Monday, May 31, 2010


Good morning to all of you out there in blogland. It has been an interesting weekend and I'm sure most of you know why. The top of the list is the gushing oil well in the Gulf that has not been stopped. I read an estimate this morning that said that it should stop by itself in August. That is about when it will get capped or blown up or whatever. I have been thinking about racism this morning. You know, big city blacks are as prejudiced against whites as they can be. And they are prejudiced against the South. You don't suppose they have let that oil well keep leaking out of spite do you? They wouldn't put it on the South like that would they? Just wondering. But it has been 43 days since that leak appeared. It sorta makes you wonder what this fedgov really can do. They can't get the job process started. They can't do anything about North Korea. They cannot stimulate the economy except the big banks. They can't so anything with health care that is not a rip-off. These people are losers. Just regular, garden variety losers. Something should be done about them this coming election. They should get roundly beaten into oblivion.

The garden is looking good so far. The mechanical planter had a few mishaps but nothing that can't be fixed. Some transplanting and some thinning will do wonders for it. My beans are happy, happy, happy and they are growing like weeds. It's too early to tell about the corn but we will know in a few days. The weather forecast says we have a 70% chance of rain today and that should do us no harm. Unless it comes a toad strangler and everything gets washed out. But I am still holding with a cooler temperature this Summer and that seems to mean lots of rain. And rain means plants will grow, unless they get washed away. I keep repeating my self on washing plants away. I think it is because I know it can happen. It's normally called too much of a good thing.

I got word this morning that a kid I have known all of his life has been diagnosed as Bi-Polar. This Bi-Polar mental disorder is what used to be called Manic-Depressive. Manic Depressive kinda lost it's kick awhile back so they came up with another term. They can sell more pills that way. But the Quack, er, ah I mean the doctor who was treating him prescribed some medication for a super crazy manic-depressive. Some really strong stuff. And it was making the kid crazy. He could no longer sleep well and things like that. And this shit is going on in this country all the time. Millions of cases. It sells lots of polls but it screws up some decent minds. I'll be in touch with the kid's older brothers today and we will see if we can get something worked out.

Stay alive.


Friday, May 28, 2010


Well, we are back to "play it again, Sam." I am once again sitting at this computer typing out God knows what. It will go up on the blog tomorrow, Saturday. The day of no comments. People are busy on Saturday, the day they catch up on all their business outside of work.

Obama has now decided to go to the Gulf Coast this weekend. He will create a photo opportunity for the media. He will be in many pictures shown on the MSM to all the people who think he actually gives a damn. 'Cause he does not really give a damn. And probably no one else does either. America is a bunch of selfish bastards that are primarily out for what they can get at whatever peril it may place their neighbor. The Book says to love they neighbor as thyself and damn few ever got the message. I was talking to a neighbor yesterday about getting prepared. And I think he is in to it. I believe he will do something. Can you believe it? I told him I had told every one who would listen for moment about the need to prep. He said I had done my job. It was on the backs of those who heard me, now. I had never heard that line of thinking before. Maybe is is right and I have delivered the message and got it across. Ain't my fault if they don't listen and believe. But it sure seems like an obvious conclusion to me.

We are looking at two kinds of preppers now. One type has been at it for a while and these are the people who need to fine tune their system. These are the people who need to catch up their loose ends and finalize what they are trying to do. I think most of us are in this area. The other kind of prepper is just starting and needs to get busy! Time may be running out and you can do it now or do without. If you don't have too much money then get to growing a garden. We have most of our essentials in the ground. The Handmaiden just got the rutabagas and butternut squash in and just has a few tomato plants to get into the dirt. That will just about do it for us. We have a lot of stuff growing and I hope we can get it all stored. Storing food is the name of the game.

I was reading an article about how Americans used to have food. It said that back in the 30's the average poor person had five or six years of food stored up. If nothing else they were going to be able to eat. Then we got up to the 50's and early 60's and we find the US fedgov having enough food stored to feed the country for 2 or 3 years. Well they sold that food off to pay for LBJ's war in Viet Nam. And the country never got back to being prepped for food again. Today we have six million meals stored up and ready to eat. That means that 5% of the population can sit down and eat a meal before the country runs out of food. We have enough wheat to fix everybody a half loaf of bread. Such wealth and power is just staggering. Know what I mean?

And when the stores are empty and the money is no good what do you reckon the people are going to do? They are going to go stark, raving crazy. They are going to tear things up like you have never seen. Don't get caught in the trap. Prepare. Stay alive.


Wednesday, May 26, 2010


It's a Wednesday afternoon and I am back at the keyboard typing this useless crap out once again. I don't want to teach survivalism or talk about the latest news. I want to see people in the streets, marching to defeat the Powers That Be. I want to see the Wall Street guys hanging from light posts. I want to see the same outside the Capital Building in Washingtyon, D.C. I am sick and tired of what is going on and I want it to end. Period.

The wife planted a bunch of stuff in the garden this morning. I know she got rutabagas and onions in. I am not sure about butternut squash. I'll take a maybe on that one. Rutabagas are coated with regular old Parafine wax when you go to store them. If you don;'t do that you don't get too good a product.

Obama is spending a long week-end in Chicago. He won't be at Arlington Cemetary to lay the customary wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Dont worry, the unknown soldier will not be bothered by this. Only people who care about this gutted and robbed country will be upset with this behavior. Obama isn't bothered by it at all.

Still a lot of misery in the ammo field these days. Get what you can. You'll need it.

I got my non-hybrid corn seed at an orchard outside of the local town.

Stay alive.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010


And here we go for another day of the Follies Collapse. As a precaution we just planted 12 rows of organic NON-HYBRID CORN. So now we have 13 rows of Cranberry Beans and 12 rows of corn. Starting to look good. There is still a bunch of onions and tomatoes and rutabagas and butternut squash to go in as yet but they will get there. Most of what I plant is for long term storage like beans and corn. The wife likes the other stuff and plants it herself. Fine by me. I am thinking about storing my seed stock in 1 quart canning jars this year. We can buy them at the Amish Herb Store for $7 or $8 dollars a case. That's a pretty good price and I like the idea of using glass for storage. I might store my eating food is the jars also. Dried beans and dried corn aren't gonna be any trick to stuff into a jar. And I am reminded that I will have to plant a cover crop this Fall or I will have to sprinkle some decent compost. All the beans I have grown will get me a lot of Nitrogen but I am not replacing the the other elements necessary for growing. If you want the soil to take care of you then you must take care of the soil. The seed itself will take care of producing a plant if it has something to feed it. Good gardeners and farmers grow good dirt and the seed takes care of the rest. Pretty simple formula.

The oil is still being pumped out into the Gulf of Mexico but Obama is going on vacation. That's the clue to all of you that HE IS THE MAN. Just to prove it the MSM has told the world that private sector job wages are falling but fedgov wages are going great!

I read a piece somewhere today that said the threat of terrorism is not the problem with the Internet today but rather the Internet is capable of exposing the bullshit of the fedgov and other hoaxes. That is the real threat of the Internet. Too many people are finding out what the Powers That Be are doing! Can't be having that!

The drums of war are pounding around the planet. It is almost a sure way of getting an economy to run again. We don't need a war but the politicians are hungry for money. It's their life blood, you know. Obama will get us up into the 60 to 70 percent range when he gets his VAT tax going in Washington. Won't it be good to pay all of those taxes?

I'm done with this post. Stay alive.


Monday, May 24, 2010


So it's Monday morning and I am typing away. Still not inspired or enthusiastic. There does not seem to be a lot to say, at least that has not been said a dozen times before. God has given us a child for a king. He has the power. His name is Obama. He does not have the sense to pour piss out of a boot. That oil well down in the Gulf of Mexico is still blasting out cruse oil in the worst ecological disaster to ever hit this country. A man made one anyhow. That well has been going off since April 20th. What the hell? This man is a bureaucrat. He believes in that stuff. That's why he has appointed all those Czars to the Whitehouse. Those people are supposed to be leading the effort to clean this goddamn mess up and they are not doing a damn thing. They are supposedly having British Petroleum clean up the mess. So we can bet that the effort is about three steps down from our leader. Woe unto the people when their king is a child. This guy does not lead, he has conferences. I find him to be a very disgusting form of human being.

The wife and brother-in-law are down at the garden. They will not do much because the ground is too wet. 'Nuff said. The wife did get some Asparagus. We will dine well this evening.

