Thursday, April 23, 2009


I've been checking out the blogs this morning and I like a lot of what I see. People are looking to grow a lot of food this Summer. I read an article on SurvivalBlog about food auctions.,8599,1891500,00.html will give you the low-down on the situation. It seems that food is moving well at auction and people are starting to look for it. One woman commented that she had bought $300 worth of groceries for a hundred bucks at auction. A way to have some enjoyable reading is to type GROCERY AUCTIONS into Google and let 'er rip. Lots of great stuff to read. This stuff can't go on forever but while it is around we can have a little fun and stash some food! The main idea, of course, is to acquire storage food at a cheap price. You also acquire everyday eating food at a cheap price. It is a win-win situation.

I want to relate to you now an event that happened to me 15 to 20 years ago up in Indianapolis. I had been thinking about the coming bad times that God was going to put on mankind. I knew so little and what I knew was very troubling. I was riding in a car with a good friend and we were on the extreme West side of town. He parked at a gas station and got out to get directions from the guy who was there. It was very busy and I knew he would be awhile. The way we were parked had us facing West and I was thinking about the war and the destruction to come. Funniest damn thing but I said "Let me see it." Bingo! There is was. It was the same exact place I was parked, at the same time of day, but it was not the same year. It was sometime is the future. And it still is in the future.

I did not see another human being. Though I was at one of the busiest intersections in town I saw no other vehicles. There was a small amount of trash in the streets but nothing spectacular. A couple pieces of clothe and a couple flattened boxes. The sight that grabbed my attention was the air and the cloud cover. The cloud cover was very low and very thick. What light made it through would cause the air to show strange colored wisps of yellow and purple in the air. It didn't look like anything I wanted to breathe. Not at all.

The cloud cover was maybe 400 to 500 feet higher than I was and offered no penetration to my eyes. I was looking to the West but a little to the North was a thick column of smoke, a big column of smoke, that was going up and entering the cloud cover. What ever the area had experienced was polluting to a degree I had never seen or experienced. That air was unbelievably polluted.

I was in the spirit pretty good by this time. My friend came back to the car and we proceeded on our way. I told my friend and he was sorta interested but not really into it. We headed back to southern Indiana a few minutes later. We were on a limited access 4 lane highway. I told him he could go as fast as he wished because there were no cops in front of us. We got home and that was it for the day. But I kept the vision in my heart.

I questioned 2 prophets on the matter in the coming weeks. One of them, my mentor, had seen a bad thing right about where we lived. Trees blown down as if by a terrific wind. The other prophet was living on a mountain top in extreme eastern Oklahoma. I took a few days off and went to visit him. Other guys go to movies and such but I like to hang out with men of God. Not church guys or anything of that order but REAL men of God. Men who don't give a shit what churches say but what God says. I sat and talked with this old guy for a couple days. A most interesting conference. He has seen fires raging in Miami, Florida, and Toronto, Canada. He had also seen Chinese soldiers coming across the US/Canadian border WITHOUT NUMBER at Minnesota. If Todd is reading this, I can vouch for the testimony.

I talked to another man who was from Arizona and he, as a very young man, had seen strange missile trucks driving East in southern Arizona, coming from the West. He saw them on Interstate 8. Funny thing but Interstate 8 did not exist when he saw the vision. He saw the dual lane interstate in his vision.

I tell you of these things to assure you that I am not kidding around with survivalism. To me it is a serious matter. By the Grace and Mercy of God I have seen and heard these things and I intend to do what I can to save as many as possible.

Are you getting ready?



Dragon said...

Mike, Thats how a volcano looks for a limited time and from up close...
The gasses that change the light are if you were seeing that in person and that close you would have an extremely small chance of surviving...

In all the dreams and visions folks have shared with me a common undercurrent prevails.
Changes in the sky-Burning-Smoke-lack of evidence of living things-Unburied corpses -fighting strangers.

The folks who shared these visions with me come from all walks of life and all religions. The one thing I'm sure of is that in most instances, these folks have changed their life in very profound ways.
I don;t believe in coincidence. The rest I just have to take on faith.
Prep on...

Jacob Gittes said...

Yes, I read this post. Now your scaring me...
I've become more open to visions and prophecies recently. I started out as a science type. I will be emailing you later today...
thanks for your words.

ErinAndBrad said...

Oh Michael what can I say? I have had a vision lately but only have told 2 people about it - may blog on it someday after more prayer but I am not sure yet. I believe your vision and I believe we are all brought down a certain path by God The Creator for this very reason - to prepare us spiritually for what is to come upon the earth shortly.