to get some of it done just to clear my mind. One thing that eases my mind is that I have learned how to get sparks from my FIRESTEEL. I am very proud of that accomplishment.

I have been watching food yesterday and today. It is going up in price folks, so get ready. What ever it takes to keep yourself fed and still stay our of the state penitentiary is permissible by my standards. Don't rip off any poor people and don't get caught ripping off the rich. But get yourself fed! And your friends and family too. You really should have a lot of experienced help in getting food ready for your family. I found out yesterday that the food industry was the second largest employer in the country, behind only the federal government. That must mean that one out of every ten or eleven people in this country are involved in food production. I hear Obama is going to make it easy for them to become citizens too. You can't be too good to the garden help! And don't bother going to the Mall to find workers either. They ain't there.

The reason I bring this up is because food production is going to be one of the mainstays of human existence in the not-too-distant future. Folks living out in the country will be a lot better fed than their city brethren. And you will read and hear all sorts of folks paid good money to read you the news and they will tell you that things are getting better and they are lying out their asses about that. We are looking at 15 years of hard times and lots of violence spread throughout. But if you really pay out the money you can buy someone very well known and get them to say something good about the economy. The gig is called "Pimp my economy" and it pays well. You just don't get any extensions to your broadcasting contract. Something about "losing your salt" to the public.

I read an article about the abundance of money out on the market. It said there was plenty of money for borrowers. The problem was value. The market was trying to sell the same old shit to the public as it was before the Depression set in and no one is buying it. You can go buy a McMansion for some kind of money but people are feeling that it is a losing proposition. Obama is hustling cheap mortgages and all of that but I do not think many people want them. Why buy a house if you are going to lose your job the next month. Where is the value in that? What ever happened to the idea of buying a small piece of land on contract and starting out to build your home right there? Why do you have to be in town when you buy your property? I've been telling you to get the hell out of Dodge for over a year and I would assume most of you had gotten the message. A shack with a wood stove that you own is better than a McMansion the bank owns. For God's sake get a piece of land that you can hold on to somehow. I was reading our new copy of Backwoods Home magazine and it had a line in it about one couple that put a simple ad in the local newspaper asking for free wood to burn. They got their wood.

I wanted to mention the Pirates off the coast of Somalia. They hold an atrocious number of ships and crews hostage, expecting ransom to be delivered in good time and in sufficient amount. They recently took a ship with 22 American crewmen. The US Navy got the ship back but I do not know about the Captain the pirates were holding. The thing that got me was that crewmen on the hi-jacked vessels were not allowed to have firearms and to fight back. It has been 200 years since any pirates took an American ship. But our government has managed to give one away. It is a different world today.

Hang on to what the good God gave you.


Tuesday, April 7, 2009


We are getting ready here in my household. Stored food and foraged food and guns and ammo and medical supplies and just all sorts of things. We even bought a supply of FIRESTEEL from Survival Topics. I don't know how to use one of the damn things but I figure I can get the knack of it.

One of our favorite assets is our non-hybrid seed for our garden. This is getting back to our good-old-used-to-be as far as food production is concerned. With this kind of crop you can save some of the seed and grow next years crop. This is how it is done, just in case you haven't noticed. I get my garden seed from Big John Lipscomb. His company name is Survivalist Seeds.Com. He is a survivalist from the word go. He is anti-New World Order and pro-Freedom. Don't put him down until you have tried him. I think he is a pretty good man and can be trusted. But those seeds will be for the saving of our asses when the shit goes down. And you don't have to have non-hybrid seed to get a crop and eat next Fall and Winter and Spring. But if you want to plant a garden after that you might look into non-hybrid. Most seed you will buy in stores around your part of the world will be hybrid and the will not produce good seed for the next year. The concept of this blog is Staying Alive and eating every day is a good way to maintain that course. There is no confirmation that any political body in the country is interested in feeding mine and yours should the SHTF. Remember that we have several pieces of legislation concerning the Continuity of Government but we have no legislation for any continuity of rednecks. And there is an awful lot of discord in our country and it looks like there is going to be an awful lot of violence to go with it.

There are two trains of thought on violence in the USA this year. One thought it that May and June will be times of heavy violence. Another thought is that August and September will be times of heavy violence. The GOP USA people say that the 20,000 troops we were bringing home to make sure order was kept in this country is now changed to 80,000 and things will be serious. The word is that these troops are in training in Georgia right now. There is not supposed to be any troops out in the countryside but rather in the cities and main highways. I am not going to bitch and scream about being left out. We will adapt and take care of ourselves right here at home in the valley. And God help who comes to disturb us and our peace.

There may be a disturbance coming in the form of some type of gun ban and another ban on growing your own food in your own garden. I cannot believe there is a move afoot to stop the growing of home gardens. But it is true. People like Monsanto are trying to take our initiative away from us and take all authority for growing food unto themselves. Both of these disturbances need to be instantly removed from our lives in a most crude and base manner. Any being that attempts to weaken our personal defense or detract from our ability to feed ourselves is committing a crime against humanity and deserves a vigorous reproach. Can you understand "vigorous reproach"? We are not talking about something written in the editorial section of the newspaper but rather a baseball bat between the eyes!