I am getting tired of people who doubt that the economy is going to take another wild ride to the bottom. They do not make any sense to me. I am starting to shut the out of my mind. It is just a form of mental illness and I don't seem to be able to cure them. Their one shot at happiness is that they are not alone. They will have plenty of company when the SHTF.

The Obama administration is letting BP handle the oil problem. That leaves me feeling so secure! Our 'do nothing' president strikes again.

I have read of segments of the border with Mexico that the Border Patrol does not patrol. It's down there where the rancher go killed. Here we are with millions of people out of work and the Border Patrol is letting millions of illegal workers into the country. Just one more thing the Obama people cannot solve. But they don't really want to solve the problems, you know. Obama wants all of those illegal aliens to become legal Democrat voters.

And the list of grievances goes on and on and I am getting tired of writing about them. We prep and prep and prep some more. Hoping to make it! Stay alive.


Saturday, May 22, 2010


Just don't feel like blogging today. I feel I would just be repetitive. I'll try again tomorrow.


Friday, May 21, 2010


Here we are, getting so soggy we might grow gills, and waiting to see what the end of the business day brings. I think it will show minimal damage to the system. The Presidential Push Team will be busy on the phone to those Bermuda banks buying stocks with your money to keep the price up for those of you who have no stocks. Can't let a failed program be known all over the place, you know. Obama's socialist programs are failing and everyone knows it. This Dark Lord from Chicago is a complete failure. What a boob! I wonder how it will affect his ego? Will he become bitter and hateful? Will he become a strident accuser of the people as his ship sinks into something well below mediocrity? And what will he do when he gets his ass handed to him in the Fall elections? Maybe he will resign and go to an island with some of his banking cronies. He has paid them enough for a seat, you know. He really let things go to hell when he let the President of Mexico address congress and the idiot told our politicians to reinstate the Assault Weapon Ban. This guy wants to run this country! It made me think a little differently about the illegals in our country. They want to come here to maybe prolong their life instead of having to die by drug lords in their homeland. I would want to get way from an idiot like that myself. But really they should support a pro-gun candidate for President and get the means to kick the drug lord's asses. But that ain't the socialist way you know. You have to live with those evil killers and change them. Good luck!

The drum beat of war is sounding across the land these days. The Carrier Group Harry Truman has set sail for the Med and other places. Is this normal rotation or is it a build up for an armed clash? The PTB have Hillary Clinton coming down hard on North Korea. And that could get ugly. South Korea and Japan could take a huge hit from this little shenanigan. A nuclear response from the USA could just wipe pit a whole big glob of humanity. And that is scary. That crazy mutha over in North Korea would love to start a nuclear war. What the hell do you think he was thinking when he got the stuff to make one of the damn things. Now there is not telling what he has. Ain't anyone got the balls to back him down and take his little radioactive toys away from him.

Nothing much else to talk about. Obama still wants to shut us down on the Internet and he still wants our guns taken away. Nothing new there. The Handmaiden got some free mulch and is busy with her terrace row down below the porch. It really is looking great. We have another soil build up coming to the hillside. It will be a BIG WIDE ROW. It will grow a huge amount of garden. That's about it for today. The market is up in positive territory. I told you those guys at the Bermuda banks would be getting a work out. They have to stall for time while they figure out what to say about Obama's failure. They have to get the spin just right so the pee-wee brain does not feel abused. All Hail The Failure! Stay alive.


Thursday, May 20, 2010


It is Thursday as I type this and we are supposed to get some Sun today. Ain't hardly noticed any Sun for a few days. Could be an episode of good cheer! And we can use all the good cheer we can get our hands on.

This guy presently occupying the Whitehouse is not an American. And I don't care where he was born. This guy, Obama, is endangering the very air we breath and the water we drink. And the liberals are supposed to be such environmentalists. That oil well pumping crude into the Gulf of Mexico is just short of becoming a global catastrophe and Obama is doing nothing about it. What the hell is he thinking? That slop out there is going to be a total calamity when all the chips are counted in this little poker game. And he lets the President of Mexico stand out on the Whitehouse lawn and run down our properly enacted laws in Arizona. What the hell is going on, Obama? Are you so indoctrinated with foreign attitudes that you cannot even protect the people who elected you? I put up with your bowing and stooping to foreign leaders but this is getting to be too much. You must stop this oil leak and stop it NOW. You must send troops to the border and keep this alien invasion off our property. We can't afford these people any longer. They are bankrupting us as it is. For one moment try to think like an American. Try to think of a way to save us. It's the least you can do.

I saw some contention about taking on a mob at your retreat this morning. First thing to cross my mind was what ELSE are you going to do? Give up and let them have their way? I don't like the "give up attitude." To hell with giving up. Make 'em pay dearly for everything they get. The other point is something I have stressed for a long time and that is BE IN A GROUP. Have a plan. Put some thought into it. Do it NOW and don't wait until the mob gets there. I have explained the L shaped ambush a couple of times already. It works! Use it to your advantage.

I just checked the financial news. The DJIA is down about 255 points at about 11:30 a.m. Gold has dropped a little, but not much. Of course, the day is young and a lot can happen between now and when the market closes. The figure that got me was that the US Dollar is worth over 86 cents. So what the hell is 86 cents? Will it get you a cup of coffee? Not any place I buy coffee. Will it get you a gallon of gasoline? Not in the last 10 years. Will it get you a pack of cigarettes? Don't be ridiculous. Could you take it and belly up to the bar and drink a cold beer with it. Not any time in recent memory. So what is anyone selling that keeps the dollar up that high? How about Greek government bonds? Say, you know, that might be a good idea. Trade Greek bonds for dollars. That could make the dollar really look good. It will make the Euro look bad but who gives a damn about the Euro. Europe is about to crash anyhow so why worry about their currency? Seems pointless to me! I just sorta go along with the idea that when Europe goes then the USA is next.

I have been reading about the President of Mexico running his mouth a little more while he was here as our guest. It seems that he doesn't like our policy if blocking illegal aliens at our Southern border. But you know, the potty mouth little faggot never mentioned his own rules and regulations his country uses on THEIR southern border. It's bad for us to do it but well and good for them? Give me a break. Nuke the gay baby whales!

Well the market ended DOWN 376 points yesterday. Stay alive.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Well, we had some elections yesterday and it would seem that the Obama idiots got their asses handed to them. Couldn't happen to a more deserving guy. Arlen "The Magic Bullet" Specter got drilled in Pennsylvania. If you want to know the mentality of the average American citizen you just need to remember that this guy served on the Warren Commission after Kennedy got shot. They kept the guy in there all this time! He's 80 for chrissakes. He wears more make-up than an aging whore. I generally have some respect for older folks but in this case I depart from my usual practice. Good bye and good riddance. If you ain't heard, Dr. Rand Paul won the Republican primary race against an establishment guy in Kentucky. Laughing my ass off! The whole country is repudiating the evil cabal of Obama and Pelosi. Life could be about to become a living hell for these folks. And I hope the fires scorch them. I haven't been voting of late but I will be voting anti-establishment right down the line when I do. And that means you don't get my vote, Dan Coats. You have enough money. Stay home.

And I don't want all of you to think that this will make a damn bit of difference in the coming economic bad times. It ain't going to happen. The system is collapsing right along and these limited humans cannot stop it. You can't put the brakes on after the car has already gone off the cliff and is headed toward the rocks below. The ordained outcome will transpire. And after about tomorrow the press will have gone on to other things to save Obama the embarrassment of reading about his failure. Then we can get it on with the fall of the Euro and the EU. After that we can expect a few little surprises to arrive on OUR shores. They will not be surprises to the prepper community but they will sure be a surprise to our detractors. Life will start to get real tough. My son is real tough. He ran into a patient who was not responding to his own breathing mechanism. People are so constructed as to breath when the carbon dioxide level in the body is too high and they need oxygen. This drive to make you breath can fail. My son put his patient on high concentrated oxygen. A fellow Paramedic asked him why. There was other things wrong and that Paramedic was going to treat them. My son told the other paramedic that he was going to provide oxygen to the patient and become the driver himself. If the patient would not breath he would slap him up side the head until he did. The kid is tough. He was going to get done what had to be done, one way or another. And we, the preppers must learn this way of thinking. What ever has to be done had better get done. Like Bill Jordan used to say, "Ain't no second place winners". You make the shot or you get shot.

