Wednesday, May 12, 2010


And we get a very wet planting day to start the cycle. It's been raining cats and dogs for about an hour and a half so far. But there will be a day of opportunity and the planting will begin. Seems to always happen that way. But my son wants to start installing our new bath tub today and we will be around to help. The old tub is not going to last much longer and we can get water to it even if the power goes off, so a new tube it is. My son is helping us out financially to get this task accomplished. I ain't used to those circumstances. Not at all. But it is his idea and not mine. We shall see how it works out. His thinking is that the tub will not last for the "maybe" two years he will be away to Las Vegas for an RN nursing degree. He only has to take one class and then a year of clinicals. He is a pretty damn good Paramedic and he will add to his income and his expertise with an RN degree. He has sisters and a mother in Las Vegas and will probably get free rooming for his trouble. I am just afraid that he has no idea of what Las Vegas might be headed into this year. Things could get pretty messy out there. He just does not believe that a collapse is coming and I believe it is already here. So we go on with what there is and hope for the best.

I have had the computer shut off twice already this morning as the thunderheads have shed their lightning. It seem to have abated for a while so I am typing once again. The weather radar says we may have a break now. The thunderheads I see on the radar are at St. Louis. The wife saw old Mad Tech, the Great Blue Heron, last night. He has been feeding like a mad man in his absence. He has really picked up the weight. I told the wife that Mad Tech is in his weight gain mode after his Winter cut-back. He has been eating frogs and worms and fish and whatever suits his fancy and lots of it. The five ducks in the lake were all out in full force last night. They are picking up weight also. Winter is hard on critters.

Life is hard these days, especially for a low income guy like me. And I have had to prep without much money. But I have managed and God has seen to it that things get bought. It is really amazing what has been wrought. We have our emergency food stash. This land that we live on has huge amounts of water. If the soil will dry out we will have a good garden and thus more food in storage. It all works together for good. Sometimes I would like to take the wife out to dinner but we can't afford it and we eat better than we can buy anyhow. The Handmaiden is a pretty good cook. It just takes some getting used to in order to enjoy life on a smaller and slower level. But it can be done and it is pretty nice once you get used to it. You start noticing things you never saw before. You are not constantly reaching for your wallet. Conversations start to have real meaning. You feel like you might be gaining on the learning curve. And the wife has been a big help in acquiring our prep goodies. Couldn't have done it without her. At least I don't think I could have. I reckon if things were to be then they just happen. But I will give credit where credit is due. Lots of folks have contributed to my preps and I am eternally grateful to them and the God who caused them. I hear more rumbling and must get off line. Stay live.



chinasyndrome said...

Morning Michael.Yeah on third rainy day here in Indy too.My little bucket garden is taking off.Had to bring tomatoes in the other night cause of frost.My Daughter recently passed and received her nursing degree.Life saving arts seem to be in demand these days.I think your right it has already started.


Dr. Richard said...

One of the downsides of home ownership is the need for maintenance and replacement of household appliances and systems as they wear out (and our house is of the age where a lot of stuff is starting to need to be replaced). I just replaced our refrigerator yesterday and needed to have work done on our air conditioner. Not the most "fun" or even survival orientated transactions but all are needed.

I do as much of the work myself as possible to save money. I also try to buy the most energy efficient appliances when I have to replace old ones. The new refrigerator will save over 800 KWH per year or about $90 per year.

Dannistan said...

In NW Ohio the weathers been the same. My Brother-n-law is helping me build an Ark. We spent at least an hour arguing over a Cubit and what length? We've decided to collect two of everything BUT politicians...we'll use them
to feed to the Lions, Tigers and Bears...Oh Yeah!


DustyDave said...

Micheal, I live in las vegas, we are not in the "collapse" yet, people are still coming, still spending money, no idea of anything wrong. and for us...thats a good thing. would like to meet your son though

HermitJim said...

The weather is pretty messed up no matter where you look any more!

At least here in the deep South, it does act a lot more like Spring than in other places!

food prices have gone through the roof here locally, and I'm afraid it's just the beginning!

Pete Smith said...

Here in the little USSR, or California the weather is even messed up we are still getting rain off and on but once it stops will will not see rain again till November. And I see the collapse coming very soon. Keep up the prepping.

Mayberry said...

It's dry dry dry, but then again, it's south Texas. It's been windy as hell too boot, the terrorist farmer tells me he had to put guy wires on the corn, ha ha... But we're supposed to get some rain this weekend. So says the "meteorologist" on TV. I ain't holding my breath. Either way, we have a good irrigation system on our garden, and it is flourishing.