Dark thoughts go through my mind concerning the situation we will face if the shit hits the fan. We have been all but told that we will not be bothered by the force of government, or FOG, but rather we will be ignored as long as we don't come to town or attempt to pass through check points they will establish in order to maintain order and authority among the people. In other words, as long as you can live without them, you may live without them. And they are saying, if you can believe them, that they will leave us alone if we don't get too rowdy or start attacking them. Those kind of agreements never last. They are directly opposed to each other. What I want to know is where is it leading?

We will get back to this subject pretty soon. Get preps. Get guns. Get a revolution.


Sunday, April 5, 2009


Here is a little analysis of what took place at the G-20 summit. This is wirtten by Peter Schiff, who is one sharp guy. You will like his writing. Michael

When elementary school kids want to escape the confines of their circumstances they pretend to be pirates, princesses, and Jedi knights. Now, with the relaxation of “mark to market” valuation rules announced yesterday by the accounting trade’s self-regulatory body, our bankrupt financial institutions can escape their own reality by pretending to be solvent. The unraveling of our fairytale economy over the last few months has not yet convinced us that the time has come to put away childish things. The applause that greeted the news yesterday on Wall Street is a clear sign that we still have some growing up to do.

The imaginative conceit that lies behind the accounting change is that the toxic assets polluting bank balance sheets are not really toxic at all. They are in fact highly valuable assets that for some irrational reason no one wants to buy.

Using the “mark to market” accounting method, mortgage-backed securities were valued relative to the latest prices fetched by the sale of similar assets on the open market. Currently, those bonds are being sold at deep discounts to their original value. By “marking” their unsold bonds down to those prices, the insolvency of our financial institutions had been laid bare. The new accounting changes will allow the nervous owners to assign more “appropriate” (i.e. higher) values. Problem solved.

It is important to note that the Financial Accounting Standards Board made their rule modifications only after intense pressure had been applied by Washington and Wall Street. In their heart of hearts, I can’t imagine that there are too many bean counters happy with the outcome.

The banks and the government have argued that the assets should be valued based solely on current cash flow. Most mortgages, after all, are not delinquent. Therefore, a few bad apples should not spoil the whole cart, and those that are not yet delinquent should be valued at par. This method assumes we have no ability to look into the future and make assumptions about what is likely to happen, which is presumably what the market is already doing by valuing the assets lower than the banks wish.

All kinds of bonds (corporate, government and municipal, etc.) that are not in default frequently trade at discounts. In fact, the reason that agencies such as Moody’s and Standard and Poor’s rate bonds is to assess the probability of default. The higher that probability, the lower the value placed on the bonds, regardless of their current cash flow.

For example, GM bonds that mature 10 years from now currently trade for only 8 to 10 cents on the dollar, despite the fact that GM is current on all interest payments. The 90% discount reflects investor awareness that GM will likely default long before the bonds mature. By the new logic, financial institutions with GM bonds on their balance sheets should be able to ignore the market and value these bonds at par.

Some argue that the comparison is invalid because GM’s bonds are liquid while mortgage-backed securities are not. However, if sellers of GM bonds were holding out for 70 or 80 cents on the dollar, those bonds would be illiquid too. The reason GM bonds are trading is that sellers are realistic.

The same should apply to bonds backed by mortgages. To assume that a 30-year, $500,000 mortgage on a house that has declined in value to $300,000 has a high probability of remaining current to maturity is ridiculous. The borrower could lose his job, his ARM might reset higher, or he may simply tire of paying an expensive mortgage for a house that is unlikely to be sold at a profit. Any bond investor with half a brain will factor in these probabilities and look for deep discounts. The only way to accurately assess a real present value is to let the market discover the price.

Despite the pleas from bankers and politicians, mortgages are not plagued by a lack of liquidity but a lack of value. If sellers would be more negotiable, there would be plenty of liquidity. Who knows, at the right price I might even buy a few. The problem is that putting a market price on these assets would render most financial institutions insolvent, which is precisely why they do not want to let that happen.

Simply pretending that all these mortgages will be repaid does not solve the underlying problems. It may keep some banks alive longer, but when they ultimately do fail, the losses will be that much greater. In the meantime, solvent institutions are deprived of capital as more funds are funneled into insolvent “too big to fail” institutions – hiding their toxic assets behind rosy assumptions and phony marks.

Going from the sublime to the completely ridiculous, in a speech at the just-concluded G20 summit in London, President Obama urged Americans not to let their fears crimp their spending. It would be unwise, he argued, for Americans to let the fear of job loss, lack of savings, unpaid bills, credit card debt or student loans deter them from making major purchases. According to the president, “we must spend now as an investment for the future.” So in this land of imagination (where subprime mortgages are valued at par), instead of saving for the future, we must spend for the future.