I was talking yesterday about defending against predators who come against you. They will shoot you going out to get water. They will shoot you when you go to check the mail, if there is any mail. All of the things you do by habit are what can leave you naked before a determined enemy. You have to break your habits. Don't do ANYTHING at the same time every day. Don't ever take the same path to the well or the outhouse every day. You have to become unpredictable. You have to become the unknown quantity. You used to getting up and taking a leak immediately? Better vary your pattern. Get an old Thunder Bucket if you have to. Anything to break your pattern. Your habits can kill you. And your enemy will be watching you for HABITS.

Get a Watch Dog. It don't have to be a big bruiser of a dog or a natural born killer. It just has to bark when it sees something out of the ordinary. The best watch dog around here is a Chihuahua named Banjo and he is a devout coward. Runs from his own shadow. But you go up toward his master's house and he sounds off like crazy and he don't let up until the master comes out or you head another direction. Can't fight his way out of a wet paper bag but he sure can raise hell. Just the ticket for a homestead out in the country. Especially one that does not have enough security on guard at night.

And you are in the process of sounding the alarm to your survival clan aren't you? This close to playing smear the queer and you ain't called in the troops? It may be a little early yet but it doesn't do any harm to keep things fired up a bit. When the twig snaps, when the rubber band unwinds, you want all your survival mates to be there a.s.a.p. We will not be playing games. So stay alive.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


It looks like another dark and gloomy day here in southern Indiana. My Brother-in-Law told me at breakfast that we are supposed to see the Sun on Thursday. I must say that God knows what He is doing and we will get what we need. It is sprinkling outside and I guess we will need the water later on. I ain't gonna bitch because humans are always bitching about something and God could get a little tired of that. The book says he sits on the rim of the world and the Earth is silent before him. I can understand him keeping the noise volume down. I am allowed to pray to him and to expect a hearing but I try not to bother Him too much. Just a little courtesy, a little respect, is all it is. But I think He likes it when those who can pray to him do so. He likes it when we cry out to him and put our hope in him. After all, he is our shelter in a time of storm.

My fan up in my bedroom does not blow on me. It is down at the foot of the bed and I want it to blow between my legs. I sweat a lot and it really does bother me. Today that situation has to get solved. Period.

I have been sitting out on the porch watching folks drive to work. I sometimes question their sanity in this action. Oh, I know that everybody needs to make a living and all of that, no problem. But they go out everyday expecting the gas station to be open and having fuel. They expect the fast food joints or the deli's or the buffets to have food ready to go when they get hungry. And it may not be too awful long before that is all over. The fuel may not be there, and the food place may be closed. What are they going to do? Will they panic? Will they go home and turn on the TV and await instructions? Will they sit at home and wait for things to change back to "normal"? I am already seeing people turn out a whole lot of lights at night. The electric bills are getting a bit pricey these days. You have to pay attention! But hitting them in their pocket book is a good way to get folks attention. The wife and I have pretty much gone through our poverty trip and have come out on the other side a bit stronger than when we went in. We know answers that we did not know before. We can cut our budget to zero if we have to do it. And cutting the budget to zero is what we are facing. And so are you. When the collapse gains enough speed, the budgets go out the door and you eat what you have and you sleep where you can. And I am saying this because I believe it. I knew a couple a few decades ago that were poverty stricken. He was 15 or 20 years older than his wife. And when rent day came around he would disappear for a while when the landlord came for the rent. The landlord would go inside and spend a few hours with the wife and then he would leave and the rent would be paid up for another month. Ugly? Yeah. But that is the way it could work and that is the way it got done. But most Americans are not used to living this kind of lifestyle. I know I ain't. And I ain't gonna be. But it happens. And life can get pretty cruel at times. And like I said, Americans are not used to living that way. Back in the first depression when girls had to travel the rails and thing like that they would cut their hair real short and keep their faces dirty and wear really baggy clothes to keep from looking like girls. It was a safety precaution. It seems that the more poverty that sets in the more animalistic humanity becomes.

And for the cause of animalistic humanity we get ourselves armed. We will not allow our friends and family to be victimized and humiliated for the sake of satisfying some beast's hearts desire. It just would not be right. I have a wife and two daughters and I could no more accept them being ravished by animals than I could fly unassisted. It would just be killing time as far as I am concerned. But this is what America is looking at in the future. And other writers have tried to talk about it is a nicer manner than me but that may have to go by the way today. Rape and murder and slavery are the terms we are talking about here and they ain't too damn funny. But that is how it is when the social infrastructure breaks down. It's like the volleyball I played when I was a kid: Jungle Rules. You did what ever you could get away with. And that is what we are looking at. You take those guys with the uniforms out of the picture and you are going to have a mess on your hands. You have a nice idea with your water filter. Damn fine invention. But it would not be a thing unlikely that TWO people go out for a bucket of water. One carries the bucket and the other carries a shotgun or a rifle. Just insurance, you know. Insurance to help warrant the return of the water bearer. And America is not used to attitudes like this. Going out to the well or the creek is not something they have considered as being anywhere close to dangerous. But if you were a desperado and you wanted to do evil to a household how would you rig the game so that you would win? If you were smart you would scout them out for a few days and learn their habits. Then you would make your kill and do what you wanted to do. That is the way the big boys play it in a war zone. You counter this with stealth and perimeter patrols, with people looking for signs of other humans. You don't leave things to chance because that could make you dead. Enough for now. Stay alive.


Monday, May 17, 2010


Things are pretty wet around these parts. In fact, the wet stuff is coming down right now. But (drum roll) we got 13 rows of Cranberry Beans in the ground yesterday. 13 rows ! Man! Are we producers or what? And this rain is going to make sure we have good seed/soil contact. I do not know if we will get anything else in or not, but we got that much. The temperatures are down in the 50's and that is not making anyone very happy. But maybe we do have a 30 year cold spell coming in on us. Let it come. We will adapt or we will go down to Kemp's place in the hills of Southwestern Mississippi and get to it there. We are preppers and not afraid to do what has to be done. There is not quite enough evidence to make us move at this point, you understand, but it don't hurt to think about the future. And if the climate changes the other way, the wife and BIL have cousins in Northern Michigan not too far from the UP. But until the message is clear, we will ride it out in Southern Indiana. We're kinda familiar with it.

The word is out that there is still an ammo shortage in this country and no one has a good reason as to why. It ain't the fedgov that anyone knows about. They make their own ammo and are well supplied. And the commercial companies are running 24 X 7. So what is the score? Why is there a shortage of ammo? Are the cops stockpiling it? Something is going on and there is no reasonable explanation. I know that a couple months ago my son had my Colt Commander gone through by a gunsmith and made ready to roll. It's in sweet shape now. But he wanted to get me a box of ammo to run through the gun and he looked all over an Indiana town and could not find any. He finally hooked up with a box of Fiocchi 230 grain FMJ at an Army surplus store. And it was not cheap! I about gagged when I saw the price sticker. So what the hell is going on? We are producing, and this is my estimate from my reading, about 9+ billion rounds per month. Where in the hell is it all going? It would seem that the most ambitious survivalist would be stocked up to the gills by now. Most survivalists could have a semi-load by this time! Just curious, you know. This is big time news and it ain't making the screen. What is going on?

I am also wondering what is going on with the oil spill down in the Gulf. It has become evident to me that no one is trying to shut this damn thing off. BP is trying to recover the oil! This thing could have been stopped a month ago. Detonate one bomb right on the top of the well and it will collapse the damn well all the way down. But they are not trying to stop the gushing oil, they are trying to recover it! What are they thinking! To hell with the poor people of Louisiana and Mississippi. They want that goddamn oil! And this will show you exactly where we stand with our government. When an oil company has the power to reach inside the office of the President of the United States and maintain the biggest man-made environmental disaster in our history, in other words keep it going, then we have no representation in our government. It's over. The disconnect has transpired. The social contract is Kapoot! Lock and load! And I read all of the bullshit the media is putting out and it all makes me sick. What is the problem with this country that we cannot plug a goddamn leaking oil well? Has our morals fallen so low that we cannot bear to lose a dime, that we would risk the livelihoods of millions of people for a stinking oil well? Dear God say it isn't so. The latest word is that they are going to fill the well casing with drilling mud followed by concrete. It sure will be good to get this over with.

