Friday, April 24, 2009


I am thinking this morning about the strange variation between what our business and banking and governmental leaders are saying and what the man in the street reports as happening. There is a wide variation, to be sure.

Obama says we will get out of the torture business. But no one can prove that it is ended. Guantanamo is still open for business. There is a degree of anger in the people of this country about the fedgov people who did the dirty deeds not being punished or at least brought to trial. So we have this conflict between the people who broke the law and the people who are against the breaking of the law. And politicians are lying their asses off at the thought that they might get stuck with having backed the torture. Obama was going to sweep the whole thing under the rug but found out that it was not going to go down with the public. It has been reported that the guy from al Qaeda who was supposedly their main planner was water boarded 180-some times in one month. Of course he has confessed to everything including the assassination of Lincoln but the truthfulness of his confession is doubtful. Considering the torture he has gone though it is possible he should be released for "time served" and the whole thing forgotten about. Torture is a very bad thing. It has been shown that the person being tortures will try and say what his torturers want him to say. What is pissing a lot of people off is the fact that the USA is signatory to treaties that outlaw torture. We have laws on the books that make it illegal. But our leadership is not prosecuting or investigating the events in question. I think it is because any investigation will expose illegal conduct by some very high up people. All the way up to George W. Bush. I have noticed that Rumsfeld is keeping a low profile these days. Lots of people would like to see his ass swing from a rope. Just like he did for Saddam. But I reckon the important thing to remember is that the public, the people who get stuck with the bills and the blame, want one thing and their government is not paying a bit of attention to them. It's like that evening when congress voted on the first bail-out bill and the calls were pouring into the District of Criminals at the rate of 99% or more AGAINST the bail-out. The bastards went right ahead and voted for the bail-out. It was unbelievable.

The state of the nations economy is another paradox in our national dialogue. I talk to people and email with people and what they say is going on is in no way what I read in the media and hear from the fedgov's mouth. The stories are different like night and day. We now have towns and cities getting to go bankrupt. In California the only way the municipalities can escape their outrageous retirement plans is to declare themselves bankrupt and then they can reduce their obligations. I read where one town is obligated to pay guys retiring at 50 a sum of $135,000 per year for the rest of their lives. It would seem like they could reduce that by about $100,000 a year and be more sane, more logical. And they will do it. They have to do it. It is going to happen. Or else people will be getting a balloon in the mail every month full of hot air, and nothing else to live on. What needs to happen will happen. There is not enough money to keep the damn thing afloat otherwise.

But getting back to the discrepancy in the stories being told, The media and the fedgov are now trying to tell us that things look like they might be turning around. And I suppose we will be hearing about the turnaround for the next few years. Most people I know are hurting like hell form this economy. Businesses are closing up shop on a regular basis. Why in hell is this going on? Have we become so fucking weak that we can be told anything the PTB want to say and we will believe it? I say prepare like you have never prepared before. Our government has gone insane and is being led down the road to destruction. No government that is so adamantly and habitually lying can last long anymore. We have taught the world to war on a horrific scale and we shall reap the reward for that. Time may be running short. Look out for a military draft and an increase in taxation. Like I said, time may be running short.



HermitJim said...

I'm afraid that you are more right than wrong, my friend!

For me...time to G.O.O.D...!

Good post!

Bitmap said...

One thought on the difference between what a business claims and what the man on the street (worker, former worker, customer, or client) says is that the business is afraid of a self-fulfilling prophecy.

If the company comes out and says that their business is in real trouble and may go down the tubes, what will happen? People that own stock will bail and the company will certainly go down the tubes.

The government is under the same kind of pressure. If the White House announced that the economy was in danger of total collapse then the result would probably be total collapse.

Our economy is based not so much on fact and reality but more on the confidence people have in it. People accept worthless paper as money because they have faith that other people will also accept it as money. Stock prices are affected the same way, as is consumer purchasing.

Mayberry said...

It is truly astounding to me how people will swallow the B.S. just because it came from Peter Jennings, or whatever talking heads are on the boob toob nowadays. Apparently their powers of observation fail them. Here in the "recession proof" Corpus Christi area (according to the Chamber of Commerce, no vested interest there....), I've seen 4 major car dealerships close up shop, and the rest of them on their knees begging for business, scores of stores closed (here on the coast, Boater's World is going out of business!), new shopping outlets at 50% occupancy or less, "toys" for sale on every corner, big increase in garage sale activity, houses sitting on the market for a year or more, real estate agents on welfare, layoffs....... I could go on. Yeah, things are lookin' up out there......