I guess Ben Franklin had it wrong too – apparently a penny spent is a penny earned.

For a more in depth analysis of our financial problems and the inherent dangers they pose for the U.S. economy and U.S. dollar denominated investments, read Peter Schiff’s book "Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse".

Saturday, April 4, 2009


I ain't filed a post to the blog in a while. I have been waiting and watching. I have seen a bunch of G-20 bullshit and some news of an economic comeback but I think most of it is a bunch of crap. Like my man Charles is noted for saying, "Don't be fooled." So I ain't going to be fooled. It has happened to us many times in the past but not anymore.

Big John feels a war coming on and Joel the K is going to stand with Big John. I will stand here between them and help form a good East-West line.

I want to get me a Mosin-Nagant rifle and maybe a 1000 rounds of ammo. Those Nagants are supposed to be really tough bolt action rifles. They went through WW I and WW II just fine. My research has led me to believe that strong is good when you are thinking about your battle rifle. Guys say it is the LAST place you want a break down to occur. HAH! I wish they still made the old NYLON 66 rifles. You couldn't get one of those dudes to break or misfire. It is the last gun I remember that used durability as a selling point. They just shot and shot and shot, and then shot some more.

I'll probably still use my Wingmasters as my main shooin' irons but a good bolt gun is a nice addition to the armory.

I have been encouraging the woman to buy food and more food. I think she is starting to get the drift. We are getting built up and this Summer's garden should really swell the store! And you can't have too much food when you know your neighbors are going to be in short supply because they don't believe it can happen here in this country. Ignorant clones! But just remember that it takes a clone to fight a clone and you gotta develop your own clones. When an Army of clones is about to attack then you get out your own Army of clones and get right after them. You do not want to be risking the kids of God on clones all the time. So we are getting our food built up and are getting ready to garden. Gardening should be a real trip this year. Gonna try to utilize more ground than ever before.

Our medical supplies are coming up for review. Gotta have meds and band-aids and all that stuff. I don't know how much time we have left but I don't feel it is a lot. Anyhow, the meds are going up in priority every day.

Get your butts in gear and get ready.

Got preps? Got guns? Got a revolution?


Thursday, April 2, 2009


It is getting kinda sparse out in booga booga land. The fedgov has just about gone insane. The media is barely able to speak in rational language, not being bothered by the need to tell the truth. The news sites are full of pictures of London and the G-20 meeting.- Obama is everywhere. He has even been to see the Queen. Like we are all supposed to fall down in jealous lust because Obama got to see the Queen. My kinfolks whupped the piss out of her kinfolks a long time ago and we can do it again.

If the truth be known,my kinfolks whupped the hell out of a lot of people over the years. We whupped most of the European powers over the years, At least any of them dumb enough to fight us. We put it on the Japanese. Couldn't handle the Vietnamese. If Truman had of gotten out of the way we could have mashed China and North Korea back in the early 50's.

It seems like, any more, that we have people within our own boundaries screwing with us and weakening us We have this twink Rahm Emanuel that is an Israeli citizen now in charge of what goes on at the Whitehouse. His title is Whitehouse Chief of Staff. Guess whose side he is on? The Israeli Lizard is sneaking around the Halls of Power, the Halls our ancestors created, and acting like he is a ruler of the earth. But not only will he start wars with decent Arabs but he will disarm all of us so that we cannot say no to anything our government says to us. That is to be our reward for harboring this piece of human shit. He and a bunch just like him take an oath of office when the are elected or appointed to a high position in this land and the first thing they do is ignore the oath they just took. But I damn sure ain't the first guy to make note of that issue.

But the time is drawing near when this shit is going to come to a head. We are going to get tired of having our heads squeezed in a vise. We are going to get tired of having blood run out our eye sockets. Then we will fight back. Then it will mean something to be a citizen again. We will be reinforced by the sight of our enemies dying at our hand, piling up at our feet. A friend will be a valuable thing. A lot of people who call just about anything that walks a friend will stop that stupid shit. A friend is rare and honored individual. Someone worthy of some serious respect. You don't hit my friends when I am around, or I will hit YOU, to say the least. And that is going to be the rudiments of our future. You are going to leave my friends and neighbors the fuck alone or we will kill you. This grabbing, touchy feely world is history. You will treat people with respect.

And respect is something this sorry world lacks most drastically. I remember Joe Biden campaigning on the East Coast and telling a voter there would be no coal fired electrical plants added to the nation if Obama got elected. Now 50% of our electrical energy produced in this country comes from coal. You cut off coal fired plants and you cut off 50% of America, not to mention all the miners and truckers and others who are involved in the coal industry. Joe Biden should have watched his fast lip on that one. He wasn't showing respect to a lot of workers and people closely involved in the business.

At this time we don't get any respect. We are treated like the scum of the earth. But our day is coming and we can look forward to it. Got preps? Got guns? Got a revolution?