This day has been overcast and rainy and I will be glad to see it go. These days are made to make us appreciate the really few nice ones we get. But humans are always bitching about SOMETHING. I really feel like this year, 2010, will bring some bad times to the people of this planet. Don't ask me why, I just do. Now that BIG VOLCANO over in Iceland named Katla is starting to rumble. If that sucker goes off we have a problem, and I mean a major problem. But we will face whatever the good God of Heaven has in mind, hoping he will spare us for some purpose. But what ever our role, let us do it with good grace and hope in the future. Stay alive.


Sunday, May 16, 2010


It looks like Obama is about to institute his police state, and I want to wish him lots of luck, cause it ain't gonna work. Too many people are in the know these days and the masses will get set up to listen for a change. They have not paid attention in the past. Dubya showed their weakness to the political world and the political world is going for the chrome. Still no budget passed this year. We have no budget for 2010-2011. And it is due on the scene by next month. What so you suppose is the matter? Are we just going to finance our government by fiat, like we print our money? This could get interesting. Of course that will be interesting as in "dry heaves" being interesting. Obama carries the breath of a dog on his mouth and the odor of a fat ugly woman on his body. He is not to be trusted. He will do the bidding of the New World Order come hell or high water. These guys have the idea that the NWO is a forgone conclusion and I am here to tel; that that it is not. It is a failed experiment. It was created to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. But it has already demonstrated it's power to ruin and people are not going to go for it. But it still tries to conquer. Monsanto has donated 475 tons of seed to Haiti. What great guys! Next year they will pay tons of aid money for their seed. But that is how the system rolls. You would think that Obama would raise hell about this. He knows that that seed is. And it is going to be used to enslave people of his own race. So I guess you can say that Obama is a race traitor on top of everything else he is. Get ready for some awesome legislation this Summer. The Dark Lord is be pushing for a VAT tax, hard and heavy. He will go after cap and trade in a big way. And like I said the federal budget is not even introduced as yet. These deals will sweep over us like a tsunami. We won't have a say about a damn thing. Mayberry has an excellent expose over on his KEEP IT SIMPLE SURVIVAL website. That man can write!

The real roar has to go out to this morning. The man has produced a blog post that will reveal a large portion of the phony prep suppliers we have selling us non-hybrid seed. These guys have been getting rich off of us, all the while pretending to be our friends. I guess we deserve it because we let them do it. But will get you the real story. So you can read BASHING WILLIAM and get an idea of the rip off we have suffered and you can go to and find out the next move by the Jack-Boot in Chief. Two very good articles and further proof that blogs have more real news and facts than the mainstream media, by far. So step right up and get your education folks! Just click on these hot links and get the latest and the greatest. I am proud to know both of these guys. Great job!

One thing I am not happy about is the mainstream media's avoidance of real news. What a sickening array of infotainment. It is disheartening. And you would think that Obama, as our Commander-in-Chief, would be warning the people like a mad man. This thing is getting more ugly by the day and Obama ain't saying a damn thing about it. He should be like that guy in The Fellowship of the Ring who was getting his ass tore off in battle and was blowing the Horn of Gondor. There was no one around to answer the call but he blew it anyhow. If Obama really loved this country he would be sounding the alarm. He should be stockpiling food like a crazy man. I think we have enough grain stored away to make everyone a half a loaf of bread. How sick. This guy Obama is a real guy. We should have two years of food stored at a MINIMUM. All the rice and beans and corn imaginable. Cheese and butter and eggs should be stuffed in those caves under Kansas City and a few other places. We are culling our national dairy herd right now because the market is over supplied. Any fool would know that this is the time to stock up. You can't do it in a drought! The time of plenty is the time to stock up!

We should have a couple million M-14's stored up and a couple billion rounds of ammo to go with them. Same with the M-16's. And tell the world that America is ready to rock and roll! The Commander-in-Chief should be proud of his country and it's attitude toward invaders and aliens. Not any of this apologizing and rolling of the eyes and hapless negotiations. Stand up and tell the bad guys to back off! There are lots of things to do to make this country stronger and more ready. If we would quit bailing out the banks it would stop a lot of cash flow problems. The hard decisions have to be made and the work started to get this country back on it's feet. And it is not getting done. The bailouts have been a complete failure. I get news from all over this country and things are not getting better, they are getting worse. And get rid of that damned NOT federal reserve bank. I get so tired of the smug-faced sonovabitch Ben Bernanke doing his double talk. Get rid of the bastard! And stay alive.


Saturday, May 15, 2010


I'm writing this as the Handmaiden and the brother-in-law head out to Amishland for their usual Saturday frolic. That means I will have good eggs for breakfast for another week. The blogs were pretty good this morning except for one genius on Survival Blog. He was noting that some preppers seem to think that things will be enjoyable when full scale collapse comes. He ran that idea down pretty well. But that tells me that this person does not have a soul that hungers for freedom and fairness in this world. It is more than likely that living conditions will degrade somewhat at some point in the collapse. And that might be a physical discomfort for some but it has nothing to do with any ideals we may harbor that says the system collapsing is a good thing because it is killing us as it is. The brother writing on Survival Blog must not have taken to heart the words about the tree of liberty needing watered by the blood of tyrants AND patriots. He must have missed that class. Some folks just don't admire the smell freedom in the air. I find it very refreshing myself. Another odor I like a lot is the smell of fear coming from my enemies sweat. That really gets me into high gear. It gives me that "pour it on 'em" attitude. One of life's rare treats if you ask me!

The DJIA fell over 160 points yesterday. Love it. Let the bastards go home and worry about their little game collapsing over the week end. But as long as there is a dollar to steal they will be back. It's in their DNA. They are much like those guys the Elder Brother took a whip to back there in Jerusalem a couple thousand years ago. They called them money changers back in those days. The Elder Brother said, "The zeal of thy household hath eaten me up!" Then he took the whip to them and overturned their money tables. Put it on them! And so it will be in the days ahead. Men will think to eradicate the tick that is sucking all of their blood. Men will think to eradicate the legislative traitors who have enacted laws that make the looting possible. BEFORE WE CAN HAVE PEACE WE MUST HAVE WAR. Sorry about that but I don't make the rules. Rule making is way over my pay grade. I think it is what the Bible calls "For as a man soweth, so shall he reap." What goes around comes around.

I have been reading about Jessica Watson down in Australia. The sixteen year old girl has sailed around the world by herself. Youngest person to have ever done it. As she was sailing into Sydney Harbor she was boarded by the 18 year old guy who had held the title of youngest to circumnavigate the globe and he took it on into the harbor while she got to see the crowd that had come to greet her and welcome her home. She was sailing a 34 foot yacht named Ella's Pink Lady. She had not stepped off of the boat the whole trip. I thought about Mayberry and how he would probably love to sail that boat around the globe. He could do it too, by God.

Before I shut down for the day I would like to mention that Sarah Palin told the members of the NRA that Obama would like to take way our guns. Now, ain't that a concept. I know a bunch of people who would be goddamn pissed off it that were to arise. But I reckon that Bill Clinton will explain to Obama what will happen if he decides to take the guns. If he can in fact take the guns. I doubt that he can do it. The price is too much to pay. Stay alive.


Go to the Elected Retards and read William's story on the rip off we have been getting on non-hybrid seed. It's at



Friday, May 14, 2010


It rained last night and most planting is off the table but the wife is going to plant Parsnips in the terrace row on the hill below the porch. Something is going to get done. Yeah team! I am wanting to get in some Rutabagas to have some sort of "bulk" nutrition next Winter. Ruta's have so much more to offer than a potato it ain't even funny. And they taste good too. All I gotta do is figure out how to wax them. Rutas are waxed for storage. I do not know why but I bet I find out. We had fried chicken for supper last night. I can eat fried chicken until I just can't eat any more. God must have had me in mind when he caused the dish to be invented. I am not getting much done on solving the problem of no chicken coop and it is bumming me out. I will just have to be patient and wait until the time is exactly right. Eggs for breakfast is a wonderful thing, especially when the eggs are not those factory, watery things you get from the store. Our radishes and cabbages are doing well. My garlic is looking VERY healthy. First time I have ever grown garlic. I also found out my wife, the Handmaiden, has some cilantro growing in the terrace row. It is only fit and proper that I grow some onions to make salsa. Homemade salsa. It just does not get any better than that.

