Sunday, May 16, 2010


It looks like Obama is about to institute his police state, and I want to wish him lots of luck, cause it ain't gonna work. Too many people are in the know these days and the masses will get set up to listen for a change. They have not paid attention in the past. Dubya showed their weakness to the political world and the political world is going for the chrome. Still no budget passed this year. We have no budget for 2010-2011. And it is due on the scene by next month. What so you suppose is the matter? Are we just going to finance our government by fiat, like we print our money? This could get interesting. Of course that will be interesting as in "dry heaves" being interesting. Obama carries the breath of a dog on his mouth and the odor of a fat ugly woman on his body. He is not to be trusted. He will do the bidding of the New World Order come hell or high water. These guys have the idea that the NWO is a forgone conclusion and I am here to tel; that that it is not. It is a failed experiment. It was created to make the rich richer and the poor poorer. But it has already demonstrated it's power to ruin and people are not going to go for it. But it still tries to conquer. Monsanto has donated 475 tons of seed to Haiti. What great guys! Next year they will pay tons of aid money for their seed. But that is how the system rolls. You would think that Obama would raise hell about this. He knows that that seed is. And it is going to be used to enslave people of his own race. So I guess you can say that Obama is a race traitor on top of everything else he is. Get ready for some awesome legislation this Summer. The Dark Lord is be pushing for a VAT tax, hard and heavy. He will go after cap and trade in a big way. And like I said the federal budget is not even introduced as yet. These deals will sweep over us like a tsunami. We won't have a say about a damn thing. Mayberry has an excellent expose over on his KEEP IT SIMPLE SURVIVAL website. That man can write!

The real roar has to go out to this morning. The man has produced a blog post that will reveal a large portion of the phony prep suppliers we have selling us non-hybrid seed. These guys have been getting rich off of us, all the while pretending to be our friends. I guess we deserve it because we let them do it. But will get you the real story. So you can read BASHING WILLIAM and get an idea of the rip off we have suffered and you can go to and find out the next move by the Jack-Boot in Chief. Two very good articles and further proof that blogs have more real news and facts than the mainstream media, by far. So step right up and get your education folks! Just click on these hot links and get the latest and the greatest. I am proud to know both of these guys. Great job!

One thing I am not happy about is the mainstream media's avoidance of real news. What a sickening array of infotainment. It is disheartening. And you would think that Obama, as our Commander-in-Chief, would be warning the people like a mad man. This thing is getting more ugly by the day and Obama ain't saying a damn thing about it. He should be like that guy in The Fellowship of the Ring who was getting his ass tore off in battle and was blowing the Horn of Gondor. There was no one around to answer the call but he blew it anyhow. If Obama really loved this country he would be sounding the alarm. He should be stockpiling food like a crazy man. I think we have enough grain stored away to make everyone a half a loaf of bread. How sick. This guy Obama is a real guy. We should have two years of food stored at a MINIMUM. All the rice and beans and corn imaginable. Cheese and butter and eggs should be stuffed in those caves under Kansas City and a few other places. We are culling our national dairy herd right now because the market is over supplied. Any fool would know that this is the time to stock up. You can't do it in a drought! The time of plenty is the time to stock up!

We should have a couple million M-14's stored up and a couple billion rounds of ammo to go with them. Same with the M-16's. And tell the world that America is ready to rock and roll! The Commander-in-Chief should be proud of his country and it's attitude toward invaders and aliens. Not any of this apologizing and rolling of the eyes and hapless negotiations. Stand up and tell the bad guys to back off! There are lots of things to do to make this country stronger and more ready. If we would quit bailing out the banks it would stop a lot of cash flow problems. The hard decisions have to be made and the work started to get this country back on it's feet. And it is not getting done. The bailouts have been a complete failure. I get news from all over this country and things are not getting better, they are getting worse. And get rid of that damned NOT federal reserve bank. I get so tired of the smug-faced sonovabitch Ben Bernanke doing his double talk. Get rid of the bastard! And stay alive.



chinasyndrome said...

Michael,with that post, I nominate You for President.But alas,common sense doesn't seem to work in government.However if as many Americans as possible do things you advise many of us will be ok.I have been scanning many stories,and the only conclusion I come up with is Obama is out to destroy America.


Staying Alive said...

Yeah, China, it would seem the Obama Boy is not too loyal to this country. If he were loyal he would be tryng to strengthen it rather than weaken it. The man is dangerously disloyal.


Michael French said...

chinasyndrome you hit it right on the head. He was put in office to finish off the United States and clear the way for one world government. The funny thing is these buffoons believe it will work for them.

I think this summer will see the fecal matter come in contact with the air circulation unit.


Mayberry said...

You're dead on about Obammy, it's unbelievable how that scum sucker runs us down, and cowtows to the rest of the world. He should be saying "screw the rest of the world!" But he was raised a communist, and doesn't know any better I suppose. That or he's just plain evil.... Thanks for the linkage and compliment Michael.

Northwoods said...

Yeah Barock "Hussein" Obamma is about as a American as a scoop of goat shit on our apple pie;)