I cannot stress the importance of growing cheap food to you. There are some surprises coming up and you don't want to be caught needing food. And if you think for one minute that the fedgov will take care of you I wish to say that you are horribly wrong. Our people in the fedgov are the most inept bunch of idiots on the planet. What ever way they go you can bet it is the wrong way. If we have a hundred million people starving you can almost predict that the fedgov will find some totally useless place to spend the money. And Obama will give a great speech explaining why it had to be done. But that shit will stop pretty soon too, because there is not going to BE any money for helping anybody. Our money will become toilet paper. You can use it to wipe your butt or start a fire. Branches off of trees will be worth more than our money. You can use tree branches to cook food or heat a dwelling and those are are real world accomplishments that need looked into. Last year I bought a couple of bow saws for cutting branches. I also have a "new in the package" 12" Mill Bastard file. I have been around saws of one kind or another for decades. I can generally get them to cut. Yessir.

I just checked the DJIA and it was down 180-some points for the day, so far. Things could be getting a little rough on Wall Street. Poor babies. Don't they realize that Wall Street will likely be razed to the ground in a short while? Don't they realize how much the American public hates them? Do they understand how they have blackened the name of most businesses in this country? I still remember when Goldman Sucks handed out guns to a lot of their guys. Getting ready to make your escape fellas? Got the Limos ready for the trip to the airport? All the food goodies stashed on the island? And the wine and the girls and the drugs? Probably have the bigger, heavier guns already on the island so you can repel angry representatives of decent governments. Are you sure the the medicine on hand will be enough? And are the doctors and nurses all taken care of? Whew! This instant expatriate stuff is complicated, ain't it? I have often wondered about the similarity of TRADER and TRAITOR. And as the days move on I find the difference almost meaningless.

Gonna shut down on this post and have an afternoon of talking treason and drinking a couple beers with the Handmaiden. Her suggestion. Stay alive.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Howdy and good morning to you all. It has been a pleasant morning so far and we are enjoying it. The garden will be checked for moisture content but it is not going to be acceptable, we think. It just got too damn much water yesterday and the days before. We think it will get into the high 80's today and that should be drying things out a bit. I hope so. I want to get the seed in the ground. It has been my observation that you can't get a garden to grow unless you get the seed in the ground. Once the seed is in the ground you run into other things to worry about but that is beside the point. Ain't no sense worrying about weeds and water until there are plants there a growing. We will follow our regular method of preserving things and thus guaranteeing that we have food this Winter and next Spring. You can't have too much preserved food. If you can't eat all of it there will damn sure be someone who will help you get the job done.

I want to give Chinasyndrome a heads up this morning. He has three blogs he writes to and he has kept 'em pretty well stocked up this week. China doesn't try to be erudite or anything like that. He just sort of writes in a common vernacular and make his point in a simple manner. And he writes the damnedest questions you ever read. Real simple questions, easy to understand but difficult for the Powers That Be to answer. Give him a look. He ain't hard to find. You can pick up his trail at and work from there. You'll be keeping good company. You can also get on and have a pretty good time. You can reach him via email at This guy knows a lot about the SEED business. He can save you a TON OF MONEY. Just get on him and tell him to give up the data. He's a Prince of a fella and will give you the low down on what is what. He told me that we preppers have been take to the cleaners on what we pay for non-hybrid seed. He really has an amazing story to tell. And speaking of non-hybrid seed, we had beans last night. Home grown Cranberry beans. Cooked with a little bit of ham and some onion. Delicious! Those beans are so flavorful as to be unbelievable. Just put the stuff in a crock pot and go do other things. A little bit before supper you just put on some cornbread and sit tight. You will have some fantastic eating ahead of you.

The DJIA is shuckin' and jivin' today. A little bit down as I last checked. Who cares? Not I. The word is out that Angela Merkel is going to take Germany off of the Euro and put in back on the Mark. I would laugh my ass off at this. I have two beers stashed in the 'fridge and I would drink them in celebration of Merkel sticking to her anti-bail out position. It has been so long since a politician showed any kind of principle in this tired old world of ours. And the deal over in the Eu is the same old tired song and dance that we has played by our American orchestra. Take mega-bucks of taxpayer money and pay off all the banks bad debts. Make all their balance sheets look like gold. And the dumb or crooked moves they made with their money originally is all covered over and of no account any longer. The tax payers are out a trillion or so but who worries about them? They can pay the money back for DECADES. The stupid sheeple will never know the difference. Champagne for the House! The world is safe for banking again. My, don't it give you that warm fuzzy feeling? But the Irish and the Greeks are saying no deal and they are rioting their asses off. I can agree with them.

As a parting shot I just read that the next 2000 page bill to go before congress will be the financial reform act. All kinds of spy shit on the American public and two new bureaucracies will be formed. Spy on the citizens and make government bigger. We are to pay and pay and pay. Don't give the people any type of break. Keep their noses to the ground at all times. I reckon they must deserve it, cause they are sure going to get it. Stay alive.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


And we get a very wet planting day to start the cycle. It's been raining cats and dogs for about an hour and a half so far. But there will be a day of opportunity and the planting will begin. Seems to always happen that way. But my son wants to start installing our new bath tub today and we will be around to help. The old tub is not going to last much longer and we can get water to it even if the power goes off, so a new tube it is. My son is helping us out financially to get this task accomplished. I ain't used to those circumstances. Not at all. But it is his idea and not mine. We shall see how it works out. His thinking is that the tub will not last for the "maybe" two years he will be away to Las Vegas for an RN nursing degree. He only has to take one class and then a year of clinicals. He is a pretty damn good Paramedic and he will add to his income and his expertise with an RN degree. He has sisters and a mother in Las Vegas and will probably get free rooming for his trouble. I am just afraid that he has no idea of what Las Vegas might be headed into this year. Things could get pretty messy out there. He just does not believe that a collapse is coming and I believe it is already here. So we go on with what there is and hope for the best.

I have had the computer shut off twice already this morning as the thunderheads have shed their lightning. It seem to have abated for a while so I am typing once again. The weather radar says we may have a break now. The thunderheads I see on the radar are at St. Louis. The wife saw old Mad Tech, the Great Blue Heron, last night. He has been feeding like a mad man in his absence. He has really picked up the weight. I told the wife that Mad Tech is in his weight gain mode after his Winter cut-back. He has been eating frogs and worms and fish and whatever suits his fancy and lots of it. The five ducks in the lake were all out in full force last night. They are picking up weight also. Winter is hard on critters.

Life is hard these days, especially for a low income guy like me. And I have had to prep without much money. But I have managed and God has seen to it that things get bought. It is really amazing what has been wrought. We have our emergency food stash. This land that we live on has huge amounts of water. If the soil will dry out we will have a good garden and thus more food in storage. It all works together for good. Sometimes I would like to take the wife out to dinner but we can't afford it and we eat better than we can buy anyhow. The Handmaiden is a pretty good cook. It just takes some getting used to in order to enjoy life on a smaller and slower level. But it can be done and it is pretty nice once you get used to it. You start noticing things you never saw before. You are not constantly reaching for your wallet. Conversations start to have real meaning. You feel like you might be gaining on the learning curve. And the wife has been a big help in acquiring our prep goodies. Couldn't have done it without her. At least I don't think I could have. I reckon if things were to be then they just happen. But I will give credit where credit is due. Lots of folks have contributed to my preps and I am eternally grateful to them and the God who caused them. I hear more rumbling and must get off line. Stay live.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Strange thing. It's almost noon and the stock market is still down a bit, about $11. I figured the bounce that started yesterday would continue into Wednesday, at least. But the presidential push team will take over when it looks like another bad day. The politicians do not like bad days! It will probably come up a bit and make some good news. I could give a damn less. No money in it for me either way.

I saw lot of good articles on the blogs this morning. It does not seem like anybody is buying the happy days are here again bit from Wall Street. People seem to be more interested in home defense and food storage. Both subjects are getting a lot of space.

One thing I have decide in my own mind is about the use of the word ZOMBIE in writing about survival topics. I have decided that is it very appropriate and well used. A Zombie is the living dead. They are up and shuffling around but they are dead. And the masses of citizens in this country warrant classification as Zombies. There is no life in them. They go about their daily routine and accept their lot in life without question. But they have no initiative or original thinking. When faced with the possibility of a social breakdown they do whatever the TV tells them is best to do. They are mindful of everything a politician tells them. They are very difficult to converse with. You leave certain blank spaces in your conversation so that they might express their opinion and you quickly find out they have none. They scrupulously avoid doing anything extra to maintain their lifestyle. No survival garden on THEIR property. Their main source of food is the deli section of the local convenience store. If it ain't processed food then it ain't food! And getting our hands on real food is going to be a major part of our survival effort in the future.

I have gotten a line on a place to buy open pollinated corn. It is the real deal or at least looks that way. It's at They will sell you open pollinated seed corn, enough to plant a whole farm if you care to do it. And the price is going to be reasonable. One of my favorite terms, "the price is reasonable." The open pollinated seed sellers on the survival sites are getting rich off of us. We ought to be getting some other sources. I'll turn the crowd on to what I find if you care to check things out. If anyone has a good place to buy open pollinated seed "at reasonable prices", let me know and I will get the word out.

The Handmaiden is cooking Millet for supper. I had a taste of it and it ain't bad. I can't chew it because I have no teeth but the flavor is good. The trouble with it is that it is so damn small. I can chew a steak or a pork chop or a salad but those Millet grains are just too damn tiny for me to get a hold of. Stealth Survival had a good recipe for Pemmican that I want the Handmaiden to try and make. That stuff lasts a long time and has high nutritional value. I'll be signing off now and hoping you have a good day. Stay alive.


Monday, May 10, 2010


I have waited until Monday afternoon to write this post. Just was not in the mood after listening to a verbal barrage that was intended to humble me at a meeting last night. I was not humbled. I was actually a bit ashamed of my antagonist. He could get nothing on me and therefore stayed in the realm of inuendo and generalities. I couldn't be bothered to mount an offensive. How do you fight warm air? It is all over my talking about the collapse and the troubles coming down the road. This guy did not want to hear about it. He wants to stay in the spirit and not deal with things of a negative effect. And it is true that there is no high like the Most High. But my talk, which prompted the reply, was about growing extra food for people in the village. Food prices are way up and don't look to be going down and there are a lot of kids who will need to eat. I said it was time to start being fatherly and looking out for those who don't have what it takes to prepare. Not a real heavy message but one that could start something for the benefit of everyone. Oh well. We will see if anyone was helped or not. I gave it a shot.

The market today is giving us the Big Bounce. It should last until Wednesday with no problem. A lot of the loss incurred last week will be made up but probably not all of it. Then we get back to the real world again. And the real world is that there is not reason for a stock market boom to be going on. No new products. No new mineral discoveries. No new manufacturing. Nothing of any real interest. "Nothing new here. Just same shit different day. Keep moving." And for all the cheerleading and noise making and media manipulating, there just ain't a damn thing worth putting your money into. America has all of her money tied up in twenty million empty homes. Let's see $100,000 apiece that is over two trillion dollars. Quite a stash of cash for being empty homes. Homes they can't sell. Wonder why there is no money moving around the country now. So don't get any ideas that the bad times are going way beecause they are not. The fat lady has sung. We partied down for a few years on all that construction money and now it is over and we have to declare poverty. Seems like wanting to grow some food for those too young and those too stupid to prepare is not a bad thing to do. Times could get rough.

The market is close and it's up $404. Not a bad number for something that is really not there. It is all because Europe has supposedly pledged a billion Euros to back it's debt. Again, let me remind you that none of this billion Euro pledge is made up or based upon anything of value. It is pulled out of the air and consequently has about that much value. The stock brokers are all beating themselves on the back and congratulating themselves no end. Just like they did when the stock market hit 14,000 a few short years ago, you remember, right before it went to six or secen thousand. These bounces are nothing to invest it, folks. They can go away like a puff of smoke on a breezy day.

Things are not so hot with the weather. It does not get cold and it does not get hot. But tomorrow is supposed to get to 72 and that should be nice. We are to plant garden Wednesday and it is to rain. But that is part of the game. Old enemy Thunder Storm will fall asleep at the wheel after a while and the seeds will go into the ground. Then of course, we will be looking for rain. Ah, the fickleness of it all. Stay alive.


Sunday, May 9, 2010


I got an interesting email from Remus this morning. It was a post from another blog. The guy writing said that there had been a big battle between the impersonal global economic system and the concept of nation states. The global economic system beat the living hell out of the nation state idea and we are about to watch the nation states disintegrate. I don't think many of us can disagree with this analysis. It's pretty much right on the money. What Remus sent me was not very long so I read it twice. I noticed that not many stood up and fought back for the nation states. Loyalty amongst the masses was sorely lacking. Or maybe there was not much loyalty to be found within the nations state's government. Maybe the masses were sold out like we have been. They probably were. And you can wonder how this could happen on a global basis. I say wonder no more. The international central banks are the culprits. The Bilderburgers and the tri-lateralists and the international banks were the mechanism. These folks are the octopus that has spread it's tentacles into every facet of every one's lives. And they are merely part of the conspiracy we now call the New World Order. The NWO is merely a bill of goods sold to the masses to make them think that everything is going to be alright. And we all have learned that the NWO bill of goods is just a bunch of hog crap. It's all about power and money and control of us little guys who dwell way down the totem poll of the Powers That Be. But the good God in his infinite mercy has let a bunch of us communicate and compare notes and we know something about what is going on. And it might be for the saving of a few of us. We are armed and loaded up on food and first aid and any goodies we can think of or afford. We also have attitudes and they count for a bunch.

The NWO has us where they where they think they want us. The banks and all their loans will be the main factor in deciding this. They will say that all loans will have to be paid off. I say they can rot in hell! None of us made the decision to print and loan that money. None of us made the decision as to who GOT the money. And really this is all smoke and mirrors because the money is ours to begin with. Our printing presses were used. Our Treasury made out the notes. Our central bank, the (not) federal reserve, has given all of our enemies in the banking class all that money at no interest. They in turn loan it out to the owners of the money at a higher rate of interest. They have it rigged to get you coming and going. You owe and your government owes. They hold the I.O.U. for both parties. We are all supposed to get in line and march as we are told. What a plan!

But it ain't gonna work because we ain't gonna pay! How about that, banksters? You are going to fail in your mission of enslavement. The victims are going to run out on you. You will be left holding a worthless bag of paper. It will at least make a firestarter for us to use as we burn your buildings down, like they did over in Greece. When the people get pissed it is too bad for you! And the people are going to get very pissed off. I could go so far as to say EXTREMELY pissed off. If you fedgov trolls bother to read the comments on my blog you will note that there are in fact some angry people out there in fly-over country. And like I said, we are armed and have food and medical. We have water and gardens. We ain't looking for trouble so much as promising to NOT AVOID it. The only thing I will avoid is your bullets. I will be behind a large hardwood tree. Very tough to shoot through. You will not know where I am but I will know where you are and I will make your life very miserable, until it ends. The Greeks are burning Athens. The cops are catching hell on a daily basis. The cops are going to get tired of taking the fires and bricks pretty soon. But I think there will be a lot more burning of government buildings and banks before it is all over. You see, we know too much now and you are going to pay for all the shenanigans. It will come to America pretty damn soon. Obama is trying to get ready, if he can take care of the other fires licking at his hindquarters at the moment. He really does not have too many friends in this ol' world. His actions and the actions of past presidents have left a bad taste in the world's mouth. And I am the mouthwash. Step right up and get your bad taste removed! "Forget all you troubles, forget all your cares and go out of town, things will be great when you're out of town!" Thank you Pet Clarke. My my, it seems these days we always get back to starving the beast. Mayberry is right about that. Right on the money. They tell me that a big portion of the people are into the "black" economy these days. Whatever would possess a people to do that? Why, it's illegal. Taxes are not being paid. Don't you support the fedgov? HAH!

I think that La Violencia will pay us a visit within a month. How long it stays to visit is another matter. Not that I give a damn. Better to be a casualty than a slave. It's all coming our way folks and you had better get ready for it. And stay alive.


Saturday, May 8, 2010


I just re-read The Coming Economic Depression again this morning. The Economic Analyst had a long list of guys who predicted that this year will be the collapse . Start looking to see violence breaking out. About six million people are going to run out of unemployment benefits pretty quick and they are going to be hard pressed to make it. Hard pressed as in Impossible. It is hard to imagine that this is happening to America. But our money is no good and our credit is no good and our manufacturing machine needs to be patched up and grown a bit. We don't need to be fighting all over the place like we are now either so we could save a bunch of money if we brought the troops home. Of course we would have to put them on unemployment once they got home, but that is cheaper than keeping them overseas.

Your net worth in the future will be determined by how close you live to your food source. A well off man will live at his food source. Poor people will live a long way from their food source. I am trying to tell you something here. And that something is you had better be able to produce your own food. And you produce food on ground, not on concrete or asphalt. It kinda helps if you don't have real close neighbors to steal your crops from you, also. And your crops will damn sure get taken. Don't think they won't. Those people who ridiculed us, and who still do, will take your food and not think a thing about it. You got it and they need it. Pretty simple thing in their mind. Sorta goes back to the "profits are personal and losses are public" sort of thing. The wife went to buy some vegetables at a cheapo version of Krogers today and the Zucchini was $3 a pound. Brussel Sprouts were $4 a pound. You toucha my squash and I breaka your face! She did not even bother to check the prices of tomatoes, but she will go back in a couple days and get those prices. Cliff in Georgia will have the lowdown on that I would imagine. I'll hear from him in a day or two. I remember last Fall when one of the Rothschild family said they were going to get into buying vegetables in India this year. They will resell them into Europe and make a fortune. Funny how guys like that always seem to know how the market is going to run. You don't suppose that...naw... couldn't be. I reckon that the environmentalists who shut down that big vegetable growing valley in California are happy now. Bastards. But, like Ilargi was putting up on her Automatic Earth blog, the major things going bad are the direct fault of man and not nature.

I am thinking about the genetics of certain people. I look at the credit default swaps that are going to completely bankrupt the world. Now they can't bankrupt me because I went through my financial shaking a couple of years ago and am now pretty clear. I get some nasty phone calls but they don't seem to bother me. If they are a collection agency then I just hang up. I sort of enjoy it. Wife refuses to answer the phone so it falls to me. But laying that aside, who would formulate a plant to enslave their brother? Because that is what has been done. The banksters aim to enslave us all for the rests of our lives. And they will try to get their hands on what our kids and grandkids make, if they can. And this is what makes me wonder about these people. Taking a persons sustenance is like murder. These people are killers. And there is a guy in the Bible who is called a killer from the beginning. And if it is from the beginning then the blood line goes back quite a long ways. Not pointing any fingers you understand, but just noticing things. I was reading an article on RENSE today and it was talking about the Ashkenazi Jews. It would seem that they are not related to the Jews of historical Israel at all. They were sort of coerced into becoming Jews sometime after 700 a.d. and have been trouble ever since. Every Premier of Israel has been one of these Ashkenazi guys. I mean, I'm just saying. I don't know what it all means, but it will come out in the wash. Stay alive.


Friday, May 7, 2010


Looks like the makings of another beautiful day here in southern Indiana. I've been told it will rain this afternoon but I don't care. Our steady-eddie puddle down on the lane will get a good refreshing. And that will keep the dust down. I just checked the market and the DJIA is down about $180 at 10:50 a.m. If this keeps up I am going to call "COLLAPSE" and drink a beer. A little celebration will be in order for the good guys! And things can get real rough and I know it and I don't look forward to any of my friends going through hard times or getting hurt, but I am also sick of the people who cried out it will be over soon and everything will be back to normal. As Mayberry would say, "Morons!" This ain't no blip on the screen, this is a full scale unraveling of the system under which we live. And I have earnestly sought it for 45 years. Hell I knew the system was crooked when I was still wet behind the ears. All it has done has been to spread the ugliness around the globe so that all of our imitators could get a dose of the same reality we are about to get. Welcome to the party, suckers! We all go down the drain together! But the prepper may not be so bad off as you who believed it could not happen. IT CAN HAPPEN! By the way I just checked the market and it is only $19 down, Going back it was $90 some dollars down. This could get wild. The wife is bringing home a twelve pack of Miller Lite and she and I and the brother-in-law will sit out on the porch and have a Bonfire of the Vanities party this evening. I thought that was an appropriate name.

But to get away from the DJIA for a while, the brother-in-law planted a plot of Sunflowers this morning, right outside his door. We can eat the things or the wife can grind the seeds and make flour for bread. It is a good substitute if you can't grow wheat or you are allergic to it.

It is now the dark early hours of Saturday morning, May 8, 2010. The market dumped about half a trillion dollars on Thursday and Friday this week. The collapse is on! Don't doubt it. And don't expect the media to tell you about it. And for God's sake don't believe anything a politician says. We are staring at the Wrath of God right now. Your time to do anything is limited. If you have already started to prepare then you have something to build on. If you have not started to prepare then you are between a rock and a hard place. Get busy.


Thursday, May 6, 2010


It's another beautiful morning here at at the homeplace. The air is so clear that there cannot be any humidity. If I could only schedule these kind of days for July and August. We all slept like rocks last night. My wife and brother-in-law are going to the garden shortly to throw rocks out of the dirt. The rocks are not all that much trouble but they are both well rested and full of hope for the future of food production and so they will be off to the dirt post haste. I give them my blessing. It beats having them be the kind of people who would sit around with a crack pipe and do nothing all day. But they are not the kind of folks to do nothing. Guaranteed. I loaned my brother-in-law an 870 Wingmaster this morning. Gave him some 00 Buck and a box of #8 shot to play with. He knows what to do and I feel better with him armed. I should have armed him months ago but my mind was not on the subject but I have taken care of it now. It is a good gun and works fine. It has an extended tube and holds 6 shots counting one in the chamber. You can hose down an area mighty quick with that devil. Neither one of us wants to have trouble but we are not backing down from any. Savvy?

I just checked the DJIA and it is down 83 points at 11:30 a.m. I don't know about all of this down market we are having. A voice said the market would go back up and then collapse. Has it gone back up all it will manage? Hard to say. But if this thing keeps dropping then you all had better get your butts in gear for survival preps as best you can. I am afraid that when this thing goes it will hurt this country like it has never been hurt before. Pete Smith better get the hell out of California if it blows. I worry about him. But whatever happens I now he will be prepared and that COUNTS. Cash will be King for a while after the system collapses and then it will be whatever anyone will take for whatever you want to buy. I think that will be called BARTER.

I got me some more Beta Blockers yesterday. Glad to see those little devils added to my stash. Medicine will be a very nice thing to have in the coming bad times. The Handmaiden will be gathering herbs and such as fast as she can pick 'em. Those free greens are loaded with things that will do you a world of good. We have had nettles and dandelion greens already this Spring. Lambs Quarters will be coming on line real soon too. Besides having lots of good fiber these plants have some great nutritional benefits to go along with plain old gut packing. If you read Lew Rockwell dot com you will find he has a health article about every day, six days a week. I have found some very good stuff on that site. Very good indeed. Unless my friend from Maryland gets back here pretty soon I am about where I am going to be for ammo. But I will manage. On account of I HAVE to manage. I think it is pertinent to the discussion that I say that I am not telling you these things just to make a word count on a post. I don't play that game. I am doing it to let you know that I am serious about prepping and that I do it every day I possibly can. The wife has salad vegetables growing just below our porch and I can keep them covered with my shotgun at all times I am awake. #8 shot will do the job quite handily. The garden, while not guarded, does have a solar powered fence around it. Actually, it has TWO solar chargers keeping the fence hot. Two wires, two chargers. It helps to take a leak down there once in a while. A lot of animals are really bummed out by the smell of human urine. If you try this technique, do not urinate on the hot wires. Not good.

I just checked the market again and gold is almost $1200 an ounce and the DJIA is falling. Almost classic collapse conditions. I may be ahead of the game but it sure is getting interesting. And it is good to see it right now because I think when this thing falls it is going to hit like a thunderclap and we won't get a whole lot of warning. God is merciful, however, and may give us some time to do some more prepping. Always keep prepping, What you have on hand now you won't have to search for in a few weeks. Life will be easier that way. And don't forget clothes and feminine products and things like that. Your tooth paste and dental floss and all that stuff you will be wanting. If it goes so far down that the trucks have to stop running then you are in a world of hurt. Stay live.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


It's a beautiful morning. Clouds going overhead slowly like strange ships of the air. Supposed to get into the 80's today. I think the ground is warming up and the garden should get a good start next Monday. The kids are walking sooo slowly to the bus in the morning. And they will be going to school up into June this year. Too many snow days this last Winter. I feel sorry for them. Who would want to spend these beautiful Spring days in NWO propaganda classes? It must seem like a real waste of time. And that is mostly what school is all about. You learn your social rules and how to behave and what is expected of you and then you are turned loose to make a living. No wonder we have such an unsettled group of youth in this country. But we ain't seen the half of it yet. When they finally realize how much they have been lied to they will be furious. Might not do them any good though, if they are too weak from hunger to do anything about it. Or their minds are not functioning properly because of protein deficiency. I hate this society. But people bought into the game and now they get the prize. No sense beating a dead horse. And it looks like it is a dead horse, for sure. Look at what is being done to the people and they are not doing jack shit about it. They are under surveillance every where they go. Their emails and their blogs are read all the time. Their money and their country are being stolen at a rapid rate by the greedy ones. And they sit in front of their TV's and listen to the media tell them that everything is getting better and that it is onward and upward. What a bunch of duds. A dud is a round that never went off. It's a misfire, a defective piece of crap. Better to have not even got into the chamber.

I hear tell we had a primarily election yesterday here in the great state of Indiana. Ol' Dan Coats won the Republican primary and will run for the US Senate. I can guarantee you that I will not vote for him. He is part of the Washington machine. He has been making his living off of who he knows for a long time. He retired from the Senate because Evan Bayh decide to run and he knew he would get his ass whipped to a bloody froth if he tried to beat Evan. But Evan is retiring and the miserable Coats smells opportunity. Look out! Another sell out is on the way to power! Don't you just love the way this country is run? Anything Obama and his minions want to enact, as long as it will help Coats and his big business buddies, will get Coats' vote. But that is the way the voters have decided and that is the way it shall be. That the voters are suicidal means nothing. Coats ran on the motto "Hoosier Values." Ain't no value this Hoosier ever claimed.

In reading articles and stories, from time to time I feel like I am not part of the main body of humanity. I am not part of the herd of humans who populate this country and this world. It brings to mind a passage of scripture that talks about being in the world but not of the world. I am standing on the planet along with the rest of you but I don't seem to see things like the rest of the world sees them. Do you ever feel that way? Could it be an indication of the origin of your soul? Is it a clue to your real identity? Does it tie you in with a whole new family? Why can't you just roll over and accept what is dished out to you by the Powers That Be? Why are you so damned different from the mass of humanity? You have probably used the word 'masses' before but this might give you a better understanding of what you are really saying.

You know, we have suffered ridicule and hatefulness because of our stand in the way of the world. We see it as being in a terrific state of peril. And it is in peril. Peril as has never been seen before. More peril that has ever been wrought by any army of history. A peril that will destroy maybe billions of our fellow man. We talk about it but we are ignored, passed off as crazy folks who haven't got it together. So we continue to be in the world but not of the world. But we are surrounded by folks who cannot see the trees because of the leaves. And these people are of this world. These people will become our enemies in the days ahead. And I didn't make it that way but I have to live with it just like you. Be careful and stay alive.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


No rain this week was the forecast. So we had Thundershowers all night. Thus another example of the forecasters art. But we are to see the 80's this week so things should dry out okay. We are supposed to put in our garden starting next Monday. I dread the work but I relish the thought of all of those great preps we will get out of the deal. Not much doubt about what is in the food if you grew it yourself. And the ingredients are what count. Your health and well being are of great importance in the coming bad times and you should do your best to keep them in top shape. You can only be of help if you are strong and healthy.

I have decided that I do not like taxes. They are a rip-off and we have very little to do with how they are spent. It is like having a crazy King to whom you give money and he turns around and puts you in prison because he doesn't like the color of your hair. Or he makes a bunch of his buddies rich with your money. It's insane. And the more of the insanity I see the more I think STARVE THE BEAST is the way to go. It is not an easy road to travel but it can be done. It takes discipline. You just have to say NO to things you now say YES to. Buy as little stuff that requires sales tax as you can possibly do without. Pay everything as late as you can pay it. Paying on time makes THEIR SYSTEM run better, not necessarily your system. Be real cagey about this because you don't want to pay them a bunch of late fees that will swell their bottom line. STAY OUT OF COURT. Going to court puts you in the heart of the beast and costs you money. Grow as much of your food as you can. Get a garden in and load it up with stuff that you can store for a long time. And do not store food in freezers! Costs like hell and will go up in cost. I know a man who is a leader of a people on Georgia. He has a small church on several acres and he has let his people build homes on the property. This year he put in a 15 acre garden. He's about 75 or 80 so he didn't do much of the work but he sure got them younger ones out there to hit it. But this is a man who plans for the future. A future he does not look at with fondness at this point. At least not from a human outlook. He has always invested in land and built lakes and bought cattle. Don't know that they ever made much money off of the cattle and land but it sure is looking good now! They have a place to live and beef on the hoof and fish in the lakes and fish in the river that flows through the property. That 15 acre garden is sure going to put a big dent in their grocery bill. But they will eat and have a roof over their head and make out okay and they will NOT BE FEEDING THE BEAST. He has told his people that they can only put HALF of their garden in the freezer this year. The rest goes into glass jars. The back of his church is a big kitchen where they can all eat. Lots of stoves and freezers and shelves and stainless steel sinks and all that paraphernalia plus a lot of tables and chairs. But if the electricity goes out they can cook outside just fine and dandy.

To make things a little interesting I was looking at story on Prison Planet this evening. It was about the $140 billion bailout of Greece, of which the USA is contributing $8 billion dollars. Eight billion bucks we are gonna put in the pot for Greek to get out of the hole and just have one loan to pay off. But if you read the story you find that the money is going to pay off the banks who own the bonds that Grcece has been coasting along on. That $140 billion is going to the banksters! They will not lose a cent! And Goldman-Sachs will have another record breaking bonus this next quarter. I am sure the banks will toast us with fine Champagne for our generosity. And that money was originally from our taxes or debt to be paid for with our taxes. We have got to starve this beast. It has gone insane. Stay alive.


Monday, May 3, 2010


Hot weekend for news. TWO Internet publications put out the story on the North Koreans using a mini-submarine to blow the oil rig in the Gulf to smithereens. But one is just a re-write of the other and it is a little hard to tell who is right and who blowing smoke. Mighty interesting story. The plot of the story is that Obama has put a block on any news going out about the incident. Top secret hush-hush type of thing. We are supposed to go along with some sort of mechanical failure story and Obama has a posse of minions trying to solve the problem of the leaking oil well. If the story is true I would say that Obama's ass ain't worth the powder to blow it up. If the story is true then South Korea should become an island. But, a big old nuclear non-proliferation conference is scheduled to start today at the UN. Obama will give a pretty speech to the general assembly and receive thunderous applause. He likes that. I remember that Joe Biden said that Obama would be tested and maybe the test is on. There are a lot of nasty bastards out there who would like to successfully test Mr. Obama. But this is the long anticipated month of May and who the hell knows what is in the cards at this point in the game. The web-bot guys are saying there is a rising tension in the linguistics coming up and it will build for quite a while. We may get worn out from too many emergencies. A non-prepper female told my wife that she is about to buy some storage food. She is a stubborn chick but she is pretty damn smart. I think she will be okay. She will do it right.

The oilslick grows and men can't stop it. They will try and they might get it and they may not. But it will play havoc with the Gulf Coast. Lotsa money will be lost down there. Shrimp ain't that big a deal. Indiana has plenty of shrimp. We raise 'em right here. You want shrimp, we got 'em. Lots of other places raise shrimp these days. We import a bunch from Southeast Asia. This came about when a bunch of hurricanes stomped all over the shrimp grounds in the Gulf and business men had to look elsewhere for a product. Times change and so did the shrimp business. But a lot of things are going to change in the next short amount of years.

The last time I checked the DJIA was up a bunch and looks to be gaining back what it lost last week. Fine with me. I just hope none of my friends and readers are tied up in that ball of worms. You need to be investing in things that can make you a living in a much less complex society. Something that can keep you alive. Think on that!

The change that is coming will be unlike any change we have ever experienced. It will be devastating. Mind boggling. We can only hold on tight and hope we make it. The scum of the earth will come out and attempt to rule us. They will have force and brutality to back their play. They will be trying to enslave us and we will be trying to feed ourselves and raise our children properly. Not exactly a good fit. Two different outlooks that are not compatible. It is not the nature of intelligent people to submit to slavery. It is a thankless and degrading way to live. But you can buy yourself some freedom if you prepare. You can store up food so you don't have to go into town and pass through checkpoints on the way to some government store. It's hard to grab you if you ain't there. Live out in the country where there are miles and miles between you and the cities. Get some guns and ammo so you can defend yourself and those friends who will be on the trip with you. There will not be a lot of pressure brought to bear on those who are a guaranteed casualty maker out in the farm and forest land. You just have to make it stick. EVERYBODY has to make it stick. When it comes your time to resist then get your ass to resisting. Win or lose they have to know that we will make them pay and pay dearly. Stay alive.